Chapter 286 – Akshan is Hungry (1)

◈ Episode 286. Akshan is Hungry (1)

Beyond brilliant, to the point of dazzling.

It’s not for nothing that I wore my jacket to the point of frowning.

The first set of effects were deceptive.

[Waiting for the Dawn 5/5]

[Set item effects apply].

[Set Effect currently in effect: 5/5]

[1. When you are a commander, the morale of your allies is at ‘maximum’.]…….

This is similar to how the “Authority” feature is activated when your Relationship and Friendship levels are maxed out. When morale is maximized, it has a miraculous effect.

The question is, Shadow Mercenaries.

Do they think of me as a commander?

You can find out who the Shadow Mercenaries are through the AAU.

And put a straw in it…….

No, I’ve been watching them since we attacked the Demon King’s Castle together.

‘Their individual abilities are on par with the seniors.’

Even during the attack on Demon King Castle, the Shadow Mercenaries fought modestly, not at their best. The Shadow Mercenaries’ pride is as strong as their extraordinary abilities.

Furthermore, the AAU’s advice was not good.

-“I hope it’s just a fluke, but the Shadow Mercenaries, they’re stuck with the Darkside setting…….”

They say they’ve joined the Holy War Alliance.

I can’t help but wonder if they truly follow me.

But even if they don’t think so.

For now, I had to train my mind to think so.

‘That’s how you’ll receive the Dawn set effect!’

I see the great evil, Seven Deadly Sins Envy.

Its appearance is still murderous.

I didn’t think it was normal when I just reached out through the dimensional rift, but now that I see it in its entirety, it’s definitely evil. Why, Akshan, didn’t you say so yourself?

-“Akshan’s mortal enemy is a great evil.”

If you consider the demon insignificant.

An Akshan as great as Grandfell is recognized as an archenemy?

There must be something different about a great evil than a common demon.

‘Of course, to Grandfell, he’s just another demon.’

Not me.

I, Lee Hoyeol, will not be drowned in pride.

I need to survive by any means necessary.

In that case, the existence of the Shadow Mercenaries?

I couldn’t be more pleased.

So I opened my mouth.

We’ll hear the exact details later.

For now, we must work together through the set effects of Waiting for the Dawn.

To do so, you must follow me. I conveyed such a complex message in Grandfell style.

“The Shadow Mercenaries I have hired are not weak enough to be defeated by a lowly demon.”


Wolfe and Alkari’s faces are agitated.

Their pupils are twitching because they can’t control the level of this big mouth, but the shock therapy is working, after all. Wolfe opens his mouth.

“I didn’t want to meet you like this, sir.”

I understand.

This was a group of Shadow Mercenaries who rejected my help and went their own way. There must be a reason they went so far as to refuse my favors.

“I told you.”


Whether it has to do with the Heavenly Unity.

or a request from a great evil.

Now is not the time for pleasantries, Wolfe.

“I will hear your side of the story after the hunt.”

After all, the opponent is a Great Evil.

I hear a voice in my head.

It was Gwicheol’s voice with the sharpest edge.

-Master, is that what I should cut?


-It is indeed a great evil.

Legendary grade item, Gwicheol.

But the thing about great evils is that they don’t underestimate their opponents.

And from experience.

I know that reality is a favorable place for demons.

Why, in the real world.

Look at the demons hiding in society.

‘Nam Cheolmin, Baek Yiseol, and Branch Leader Baker…….’

The demons that possessed them grew rapidly. They didn’t just absorb negative emotions, they spread them. Even unknown demons, such as imps and succubus, are on the loose.

A great evil had appeared in this reality?

“I feel good, After admitting it, my mind felt at ease.”

Even when facing my natural enemy.

It’s not strange that I don’t get tired of [fear].

Tempest, who had been pressuring Envy the whole time, comes to my side.


I can tell that his courage hasn’t diminished in the slightest.

He’s exhausted.

And with good reason.

Envy transformed.

‘Which means it’s moved on to the next phase.’

I don’t know how much damage the Shadow Mercenaries have done to Envy.

Tempest had single-handedly defeated the Great Evil’s first phase.

Even by Grandfell’s exacting standards.

“Well done, Tempest.”

I couldn’t be more pleased with his performance.

But then I hear a pause.

If there is a sound, it’s Wolfe and Alkari.

Alkari asks politely.

“Is Tempest the name of the wolf?”

…… You thought that name sounded like a middle school name too?!

Why does the old saying about thieves making your feet tingle come to mind?

I mean, why would you, when you’re just mesmerized by Tempest…….

Imagine how surprised you’d be to hear another name for a Gwicheol, and even more so to hear the full name of Grandfell……. I was worried that I’d go from surprised to horrified.

But, thankfully.


Alkari said, shaking his head.

“Forgive me for my lack of awareness. When you spoke of demons and great evils as mere prey, it never occurred to me to consider the true meaning……!”

There I realized.

‘What, you finally found out.’

That I am a demon hunter and the last survivor of Akshan.

I wasn’t trying to hide it, unlike my full name on Grandfell.

Beyond that, if you asked politely.

I would have simply and proudly told you.

I am the last man standing of Akshan.

But even though the community is buzzing.

No journalists, no players, no one was asking me anything serious.

‘I guess it’s the power of etiquette education, right?’

But the face of Akshan.

The Akshan Wolf, who mesmerized even the players.

I suppose it’s not surprising that the Shadow Mercenaries, who are well versed in the continent’s intelligence, would recognize Tempest’s identity.

But, as I said, now is not the time to apologize.

“Don’t ignore me, Akshan child.”


Envy spreads its giant wings.


A gust of wind transforms the landscape once more.

The next phase is a game changer.

The earth rumbles and surges.

“Tempest, I will take care of the fallen.”


Tempest moves swiftly.

He gathers up the Shadow Mercenaries who have not yet awakened.

I see, I don’t need to summon my healing magic.

Alkari’s potion will do a better job than my maneuvering healing spell.

Besides, the effects of maximized early morale are beginning to show.

[Hidden Piece, enters ‘Mouth of Envy’].

You’ve managed to get Hidden Piece out, haven’t you?

I’m not fazed, perhaps because I’ve fought the ice dragon Frostnax before. Regardless of my feelings, of course. Grandfell maintained his usual posture.

The angle of his head, neck and waist.

As if he would never look up at the envy enormous body.

I opened my mouth to speak.

“You’re not in a position to invite anyone.”

Then I raised my magic power.

The [Blessing of the First World Tree] buff has no limits.

As if that wasn’t enough, the effect of [Natural Enemy].


Natural Enemy: Increases your combat power by leaps and bounds when fighting against demons.


What this means is simple.

I don’t know how the hierarchy of the Demon race works.

I was much weaker than I am now.

I once suppressed one of the top demons, Gamigin, with a [『Anomaly』].

‘Of course, at best it was just a distraction.’

Still, I succeeded in forcing him to one knee.

Seven Deadly Sins, Envy.

I don’t know if you’re stronger or weaker than Gamigin.

“But that’s why they are a lowly race.”

I’m quite a bit stronger than I was then, in many ways.


I scatter magic power in the area.

Hidden Piece, [Mouth of Envy].

I don’t know what rules exist on the home ground, but the away team’s morale is absolutely second to none. At least until I’m wearing the Dawn Jacket.

“I will personally discipline you.”

I mean, I’m not shy about it.

“Be polite and bow your head to distinguished guests.”


I crushed the Envy’s head with my magic.

“How dare you…….”

Envy’s desperate attempts to rebel came through, but I didn’t care. As I said, now that [Natural Enemy] has been triggered, there is no limit to the absolute amount of magic power.

No wonder the message popped up.

[‘Restraint’ occurs to Seven Deadly Sins, Envy].

“Put aside your ugly, cumbersome wings as well.”


“Isn’t there some dust flying around?”

[‘Binding’ occurs to Seven Deadly Sins, Envy].

It doesn’t stop at keeping your head down.

Envy’s wings, which it tries to spread, are folded like fingers.

Then, I speaks to Envy, who is so heated that he is gnashing his teeth.

“You are the first demon I have taught formalities.”

“……Shut up.”

“Consider it an honor.”

A simultaneous message.

[The Seven Deadly Sins, Envy breaks free from ‘Restraint’].

[The Seven Deadly Sins, Envy breaks free from ‘Binding’].

Yes, neither magic nor anomaly.

I didn’t intend to keep you restrained for long with pure magic.

It was literally just a manners lesson.

Suddenly, it’s manners.

To a demon who is nothing more than prey?

One might ask.

I thought you didn’t even speak to your prey.

You’re right.

Grandfell’s pride is indeed unwavering.

Even if it were a great evil that would be happy to be reunited.

They would not be happy to see each other again.

But this time was an exception.

“I finally have it.”


Envy, this isn’t a lesson in manners for you.

It’s a lesson in manners for me.

The reason for forcing manners on Envy is simple.

Envy, as he is now.

I felt like if I ran wild without notice, I would really hit him.

“The right to face Akshan.”

Let’s see how our seniors feel about……!

‘Unlike me, they have no mercy.’

The players of Heavenly Unity scattered across the mountain range.

There was some sort of deal between Liu Zunqun and Envy.

To make a deal with the demon was to be a demon worshipper.

‘It’s hard enough to stop Grandfell…….’

If the Akshan seniors were just going to hunt down Liu Zunqun because of envy, that would be a really dizzying situation.

So that envy wouldn’t get in their way.

In the end, it was just an manner lesson I started to make myself comfortable.



Akshan’s Upkeep: Summoning Akshan the Demon Hunter from the Hellfires.


The hellfire that engulfs Tempest burns in silence.

Then the screen flashed before my eyes.

It was the usual system message.

[The relationship with Akshan and influence are also applied to the effect.]

[Akshan Demon Hunter answers your call.]

But I know from experience.

Our Akshan seniors don’t give a shit about relationships or influence. We went all out when we hunted Gamigin, and now we have an archenemy on our hands?

Needless to say.


A shout of life in the midst of the fire.

The sound of clashing metal.

Clang, clang, clang!

“Then I will gladly respond.”

I said to Envy.

“To the eternal hunt hosted by Akshan.”