◈ Episode 263. I Don’t Believe in Coincidences (1)

Gwicheol changes its form depending on who the opponent is.

‘It’s great, but…….’

Thanks to digging countless holes to live in.

I can get the upper hand in most situations.

I guess you could say it’s a similar ability to mine.

As far as I’m concerned.

I’d say he’s my alter ego.

It’s all in how you package it.

[Transcendent: Your transcendent state is enough to be called a transcendent. – Current Achievements: Circle (1,000% increase in all magic manifestations) / Sword of Pride (currently liberated: 1st Path) / None / None…….]

Thanks to this, it was given the grand name ‘Sword of Pride’.

The problem is, of course, the fancy packaging.

The prototypes in Raymond Sean’s lair.

The first form of the sword, sliced like tofu.

[Sword of Illusion: Illusion Breaker]

‘I can’t show my true face, I can’t.’

Why, when I hear it separately.

It might still sound plausible.

But this isn’t one of those situations!

Starting with Dark Dragon, then Tempest, then Illusion Breaker……. These are names that would make anyone scratch their head.

You asked for the name of Gwicheol in such a situation.

It was a very embarrassing situation.

Gwicheol spoke up on my behalf.

-Name? Don’t limit me with just one name.

……Truly, that’s a very typical answer, Gwicheol.

But well done.

It’s better not to tell people that weird name than to say it.

It’s not for nothing that they say half the battle is won if you stay still.

And most of all.


A byproduct of primordial evil.

I couldn’t let that thing wriggle around forever.

Like the message that said it would transform the field.

The flesh of the byproduct gradually begins to cover the area.

I opened my mouth to speak.

“It’s ugly.”

A sight that would normally make me shudder to witness.

But who am I to be intimidated?

I continues to spit out harsh words without even shaking my eyebrows.

“You are as demonic on the inside as you are on the outside.”

It’s a sight that an aesthete cannot tolerate.

So there was no hesitation.

Tempest and Agentress.

Now that we’ve established that neither of their attacks can land a critical hit.

First, let’s search.

As I suspected.

See if my attack works!

The hilt of my sword turns black, and silver energy pulses through it.

So lightly that it doesn’t even make a sound.

I slice through the air with the Gwicheol.


Blood spurted from the flesh of the byproduct.

Whether it’s the byproduct of primordial evil or the dregs, demons are demons.

There is no escaping the [Natural Enemy].

Add to that the [Blessing of the First World Tree].

This time, I raised my sword and slashed, waiting for a reaction.


The sword cuts deeper and deeper into the flesh of the same area.

The depth of the cut convinced me.

I must have just delivered a fatal blow.

Yes, indeed.

[Demons, ‘byproducts of primordial evil’, suffer a critical hit].

Gwicheol says coldly.

-Did you really think your flesh would be enough to block my master’s sword force?

……You’re full of yourself, Gwicheol.

I haven’t even triggered the Sword of Pride.

I merely swung it lightly, twice.

To compare their objective destructive power……. Tempest’s or Agentress’s magic arrows would have been superior in terms of absolute power.

In other words.

‘There are reasons and circumstances for everything here.’

It was pure buffs.

Gwicheol, you came forward and painted my face with gold.

This is why I don’t feel comfortable carrying my face on the continent.

But now it’s clear.

Primordial evil.

Evil from the World Tree.

Only I, with the [Blessing of the First World Tree].

can defeat it.

A message came to mind.

[The blessing of the First World Tree rejects the ‘regeneration’ of the byproduct of primordial evil].

Agentress seemed to recognize it.

“Indeed, you were right.”

“You have witnessed it, too.”


The system.

And now Agentress has recognized it.

I can’t help but worry about this.

‘Is it possible, Hoyeol……?’

Like a flashlight, I recall my actions so far.

I’m sure our brilliant Grandfell wouldn’t approve.

I, Lee Hoyeol, am a subject matter expert.

If I were alone, I could never have come this far.

Why, just look at the allies I’ve recruited with shamelessness and pride.

Not to mention the powers that be on the Arcana continent.

Every top-tier guild except Heavenly Unity.

The whole of the ranked players had joined the Holy War Alliance.

‘I got a lot of help without realizing it.’

In that case…….

Only I can defeat it.

How does it feel to have an enemy in front of you that you have to defeat alone?

It’s not pleasant.

I mean, look at me.

I’ve never put my arm through a level 700 jacket before.

I can barely sling it over my shoulder like this.


“Is this arrangement included in the cumbersome blessing?”

Not in front of anyone else, but in front of the demon.

How could I, Grandfell, admit that I was lacking?

I looked at Agentress.

“You guys weren’t the only ones who needed to talk.”


Agentress’s pupils widened.

Because what I said just now meant that the arrangement of the World Tree was wrong.

I know that sounds profane, but what I just said is sincere.

You’re so wrong, you’re so wrong, World Tree……!

‘How can you put such a huge task on me?’

With great power comes great responsibility.

Those words have never been more true.

But the World Tree no longer existed in this world.

“But, given the circumstances, we’ll skip the conversation.”


“Instead, watch.”

That was the end of the backhanded remarks to the World Tree.

That’s where the big mouth ended.

The primordial evil that only I can defeat.

Now that the truth has been revealed.

I kept my mouth firmly shut.


No more words with my prey.

I’ve hunted many demons in my time.

as much as the battles of Demon Hunters.

There is no efficient way to fight against demons.

It was only then that I realized the meaning of the hard work quest.





Demon Hunter.

The class skills are simple.

Except for the unique skills you gain upon awakening as a player.

You can see a list of these skills in the My Skills window at…….


Natural Enemy


Silver Mastery (Master)

Shooting Mastery (Master)

Simultaneous Fire (Master)

That’s only five.

That’s a typical Demon Hunter’s skill list.

From the first time I saw it, not so long ago.

I couldn’t help but laugh at the skill list.

Just looking at it.

Even compared to other class.

It was just too much.

Perhaps, It had fewer combat skills than non-combat class?

But that simplicity was the essence of the Demon Hunter.

“Just demons.”

That’s right.

To a Demon Hunter.

Because hunting demons is no big deal.

“There’s no need to be agitated by a mere prey.”


For the Demon Hunters, hunting demons.

it was a routine, a chore.

What’s needed is not great hunting skills.

What you need is the stamina to keep going.

And in the process of gaining that strength.

a stronger mental strength.

Because there’s nothing more important in demon hunting than that.

Someone’s gotta say it.

I’m just spouting off words again.

Then, as always, I’ll show them.

I will make it happen.

I stepped into the byproduct field, a field of flesh.

The field’s transformation is already complete.

A message flashed across my vision.

[Blessing of the First World Tree rejects ‘Bleed’].

[Blessing of the First World Tree rejects ‘Burn’].

[First World Water Blessing rejects ‘infection’] …….

One step.

Just by entering the zone.

It constantly reminds me of difficult status conditions.

Among them is the top-level state status condition “fear”.

However, the message of rejecting fear does not come to mind.

The reason is simple.


Even without the blessing of the First World Tree.

I, Grandfell.

I have no reason to fear a demon.


In that case, it will be different than before.

The search has just finished.

I held up the blackened Gwicheol.

-Master, what shall I cut today?

It sounds like a wonderful thing.

What name shall I call it, with a naming sense reminiscent of Grandfell.

I fear you more than I fear demons, Gwicheol…….

But it’s still too early.

“A byproduct.”

-A byproduct……?

“It means leftover, unworthy of meaning.”

Complex and exalted pride.

To translate from Grandfell.

It’s not really a primordial evil.

Dealing with its byproducts.

There’s no reason to give it a fancy name.

That’s why it’s still noble.

But it’s different than before.

Because this time it wasn’t groundless confidence.


It’s a noble pride.

Maybe it’s because of Akshan’s basic skills.


I was the one who didn’t skip training under any circumstances.

I pushed myself to the limit every day.

My ‘tenacity’.

I didn’t turn my back on the system.

[Tenacity: Converts mental strength into stats. Every time your tenacity increases, your stats increase by an additional amount].

The effectiveness of Tenacity is proportional to your mental strength.

If your mental strength is unbreakable, even in the face of trials.

you will be highly valued by the system.

In that case.

The field of flesh was like a halo to me.

The [Blessing of the First World Tree] rejected the majority of the status ailments.

Now, the pride of Grandfell despises fear.

I am what I am.

[Tenacity converted to strength].

[Tenacity converted to agility].

[Unbreakable Tenacity grants additional stat boosts].

It’ll be enough to fool even the system.

[Tenacity: 5]

Five points, each converted to Strength and Agility.

Every muscle in my body twitches.

To some, it’s just a number.

Still, I need to see it to believe it.

I glance at the status window.

[Strength: 462]

[Agility: 358]

It’s only for this moment.

In total, my stat points have risen by nearly 500 points.

That’s enough to put me in the same league as most ranked combat players. It didn’t end there. In the presence of a demon, [Natural Enemy] would increase my combat strength by several times.


My sword strike was simple.

It wasn’t anything fancy.

As I said, it wasn’t even worth it.

But it was enough.


Flesh being cut off.

At that moment, the expansion radius of the flesh that hesitated for the first time.

I chanted in a cold voice.

“Primodial Evil.”

I’m not speaking to a byproduct.

If it’s primordial evil, wouldn’t it be watching me somehow?

Whether it’s through flesh or through the Evil Eyes in the sky.

So the body, the primordial evil, is speaking to you.

“What an unnecessarily grandiose label.”

It is neither provocation nor deception, but sincerity.

“Don’t try to deny it.”

It is.

Light burns darkness.

Just as good overcomes evil.

“A natural relationship engraved in us from birth.”

Evil from the beginning of time.

Born to be evil.

No matter what.

There is no way to avoid the natural relationship with the demon hunter.


This time, I swings my jacket with such force that it flies off.

This isn’t a thrilling battle.

It’s not a coincidence or a stroke of luck.

This is it.

Mechanical, simple, efficient demon hunting by a demon hunter.

I hissed at the halved byproduct.


[Fear occurs to the demon, a byproduct of primordial evil].





So far, so Demon Hunter.

It was a truly plausible picture.

……That is, until Diend popped out of thin air.

“Diend Chrysiad Eternal Darkness.”

What a name.

“Diend, greet infinitely deep darkness. At the same time, a ray of light. at the same time…….”

In a few words.

How can the atmosphere change so dramatically?

Can the weight of Akshan, which I worked so hard to hold, break away?

‘If it weren’t for that damn darkness…….’

My damned chunibyou.

……So what’s your purpose, Diend?

Tell me as quickly as you can before Agentress hears you.

“Dredsen. And savior of the Empire. At the same time, the Dark Dragon. At the same time…….”

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