◈ Episode 27. You are indeed the chief (2)

Ho-yeol has appeared in the Yusra Islands!

The breaking news drew viewers to Park Hwi Kang’s broadcast.


Current number of viewers: 98,731


As the number of viewers increased.

The chat window quickly filled up.

-Today is also a suit?? It’s cold or hot, it’s the same…

-It’s not a concept, it’s a t-shirt.

-Rumor has it that his silver hair is his own, not dyed.

-That’s bullshit.


Viewers are thrilled by his appearance.

Thinking about the number of viewers, you might be greedy to broadcast.

However, Park Hwigang said straightforwardly.

“We’ll always keep the broadcast out of Ho-yeol’s way, so if you feel uncomfortable, please leave in advance. I’m sorry.”


Park Hwi Kang bows his head to the camera.

At first glance, it looks like Ho Yeol has received some kind of etiquette training.

However, it was a genuine gesture.

“It’s not because of me that the show was successful.

I just got lucky.

I just happened to recognize the value of Ho Yeol before others did.

Park Hwigang was definitely aware of that fact.

He didn’t want to give Ho-yeol any trouble.

“Another thing is that I have a weak presence. Sometimes, when I step on a trap in a dangerous dungeon, it doesn’t even trigger.”

-And that’s why Huigang watches the broadcast.

-The other streamers are kind of disgusting~.

-I don’t even come to watch because I like them, but they collect money.


As always.

Ho Yeol’s actions were unyielding.

After defeating Count Ascura.

Ho Yeol’s presence soared.

When Ho Yeol appeared in the Yusra Islands, it was only natural for players to raise their eyebrows.

Some of the stares were blatantly obvious to third parties.

“What’s with the …… glare?”

Park Hui-gang is a shrewd man.

His eyes caught a player glaring at Ho Yeol.

I thought it was unusual from the beginning.

-Supernova. That’s a supernova.

-Kinver, that’s the scumbag.

-Look at the way he’s looking at me.



A player rumored to be the most vicious of the Supernovas.

They say there’s a truckload of players who have gone missing and died after entering the rift with him.

There’s no evidence.

If there was, he’d be in a cell by now.

He glared at Ho-yeol.

“……But it’s not just Kinver, is it?”

Famous players.

Even ranked guilds.

The way he looked at Ho-yeol was unnerving.

It was as if they were looking at a powerful competitor.

-They don’t want to share the loot of the Yusra Islands.

-If you were me, you wouldn’t want to run into him.

-I’m praying he doesn’t come our way, backer.

“……I’m getting tired of this.”

Even Park Hwi Kang, who had nothing to do with it, shrank back.

But Ho-yeol, who was actually the party, was fine.

No, he was more than fine, he was dignified.

That kind of gaze.

They were at different eye levels.

As if he couldn’t even reach her.

Ho-yeol headed straight for the palm grove.

And now.


A raging storm of flames.

A searing heat that could be felt even from a distance.

Park spat out an exclamation.


A wall rose up in the palm grove.

Ho Yeol, a unique battle had begun.

A clever battle based on alchemy that all the players and experts raved about.

Indeed, it seemed to be effective enough.

The rapidly rising stone wall.

The Emerald Tiger looked puzzled.

“But what is that firestorm……!

It was beyond imagination!

The chatroom exploded in response.

-Ahhhh, you’re really starting to show your skills.

-No, he’s an alchemist.

-How is that an alchemist? Even Flame Wizards can’t do that!

He’s only just entered the Yusra Island.

Ho Yue had already made a splash.

An unquenchable firestorm.

How much horsepower does he have?

“…… Looks like you just one-killed an Emerald Tiger.”

A level 420 monster sent away with a single spell!

Level, class, magic.

“……But you didn’t change your expression, did you?”

Or the size of the bowl.

The more I watched, the more I couldn’t even guess what it was.

At this point, there was only one thing I could say.

“……Anyway, ho, homen!”


……I thought I heard something I shouldn’t have.

But it was just a loud noise.

And I don’t care what anyone thinks of me.

I nonchalantly checked my messages.

[You’ve leveled up].

[Leveled up].

[You’ve gained a level]…….

I had gained a total of 12 levels.

That’s a lot of experience for a level 420 monster.

And best of all, this battle wasn’t lame.

‘I couldn’t have imagined this when I was Count Ascura.


A time when all you could do was build stone walls and tear them down.

Compared to that, this is a real improvement. This.

But I never voiced my feelings.


A short comment.

Not even directed at me, but at Marcelo.

After all, he was the one who created this magic.

To use it to this extent.

I thought it was great.

Not enough to satisfy your lofty pride.


“It wouldn’t have been possible without the Nemesis Effect.

The Nemesis Effect was currently in effect on me.

What if it hadn’t triggered?

That firestorm wouldn’t even be possible.

In other words.

“I still have a long way to go.

That’s why we can’t be satisfied.

Of course, I’ll still take what I can get.

A level 420 monster, the Emerald Tiger.

It’s not a pretty sight to behold.

‘It sparkles like a real jewel…….’

It must have dropped some pretty good items.

What, the legendary treasure island?

The Yusra Islands!

Black thoughts filled my head.

But it was always just a thought.

The setting of Grandfell, transcended from materialistic greed.

I didn’t falter in the face of a hundred billion.

Thanks to him, I nonchalantly acquired the loot.

[Pure Emerald Crystal]

[Rank: Unique]

[Limit : None]

[Effect : When crafted, can be checked]

[Description: A superlative emerald crystal, retaining the pure nature of emeralds].

Is this a unique material item?


That’s because the value of a material item is determined by the skill of the crafter.

Even if the same unique material is used.

Depending on the skill of the crafter, it could be a unique or more effective item.

So it’s tricky.

You might have thought.

Until I got to know Matap.

Yes, I did have a connection to the Tower!

Or, more precisely, with Marcelo, the chief mage.

“It’s all part of the research.”

I said shamelessly.

Well, I wasn’t wrong, was I?

I had proven the power of Marcelo’s magic in action.

So I was well within my rights to make demands.


The level of magic tower suddenly rises.

I was dizzy with the level limits on all the magic tools and items they were offering to lend me.

It seemed like I’d never get to use them.

But if this Emerald Crystal can be used to create an equipment item that can be used immediately…….

‘I might as well have gotten an ingredient item.

That was it for the happiness circuit.

I was interrupted by someone speaking to me.

“Thank you, are you that Mr. Lee Ho-yeol?”

The players who were struggling with the Emerald Tiger.

They greeted me.

I nodded.

They must have gained courage from my reaction.

“Wow. You’re amazing. I was actually a little skeptical. I mean, you have to see it on video to believe it! Just start making star players in the media again…….”

Hesitantly, hesitantly.

The rambling man concluded.

“……So, by the way, would you be interested in acting with us? I’m not asking you to continue working with us in the future, but only in the youth Island?”

My answer was simple and straightforward.


“You’re ……?”

Unnecessary suspicion.

Envy and jealousy.

And finally, the sneaky half-measures.

“I think it’s the half-measures more than anything.

Grandfell’s formal, gruff temperament spoke.

“I’m afraid I won’t be accompanying you.”

“I’m sorry, but I won’t be accompanying you.

I must have sounded pretty firm.

The players hung on no longer.

I turned and walked away, leaving them behind.

─Investigate the Evil of the Yusra Islands. (in progress)

The quest was still in progress.




7th in the guild rankings.

At the same time, the number one guild in the UK, Second Sun.

They were trying to rebuild their shattered pride in the Eusra Island.

Above them, ranked 3rd in the guild rankings.

EU’s guild, the Bohemians, and below them, the rampaging Berserker guild.

“The Count Ascura raid was a humiliation for us. Berserker got the first clear, and we had nothing to show for it.”

Player Ranked #3.

Guild Master, Shreig.

He made his decision.

“The Yusra Island is a great opportunity to make up for that humiliation.”

Second Sun split up.

The plan was to split up and get as many achievements and loot as possible.

But the plan went awry from the start.

The monsters of the Yusra Islands weren’t as friendly as they expected.

“Damn. As if they weren’t tricky enough!”

And then there were the competitors.

There were too many things to worry about.

Eventually, Schreig had to admit it.

“I’ve been too greedy. I’m joining.”

And so it was.

Second and third place.

Only one place separated them.

A thick, invisible wall stood between them.

Schreig would lead the main body to join the other side.

“Is the closest one the palm grove?”

He reached out immediately.

-……Uh, Shreig.

What the hell.

It wasn’t his usual manly, strutting voice.

It sounded creepy, as if he was afraid.

Shreig asked, just in case.

“Did someone get hurt?”

Was there an emerald tiger on the loose?

If so, it would be understandable if there were casualties.

Unless it was a level 420 monster.

We should hurry up and join them.

Shreig immediately grabbed his gear.

“Let’s go. Wait for me. I’ll be right there.”

-……Ah, no. Don’t come!

“……What the hell?”

-We’ll be right there.

It didn’t seem to be an emergency, judging by the fact that they were joining.

But there was no point in joining them.

“There’s a route overlap with Chungha Tongil. Is it better if we join…….”

-No. No. I’d rather have the unification of the world!

“……What does that mean?”

-I’d rather be rubbing elbows with those monsters!

“What are you talking about, monster? Talk to me so I can understand you…….”

-Lee Ho-yeol!

……Lee Ho-yeol?

Where did that name come from?

He shouted at Shreig, who shook his head.

-That bastard, he’s even stronger than known!

Shreig was dumbfounded.

Stronger than known?

It didn’t make sense.

Wasn’t Lee Ho-yeol already considered a top ranker?

The call ended while he was at a loss for words.

-We’ll be there anyway.

“……What do you want, this?”


At that moment, the phone vibrated again.

This time, it was Seoul.

It was a guild member who was attending a regular meeting.

As soon as Shreig connected the call.

His face crumpled once more.

“……What, are you Lee Ho-yeol too?”

Of course, before he could come clean.

Though it didn’t take long.

“You got a quest and now you’re going up to the top floor of a magic tower?!”

How is that even possible?

Lee Ho-yeol.

He’s much stronger than he’s let on.

Somehow I felt like I could understand that bullshit.


The goal of the quest is to investigate the eternal evil.

I can only speculate on that.

For now, the beast was not fully awake.

“I can feel it crouching.

I can feel it under my shoes.

A sensation only a few demon hunters have.

It didn’t take me long to figure out the quest’s intent.

‘Investigation aside.

The first priority is not to awaken this beast.

Of course, under what conditions it would awaken.

It was impossible to know right now.

‘What if the Akshan Demon Hunter comes back alive?

Not with the information we have now.

Perhaps the quest would be to investigate, uncover the beast’s identity, and defeat it without waking it.

‘That would be best.

I was thinking.

A message popped into my head.

[The Yusra Island is beginning to be tainted by greed].

[Collapse Progress: 1/10]

……Collapse progress?

Apparently, I wasn’t the only one.

Panicked players.

“Collapse progression?”

“I thought there were no cracks or anything in the update history!”

“One tenth? It’s not even a percentage, this?”

But unlike them, I was unfazed.

“I see.”

Like a puzzle coming together.

Because I remembered.