◈ Episode 257. It’s not a favor, it’s a command (2)

Claudi’s settings.

I also scribbled down settings about dragons.

I don’t know if the cat just passes by the fishmonger.

Do you think I would have just passed by the elf?

Even the settings for elves were more specific than dragons.

That was……. back when Arcana was just a game.

Rumors of elves were more common than dragons.

‘I will not be rude.’

An elf who spent most of their time in Sisley.

Unlike dragons, elves were not bound by systemic reasons.

Why, even the AAU’s information stated that.

‘They were NPCs, not monsters.’

In fact, elves were around before the Cataclysm.

Even when it was just a game, it appeared on the continent several times.

So there were rumors of their cheap behavior.

To summarize that rumor in one word: …….

A celestial infant.

Why, just look at Elsidor’s first appearance.

Not only did he slay demons, but he also attacked a member of the Shadow Mercenary Corps, Rockid with a question-and-answer session. Well, now he’s just weeding the flower garden…….

‘I’ve known for a long time that elves are not easy.’


So, Lee Hoyeol in his childhood.

Do you think my stroke would have stayed still……!

『Claudi and elves were like water and oil, unable to mix.』

As soon as I realized the existence of elves.

Trying to squash all the good stuff.

It’s natural for second-year middle school students to feel emotional.

『The elves could not tolerate Claudi’s presence. Clearly a worthless human being. The existence of Claudi, who has no shortcomings no matter how strict the standards are.』

It was really serious, Hoyeol!

I don’t even want to explain.

Maybe it’s because I wrote it myself, not someone else, but my shabby intentions are clearly visible. Perhaps there was a need for additional information about Granfell’s beautiful appearance, the person I was in the past……..


‘My appearance is such that even elves would be jealous.’

Shame on you, old me……!

Thanks to Diend for reminding me of the black history.

I vividly remember the settings that followed.

A brilliantly shining symbol of Claudi.

The silver hair that not even elves had.

Not even the elves had the aesthetic eye for beauty.

Furthermore, the high dignity was enough to make even the elves feel intimidated……..

Because I had a record like that.

I can understand the hostile stares that are being directed at me now.

Water repels oil, indeed.

‘……Look at me, everyone.’

A hundred elves.

They were spewing murderous intent at me.

I immediately invoked the Hierarchy of Blessings.

And yet they still looked at me with hostility.

Why, except for one.

” ……it can’t be!”

Agentress, the leader of the elves.

His expression was different from the others.

Rather than being hostile, I would say it’s closer to astonishment.

‘So, you do know.’

Of the existence of Claudi Family.

That’s why you’re so surprised.

Of course, it’s probably just as surprising if you reverse the situation.

There are some people who annoy you to the point of envy.

One such individual.

Of course, it would be surprising to see him change his situation and suddenly appear with his mother’s blessing.

“Absolutely unacceptable.”

So, I understand even if I look like a bad guy.

But, as I said, even when you threaten me so blatantly.

I have no reason to be intimidated.

I told you before.

It’s different.

I opened my mouth, relaxing.

“You’re mistaken, Agentress.”


“You’re not in a position to tolerate something, are you?”


How about Grandfell’s speaking style that scratches one’s pride?

But somehow, even more so than the Argentress party.

The rest of the elves look even more shocked.

I hear small talk.

“Why do you stand by and listen to such insults?”

“Shut up, I’m sure you have your own thoughts.”

“How long do I have to stay like this?”

Wow, haven’t you guys seen the bitterness of life yet?

‘You must’ve grown up in the wrong place.’

Well, I’m sure you never left the Sisley greenhouse.

I can understand the bewilderment.

It’s probably all new to them.

And they don’t even realize it.

You’re not even aware of your position.

How helpless they are.

Why Agentress is just looking at the situation.

It’s not hard to explain to them in words, really.

But do you remember what I said earlier?

You’re criminals.

Even if you were hunting a demon.

Your intentions were impure.

I continued in my usual sarcastic tone.

“Don’t you think you’re funny, Agentress?”

Agentress gritted his teeth.


“That you would invoke the power of a demon for mere eternal life. Are you of such a lowly race that you would even dare to speak of it? If so, I am deeply sorry for you.”

“Shut up.”

Of course.

I don’t shut up.

No, I’m going to take it a step further.

If this is Grandfell that I know.

“I’m sorry for your self-esteem for not knowing the subject in the past, or even now.”


Suddenly, it feels like an insult to self-esteem.

I understand if the other elves don’t understand.

This one knows the relationship between Claudi and the elves.

It was an insult that only Agentress could understand.

Especially the “in the past” part.

‘Claudi’s family, has great self-esteem…….’

He got it.

Agentress blushes bright red.

But it’s enough to make him listen.

‘Neither I nor Grandfell are friendly people.’

Not even just any demon.

When you’re about to make a deal with a Great Evil.

The last thing you need is mercy.

With that, I opened my mouth.



Because I needed to make it clear.

To share stories related to the World Tree, dragons, and the Tree of Good and Evil.

Because elves were impure in their attitudes.


It was time for discipline.


At my word, the elves, including Agentress.

All knelt on the ground.

Their heads dropped to the ground of their own accord.

A deeply burdensome scene.

I continued speaking grandly, as always.

“This is the demon castle you have trampled upon.”


“Until you realize the true value of your actions.”

In other words.

“I will not allow you to stand.”

I’m telling you to get down on your knees and reflect.





‘I can’t even resist at all……?’

It was the third humiliation of his life.

Agentress shook with rage.

Then he remembered the humiliation.

The first humiliation was the inferiority complex he felt toward lizards.

Dragons, they were so perfect.

But with his mother’s blessing.

I was able to escape my innate sense of inferiority.

The second humiliation I felt was on the Arcana continent.

He never thought he would be humiliated by humans, the lowly race. But he didn’t care. He knew that human life was finite, and that even if it blossomed like a flower, it would soon wither.

But the third, the humiliation he felt now, was indescribable.

It was inevitable.

Claudi, the silver-haired man who had brought him the second humiliation. He had never imagined that his return to the continent would be the one to take away his mother’s blessing.

‘Damn it.’

The anger that was boiling was so great that it could not be expressed in words.

‘I can’t resist.’

But Agentress could feel it in his gut.

As long as their mother’s blessing existed.

That they could not resist the man’s words.

The cold floor beneath his knees was proof.

‘……I am not alone.’

If he were alone, he would be broken, but he would not bend.

But he had his people.

Is it because he’d lived without any harm in Sisley?

These are pitiful fellow countrymen who cannot even understand the basics of self-interest.

Agentress gritted his teeth.

‘Then I will bend.’

But not forever.

Even if he humiliated them again, he was only human.

Agentress was confident.

He would take his head while he was still unconscious.

Even if he’d won his mother’s blessing.

Even if you have a great body for a human.

The experience of years of living would not compare.

Agentress opened his mouth.

“Say what you wish. I will cooperate.”


For a moment, the chanting of his people echoes through his head.

But it’s for the best.

Agentress thought.

‘This guy has a purpose.’

Only if he knew what that purpose was would he be able to induce a loophole in consciousness.

But the first steps were not favorable.

The cold voice continued.

“Have you realized your value?”

What was that riddle from earlier?

Agentress racked his brain desperately.

But it didn’t work.

He saw a Demon King’s Castle, and he only destroyed it.

He had slain demon because he could not answer the question.

What value was there in such an act?

Agentress gritted his teeth again.

“……I don’t realize it. But I hope you understand.”

Then came the reply.

“Indeed, as expected.”


“It means it’s the same because I didn’t even expect it.”

…… Wasn’t that my gaze on the demon?

That means.

Are you saying that this man gaze is no different than my gaze upon the demon?

For my people.

Agentress’s patience, which had promised to endure any humiliation, was beginning to crack.

But it was a relief.

“So I understand. That alone is progress.”


Whatever the reason.

Agentress was soon able to lift his head.

Still kneeling, he looked up at the man.

Too afraid to make eye contact, the man spoke.

“My purpose in seeking you out is simple.”

“I will cooperate. Say it.”

“I wish to enter Sisley.”


What purpose does a mere mortal have in Sisley?

Agentress couldn’t guess.

But it wasn’t a bad situation.

Sisley was their home.


‘It’s a strange place for him.’

Mistakes and carelessness are common in unfamiliar environments.

Just as he had lost sight of the great evil, gluttony, on the Arcana continent.

In Sisley, even this man is bound to show his weaknesses.

‘Things will work out on it’s own.’

If only we could take advantage of that and take his life.

We’ll have our mother’s blessing, too.

Isn’t it like going through the trouble of returning to Sisley?

Agentress hid his pleasure.

“As promised, I will cooperate.”

So let go of the reins now, arrogant man.

That’s how Agentress looked at the man.

The man opened his mouth.

“But first, there’s something I need to make sure of.”

Anything was good.

Anything to get the man back to Sisley.

I nodded, and he continued.

“What do you think of dragons?”

……Suddenly mentioning lizards?

You’re troubling me to the end, human.

Agentress suppressed his anger and asked back.

“What is your intent?”

The anger in his voice returned.

“Because we need to repair our relationship.”

There wasn’t even a smile.

A mere mortal.

He’s going to intervene between dragons and elves?

Even if he is an elf himself.

The arrogant king of all things.

If the lizards had heard this remark, they wouldn’t have stayed quiet.

So the answer was probably a good one.


If nothing else, it would remove any doubt.

Although Agentress felt sick to his stomach…….

Agentress spat out the words without hesitation.

“That’s good to hear. If we can repair our relationship with them, it will do us no harm, but it’s not up to us. The King of All Things is not in a position to accept such a proposal.”

It was from then on.

Something strange happened.

The man spoke straight away without hesitation.

“Then I believe that the relationship has been restored.”

……Did Agentress hear him right?

It’s not up to them.

It depends on what the dragon thinks.

Agentress said it clearly.

As if confirming the lizards’ intentions…….

‘Are you sure……?’

Agentress was in the middle of a doubt.


Agentress’ eyes began to see something.

A huge figure hovering behind the man.

There was no doubt.

Agentress stuttered.







The sound of heads rolling can be heard up to here.

But, I definitely made a mistake just now.

How dare you ask the dragon’s opinion in front of the ‘Dark Dragon’?

[The legend, ‘Dark Dragon Lee Hoyeol’ is materialized.]

Now, it’s time to take responsibility for your words.