◈ Episode 222. Do I need an explanation?


He licked the cotton ball with his tongue.

Tower Master looked down at the Crystal Hall and thought.

I never thought the round table conference would change like this.

It’s amazing that a stone that rolled in can come up with such an idea.


It was a meow of satisfaction.

Why, even apart from everything else.

It’s finally living up to its name.

A meeting in a circular crystal hall.

A roundtable, indeed.

“A cat?”

“By any chance, did you bring it with you?”

“No, it’s been sitting there since we entered.”

“Oh, how cute. What’s your name?”

“Klee, are you distracted by the cat right now?”

Do you think I’m cute?

They’re apprentice, adept mages who cannot detect even transformation magic that is worse than that of Polymorph. Cute was actually something he would say to young chicks.


Still, a hand to scratch his chin isn’t a bad thing.

Eventually, he settled into the apprentice mage player’s Murfak and watched the roundtable.

It was amazing to see mages of all ranks gathered together, and now there were adventurers in the mix.

It was unthinkable in the past.

‘The same goes for them.’

The seniors were talking closely to each other.

Tower Master thought to himself in amusement.

Chief Lee Hoyeol, no matter how you look at it, you’re better than me.

Suddenly, he wrinkled his nose.

‘You must be busy.’

There was no scent of Jesse, the disciple.

Sure, Jesse was at the roundtable.

He hadn’t thought to approach her.

That would be disrespectful.

‘A bad teacher is nothing but trouble.’

Jesse, if it were you.

I’m sure you’d blame yourself for the situation.

It was all because of my inadequacies.

But Tower Master wasn’t worried about Jesse.

‘I’m glad you found a better teacher than me.’

‘Yes, Chief Lee Ho-yeol.’

He’s a much better teacher than me.

When he thought of Jesse, he remembered when he was with Jesse.

Then Tower Master’s eyes fell on a smartphone.


Tower Master touched the player’s hand with his front paw.

“What’s the matter?”


“Are you asking me to play with you? Not now.”

Anyway, it’s hard to pretend to focus on the meeting while looking the other way.

‘I’ve already memorized your face, apprentice mage.’

Show me your phone screen, or I will punish you by the authority of the Tower Master. Perhaps Tower Master’s sophomoric threats were lost on the player, the player pointed the smartphone at the tower master.

“Here, do you want to watch this?”

A NetTube video popped up on the screen.

It was titled [Cat’s Favorite Video].

It was a video of fish in a fish tank moving around.

Tower Master thought.

‘Yes, this is interesting.’

……No, not this one.

‘Let’s see what’s going on in the world.’

He shared Jesse’s senses in the cone hat.

I’ve mastered the knowledge of the [system], which is the sole domain of the player, and I can operate a smartphone. Even if I’m looking over my shoulder, I’m familiar with it.


Tower Master operated the smartphone with the sole of his foot.

The screen moved along the cotton pad.

Then Tower Master’s front foot stopped.

A cluster of shooting stars decorated the sky.

‘Meteor Strike.’

There was no distortion in the memory engraved in his body.

‘I did indeed manifest.’

Very high level magic.

The only thing capable of manifesting Meteor Strike at this point.

was his own body.


Tower Master stamped his foot on the image.

And then.


He sighed.

He realized why his body was like this.

Ten consecutive manifestations of such high-level magic.

Magic exhaustion wasn’t enough.

My body must have run wild, even to the point of death.

‘What was so unfair about you, body?’

It meowed lowly, but for a moment, I had a question.

‘So, how did Chief Lee manage to stop it?’

Tower Master recalled all of his magical knowledge.

Still, he couldn’t think of a solution.

Even if he could manifest enough magic to bring down a Meteor Strike.

‘Its wreckage will rain down from the sky.’

That was why the Meteor Strike was called a very high-level spell, an apocalyptic spell.

Tower Master stared at the screen in intense concentration.

“What’s going on? The video is over, can you play it again…….?”


“Shhhh! Okay, okay. I won’t touch it.”

The hairs on my neck stood on end as I watched the rest of the video.

And then it happened.


The Meteor Strike had been sent back through the sky.

Tower Master stared in disbelief.

What kind of ultra-high-level magic is this, Chief Lee Hoyeol……?


Magic Tower.

Marcelo’s office.

‘After all, wouldn’t it have been better for me to go there?”‘

“You have nothing to worry about.”

“I’m glad to hear that.”


I stared at the teacup Marcelo had set down.

A tea bag submerged in the mug.

Needless to say, it was green tea.

‘I’m thinking about it.’

Should I be grateful that he considers my tastes without telling me?

Otherwise, I was obsessed with green tea.

Should I be embarrassed that I’m being served tea bagged green tea in a tower?

‘……Once and for all, let’s get it right.’

Because right now, all I needed was reassurance.

“It smells good.”

I set my teacup down and stared at Marcelo’s desk.

There was the cat, and there was Tower Master.

Tower Master spoke up.

“I was planning to meet our next Tower Master in person.”

What, really!

The sound of the next Tower Master sent my heart racing.

Besides, where are you looking for me?

Do you think I borrowed Marcelo’s office for nothing?

“I’m afraid I’ll have to decline your kindness.”

There was no great reason why I, Lee Hoyeol, didn’t like cats, but there was a specific reason why Grandfell didn’t like cats.

They were.

Dressing style.

He’s obsessed with the angle of his brooch.

But who can stand cat hair?

You may or may not know my distraught inner feelings.

Marcelo opens his mouth with a wistful expression.

“By the way, Sir Hoyeol is the next master of the tower. I’m all for it, of course, but……. Why all of a sudden? I will definitely have to hear the reason for the tower owner’s decision in the future.”

……It’s good to ask why.

You didn’t even ask for my opinion.

Don’t start by agreeing with the boss’s arbitrary decisions, Marcelo.

‘I’d rather hear the reasons.’

It goes without saying.

I have no intention of taking over your position.

The weight of the chief.

Even the weight of the chief, shared with Marcelo, would sink me. Besides, what kind of remoteness is this in Granfell?

‘If I carry the weight of the tower master, I’ll die.’

Even without that.

I have no intention of taking over the position of Tower Master, even if I think that cat is beneath me. A resignation letter as soon as you return from absence from work without notice. What do you think of social life?

Of course, I don’t show my true feelings on the outside.

Thankfully, Tower Master took it easy.

“I found out during the roundtable. Chief Lee Hoyeol, how you managed to block the Meteor Strike in my physical form.”

You found out about it in the middle of a roundtable?


I was curious, so I focused.

“A smartphone. Through the Adventurer’s Toolkit.”

That’s it.


He didn’t think to get down from Player Murfak.

Marcelo chimed in.

“Oh, I’m aware of that. Lord Hoyeol surely told you that with that one, you can summon anything you want to your doorstep with the snap of a finger.”



Anyway, the damn big mouth!

Stunned, I rummage through my memory and find…….

‘Ah, rocket delivery.’

It must be the time when I demanded a rocket delivery from the Magic Tower.

This is also a trick.

While rationalizing it, I obtained permission for the delivery driver to enter the magic tower.


Thanks to you, I responded as shamelessly as usual.

And then, for now, I kept silent.

From now on, if you say the wrong thing.

It could cost me my job.

‘Even if you get called in by your boss, you can survive as long as you keep your wits about you.’

I listened more intently as he continued.

“Chief Lee Hoyeol, I’m going to ask you a straightforward question.”

The good news is.

No matter how much weight I hold, I don’t feel intimidated by the cat’s body, but its tail still stands up high, as if to say that Tower Master is serious.

“What was that magic?”

“Excuse me while I speak, but the magic?”

Marcelo’s cautious words were answered by Tower Master.

“How was it possible for the Meteor Strike that my body manifested to return to the sky? As if no magic had been manifested. In its original state. Even if it is a Anomaly, there must be some underlying magic.”

His voice grew more serious as he continued.

“I am ashamed to say that even I, the Tower Master, could not fathom the nature of your magic. That’s why I’m stepping down from my position as Tower Master, Chief Lee Hoyeol, because it’s clear that your magical abilities are far beyond mine.”

……Wait, that was the reason?

Again, it’s obvious you’re trying to put the blame on me.

I looked at Marcelo, hoping he’d say something in my defense.

What’s with the look on your face, Chief Marcelo?

“It’s a Reversal Magic.”

“Oh my, reversal magic. Did you know that, Marcelo?”

“Yes, because I had my doubts too.”

Please don’t have a serious conversation with the Master, Marcelo.

I’ll admit it.

Let’s set the misunderstanding straight.

‘If only it were chi.’

Reversal magic wasn’t that great.

Search → Interfere → Manifest.

A simple reversal of the structure of magic.

That was reversal magic.


Marcelo asks, looking dazed.

‘Is it because the curse of being terminally ill has disappeared?’

I seem to be seeing a lot of different expressions from Marcelo lately…….

I wondered if he was having trouble understanding, so I said it again.

This time, I added a kindly analogy.

“Exploring manifested magic. Like untangling one knot after another. If the interference process is reversed and manifested, it is called reversal magic.”

I explained it, but it’s really clear.

Yes, a series of processes to untie a tied knot.

That’s what reversal magic is all about.

Of course, interfering with other people’s magic was never easy for me either, especially interfering with Meteor Strike, which I wouldn’t have even attempted if I hadn’t been able to form a circle.

However, despite my kind explanation.

Tower Master snorted.

“Is that really all, Chief Lee Hoyeol?”


So that’s it.

What, you thought there was more to it?

I mean, using reversal magic as an excuse.

Please stop thinking about handing over the position of tower master.

“Hahaha, you’re right.”

If only Tower Master had snorted, I would have ignored him.

Even Marcelo was laughing.

Suddenly, I felt uneasy.

‘…… Did I say something wrong?’

No, of course not.

I was just telling it like it is!

As I held my head high as always, Tower Master said.

“I see, now I understand. The interference process of the Meteor Strike appeared to you as a simple knot, and you were able to manifest it in reverse order.”


I thought we were finally making sense……..

For some reason, it wasn’t that kind of atmosphere.

I also had a sense of humor, so I noticed it around that time.

……So, was untangling that knot really that big of a deal?

Tower MAster and Marcelo.

Their magical talents are among the best in the world.

So of course I knew it was possible.


Because I could do it too!

But apparently I was mistaken.

“Do you know, Sir, that a people like me struggles quite a bit with ordinary interference. The series of processes that the Sir describes as a knot seems like the solution to an extremely complex and difficult problem.”

This time, Tower Master listened to Marcelo.

“But to be able to trace the interference process backwards, and then to manifest it? That’s a truly remarkable talent, Chief Lee Hoyeol.”

I guess it’s a reversal magic.

Raw eating magic, more than that.

It seemed to be much more!

By the way.

“Thank you.”

Don’t get cocky in this atmosphere, Grandfell.

I don’t know what you’re going to do if you really want me to take over the Master job.

Of course, I know you’ll do great.

You’ll make all that hype a reality.

But I’ll be the one who suffers for it.

“This is something I can’t do as a mage before I’m Tower Master.”

Tower Master says meaningfully.

“Neither can I, sir.”

Marcelo adds weight.

“So, as the Master of the tower, I would like to formally recommend it to you.”

……No, wait.

It’s obviously a compliment, but I can’t help but smile.

At the same time as the tower master’s tail was gently fluttering.

Because my vision was blinking.

Uh huh, who’s telling me to do quests as I please?!