Chapter 233 – Karma (2)

◈ Episode 233. Karma (2)

Stare into the rising hellfire.

[Leveled up].

[Leveled up].

[You’ve leveled up]…….

This is more welcome than the level up message.

Corrupted into a demon.

A Sword Saint who was later defeated by me and fell to Hell.



He emerged from the flames.

A Shegwin unrelated to Akshan.

How was I able to summon him with [Akshan’s Upkeep]?

-“It is a pride that even death cannot break.”

…… Should I say this is also a sign of pride?




It was a time when I was burdened with work as always.

To be exact, it’s a damn hard work class.

I was in the middle of the Demon Hunter’s Training Quest.

“Good-natured competition is always welcome.”

It’s not fair to suffer alone.

I’m not sure about the saying that grief is half the battle.

I know that sharing the pain is definitely half the battle.

‘It’s better to face the enemy.’

Actually, to put it bluntly, the Akshan Demon Hunters.

Are they even good at anything besides demon hunting?

I had my doubts.

But aren’t they seniors?

I took out the Torch of Hell in the hopes that they would tell me something, like how to grow my [Tenacity] more efficiently, or a trick to skip training.


However, what appeared in the flames of hell.

was none other than Shegwin.

I almost fainted, even if I didn’t show it……!

I summoned the Demon Hunters of Akshan.

Why did Shegwin come out of the flames?

Before I could figure out what was going on.


Shegwin’s eyes filled with life as he looked at me.

At first, I thought it was some sort of lifelong grudge.

Shegwin had been defeated by me.

‘Well, technically, he lost to Gwicheol…….’

But no matter how hard I tried.

I wasn’t the one who was going to die.

I said this while nonchalantly performing the training quest.

“You’ve become more prideful than before.”

……grew to be proud.

Now you’re making up new words that aren’t even in the dictionary, Grandfell.

I roll my eyes, not knowing what to expect.

Thankfully, Shegwin didn’t say anything.

No, he couldn’t.

Hell’s Discipline.

Like the Akshan demon hunters, Shegwin could not speak to the living.

If you ask me when I learned of such a thing as the Discipline of Hell, I’ll show you the iron at my waist.

-So it happened, Atlas.

My ego sword and Shegwin’s beloved sword, Atlas.

Apparently, swords can talk freely, regardless of discipline.

Through it, I was able to hear what had happened to Shegwin.

And I understood.

‘You have every right to blame me!’

[Sublime] activated.

Thanks to a small change.

Shegwin had fallen to hell, not as a complete demon, but as a demon with pride in his heart. And in that hell, there were others like him.

That’s right.

Even though he was corrupted into a demon while hunting demons.

That means there were our Akshan seniors who did not lose their pride.

Same disease association.

That’s how Shegwin became a demon hunter.

So what was the resentment?


Akshan’s training was so intense, even the sword master was put off by.

But who is Grandfell?

In a way, he’s even worse than Akshan’s seniors.

Even the unexpectedly reunited Shegwin wouldn’t let go…….

“Well, then, let’s get to work.”


“This is a friendly competition, Shegwin.”






Shegwin joins forces.

The full extent of Shegwin’s power is beyond me.

But one thing is certain.

‘He’s probably stronger than he was then……?’

Let’s put aside our relationship.

Compare calmly.

The level of the Akshan Demon Hunters and Shegwin.

After all, I’m a Demon Hunter after all, right?

I know better than anyone that a demon hunter is a class with a few screws missing when not hunting demons. And to compare them to Shegwin?

The Transcendent.

As if that weren’t enough, the pinnacle of the sword.

A being called a Sword Saint.

‘I feel sorry for Shegwin.’

I, too, am sorry for Shegwin’s corruption into a demon.

I was only able to win because [Natural Enemy] was triggered.

If only Shegwin hadn’t fallen.

‘even if he hadn’t been rejuvenated. it wouldn’t have been so easy.’

Imagine Shegwin becoming stronger through repeated, grueling training. As if that weren’t enough, hunting down demons in hell wouldn’t rust his hands-on skills.

Indeed, my prediction was correct.

Gwicheol spoke up.

-Shegwin’s sword force has become even sharper.


Shegwin swings his Atlas, and the attacking mechs fall like leaves in a gust of wind. Dozens and dozens of them are cut to pieces.

-Of course, they are nothing compared to us.

Your confidence is still there, doppelganger number three, Gwicheol.

I’m too busy admiring it.

Quick Sword.

As the name implies, it’s a Shegwin swordsmanship that focuses on speed.

It’s so perfect that it can’t be compared to my unfinished quick sword technique.


Shegwin’s muscles ripple.

If you don’t have physical ability, you won’t be able to achieve that kind of speed.

From the moment I awakened as a player.

I never missed a day of training.

‘I guess I can’t match Shegwin.’

There’s simply the difference in years of life.

I’ve invested most of the points I’ve gained from leveling up into [Magic], and who knows, maybe in the future I’ll be able to increase my [Tenacity] by hundreds of points, but that’s a long way off.


“Is that your sword path, Shegwin?”

What confidence!

I held my sword up in front of Shegwin’s face.

Then a message came to me.

[B402-You have entered the Deep Laboratory].

At the same time.

A giant mechanical puppet comes into view.

If the prototypes on the previous floor were human-sized.

This one seemed to be the size of a building.

Perhaps it’s a Named Monster.

But I don’t check that information.

“I told you, numbers and letters are meaningless.”

Maybe Grandfell has a good reason.

I just couldn’t afford it.

It would be a shame to let this great talent go to waste.

『Grandfell’s talent was not limited to one thing.』

In front of me was a completed, not an incomplete, sword technique.

Moreover, the situation was different from before.

Rather than fighting against each other as enemies, we cooperate as allies.

This meant that I could witness Shegwin’s Quick Sword techniques from a different angle.

To summarize in one line.

‘I might be able to eat it raw!’

Maybe this battle will be the one where I perfect my swordsmanship.

Maybe I’ll unlock the second achievement after the Circle?

I was about to inhale a bowl of kimchi.

The words were spoken firmly.

“There’s no point in following the path.”

Seriously, I knew it……!

The pride of Grandfell.

Would it be acceptable to copy someone else’s swordsmanship?

Gwicheol didn’t want to lose his mind, so he added a word.

-You are right, master!

If it were just me, I’d try to rationalize and break his stubbornness. ……. Now that Gwicheol had agreed, I gave up on that idea.

That’s the way it is with me.

‘I have no choice but to open my eyes even more.’

To find my own fucking sword path!

‘Stay positive.’

Actually, in a way.

This path of thorns could have been the right one.

As I said, Shegwin’s path is not a path for everyone.

‘I may not be able to use all of my physical abilities in the future.’

Why was Shegwin corrupted in the first place?

With his brilliant talent.

Even if you only focused on one quick sword technique and stick to it.

It was because he could not reach the end of the sword path.

His aging body couldn’t handle it.

‘……But I’m worse than old Shegwin.’

Just in case, Granfell yells at me.


Status window to check.

[Name: Grandfell Claudi Arpheus Romeo]

[Title: Last Adventurer, Sublime, Transcendent]

[Class: Demon Hunter]

[Level: 630]


Strength: 150 / Agility: 145 / Magic: 537 / Luck: 12 / Aesthetics: High / Tenacity: 2

[Points held: 9]

They say numbers aren’t everything, but…….

‘My strength and agility are sorely lacking.’

I don’t know about Grandfell, but I didn’t feel confident enough to chase after Shegwin. In the end, it might be best to complete the Unfinished Quick Sword on my own terms.

In other words.

“Brace yourself, Gwicheol.”

Don’t let me disappoint you.

My power to pull everything out of thin air.

It’s gonna be a lot worse than you think.

-I’ve been waiting for this moment, master!


A giant prototype roars to life.

It was a machine, but its form was more like a four-legged beast. The unusually short front legs made it look like a toy at first glance, so it was cute……. Its combat power would never be cute.

‘Its humanoid form was also level 1,000.’

He’s at least a named mob, and his size is incomparably large.

Poor swordsmanship compared to magic.

How can I face something like that without relying on Gwicheol?

Even without [Natural Enemy] activated?

I can only say that I’m deluded to death.

But as you can see, I’m not alone.

There’s a Shegwin beside me, holding an Atlas.

And he looks at me.

……What, the corner of his mouth subtly lifted?

Gwicheol said.

-We’ll see who can take him down first!


Are you into friendly competition too, Shegwin?

There’s only one monster, by the way, so what kind of competition……?

I glanced in Shegwin’s direction and frowned.


I’d forgotten.

Raymond gave me a quest.

[Quest: Choose a Route].


To move forward.

Choose one of two paths.

─B401-Depth Laboratory (Optional)

─B402-Depth Laboratory (Optional)

The Deep Laboratory.

That was definitely two, wasn’t it?

Although it would make more sense if there were two named mobs as well…….

Ominous predictions have a way of coming true.


Another giant prototype that looks exactly the same.

I thought about giving it a friendly slap.

Let’s see who can take him down first.

I think our Grandfell would be a good fit for the tense situation…….

“If you want, I will.”

No, why am I granting this request again?

“I will honor your pride in repaying the debt in full.”

Well, this noble pride is in trouble again.

‘Tsk, this isn’t a common opportunity.’

As it turns out, Shegwin is one of the strongest allies I’ve ever had.

From now on, you will suffer in hell. No, considering that you will become infinitely stronger through repeated training and hunting…….

I was even worried that Shegwin would steal my experience points in the future.


“I can’t just summon him at any time.

[Akshan’s Upkeep].

As the name suggests, it was a skill that kept Akshan’s pride alive.

To use such a skill for selfish purposes would be a violation of Grandfell’s integrity, and of the Demon Hunter’s discipline. This means that it cannot be abused unless there is a valid reason.

‘Same goes for Shagwin.’

Only because it was Raymond Sean.

I could bring up Shegwin.

Someone who is tired of social life might ask this.

Even so, if you’re a newbie, you can do whatever you want.

Even if I listen to the harsh words directed at Grandfell, it cannot be anything other than a cheap remark.

My pride would not allow me to do that.

To be given such a rare opportunity, to have to make such a risky bet.

Gwicheol says, whether it knows my burning insides or not.

-I’m glad to see you’re so determined in the face of defeat, Sword Saint!

……I’d rather die than suffer.

The nod is given.

Shegwin had already sprung into action.


Swirling blue sword force.

Fast and flashy.

That is the swordsman whose body and sword are united.

It was Shegwin’s true talent.

It was a sword that represented the Arcana Continent and an era.

Of course, I wasn’t about to sit back and watch.

I struck the ground.

I cannot be faster than Shegwin.

However, I am confident that it is more desperate and desperate than Shegwin.

If Shegwin has walked his path with only one thing on his mind, the art of the sword. I have fought my way through hardships and hardships to keep from sinking.

Now, I can’t abandon that original intention.


A Gwicheol turned black.

A silver sword force curling around it.

At the same time, the magic power in my body.

-…… Is this it?


Do you recognize it, Gwicheol?

Yes, this is how your master lived.

To put it trivially, he is a miscellaneous person.

To put it plausibly, it is magic swordsmanship.

Or, to put it more grandly, Anomaly.


Magic mixed into the sword force with each swing.

When it’s time to slash, the appropriate magic is released, and when it’s time to block, the appropriate magic is released. It’s a combination of swordsmanship and advanced magic.


An embarrassingly natural talent with both sword and magic.

A fighting style that only Grandfell can perform.

Suddenly, Gwicheol’s voice was heard.

-This is ridiculous…….

I wondered if he was surprised by my true nature and that [natural enemy] was not activated.

It seemed not to be the case.

Because Gwicheol’s heartbeat came from my right hand.

-I finally realized, master.

Suddenly realized what?

……My true self?

You may be disappointed, but understand, this is who I am.

-Why didn’t you just give me a name……!!!

……Wait, what?

What are you talking about all of a sudden?

Why is your name popping up all of a sudden?!

‘How do you know why I don’t know either?’


Regardless of my question, the pounding grew louder and louder.

The pounding was coming from me, of course.


I shouted, my voice carrying to Shegwin, who was wielding his sword.

-I was mistaken, for to walk with you on your sword path, I could not settle for a single name. Foolishly, I envied Hiel and Diend.

……What, you’re pissed I didn’t give you a name?

No, you should have told me.

Well then, not inferior to the other two.

I would have given it a name that would have been amazing in many ways.

-But I realized that today.

And you realized what?



Soon, Gwicheol’s solemn voice continued.

-I realized that I cannot be subordinated to a name!


-Yes, master.

-I am as you wish.

-For this moment, I will become the ‘sword that cuts through illusions’.

Huh, illusions……. What?

I can almost see Grandfell smiling with satisfaction.

What the hell is that name?!

My question was answered by a flashing message.


[Rank: Legendary]

[Restrictions: unknown]

[Effect: Unknown]

[Description: An ego sword with an noble ego].

[Sword that cuts through illusions: Illusion Breaker]]

[Rank: Legendary]…….

……Sword that cuts through illusions, Illusion Breaker, eh?

Rather, this burn.

No, delusional.

You, where did you get such a fraudulent effect!