Chapter 214 – Ask the person in charge

◈ Episode 214. Ask the person in charge

The Tower Master has disappeared.

The Magic Tower, and all mages of senior rank and above, quickly gathered in the Crystal Hall.

Of course, that included me, the chief, and as if that weren’t enough, I stood at the podium of the Crystal Hall as the first witness.

Even under these circumstances, my neck and waist are too stiff.

My stiff posture gives me a clear view of the assembled crowd.

Most of them have blank expressions on their faces.

I hear Bensch and Vangrit whispering.

“What’s going on, Senior Vangrit?”

“Haven’t you heard the news?”

“No, it’s just that I’ve been distracted…….”

“What’s that piece of paper you’re holding in your hand?”

“Oh, you mean this one? Mmmm, it’s nothing.”

Turns out it’s his rejected application form.

By the looks of things, Bensch is the only one who doesn’t realize the gravity of the situation. Of course, that doesn’t mean that everyone else should have a serious look on their face.

‘Most of us will have no contact with the Tower Master.’

I can count on one hand the number of senior mages who have come face-to-face with the elder mages. How many have come face-to-face with the more elusive Tower Master?

Of course, very few. …….

As it was, he still looked distraught.

Not to mention Marcelo.

“The Tower Master is missing.”

Marcelo sat up and opened his mouth.

“Chief Lee was the first to discover the scene.”

And he couldn’t be more right.

That’s why I’m standing here in the podium.

Yugweed glanced at Marcelo and took over.

“And that’s how I found this chief.”

That’s right.

I nodded slightly, and someone said.

“Then it’s a good thing out of misfortune that you were the first to find it, and not someone else, because surely, you must have picked up on some small clue!”

……Are you trying to manipulate me?

It was Bensch who made the suspicious remark.

I wondered if this was how he was going to get revenge for his application.

Bensch’s attitude is shocking, so let’s be understanding.

In fact, the only thing more incomprehensible than Bensh is my stubbornness.

All eyes on me.

You must think I know the whereabouts of Tower Master.

Of course, I’m guessing.

I have a quest objective in mind that is clearer than the clues.

─Stop the conspiracy of the Archmages. (Ongoing)

●Encounter the physical body of the Top Master. (Failed)

●Defeat the rampaging body of the Tower Master. (Ongoing)

……Yes, I thought, this can’t be happening!

He must have separated his body from his consciousness.

How did Tower Master’s body twitch his fingers?

From the moment I had that question, I felt anxious and anxious.

The circumstances of the incident were the same as the quest objective.

His body, floating in a sphere of magic, went on a rampage.

It shattered the sphere and ran away from the magic tower, leaving its consciousness in the hat. No one knows where his body went, but one thing is certain.

●Defeat the rampaging body of Tower Master. (Ongoing)

This is not going to come out favorably.

I had specifics and a solid alibi.

My stubbornness, as I said.

No, it was Grandfell’s shitty stubbornness.

“There were no clues left on the top floor of the tower.”

Yeah, well, you’re not wrong.

The clue is in my quest window.

It’s not on the top floor.


‘There is a saying that a debt can be repaid with words, but why?’

You always get your words back.

Do you pick and choose your words, Grandfell?


Bensch was dumbfounded by my declaration.

Vangrit next to him speaks up for him.

“So what do you have to say about the whereabouts of the Tower Master……?”

My response was even worse.

“I will not answer.”


In my defense, this wasn’t just a joke.

It was a matter of pride, of keeping your word.

Because, yes, I did tell the boss.

-“I’ll keep this confidential for now.”

But even the most confidential things are.

‘They don’t call silence an affirmation for nothing.’

I could have turned it around a bit!

At my shameless declaration, the mood in the Crystal Hall changes subtly.

Yugweed spoke up.

“Then, may I ask why you sought out the top floor of the Magic Tower? It is said that the Chief of the Magic Tower has free access to the top floor. Doesn’t this Chief normally have free access to the top floor?”

Why, because of the quest, of course.

But the quest was initiated by the Tower Master in the first place.

According to the spit.

I had no choice but to remain silent in the face of Yugweed’s question.

This time, my words were the same.

“I will not answer.”

Seriously, there is no such thing as fear.

This is why I’m suspicious.

I was exercising my right to remain silent as advertised.

Nevertheless, his gaze towards me did not turn into suspicion.

‘This kind of reaction is a bit touching.’

Of course, it didn’t end there.

Marcelo lowered his head.

He turned to me, his eyes as blank as ever.

” …… I’m sure there are unavoidable reasons for you to say that, but, my lord, will you please consider my feelings for once?”

I say again.

On the continent of Arcana, mages are few and far between.

Especially the mages of the Magic Tower, who are by no means saints.

There are anecdotes from the Magic Tower that prove this, from far and near, through rumor and even Yessica.

‘I blew up an entire neighborhood for simply being in the way.’

These mages were trying to make sense of me, who was obviously suspicious.

I didn’t want to feel this way.

I can definitely sense that the tower has changed.


“I’m sorry to hear that. Chief Marcelo.”

” ……sir?”

“Nevertheless, I am afraid I cannot grant your request.”

It was all Marcelo’s fault that I didn’t answer him, that I was raising unnecessary suspicions. Yes, I don’t want him to be disappointed.

‘Because the Tower Master you’re waiting for is already dead.’

At the point of separation of body and consciousness, Tower Master was as good as dead, otherwise he couldn’t have passed on the Archmage class to Jesse.

That’s why I didn’t panic.

‘This must be part of Tower Master’s plan.’

I still don’t know what the hell he’s up to.

As the quest objective reminded me.

Tower Master, a plan that can only be realized when his physical body dies.

So no one else knows.

I just know I can’t tell Marcelo.

Even if.

“……I understand what you mean.”

Even if he is disappointed in me.




Bellier looked at Matisse, the senior in black magic.

Matisse remained still, his eyes closed.

It was just a procedure, not an interrogation.

Nevertheless, because he is the first witness, Chief Lee Hoyeol probably doesn’t want to even be seen answering questions on the podium. In fact, Bellier’s feelings were not much different.

‘……No, I’m sure everyone feels the same way.’

Even if the adept and apprentice mages don’t know it.

All of the senior and above mages gathered here knew.

Senior Lee Hoyeol, the adventurer, the burdens he had carried for Magic Tower.

Magic Tower’s mistake.

The moment Karimzeva and the other elder mages were revealed as demon worshippers, he had turned all the world’s eyes and arrows on himself.

Not only that.

So that the teetering magic tower does not collapse completely.

To help it move toward a new truth.

It was Lee Hoyeol who led the winds of change.

‘Everyone knows, that’s why they look like that.’

That’s because he is.

Everyone here was trusting.

Even if he hasn’t given any answers about Tower Master’s disappearance.

They believe that there must be some unavoidable circumstances.

“I have no objection to the answers.”

“I don’t have any questions either.”

“I think it would be best if we wrapped this up quickly.”

Pure Magic, Vangrit Tom.

Earth Magic, Maia Deian.

Enchantment, Kiko Armin.

Spirit Magic, Feiyan Lot…….

“I agree.”

Finally, herself and Senior Mage Matisse.

Rank was irrelevant.

Even the elder, Yugweed, was nodding in agreement with the seniors’ declarations.

Marcelo was the only one in the Crystal Hall who didn’t speak up.


Bellier knew what Marcelo was to the Tower Master.

Because I know it so well.

Sometimes I felt sad for Marcelo.

‘I know it won’t be helped.’

Bellier put herself in Marcelo’s shoes.

After Tower Master’s first reaction.

Less than a day later.

Tower Master disappeared.

The first to discover the scene.

Chief Lee Hoyeol.

Marcelo must have been more relieved than anyone.

One would have thought that he would have picked up on something in Tower Master’s tracks, but instead he remained silent.

Not that he didn’t want to know, but he wouldn’t answer.

‘I know you have a complicated mind.’

Marcelo, if it’s your personality.

You don’t dare blame Chief Lee.

That you must be blaming yourself.

But Bellier could guess.

that Chief Lee’s feelings were not so different from Marcelo’s.

Because Bellier was the only person.

‘Chief Lee…….’

The only one who knew the real reason why Hoyeol had entered the Arcana Continent in a short time.

Even as millions of demons were attacking him, she realized that the Simuard family had returned after curse of terminal illness had been lifted.

She is the only one who saw him return to the tower, covered in blood.

‘If the truth be told, Marcelo…….’

Surely, you can imagine how this chief feels.

But it would only make Marcelo feel worse about himself.

Besides, didn’t Chief Lee say this?

-“It is not good for him to have strong emotional changes.”

For reasons of duty, Bellier had not revealed the truth of the day to anyone.

But just because something is not known doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened, and so Bellier had no doubt.

‘Surely, you will make everything right.’

Bellier looked at Hoyeol.

She watched his back as he walked out of the Crystal Hall.

Suddenly, she remembered Hoyeol’s words.

Surely, the chief had said something like this.

-“To live is to swim in solitude.”

” …… Are you carrying it alone this time?”

Bellier muttered softly.

“……How can you bear that weight?”




Anyway, this black history is confusing everyone!

Let’s just say it was all Tower Master’s plan, and that he broke the magic sphere with his own feet and escaped the magic tower. It’s not like it’s going to make a difference, really.


In particular, I have no shame toward Marcelo.

Even if it’s for Marcelo’s sake.

I can’t believe we have to put things aside.

‘No, I mean, why would you say something stupid like……!’

The mouth speaks shamelessly, unaffected by my self-reproach.

“You’re being selfish. Tower Master.”

Who on earth would do that, Granfell?

‘I wasn’t going to say this until now…….’

I thought I’d die of embarrassment in the Crystal Hall.

Yeah, well, as a player, equipment is your lifeblood, and the Dawn Set wasn’t that much different than your normal suit, so let’s just say it’s a pass.


But don’t you think it’s a bit much to wear this jacket on your shoulders every day? I feel like the way people are looking at me is because of my outfit, and it makes me feel victimized.

“I will hold you formally accountable for your unruly behavior.”

I’d love to hold you formally accountable for your shame, Grandfell.


That’s not what’s important right now.

From now on, I.

Just like the Sword Saint, Shegwin.

Because I had to kill the Transcendant and at the same time the former Archmage, Tower Master.

Well, not exactly Tower Master, but Tower Master’s body.

Under such dire circumstances.

I muttered nonchalantly.

Adding to the backstory from the Crystal Hall.

“It is you, Tower Master, who will answer Marcelo’s question. Not me.”


Please let those words come true this time.

I walked on, hoping desperately.




【Arcana Continent Biography Official Website】

※Urgent update notice

『Your worst enemy is coming to your side.

A new boss monster, Tower Master, will be added.

The area of ​​appearance is ‘all over the Earth’.』

On that day, mankind realized.

What the Transcendents of the Arcana Continent were like.

Hundreds of meteorites falling from the sky.


“Look, there are tons of meteorites falling from the sky!”

“Hmph, God. Please……!!”

I witnessed in despair.


As if a rewind button had been pressed.

“I don’t believe in gods, I don’t believe in superstitions.”

A group of meteorites traveling into the night sky and back into space.

“If you were still making a wish.”

A strange existence that surpasses even such a transcendent being.

“I will make it happen on your behalf.”