Chapter 280 – Starting from Zero (4)

◈ Episode 280. Starting from Zero (4)

Confidence that never goes away.

And the weight of the title of commander in chief.

This made me arrogant.

‘Don’t forget about me, stay on topic.’

I’ve skipped a lot of intermediate steps along the way.

I’ve gained tons of experience from the high-level demons I’ve hunted with [Natural Enemy]. So from now on. I need to start gaining experience worthy of my bubbly position.


Question and answer dance.

Let’s not end this with magic.

You must remember, I am not a mage.

‘It’s sad in many ways.’

Someone else’s cake looks bigger.

I’ve been neglecting to gather information about other classes.

Just hearing about them makes me seriously sick to my stomach.

However, what is the weight of a commander in chief?

It’s about knowing the strengths and weaknesses of each member so that their abilities can be utilized appropriately. To do this, I need to get to know them. It’s also important to have knowledge of other players’ classes.

‘Anyway, what’s the problem with trying to take on everything?’

And with that, I opened Pandora’s Box.

As a Demon Hunter, a class that has been forgotten by players beyond the ranks of the common folk. The job skills of the blessed classes that I didn’t really want to know about……!


[Innate Magic Affinity (Master): Increases the efficiency of magic consumption by 100%].

[Magic Affinity – Fire (30%): Increases the efficiency of Fire magic by 130%].

[Acquired Talent for Magic (Master): Gain an additional 20% proficiency in all magic skills] …….


Can you believe that’s a list of common mage skills?

I can’t believe it!

If it was a skill window for a hidden class like Jessie, it wouldn’t be unfair.

I couldn’t believe it and wanted to question it.

I wanted to take my frustrations out on the Akshan seniors.

‘…… It’s done. Let’s not talk.’

Of course, given the personality of those gentlemen, they wouldn’t even pretend to hear it.

If you ask me why I’m suddenly bemoaning my lot.

The reason is simple.

‘You could tell me to cry and eat mustard, but I wouldn’t say anything…….’

In the end, it means that a Demon Hunter has no choice but to go the Demon Hunter’s way.

Even if you form a circle and become a transcendent.

You can only do so much by focusing on one thing.

‘Of course, my thing isn’t magic, it’s an anomaly…….’

In the first place, anomaly are not limited to magic.

The more you apply it, the more it shines, because it combines two completely different concepts.

In that way, I’m glad I did.

I was hoping I hadn’t gotten it wrong.

[Name: Grandfell Claudi Arpheus Romeo]

[Title: Last Adventurer, Sublime, Transcendent, Dark Dragon]

[Class: Demon Hunter]

[Level: 681]


Strength: 166 / Agility: 165 / Magic: 585 / Luck: 12 / Aesthetics: High / Tenacity: 5

[Points held: 0]

Someone might look at this and wonder what all the fuss is about.

But I have the means and the methods to utilize these unfortunate stats to my advantage.

All I need is the experience to put them to work.

‘In that case, no opportunity is wasted.’

The moment I gain enough experience.

Finally, the total number of stats far exceeds my level.

Because I will be able to use it properly.

So the choice would be meaningless.

The answer was clear from the start.

“You choose discipline. You’re more intelligent than you look.”

…… Whack?

Maybe it’s because it’s so big, but I can definitely see the rat making a funny face. But like I said. The answer is inevitable, so I hope you’ll cooperate with me in gaining experience.

[Champion Challenger Giant Rat: Lv.820]

Like all named monsters, this one has a different name and a different appearance.

The most unusual thing about it is the equipment it wears.

For a moment, the helmet on his head looks like it might flutter.


It’s charging toward me.

It happens fast.

“I guess eye-level training comes before discipline.”

If you ask me, where did you sell the process of exploration, interference.

As I said, I could start a school of architectural magic.

I was used to these manifestations.

The dungeon.

As if I were standing on a lectern in Crystal Hall.

I looked down at it from the rising ground.

And then.


I took a step into thin air.

Of course, it wasn’t really thin air. This, too, is a manifestation that mimics the steps of a Magic Tower. The moment I took a step, the rising platform supported me.


At that moment, the sword on my waist resonated.

Anyway, who do you resemble so much that you want to appear anywhere?

But be patient, Gwicheol.

‘If you step up, there’s no reason for discipline to be an option.’

Even without changing form, Gwicheol is a [Legendary] ranked weapon. It is not the 『Sword of Pride』, but it can cause enormous damage just by swinging it.

“What they need is a cane.”

I muttered, stretching my hand into the air.


Another manifestation, this one mimicking the staircase of the Magic Tower.


A rock rises where I reach out.

As I extend my hand a little further, a handle emerges from the rock.

This was the result of magical power just for bubble foam.

The players who witnessed the scene shout.

“What, a sword came out of the rock!”

“No way, is that the new weapon of the commander in chief?!”

“Oh my god, a weapon with an appearance……!!!”

A weapon that simply erupts from a rock.

When they say that, it’s easy to hear the magic power being used up at this moment. How much magic is being manifested in this act that is meant only for style and formality……!

Search for minerals buried in the ground.

Summoning minerals into thin air.

Transforming its form.

Simultaneously applying fire and freezing magic to increase its strength.

After an unnecessary process.

This is how I came to hold the sword in my hand.

The cost in magic?


I have the [Blessing of the First World Tree], so I’ll be generous.

‘Because just the other effort is enough.’

The key is to manifest both fire and freezing magic at the same time.

With the elixir I consumed when I formed the circle.

This would not have been possible if the attribute affinity had not been increased.

‘It’s only possible because I actually struggled to the point of death.’

To think that my struggle was mistaken for a simple item.

It’s a shame.

But as always, I can’t hold back.

I have no choice but to fight with determination.


Indeed, there is no such thing as stubbornness.

I swallow my lament and raise my sword.

A message appears.

[Tenacity converts to strength].

[Tenacity converts to agility].

Strength, agility, and magic.

And finally.


‘Is this what it feels like.’

Don’t forget that feeling that makes everything run like water. No, I must develop it further. I declared it discipline, but somehow I feel like I’m learning more.

But the shamelessness is not gone.

“Brace yourself, little beast.”

I declared coldly.

“My teachings will be extremely strict.”


The Zero Mountains.

The main base of the Great Alliance.

Nam Cheolmin stared at the monitors that flipped in real time.

There were exactly three times as many player viewpoints as usual on the countless screens. As a result, the number of analysts was also more intense than usual.

One of the new analysts giggled.

“Three at the same time? That’s a cave raid! It’s not even a decent level, it’s at least 800? Honestly, I want to scoop up the recording and send it out as a press release.”

The Great Alliance of Gaon, Inazuma, and Berserker.

The initial momentum of the Great Alliance was enough to easily overcome the castles built by Shining and Heavenly Unity. However, they hadn’t realized that Heavenly Unity would strike first.

“If we show them this, the antis will be silenced for a while.”

“Anti? Do you care about that?”

“Of course I care, and there are quite a few of them.”

Nam shook his head.

‘Even if you say they’re anti-…….’

They’re all probably working for the Heavenly Unity.

It’s a remake of Heavenly Unity. It’s Nam Cheolmin, who we’ve seen countless times since the days when Gaon was classified as a rookie. If you look at it, it’s called pretending. Thanks to this, Nam Cheolmin said without making a big deal of it.

“Well, I don’t think that’s going to stop them. And it’s not because we’re good, is it? It’s all because the commander-in-chief gave us his time.”

“Oh……. That’s right.”

“Still, doesn’t that mean something? Our Great Alliance is close enough to work with Commander Lee Hoyeol to attack the caves in the Zero Mountains……”

“Wow, that’s a shameless statement.”

“……Sigh. I’ll just keep my mouth shut.”

Before I get a word in from the commander-in-chief.

I must thoroughly educate the new recruits on etiquette.

Nam Cheolmin thought to himself.

The full-scale attack situation began to be transmitted.

Taemin was the first to jump into action.

-The formation is in our favor!

‘You’re lucky, Taemin.’

This is not a cave with special rules.

Back when Arcana was just a game.

It was no different from the dungeons they’d played countless times.

“It’s not as fast because of the level gap, but the mob patterns are simple, and you’re doing a great job of aggroing, so I don’t think you’ll need support for a while!”

Nam Cheolmin nodded.

“I agree.”

It was in raids that Nam Taemin’s true colors were revealed.

He moves like a beast that has lost its mind.

Even the strongest enemies could not help but be drawn to his movements.

‘Taemin’s physical strength is more than enough.’

He didn’t seem to need any special support.

The same was true for Leonie.

No, in the first place, that side…….

‘Actually, they don’t need support unless it’s an extreme situation.’

Berserker, Blood Mage, Bow Dancer, etc.

Leonie’s party is mostly made up of members of the Berserker Guild.

The guild’s colors are so dark because they get stronger when they’re cornered.

Nam pushed up his glasses.

“Let’s keep our eyes peeled.”

“Yes, sir. I’ll keep that in mind.”

Taemin or Leonie.

Neither of them would be the first to call for help.

It’s up to you to judge the situation.

Nam Cheolmin relaxed his shoulders to shake off the weight.

“Surely this is not the normal way?”

The serious voice came from Hisagi. As expected, the cave with the highest appropriate level would have unusual rules.

“You said it was a sanctuary, didn’t it?”

“Yes, the Sanctuary of the Little Champion, to be precise.”

“It certainly has a different atmosphere than the others.”

The pressure on the screen.

The scale.

The level of monsters pouring in.

The analyst who had been watching the battle blurted out.

“I didn’t realize that the gap at level 50 was this big…….”

Nam Cheolmin shook his head.

“Maybe the days of simply judging everything by level are over.”

“……What do you mean?”

“I’m saying that it’s unreasonable to judge difficulty based on level alone. Why, even monsters of the same level have different levels of difficulty to defeat.”

I didn’t come up with this because I have excellent analytical skills.

-Levels and stats are just numbers to me.

It’s just something I realized after thinking about Hoyeol’s words.

Of course, even if the [Small Champion’s Sanctuary Under the Mountain] was a cave filled with more troublesome elements than I could have imagined, I wasn’t worried. Hisagi had Hoyeol on his side like no one else.

Nam Cheolmin nodded in agreement.

‘The presence of the commander-in-chief is huge.’

On the other hand, it is so large that it causes concern.

Why, even if he was accompanied.

Nam Cheolmin wondered if the others would be able to follow Hoyeol’s lead.

‘The gap might not be narrowed, but widened.’

However, Nam Cheolmin had overlooked one thing.

Hoyeol’s words were clear.

-You don’t have to worry because I’m here.

That those words were included.

“C-Chief Analyst!”

An urgent voice calling out for him.

Nam looked up and stared at the monitor.

A blindingly bright light pierced his eyes.

Or, more accurately, the monitor screen.


There was a huge ‘something’ emitting a brilliant light.

A screen shot from the player’s perspective.

It was impossible to identify it.

But there was an accompanying voice.

-It’s a Goddess!!!

……Wait, if it’s a Goddess.

No way.

You mean the Goddess of the Goddess Church?


Nam Cheolmin immediately sat down in front of the monitor and put on his headset.

Then he asked the players.

A Goddess in the sanctuary?

This might be more important information than the strategy.

“Can you tell us a little more?”

-Mr. Analyst?

“Did you say Goddess?”

-Ah, yes! I can’t help but think so, because there’s a ridiculous buff going on in the area called Blessing of the First World Tree……!”

“……Blessing of the First World Water?”

I didn’t hear the effect.

The name alone sounded like an amazing buff.

That alone was enough to make me nervous.

It didn’t end there.

-Look at that!

Players chanting again.

Camera views switching.

Soon, the formations on the monitor.




Hoyeol walks through the air, decorating the staircase.

It’s amazing, but it’s not the first time they’ve seen it.

Yes, the analysts, including Nam Cheolmin, were stunned.

“C-Can you carve a sword from a rock……?”


Hoyeol had pulled a sword out of a rock.

These analysts are very knowledgeable.

So, even if you stretch your imagination, it has to be specific and plausible.

Nam Chul-min opened his mouth in disbelief.

“Ehhhhh, Excalibur……!!!”

A sound that would make Hoyeol freak out if he heard it.