Chapter 238 – Something Familiar to Me

◈ Episode 238. Something Familiar to Me

The Crystal Hall.

Hoyeol left the connector behind as he exited the Crystal Hall.

Even so, the reverberations of the shock didn’t go away easily.

The players are the first to whisper.

“You’re going to share this incredible …… opportunity?”

“Without even trying it out first!”

“Damn, what the fuck was I thinking…….”

I realized once again.

The pride of Hoyeol is too heavy to chase.

It was also heavy with a lot of meaning.

Some of the players looked around.

“We can return to the Arcana Continent.”

“Mother, father…….”

“I just want to make sure they’re okay.”

Hoyeol said plainly.

-“No one can evaluate the weight of that purpose.”


Who would dare evaluate the heaviness and lightness of that story?

More than entering the Magic Tower..

Even if they said they could never return to their lives before.

For them, the Arcana continent was home, and they had flesh and blood.

Bellier, the senior healer, gave a small laugh.

“You mean you won’t overlook anything.”

Bellier knew.

He knew that Chief Lee didn’t even skim through the applications to leave the tower, because the rejected ones always came back with good reasons and points to improve upon.

Was it only the application to go out the tower?

The same was true for the pre-verification of regular conferences.

Including Klee’s research on the Cultivation of Medicinal Herbs.

Even the research of immature adept mages.

They were not as troubled as his own research.

‘But this is even heavier than that, and you’re carrying it all by yourself again.’

Part of me wanted to help share it, but…….

I wasn’t confident.

There was no comparison to enter the Tower or the preliminary verification.

The responsibility was too great.


It was also the reason why Marcelo could hardly keep his head up.

The elder mage, Yugweed, spoke to Marcelo.

“Isn’t it amazing, Chief Marcelo? To be honest, if I were you, I would have kept the fact that I had gotten my hands on something like that a secret for a while.”

“You’re being honest, Elder Yugweed.”

“Hehe. That’s scratchy, isn’t it?”

But what about Hoyeol?

It’s not enough that he’s scratching the Magic Tower.

No, he laid it all out there for the world to see.

As if he had been waiting for it, he turned the arrow to himself.

“The size of the bowl is beyond my comprehension.”

“Neither am I.”



The cat’s fur stood on end.

It purred, stepping between the two of them.

Tower Master had finally finished weighing the options in his head.

‘In every way, you’re better suited to my position than I am.’

It was a decision that would have been shocking to those involved if they found out.

“By the way…….”

Marcelo glanced toward the Crystal Hall, toward the exit, where the line had disappeared.

‘You said there was no time to spare.’

Where was the Sir heading in such a hurry?

If he went out that door, he must still be in the tower.

Marcelo rose to his feet.

‘ ……I’m afraid not.’

Hoyeol and Marcelo had been working together on a joint research project on the anomaly in order to return to the Arcana continent.

But if what Hoyeol was saying was true, there was no longer a need to proceed with the research.

‘I don’t know if I’m qualified to know.’

It’s the nature of a mage.

Only a conversation with Hoyeol would calm his nerves.

The group of mages, led by Marcelo, made their way out of the Crystal Hall.

Between them, there were two people who stayed until the end.

Bensch and Vangrit.

“After all, Chief Lee hasn’t abandoned me!”

It wasn’t that the trip go out was insignificant, but if one were to compare the trip go out and to returning to the Arcana Continent, of course, returning to the Arcana Continent was a much more valuable opportunity!

“The companionship of the past was the arrangement for today!”

Vangrit’s eyes swept over the smug Bensch.

‘……Where the hell does that confidence come from?’

Having risen through the ranks of the commoners to the position of senior Magic Tower, Vangrit is used to being watched. Thanks to this, he recognized it immediately. He understood the meaning of the word ‘burden’.

‘I’m guessing the process is the same as the tower examination…….’

Senior Bensch can’t even go out the Tower.

There’s no way you’ll be able to enter the Arcana Continent, is there……?

The brutal truth sank in.

Vangrit laughed coolly.

“Mhahaha. Wait for me, brother, I’m coming.”

……Yes, you’ll realize it soon enough, even if I don’t tell you.

For now, may you rejoice to your heart’s content.

Bensch Senior.


Roundtable ends.

I made my way out of Crystal Hall and headed for Garnet Hall.

There was only one reason to stop by Garnet Hall.

‘I have to go, Arcana Continent.’

So I must borrow it, Magic Equipment.

Because I can hear another voice from Grandfell.

I sneak a peek at the level.

[Level: 680]

Not a bad reward for getting my ass kicked by Raymond Sean. It should have been easy to level up after breaking into the 600s.


My jacket now flutters with every step I take.

I’m 20 levels away from being able to wear it properly.

That alone is a great reason to level up.

‘Because a higher level helps expand your options.’

I have fond memories of visiting Garnet Hall by parachute in the past.

At the time, I was around level 100 at best.

The magic equipment in the magic tower felt like they were just pie in the sky.

Now I can pick and choose to my heart’s content.

“Oh, Chief Lee Hoyeol……?”

The Adept Mage guarding Garnet Hall is stunned.

He had called a roundtable meeting out of the blue.

He must be wondering what’s going on in Garnet Hall.

I said nonchalantly.

“The roundtable is over.”

“Oh, I see! But what’s going on in Garnet Hall……?”

“I’d like to borrow a magic equipment with the authority of the Chief.”

“Oh, I see, I wonder if we have what you’re looking for!”

In fact, by default, mages in the Tower do not rely on magic equipment.

That’s because it’s in the nature of the mages who are gifted to enter the Tower.

Beings who constantly seek to improve themselves through the pursuit of research, truth, or whatever.

Therefore, magic equipment that simply amplified manifestation was not used unless it had a ‘special purpose’.

In other words.

“I need a manifestation tool.”


You might be surprised to hear that.

That’s like saying I have a special purpose.

Of course, the Adept wasn’t going to pry into my purpose.

“Well, in that case, this way…….”

I followed the directions and entered the interior of Garnet Hall.


I recognized a few of the magic equipment from my parachute days.

Oh, how I resented my low level.

I even remembered their names vividly.

That necklace is a magic item, [Frozen Knowledge], right?

[Frozen Knowledge]

[Rank: Unique]

[Limit: Lv.550]

[Effect : When you use Freeze Magic, recover 50% of your consumed Magic Power].

[Description : A relic of a great freezing mage, the magical knowledge he achieved during his lifetime has been frozen and preserved in this necklace].

The effect is so powerful that it would be coveted by any freezing mage.

Fifty percent recovery of lost magic.

To put it bluntly, think of this effect as depending on magic tools related to pure magical power.

‘Is it going to be Epic grade?’

I didn’t realize it at the time, but now I do.

Why an item with an effect like this doesn’t have a very high level cap at Unique. It’s because freezing magic is one of the non-mainstream magic.

‘It’s not really a strength.’

It was extremely destructive in certain situations, but its biggest drawback was its obvious weakness. Above all, it had a deadly compatibility with fire magic, one of the mainstream magics.

‘How did he become an elder mage with such freezing magic?’

On second thought, you were quite a man, Senios.

And wasn’t I the one who was recognized by him?

I’m not the same person I was in my parachute days, when I was just a pretender.

I’m not the one who only watched and borrowed the [Sixth Sight Brooch].

I am no longer Lee Hoyeol.

I confidently held the [Frozen Knowledge] in my hand.


……I picked it up so confidently?

The Adept Mage’s pupils twitched.

But it’s too early to be surprised.

I said shamelessly.

“Next, let’s choose a magic item to borrow.”

As if entering the Arcana Continent wasn’t enough.

I had to meet the dying Elder Dragon, Eunaxus.

I might have to face the enemy that brought the Elder Dragon to his death, But, is it possible to complete all the preparation with just one magic item?

‘…… It’s going to be a mess.’

In fact, right now.

The necklace, brooch, and fluttering jacket were too flashy.

Still, the good news among the misfortunes is that there are no eyes on the Arcana Continent. So, let’s endure the burdensomely flashy outfits for a little while, Hoyeol.

“Not bad.”

“I’ll borrow it.”

“Same here.”

For a moment, only my voice echoed in Garnet Hall…….




The actual person in charge of Garnet Hall is Kiko Armin, a senior enchanter.

Everything that happens in Garnet Hall is reported to her.

Today was no exception.

“……What, Laran?”

Laran, the adept mage guarding Garnet Hall.

She repeated the words carefully.

As evenly as possible.

“Chief Lee Hoyeol has borrowed a total of twelve magic items……?”

Twelve pieces.

That was certainly a lot, but I wasn’t surprised by the quantity.

After all, the Chief Mage had the right to borrow as many magic items as he wanted.

However, the type of tools was the problem.

Kiko ran a hand through her hair and examined the parchment.

“Frozen Knowledge, Hippocampus Heart, Dice of Destiny……?!”

All twelve magic tools.

It was a ‘decisive’ magic item that amplified the power of manifestation.

Kiko continued to read the next line.

She realized something.

The reason why Laran was looking so distressed.

“……Senior Mage Kiko!”

“It’s never a good idea to make assumptions, Laran.”


Unlike the other magic items, the Decisive Magic Items had to specify the duration of their loan. There was no telling what the consequences might be if a mage of the Tower were to handle one without a commitment.

Hoyeol was no exception to the rule.

Laran spoke up, his voice cracking.

“Chief Lee Hoyeol’s rental period is……!!!”

She didn’t need to say it.

Kiko refocused and stared at the parchment.

It was written in Hoyeol’s handwriting, blandly.


Loan period: Until the moment of death.





……No, that’s not wrong again.

Did I really have to write it down so bluntly?

Just until I return from the Arcana Continent.

Wouldn’t it be nicer if I wrote it nicely?

Until the moment of my death!

The reason it was scrawled like that during the rental period was simple.

I had a title, The Last Adventurer.

Here’s a look back at the effectiveness of the title.

[Last Adventurer: You will not die on the Arcana Continent. Upon death, you will immediately return to reality and will be unable to access the Arcana Continent for a period of time. – Cooldown: 24 hours]

In a word, a Grandfell style expression.

In the hellish Arcana Continent.

Until the moment of death.

It is a promise to never bow or bend.

Of course, the adept mages who saw it were horrified.

I, a man who intends to draw the main card until I die.

They must have thought I was an shameless bastard……!

‘It would be better if I got criticized for being really greedy.’

For being innocent.

Actually, I couldn’t even show my true greed. Until I die, I will be treated like a shameless person who borrowed as many as ten and two decisive magic equipment from the Magic Tower.

‘It’s so unfair, really.’

……But to clear up misunderstandings.

There are so many stories to tell.

The only thing that soothed my resentment was tea time.


So don’t be displeased because it’s not green tea, Grandfell.

It’s good for you.

What I need now, more than anything.

Because it was a herbal doping, not the caffeine of green tea.

[Slightly increased life regeneration for 6 hours].

[Slight increase in Magic regeneration for 1 hour].

[Slightly increases Stamina regeneration for 12 hours] …….

……Maybe it’s because it’s cultivated by Elsidor, an elf.

If not, it’s because it’s an organic herb.

The effect is not bad.

The effects of a small increase stack up and stack up to make a big difference.

So, let’s get ready to move on.


I set down my teacup and stood up.

What did I notice when I opened Anomaly portal to the Arcana?

I realized that I needed a space that could withstand the enormous magical power of the manifestation process, and the space suitable for that purpose was the top floor of the Magic Tower.

As I opened the door to the top floor, I saw…….

It’s a surprise!

What is everyone doing in front of my office door?

What are those serious expressions?

……Wait, didn’t they just hear my green tea rant?!

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