Chapter 265 – Claudi

◈ Episode 265. Claudi

A quest window appears against the backdrop of the collapsed mansion.

─Train your weakened body. (Repeat)

─Enter the land of the elves, Sisley. (Success)

─Confront the primordial evil that has taken root in Sisley. (Failed)

─Trace the primordial evil. (Ongoing)

●Defeat the byproduct of the Primordial Evil. (Successful)

The last quest objective has “Success” in it.

First of all, is it safe to say that the [Tree of Good and Evil] class quest has been completed? I don’t know when it will happen, but I’ll wait until a new quest goal comes up.

‘I was expecting it.’

I didn’t think it would end here.

The scale was too big.

Above all, at my current level, I would be grateful if I could even achieve half the success. Of course, this was all possible thanks to Cloudy’s ‘halo’…….

Now that the distraction is gone.

I finally stare at Claudi’s mansion properly.

What bothered me most.

It’s not me, Lee Hoyeol’s shame.

It was Grandfell.


That gloomy past and background.

So much so that I am called infinitely deep darkness.

A vast, unfathomable source of ‘suitable power’.

Now, facing its source.

My body must be overflowing with suitable magic power.


A dark spirit would recognize me.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Diend slurred his words.

If Matisse, Senior Black Mage, had seen me like this.

‘I guess I was very worried.’

It’s because I don’t show it.

I don’t neglect the things I promised myself I would use.

The same goes for black magic.

By following the procedures.

I’ve also been carefully reading books on black magic. I know why Matisse sometimes looks at me with concern.

He was obviously worried.

『Blackening』, where the body is consumed by suitable magic power.

‘What kind of side effect is called blackening, really?’

But the name doesn’t matter in this moment.

What matters is that I know.

No, no one else may know, but I must know.

Because that’s the weight I, Lee Hoyeol, have to carry.

“Don’t worry.”

Yeah, because I brought it all on myself……!

‘I regret my inconsistent taste.’

Seriously, it’s a dark history of fucking regret.

But I said I wasn’t going to turn a blind eye, right?

I have to face it if I’m going to use it.

I turned to Diend.

“I’m just reminiscing for a moment.”

It’s an old thought.

The problem is that it is a dark history.

Still, my ever-present and unwavering mind comes in handy again.

It allowed me to channel the suitable magic that was surging through me.

I hear Diend’s trembling voice.

“Forgive me, my lord, while I, Diend Chrysiad Eternal Darkness, remain at your side. I could not fathom that you had such a past.”

No, please don’t try to fathom it.

And if you’re going to ask for forgiveness.

The name I gave you.

For saying it out loud, too proudly, as a full name.

How can you ever apologize……?

Of course, I’m not going to let you know how I feel.

There was nothing to express it outside.

I simply said.

“Don’t dwell on the past.”


“For the sake of those who have passed.”


“We must look ahead, we must move forward.”

Is it because you’re back home?

That’s a lot of meaningful words from a truly worthy heir.

But I have to agree with you.

I really don’t want to look back as much as possible…….

Just as I was thinking that.


I heard Tempest howl.

Indeed, he is as fast as his name suggests.

Following Tempest through the air was Hiel.

Agentress emerged from the portal’s swarm of light.

Hiel bowed her head.

“I regret to say, I have failed to fulfill your command.”

I had guessed that.

The moment when primordial evil retreats.

The by-products that had been spread on the continent would have disappeared along with it.

Of course, the quest goal is success, so it can’t be all bad.



Tempest wrinkled her nose, and then the tail twitched. Judging by the sudden death of the grass, the Primordial Evil must have vanished without leaving any forage behind.

‘It’s evil as a demon.’

It was supposed to be able to hide the smell in the first place, wasn’t it?

There, I was convinced.

Primordial Evil.

The creature hadn’t planned to devour Claudi’s territory without a sound. After realizing this fact too late, it planned to destroy Cloudi’s territory right before my eyes.


Because it wanted to see me, Grandfell, fall.

Even if that’s not the case, deception is everyday life for the demon, so whatever.

‘Of course.’

I’m sure you didn’t expect me to make it so simple, either.

But, I told you.

Claudi’s halo is more than you can imagine.

I’m afraid of it.

“Did you catch the topic even though it was late?”

As much as it pains me to say it.

For now, let’s be satisfied with thwarting its plan for the first time.

I’ve been working so hard to stabilize Grandfell…….

Suddenly, I hear Agentress’s voice.

“……May I ask you a question?”

No, what else do you want to know?!

Every time Agentress asks me a question, my heart sinks.

But I couldn’t resist, so I nodded.

Then he asks me a question.

“Are these the Arcana continents I know?”

I try to figure out the questioner’s intentions.

First, I try to determine the nature of the questioner.

He’s an elf, Agentress, a resident of Sisley, and by his own admission, the Arcana Continent is an insignificant place that doesn’t even compare to Sisley.

Hence his surprise.

“I never knew there was a land like this on the Arcana Continent…….”

On Claudi’s territory.

I’m talking over and over again.

The me of that time.

I labeled it ‘great’.

Just like I took all the good things that were good for Grandfell.

To a great family, to Claudi’s territory.

I took everything good that came to mind.

It starts with a shallow knowledge.

“The sun never set on Claudi’s territory.”

A country where the sun never sets.

Starting with a setting based on the British Empire.

Everything that sounds really good has been taken and pasted.

If such a land had been realized.

[Hidden Piece, you have entered the ‘Cloudi Territory’].

I’m sure it would be nice to be called Hidden Piece.

Agentress looked around and marveled at everything.

Later, he even muttered to himself.

“Isn’t this no different from Sisley?”

That’s the highest praise an elf can give.

You have such a sweet heart.

I should be embarrassed, but a part of me is proud.

[The ‘Privilege’ feature has been activated in Cloudi Territory].

The Cloudy Spirit has been realized and recognized as a Hidden Peace.

Then, of course, the ownership of such a Cloudi Territory.

As Claudi’s survivor and heir, it belongs to me, Grandfell.

‘No matter the relationship or influence.’

But at the same time, with great power comes great responsibility.

Noblesse oblige, or something.

That’s what I’ve been saying all along.

I looked at the collapsed mansion.

It was a ruin.

All that remained was the grounds.

My heart swells at the sight of it, imagining the grandeur of its former glory. But I know. I know ‘who’ is responsible for Claudi’s miserable downfall?

Yes, I do.

Maybe it’s me.

It may have been Lee Hoyeol from the past.

『He was the heir to a great family, but his family was fallen to the demon. The sole survivor of the family, Grandfell Claudi Arpheus Romeo, hereafter known as Grandfell, became a demon hunter to avenge his family’s miserable downfall.』

If only I hadn’t written that shit into the setting.

Maybe the Claudi family wouldn’t have ended up like this.

That’s why I desperately tried to ignore Claudi.

‘I’m not sure, though.’


Because of me.

If Claudi had ever existed on the Arcana continent…….

I wouldn’t have been able to lift a finger in front of Grandfell.

Nevertheless, my decision to admit it.

It also includes a commitment.

I’m going to take responsibility for the past like an adult.

Even if my legs are cramping from the struggle.

Even if it means sinking.

I’m going to make Claudi great again.


Of course, I can’t help but sigh at the thought of that setting.

A shadow of its former glory.

There was nothing left of Claudi.

But don’t worry, Grandfell.

I’ve got someone to make up for it, and it’s me.


I placed my hand on the rubble of the ruins.

No matter how many years have passed.

Torn down by some cruel demon.

It didn’t matter.

I have the magic to reverse even that.

I have the Reversal Magic.


Magic surges.

It envelops the rubble.

It reverses itself from the rubble to its original form.


A statue in a mansion, by the way. As I gaze upon the sight, a memory comes to mind.

[Count Ascura’s territory]

Why, the rift in Russia.

‘Back then, I really only lived with my mouth.’

That was a time when we had nothing.

It wasn’t enough that I spewed harsh words at an moving gargoyle that I couldn’t have defeated without reversal magic, I spat venom at Ascura’s face, calling him inferior once more.

At the time, I wondered what was wrong with this guy’s mouth.

Now it makes sense.

……Yes, the aesthetic of Grandfell was not exalted for nothing. When you see a sculpture like this every day, it’s inevitable that your eyes and nostrils will be raised!


One, two, three…….

There were a total of four statues erected by the reversal magic.

Each of them had a strange appearance.

To those who see me, I am an unusual stone, as advertised.

From the way they held their swords to the way they knelt, they were reverent.

Perhaps more touching than the description was Agentress’s reaction.

From the perspective of a high elf.

Agentress, who would be unimpressed by most things, stammers.

“It’s truly amazing…….”

I’m surprised, too.

Am I surprised by the quality of the statue?

No, what kind of aesthetic sense does Grandfell have?

Even though I find it satisfying, I don’t easily express admiration.

Besides, this is Claudi’s territory, in other words, the front yard.

“It’s been a while.”

There’s no reason to be surprised by a statue in the front yard.

Which is why I was impressed.

It was a little different from the agenda.

‘This is amazing, Hoyeol…….’

How did you even think to take a simple statue and put such a ridiculous setting on it……? Just calling it a splendid statue would have been enough.

『The Four Arcana Families, Symbols of Loyalty』.

It’s as good as gold on my face.

I can’t lift my face in shame.



『The 4 Families』

Four families that control the rise and fall of the Arcana continent.

Not many people know who they are.

And rightly so.

The Empire is the master of Arcana, and the Emperor is the master of the Empire.

But you’re wrong.

The current Empire, the first Emperor, was able to unify the Arcana Continent because the Four Families allowed it to happen, and the proof was right here, in plain sight.

『The Spacetime Social Hall』

On the top floor, a banquet was being held.

Countless delicacies were placed on the round table.

Foods with rare flavors and effects that could only be found in the Spacetime Social Hall. The number of gold coins invested in the banquet spoke volumes about their status.


The finest wine, worthy of being called the drops of the gods, fills the throat and trickles down the corners of the overflowing mouth.

But there is no sign of waste. He holds the wine in his mouth as if it could go on forever.

“It’s a wonder, isn’t it, Claudi.”

The main course of the banquet.

It was no delicacy of any kind.

It was Claudi, a ghost from the past.

“I suppose you’ve been down in the dungeons for so long that you’ve lost all sense of taste in your head, for you’ve seen so many terrible things.”

The Witch of the South Sea.

The transcendent who brought the news of Claudi’s return.

The patriarchs continued their feast with the witch and Claudi in mind.

News from the Arcana Continent was not left out.

“But I guess it wasn’t really nonsense.”

“Is that so?”

“As you know, there is a legend floating around, isn’t there, about a Dark Dragon?”

Dark Dragon.

Again, it was a fitting alias for Claudi.

But that was it.

The witch was right.

If the legend was true, Claudi was back.

“So much time has passed, hasn’t it?”


Even though Claudi may have survived.

The Cloudi family did not exist.

“Our ancestors feared and revered the Claudi Family, but we do not, do we? What have we to fear from the ghosts of the past?”


The patriarchs chatted and clinked glasses.

In the end, I didn’t say it out loud because I wanted to spit on my family’s grave.

The ancestors were overly cautious.

“Isn’t it sad, to have the ability to hold and shake a continent and not be able to hold it. Who recognizes this kind of humility?”

“Indeed! If we had appeared so insignificant, would those demons rascals have been able to overrun the Four Families?”

“It’s a sad thing.”

Needless to say, the Four Families did not fall.

Not even by the Demons of True Origin, not even by the Demon King’s offensive.

The walls of the Four Families never wavered.

One might ask.

Even though it was so amazing.

What is the reason why they haven’t been able to show any significant presence until now?

He was drunk.

Finally, the truth comes out.

It was all because of the ancestors, the cowards.

“All this because they were afraid of Claudi.”

But the cowards are dead, and the days when Claudi was praised as a great family are a thing of the past. Even if Claudi’s survivors returned to the continent.

For the patriarchs of the Four Families, it was a welcome return.

“Maybe this is our chance to prove it.”

That we are greater than Claudi.

That the Four Families were greater.

Isn’t the opponent the fallen Claudi?

Proving it would be easier than drinking wine.

‘The problem is…….’

They were here.

Gazes exchanged.

The clinking of glasses.

‘Maxima’s golden elite are a nuisance.’

‘I never thought those twins would still serve Yugrik.’

‘If it weren’t for the barbarians, Cansel would be in my hands by now……!’

‘I guess this is a time when allies need a team that will be used up and then discarded.’

There was no Claudi in that battle of nerves.




I stared at the statue, completely reversed.

After seeing the living stone statue of Ascura, the reason why it was considered poor was soon revealed. Yes, the statue in our house not only moved, but even talked……!


Toward me.

The four statues bowed in unison.

If you ask me, why four?

It’s simple.

A loyal voice answers for me.

“The Four Heavenly Kings greet their master, Claudi.”

Hey, Hoyeol, was the Four Heavenly Kings really that cool……?

Not only that. But a master ruling over the Four Heavenly Kings.

What terrible taste……!