Chapter 250 – Nothing Happened (3)

◈ Episode 250. Nothing Happened (3)

The sunlight shines through the window.

……I can barely lift my head.

I try to look around.

At times like this, the unrealistic structure of the Magic Tower really helps.

The crystal hall is automatically expanded to fit the size of the dragon.

Even the people who stare at these dragons.

There’s enough room to sit together.

‘……I can’t just ignore it.’

Nothing happened.

The dragon’s fuss had completely ruined my plan to play dumb……! At this moment, the Earth was in the midst of the aftermath of the Dragon Tears.

‘I’m glad there’s no hostility.’

The only thing that Dragons spit out is a Dark Dragon.

What else could it be but a cry for my name?

I suppose that’s all it took to make them shudder.

Because I trained Frostnax, I knew well the power of the murderous Dragon Cry.

‘It’s terrifying to think about unleashing something like that, really.’

Even if you were a player.

The public might have feared for their lives.

It was something that could have led to a dangerous situation if done incorrectly.

“I have summoned you for a simple reason.”

This man’s pride is unashamed wherever it is displayed.

I can’t keep my mouth shut.

That’s why we’re here in the Crystal Hall.

“I thought you might need an explanation.”

Even as I speak, I have a bad taste in my mouth.

My mind is racing.

There’s a reason for that.


Why ‘him’ out of dozens of dragons?

Why Kudhanax, an earth dragon with a criminal record……!

“As you know, I entered the Arcana continent through a portal.”

It’s not hard to explain myself.

Why don’t you just leave out the details and make a bold statement?

Why, just like the usual Grandfell.

“The principle is to imitate the connector.”

Just list the facts.

“Its purpose was to save the Elder Dragon, Eunaxus. And to fulfill a promise with him.”

The dry spitting sound can be heard up to here.

It’s a prior pact with the dragon.

It sounds like a big deal, but it was a promise I made to myself.

Anyway, everyone looks surprised already.

The real story is just beginning.

I continued nonchalantly.

“And I trained the dragons along the way.”

Indeed, it was a Grandfell summary.


In fact, there was no better one-line summary.

To resolve the misunderstanding between Mother World Tree and her children, to unite the dragons with Eunaxus, and to teach them pride. ……. I guess you’re right about training.

However, the problem was that the process was omitted too much! Fighting to the death with Ice Dragon, discovering the Hidden Piece, the Dragon’s Shrine, and breaking a teacup and dying there.

You just omitted it, Grandfell.

It’s just business as usual.

By the way…….

‘Should I still be thankful?’

If there’s anything out of the ordinary.

I wonder if there’s an audience out there that knows about my struggles.

Yes, I’m talking about Kudhanax.

He’s been watching everything, and he’s been nodding his head.

And I was looking at him and saying.

‘Please continue to keep your mouth shut.’

Lee Hoyeol Claudi.

Or else you’ll start calling me the Dark Dragon.

I am truly afraid.

But I’m sure the sharp-eyed Eunaxus would have seen the implication in my words……. Unfortunately, Eunaxus was on the Arcana Continent.

‘Because the whole dragon didn’t appear in reality.’

Perhaps the Twenty-One Dragon had split into two, gliding through reality and the Arcana Continent in search of me.

The thought made me even more dizzy.

‘As if reality wasn’t enough, the Arcana Continent……!’

The Dark Dragon.

My damned nickname must have rang out.

But keep your head up, Hoyeol.

As long as I don’t get caught.

We just need to make sure Kudhanax doesn’t start talking shit.

In that sense.

I was grateful for the little disturbance now.

“……na, did I hear that wrong?”

“Apparently, you said you train dragons.”

“So you had a reason for being away for 15 days.”

“……Now, do you really think I believe that?”

“You lack pride, Leonie. Just believe it.”

Nam Taemin, Leonie, Hisagi, and Schreig.

Yes, keep whispering like that.

I shift my gaze to the Arcana audience.

“You’ve done something truly ridiculous this time, Sir!”

“Today will be a day to rewrite the history of the Dragon Magic War, Isn’t that right, Tower Master?”

“Imagine, more than that. Always, my worthy chief.”

Harkon, Yugweed, Marcelo, and the Tower Master…….

Likewise, feel free to continue chattering.

I’ll allow as much chatter as you want today.

More important than the chatter was not giving Kudhanax a chance to even open his mouth.


Kudhanax listened, nodding repeatedly.

I wondered if there was a reason for this…….

It wasn’t until everyone was done that Kudhanax turned to me.

“Hee-hee. I’m sure you’re well aware, Claudi, the fact that even ‘legends’ have power. And the power contained in the legend depends on how much it is talked about in the world.”


An old dragon who lived at the same time as Eunaxus.

He really did know a lot.

Even when it came to legends.

‘Legends have real power.’

It’s not an abstract thing to say.

Like there’s a [Legendary] tier of items like noble iron.

Maybe there’s a system called [Legendary] that I’m not aware of.

‘A new place to live is always welcome.’

I don’t know what effect it has.

I’m not in a position to know, am I?

While I was thinking.

Kudhanax smiled with satisfaction.

“That’s why I’ve been watching. Indeed, even in this world, which is completely different from the Arcana Continent. Is the legend of Claudi and the Dark Dragon resonating enough?”

The words sent a chill down my spine.

……So that means now.

He’s been watching, waiting for the perfect opportunity?!

In other words.

This meant that if Kudhanax had not been so kind to me, he would have come forward and talked about the reputation and status of Cloudi and the Dark Dragon……!

‘no wonder!’

I thought I was nodding too much.

Even Dark Dragon is not enough.

I think the story about Cloudi was almost revealed.

A sigh of relief escapes from deep within my heart.

“It’s useless to worry.”

“Hee-hee. It’s the old dragon’s grumpiness.”

Of course, I couldn’t spit it out.

“Then, you shall return according to the orders.”

…… Speaking of orders, by the way.

You think I’m giving orders to a dragon without even knowing the subject matter, Kudhanax. I did speak to him, but it was not a command, it was pure concern.

The fruit of the World Tree contains nothing but pure malice.

Dragons swallowed the evil fruit.

It was I who suggested that the fruit should be spit out as soon as possible, as it gave off an unhealthy aura.

“I hope you find a way.”

But guess what?

It seemed like he couldn’t easily spit out the evil fruit he had swallowed.

Whether it was a limitation of the dragon’s digestive system.

Whether it was due to the effects of the fruit, I couldn’t tell.

Well, I’ll do my best to find out.

Don’t worry, Kudhanax.

“I will also try to come up with a way.”

I shamelessly answered ‘I’.

‘Actually, you should ask the experts rather than me.’

The truth is, Senior Bellier, Klee, and the other mages of the Healing Magic School will have their work cut out for them, and all I can do is scribble permission on their applications so that their research isn’t disrupted.

“I am Kudhanax, your grace is beyond measure.”

And with that, a burdened bow.

Kudhanax ripped through the dimension and returned to the dragon shrine.

And with that, the commotion was finally over.

‘What a day!’

It might be time to catch my breath for a moment.

Damn workaholics.

I’m never tired and always thinking of the next thing to do.

I recited the words meaningfully.

“It’s time to lift the veiled darkness.”

Veiled darkness.

To paraphrase Grandfell, I was referring to the Claudi family mansion that Diend had discovered.

I was determined to even use the shameful halo of the Cloudi family.

‘Positive mindset.’


At a time when I’m trying to avoid it.

Might as well get used to it.

‘Fucking Romeo…….’

Of course, I’m not sure I’ll get used to it if I try……!

But I can’t help it, Hoyeol.

It’s time.

It’s time to show the pride of an adult taking responsibility for their own past.

“But even that has to follow procedures.”

It’s better to sell early.

Truth be told, part of me wanted to see the Claudie family with my own two eyes.

Why, even on the Arcana continent, the tales of the Dark Dragon have been told, thanks to the Dragons’ tears, and the legend is spreading.

‘Before I couldn’t carry my face even on the continent……!’

I wanted to quickly witness the mansion and check out the settings that could be used. However, the [Last Adventurer] penalty held me back.

[Cooldown: 21 hours, 42 minutes].

Back when Arcana was just a game.

The [Last Adventurer] penalty, which is the same as the death penalty, prevented me from re-entering the continent of Arcana for another day, whether I opened a portal or used an access point.

Moreover, there is so much burden to carry.

‘It’s been 15 days.’

I’ve been away for 15 days.

I’ve been away from my duties as chief, general manager, and authority.

It goes without saying that piled up work is no joke.

Let’s take a look back at the experience of being a member of society.

‘If I’m absent without leave for 15 days……. Even if I just clean up the mess, it would take a week, right?’

But who am I?

The owner of the [Blessing of the First World Tree].

Thanks to the constantly regenerating vitality.

Either you’re a lone wolf who pushes your limits day in and day out with endless class quests, or you’re a lone wolf who sits at your desk and works as if nothing happened.

A confident declaration.

“One day is enough.”

It would be a shame if Grandfell’s speaking style was left out there again.

“For me, even the passing hours are just a number.”

Yeah, yeah, you’re good, Grandfell.

‘Anyway, showing off is not missing.’

I guess you’ll grow up when you’re faced with a cold hard reality…….

After seeing the dragons crying out for me.

Those thoughts disappear completely.

Beyond that, I become more afraid.

‘This is why puberty is important.’

If I keep going back and forth like this, I’m getting more and more arrogant, and I wonder how long I’ll be able to bear the growing shame……!


‘I’ll worry about it later.’

I said.

I might not be able to bring it all out in front of the opponents I’m going to face, so yes, even this arrogance means I have to use it as a driving force.

Always attitude.

I wonder if it’s because of that.

I immediately remembered what I needed to do.

[Class Quest: The Tree of Good and Evil].

On the brink of extinction, the World Tree bore fruit to sow seeds. However, contrary to the will of the World Tree, good and evil did not coexist, but the fruit was borne separately. Last of the Demon Hunters. It is only you who can find the sinner who has separated good from evil.

─Train your weak body. (Repeat)

─Enter the land of the elves, Sisley. (Ongoing)

Quest goal and another destination, Sisley.

I mustn’t forget to gather information about it, either.

I recall Marcelo’s words.

-“In the meantime, the Tower Master has filled in for you.”

The lazy cat has done his job.

I don’t know if I’ve done enough to meet the standards of Grandfell.

There must be more work piled up in Yusra than there is work piled up in the Magic Tower.

Based on that prioritization, I manifested the portal.

The target coordinates, of course.

The Golden Palace, Kingdom of Yusra.




The Golden Palace.

『The Garden of Elegance』.

If only its owner knew.

It was Elsidor who gave the amazing name to the elixir garden.

“It’s about time everyone saw it.”

The reason was simple.

To have the elixir he had touched treated as mere flowers?

Because it was something that elf pride could not tolerate.

Of course.

“What does a mere lizard know?”

Even as the dragon cried out.

Elsidor tended to his elixir, unmoved.

But, wait a minute……?

What is it?

What are those overly large petals?

The bumpy fruit?

Elsidor’s hands shook.

‘……Is it because it’s not being harvested?’

His guess was correct.

Hoyeol has been tending his elixir garden for 15 days…….

No, because he hadn’t tended the garden of elegance.

It was an elixir herb that received overflowing blessings and overgrew.

Elsidor remembered.

‘That man values aesthetics more than anyone.’

I dare to evaluate it.

That human, Hoyeol’s aesthetic sense was by no means inferior to that of an elf. What would he say if he saw that not only flowers like that had bloomed in his flower garden, but also ugly fruits were growing?

-“You must have been comfortable while I was gone.”

A chill ran down my spine as I imagined his next words.

-“I was mistaken to take pride in you.”

I still don’t know what the hell pride is, but……!

One thing’s for sure, if you don’t have pride.

there would be no return of my mother’s blessing.

Elsidor made a decision.

” ……I’ll pluck it.”

Would anyone notice that one of so many flowers was gone?

Determined, Elsidor boldly reached out his hand.

A sound froze Elsidor in his tracks.


A voice spoke.

“The Garden of Elegance.”


“What have you done, what are you doing. Elsidor.”





……Elsidor, what did you do while I was gone?

[Hidden Piece, you’ve entered the Garden of Elegance].

Is this the kind of fancy name for an elixir garden……?

I really can’t carry my face with just the Dark Dragon!

Is it okay for brothers to bully the youngest in a family like this? I’m starting to smell the scent of my family’s wensu from the dragons and elves.

‘I’m sorry I’m the youngest…….’

I lament for a moment.

I walked over to Elsidor, who was sulking.

So what is it.

Hiding it behind your back.

It’s a sign that you desperately want to hide, but it’s no use.

“Stay back.”

[The “Hierarchy of Blessings” occurs to the elf, Elsidor].

No matter how hard you treat her, Mom’s on the side of the youngest.