Chapter 253 – The Dark Dragon (2)

◈ Episode 253. The Dark Dragon (2)

There was one reason Skal roamed the Arcana continent alone.

It was because they were all boring.

The Shining, Heavenly Unification, Bohemian…….

Those who reached out to him had a goal.

-“If we join hands, we can surpass The Shining.”

-“I don’t think it’s possible to play solo from now on?”

-“Please give us a chance……!”

A world completely different from the real world.

I can’t believe that all you want to do in Arcana is dominate others.

That’s what Skal had done in real life, too.

But Hoyeol was different.

He was strong, but he didn’t show it.

He could give orders, but he didn’t.

He always put himself at the forefront.

He moved others from their hearts.

Until then, I was simply curious.

-“Lee Hoyeol.”

I thought he was just an unusual guy like me.

Isn’t that why he was so arrogant?

Why, in front of international reporters.

-“There’s no need to be nervous. I want to have a conversation with you, Mr. Lee Hoyeol, the great Evil Dragon Hunter.”

When I think about it now.

I wanted to hide in a rat hole.

I couldn’t help it.


Subdue the king of all things.

And to stand on top of it.

The only one who didn’t laugh at his futile goals.

Because he was Hoyeol.

It wasn’t a metaphor.

Skal remembered Hoyeol’s expression well.

‘There was nothing funny about it.’

The same as always.

The same serious manner and posture.

Sometimes, even when hearing goals that even he thought were impossible, Hoyeol nodded.

It was that first meeting that led to Skal joining the Holy War Alliance.

He said.

“I assure you, no matter what happens in the future, you will not be able to reach the Dark Dragon.”

Even though it sounds like lightning.

Skal didn’t miss a beat.

There had to be a good reason for why Hoyeol had said that.

Instead, he gave a nod.

“I had a feeling, actually. Dark Dragon……. That’s the name that all dragons roared. It must be an exceptionally great dragon, perhaps even the leader of the dragons.”

There were a few other bits of information I learned while doing the Dragon Knight class quest.

In the distant past.

Stories about a war between Magic Tower and Dragon.

Most of it was unconfirmed.

But it was enough to give me a good idea of what dragons were like.

“As I’m sure you’re aware, there’s no clear hierarchy among dragons, who are called kings of all, but if all the kings were to shed tears of grief…….”

Skal spat out a sincere sentiment.

“I can see why you were so adamant.”

The ambition of becoming a true Dragon Knight.

That was all that had driven him to come.

Before the majesty of the Dark Dragon, he could only take a step back.

“Thank you for your kind words, Lord Hoyeol.”

You’re only as good as your knowledge.

He was grateful for the advice.

But Skal was not discouraged.

He had seen it, hadn’t he?

The Arcana continent is large, and dragons are many!

Aside from Dark Dragon, there were plenty of other dragons to target.

Soon, the color returned to Skal’s face.

He turned to Hoyeol.

“More importantly, is the elder dragon, Eunaxus, safe?”




I clicked my tongue inwardly.

Is that the same Skarl who’s been living as a hermits for over a decade?

Why, whenever anything involving dragons comes up.

I’m not about to stop talking, but……?

After Skal turns away, I check the time.


If only he hadn’t chatted so much.

I wonder if all the sounds like ‘this’ came out of Grandfell’s mouth.

In that case, consider yourself lucky, Skal.

‘We had an exchange.’

Considering how Grandfell usually ends up on the back end of things…….

What’s the big deal?

I wouldn’t have seen him again even if I’d tried.

But at this moment.

I, Lee Hoyeol, was inwardly swallowing a sigh of relief.

‘……How did you manage to know it, Dark Dragon?’

I want to ride the Dark Dragon!

When I heard that, I seriously thought about it.

……I thought, Is he asking me for a ride?

Of course not.

There is no such thing as a horseback ride at Grandfell.

I don’t like to be seen out of place.

How could it be possible?

‘If it means burning my one and only nephew, Arang, I don’t know.’

So the cold words came out.

‘No matter what, it won’t happen!’

But after I said it, I realized.

I realized that Skal doesn’t know I’m a Dark Dragon.

This is why it’s said that people can’t live in peace when they sin.

It’s not for nothing, is it?

Alone, frightened, overreacting.

So I couldn’t help but notice.

Grandfell’s tone should have been more firm.

I wondered if he was getting discouraged.

Of course he was.

‘I never realized that knowing only dragons could help me in this way.’

Though he quickly turned his attention to the other dragon.

‘Wise, though, Skal.’

There are many other dragons to ride besides Dark Dragon.

Of course, the first dragon ride achievement is mine.

Although I did get it without realizing it…….

“I suppose you’ll have to work for it.”

That’s a trial you can handle, Skal……!

Riding a dragon without the benefit of achievements is no easy feat.

I’ve learned from experience that skipping the intermediate steps isn’t always a good thing.

‘I have so many things stretched out that I can’t help it.’

That’s true.

Aren’t I the one with so many holes and wells?

Whenever I need an intermediate process.

It’s inevitable that I have to make up for it.

So don’t be envious of my achievements.

‘……There’s no way you’d be jealous if you saw this.’


I tirelessly picked up the feather pen.

Considering the amount of time I’ve lost chatting with Skal, I don’t think I’ll have time for a cup of tea.

But that’s not all. There’s still work to be done at the Magic Tower, too.

‘……, even if a cat did it.’

Didn’t I just add to my already heavy workload?

Reviewing applications for access permits.

It wasn’t just for mages.

Not even close to the number of applications for exit permits.

Many applications must be piling up on my desk.

Isn’t that really the end of it?

Not really.

New and updated class quests.

It says it all.

There’s a tired old quest objective.

─Train your weakened body. (Repeat)

‘It’s already getting blurry before my eyes.’

I froze to death on the Arcana continent.

In reality, he died from overwork as soon as he returned.

My arms are so thin…….


Arcana Continent.

A state of emergency has been declared aboard the Iron Castle.

Leader, Chainwalker.

Blacksmith, Wallswale.

Pilot, Gunner.

From their respective duties.

Every dwarf pounded away at their hammers.

The sound of iron echoed from every corner of the Iron Castle.


Their thick fingers tingle.

There is no respite.

Gunner barely wiped the sweat from his brow.

“If I’d known it was going to be like this, I wouldn’t have bothered with the pilot!”

Risking their lives on every flight has its advantages.

The perk of being exempt from the menial tasks of the Iron Castle.

Except this one wasn’t so menial.

Gunner said, still dumbfounded.

“Dragons suddenly appear, and in swarms! What kind of dwarven leg-length situation is this?”

The Iron Castle’s only weakness.

Bad weather.

The Iron Castle may be armed with highly advanced technology.

In the face of Mother Nature, it is extremely inefficient.

“You’re lucky you didn’t crash, Gunner.”

“Sure, I’m lucky, but…….”

“Why don’t you drive in another nail in that time?”


So the dragon appeared.

The hour of roaring.

It was a nightmare for the dwarves.


Chainwalker pounded his hammer and muttered.

“What was so sad that it rained like this…….”

It was an unprecedented heavy rain.

How hard it fell.

It was enough to fill Flying Ship Iron Castle with water.

Although not as good as dragons or elves.

They had lived a long time.

Still, the current situation did not make sense.

Wallswale spoke bluntly.

“I told you, it’s the Dark Dragon.”

“It’s a Dark Dragon…….”

“Whatever it is, it’s creepy.”


“Because it’s never happened before, Chainwalker.”

Even if a dragon had appeared on the continent.

It was a surprise.

There seemed to be about a dozen of them.

Not even a dragon.


I can’t believe they could have that much impact…….

“Certainly, change will come to the continent in some way.”

I was sure of it.

Dragons who disappeared like a lie.

Because the meaning of the clear sky was simple.

“It looks like they found that Dark Dragon.”

“……I’m honestly terrified.”

“Who wouldn’t be?”


Walswale let go of the hammer and stared at the continent.

The hard rain had washed away the dust, clearing his vision so he could see clearly over the horizon.

Still, there was no visible movement.

“Even the demons are trembling in fear, let alone the Empire.”

The King of All cried out, and the sound must have reached all things.

Chainwalker and Wallswale.

The two dwarves were concerned.

“This is why a new legend must be written.”

That’s the name.

The Legend of the Dark Dragon.

Chainwalker turned to Wallswale and asked subtly.

“Isn’t it a shame, our legendary blacksmith?”

Legends hold power.

I’ve tried to write legends.

Wallswale knew what that meant.

“A shame.”

The vast Arcana continent.

There are not many things to call legends.

Perhaps that’s why he asked, Isn’t it a shame?

The legend of the Dark Dragon will long be told.

The birth of noble iron has faded into obscurity.

But Wallswale shook his head.

“You still don’t get it, Chainwalker.”

“What do you mean?”

“That legends have their place.”

The legend of the birth of Noble Iron.

According to the exploits of its owner, Hoyeol.

It would only be told in the future, when it was more widely known…….

How does it compare to the legend of the Dark Dragon?

The legend over there is far greater.

It’s safe to say that it echoed throughout Arcana.


“It made the world tremble, not by revealing it, but by mentioning it.”

The truth is, Dark Dragon hasn’t even set foot on the continent yet.

So there was no reason to feel sorry for it.

They weren’t even comparable.

However, he was still concerned.

“Let’s hope the new legend doesn’t go on a rampage.”

With that, Chainwalker and Wallswale remained silent.

They kept their mouths shut and didn’t speak.

Coincidentally, the two dwarves had the same thought.

‘…….Is the Lord aware of this situation?’

But the thought did not last long.

Not for long.

This was because something was captured in the sky.

A cracking void.

A huge figure appears there.

It was a dragon.


In the middle of a repair.

Unable to move forward because of it.

The Iron Castle could not go backwards.

Forced to face the dragon.

Chainwalker opened his mouth to speak.

“Damn it, is it even clear to the King of Things’s ears?”

“Do you guys understand?”

“Damn it, I don’t want to end up like this.”

The dragon’s body completely blocked the view of the Iron Castle ship’s window.

But, what is the reason for that appearance……?

It wasn’t unfamiliar.


Walswale’s eyes narrowed.

It was hard to see through the rain and wind.

He wondered if he recognized this dragon because he’d seen it once before.

It wasn’t.

The only thing that looked familiar.

Because there were only brilliantly shining ‘wings’.

Though of a different size.

“……What is that?”


The Greatest Blacksmith on the Continent recognized it immediately.

An afterimage hovering above the wings.

Surely, those brilliantly shining dragon wings were…….

The same one that Hoyeol was wearing!

“……I, how can that be?”

Fifty thousand possibilities flashed through his mind.


His thoughts didn’t last long.


Iron Castle Flying Ship.

A spirit that was keeping its position in a noble posture.

Because Hiel started moving from her seat.

She walked over to the dragon and opened her mouth.

“You have finally realized your master’s will, Eunaxus.”

The dragon responded.

“I should have known better than to doubt the Dark Dragon.”

The implications of that brief conversation were simple.

Chainwalker, Wallswale, Gunner…….

No, a look of disbelief crossed the faces of all the dwarves.

“You mean to tell us that the Dark Dragon was Lord Hoyeol……?”