Chapter 268 – It’s Too Much

◈ Episode 268. It’s Too Much

The world of adventurers is a rapidly changing one.

This is thanks to news spreading at an unimaginable speed on the Arcana continent. The Magic Tower found out about this after accepting the player as an apprentice mage.

Floating Garden.

“You’re really going too far, aren’t you, assholes?”

Humans are creatures of adaptation.

The Players are exceptional among them.

The Rift is full of dangers.

To survive there, you must quickly adapt to unfamiliar environments.

Thanks to this adaptability, languishing in the Magic Tower didn’t last long.

More stealthy than the apprentice mages who treated them like chicks.

The players whispered.

“No, look at the interview with Liu Zunqun. ‘We are the Heavenly Unity. We’re not going to settle for a single connector. We’ll just take over the other nine.’ Aren’t you an asshole, man?”

As expected, the hot potato was the Heavenly Unity.

This is when the Zero Mountains became real.

They had become independent.

This time, they didn’t let it go unnoticed.

“Did you see the video? Did you see the video?”

“What video? Didn’t I see it?”

“What did you do at the regular conference without doing anything else?”

“Eh? What was I doing? I was trying to understand, magic.”

“Eh, I don’t think you’re listening. Anyway, look at this.”

I can’t believe I’m doing this at a conference.

If someone who lived and died by discipline had heard.

A remark that would have been met with a cold stare.

The player’s pupils widened as they watched the video.

“…… gun?”

Not just any gun.

” …… Not a gun. That’s it, a weapon for monsters!”

Monsters flowing back from the collapsed rift.

Humanity’s science has advanced to efficiently kill them.

Okay, so it wasn’t the weapons that were strange, it was the people.

“They’re players, aren’t they? Why are they……?”

Human artifacts, including weapons for fighting monsters, were not treated as [equipment] in the Arcana system.

“There’s no point in hunting with that, is there?”

“That’s right. Especially considering the location of the Zero Mountains. Rising up like a new continent in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. We don’t have to worry about the monsters directly harming humanity.”

“So what’s their purpose, then?”

It’s not a piece of equipment, so it won’t increase your [Proficiency].

They don’t gain [Experience] because they didn’t defeat them with their own abilities.

Because of this, players didn’t touch the weapons to fight monster unless they were in dire need of saving their lives.


He puts his finger to his mouth and whispers even more secretly.

“But it means something to one person, right?”

“……One person?”

“The monarch, Liu Zunqun.”


The moment the name was spoken.

The players’ eyes widened. Even though he had no interaction with the outside world, he was still very well informed. What he meant was simple.

The birds hear the day, the rats hear the night.

A spy of the Heavenly Unity may be hiding somewhere.

A distant table.

The cat stretched up.

Magic towers, like any other place.

Magic is forbidden in the Floating Gardens.

Of course.

Cats aren’t spies of the Heavenly Unity or something.

There was no way he was going to use magic to listen in on a conversation.

It was just.

“What am I supposed to do about it?”

Cats have overly sensitive ears.

Anyway, now that he’d overheard the conversation, the cat had something to say.

Tower Master had something to say.

He could now properly harass Marcelo.

“Hey, little chief.”


Marcelo’s stubbornness had grown when he wasn’t looking.

Tower Master growled and spoke again.

“Look here, Chief Marcelo.”

“What is it, Tower Master?”

“You are becoming more and more obnoxious.”

“Is that so?”

“I mean that you are becoming more like Chief Lee in personality.”

“Thank you for the undeserved compliment.”


I said to scratch my head.

I couldn’t even find my joy.

Giving up prematurely, Tower Master gave up and lay down on his stomach.

“There seems to be an unusually loud one among the adventurers.”

“I’ve heard of him.”

“I know, but is it okay to be so carefree?”


Marcelo stopped writing with his quill. It wasn’t because Tower Master was getting on his nerves. It was simply because his quest for anomaly had been put on hold.

“You know that, and that’s why you’re persevering in your research, despite your interruptions. You should be more subdued. Doesn’t your hair fly?”

“The way you speak is starting to resemble that chief.”

“I’ll take that as an undeserved compliment, too.”


With that, they were silent for a while.

Hard feelings, if you ask me.

These conversations have been routine for them since Marcelo was just a little boy. There was another reason for the silence now. Tower Master’s feline mustache twitched.

“Funny, isn’t it?”

“What do you mean?”

“Tower Master and the Chief Mage agonizing over a single adventurer.”

“No, it’s not funny in the least.”

“Really? You’re still a kid, but you’re not stupid.”

It’s the chief.

Even if you exclude him, he outgrew the adventurer’s vessel a long time ago.

I pay attention to every single adventurer.

Because it was worth it.

“Monarch, I thought it was about time that name came up.”

To the player, [Monarch] was just a class.

They didn’t know how the class was realized on the Arcana continent. However, they were not two people, two Arcana.

Therefore, it could not be overlooked.

Marcelo spoke up.

“In every generation, 『Monarchs』 have made their appearance.”

Those who called themselves monarch had powers.

Not the extraordinary magic powers of the mages of the tower, not the strength of a sword, not even the ability to become one with it. Yes, they had the ability to use humans as weapons.

Tower Master’s tail flicked.

“A people who live only to rule.”

What had those who claimed to be monarch done?

There was no point in looking back.

Just by looking at the fact that the owner of the Arcana Continent is the emperor, we can know the endings of the other monarchs.

However, in the past, these are things that I would not have cared about. It was none of my business to know about the power of the continent.


‘Is this also because of you, Chief?’

I suddenly realized.

Monarchs are like mosquitoes.

They parasitize on others, sucking the lifeblood of others to grow their power.

Monarchs are the ones who are completely useless in this situation.

The Tower Master said indifferently.

“I suppose it’s best to erase them from this world.”

It was the simplest, most wise solution.

Crush all that stands in your way and move on.

Marcelo spat out a laugh at the eerie words.

“Tower Master.”

“I hear you.”

“I see you’re a worse liar than before.”

“Hmph, what are you saying?”

“You must have a reason for saying things you don’t mean.”

But that’s what Magic Tower did in the past.

Especially now, with Hoyeol’s eyes locked on the top spot.

It would be impossible for the changed Magic Tower to repeat its mistakes.

Tower Master said indifferently.

“Can’t you see it too?”


“You’ll be a liability in the new era. Something called Monarchs.”


Marcelo held his tongue.

A product of science given by Hoyeol.

Through the tools of this world that adventurers call smartphones.

Marcelo got his news from the real world.

According to whoever was telling him.

As if his grandiose quest wasn’t enough.

There was information from the Holy War Alliance he met with at the Yusra meetings.

News of ranked players, including Nam Taemin, and news from the AAU.

So Marcelo nodded.

“That’s definitely a possibility.”

Tower Master’s tail stood on end.

“I’m being serious, Chief Marcelo.”

A nickname for the little guy.

The pointed ears.

The bristling fur showed that Tower Master was serious.

“How about we handle it between you and me?”

Just one adventurer.

A vessel of the Monarch.

For now, he is nothing more than a fragile being who can be scattered like dust by magic.

The Tower Master spoke up.

“Isn’t it troublesome enough as it is, ignoring the discipline so generously offered by our chief, who has declared himself to be on a path of conflict that is sure to be fraught with pitfalls.”

Marcelo answered sincerely.

“I understand your sentiment, but I decline, my lord.”

I knew it.

He didn’t expect it, so he wasn’t too disappointed.

But I wanted to know why.

“Is it your pride again?”

Marcelo laughed again.

“Haha, that’s not all.”

“Well, I wouldn’t say completely.”

“I just want to hear what you mean.”

In truth, Marcelo’s thoughts were no different.

It wasn’t much different from a monarch.

The history books reveal the actions of the Monarchs on the Arcana continent.

Before the Empire unified the continent.

The continent was indeed bloody during the Monarchs’ reign. To exaggerate a bit……. To some, a monarch and a demon were no different.

That’s why Hoyeol’s thoughts were so important.

‘The empire is weakened.’

Now that the Empire has lost its power.

The monarch’s vessels are about to be set in motion.

Among the adventurers, only one man, Liu Zunqun, seems to be a monarch.

The situation on the Arcana Continent will be different.

Marcelo painted the future.

When the Holy War is won, and the Arcana continent is at peace, will the continent still belong to the Empire? With everything given to the Tower. The supremacy of the continent was not what mattered to Marcelo, but…….

He needed to know one thing for sure.

‘What picture is sir painting?’

That’s right.

The Magic Tower’s response to Liu Zunqun would inevitably depend on the picture Hoyeol was painting, and Marcelo intended to speak to Hoyeol about it.

‘He said he wouldn’t be away for more than a day.’

He’ll be back soon.

It wouldn’t be long before he returned to reality.

There was no reason to rush to judgment.


“You are still a boring man.”

Tower Master must have lost interest.


He scratched his head with his hind paws and got up from the table.

Then, finally, he heard a voice.

“Thank you, Tower Master.”

“What do you mean, give thanks all of a sudden?”

“That this teacup is my teacup.”


Marcelo pushed the teacup with the green tea bag in it under the Master’s nose.


Tower Master’s hair floated in the jade-colored tea.

…… What if this was his teacup?


The hairs on his body stood on end at the thought of that cold gaze.

For a moment, Tower Master was stunned.

‘Could it be, Chief Lee, that the reason you don’t like cats……?’

Tower Master followed his instincts and licked his tongue on his front paw.

‘…… Is it because of the fur?’

Then he shook his head.

No matter how harsh, sharp, and cold this chief was.

All because of a single hair.

How could he hate me?


I immediately rushed out of the palace, out of Antonium.

Well, not really out, but through a portal.

It was an uncomfortable situation, by the way.

‘I felt like I was itching all the way to my ears, really…….’

That’s it.

I could see people coming towards me.

They were Imperial soldiers guarding the recaptured city.

They must have seen the glow of the portal and come for me.

“We are carrying out the Emperor’s orders.”

Their faces are tense.

Whoever they are, they want me to stay out of their way.

But I’m here for the same reason you are.

‘Of course, I’m not being ordered, I’m being asked.’

I check the quest window.

[Main Quest: Warring States Period]

A time of upheaval.

Is it simple power that is at stake?

Is it the Emperor’s incompetence.

Or an irresistible fate.

The great powers of the continent covet the throne.

Your choice will set a new course.

Defend Antonium. (Success)

Restore the Empire to its former glory (Ongoing)

Restore the ruined city of Makima. (Ongoing)

Restore the ruined town of Holdswood. (Ongoing)

Restore the ruined city of Polestar. (Ongoing)…….

Main Quest, Warring States Period.

This main quest was created when Antonium was besieged by Shagwin and the Rebels. With continental supremacy at stake, it deserves the title of main.

‘My choices determined the course of events.’

Even now, the burden is overwhelming.

I refuse to be associated with the Empire.

I have no desire to bring it down and start a new nation. But if I did, if I wanted to take down an empire……. the main quest would have gone something like that.

‘Cause I actually had that option.’

But that aside.

I, Lee Hoyeol, have loyalties.

It’s not like I’m going to give the Knights of Lionheart a straw…….

No, not after what Harkon has done for me.

How could I stab the Empire in the back?

‘And I don’t have an ally like the Empire.’

I don’t know when that will be.

I’m sure Arcanians in the real world and players will find their way to the continent, starting with me. In the meantime, if the Empire is there to support us, we can build on each other.

Of course.

“I must stick to my immediate quest.

I, Lee Hoyeol, am always in a sorry state of affairs, and this quest, moreover, has the flavor of anticipation in its reward.

Why, recall the [Milky Way Whetstone].

It was a item stored in an imperial warehouse.

It was the final straw that turned a noble iron into a legend.

‘Similar to the Milky Way Whetstone…….’

It was in the Empire’s underground treasury that such a whetstone was stored.

I wondered if I could get something comparable to the whetstone as a reward.

I had a worldly thought.

‘This is no time to be idle, Hoyeol.’

My thoughts were interrupted.

I immediately raised my magic power.

Then I interfered with the earth and built a wall.


Actions speak louder than words.

“……Are you a mage in the service of the Empire?”

The soldiers let their guard down and ask politely.

But again.

Once again, actions speak louder than words.

In the process of intervention, [aesthetics] that reached [high] are added.

The soldiers’ faces were stunned.

“This is not the level of an Imperial mage I know!”

“……How can the city walls be raised in one fell swoop?!”

“I beg your pardon, but where in the world are you from?”

If this was my usual self.

I would have puffed out my already imposing chest even wider.

But I couldn’t.

I was too busy being horrified by the message.

Is this really……?


No, it’s nice to get a head start.

And then…….

Aren’t quest rewards going to drain the empire’s resources?!


─Current contribution: 24,900,000p