Chapter 197 – Emergence of a Legend

◈ Episode 197. Emergence of a Legend


[Rating : Legendary]

[Restrictions : Unknown]

[Effect : Unknown]

[Description: An ego sword with an exalted ego].

The name is a question mark.

Its limitations and effects are unknown……?

After a long, long wait.

What, this shitty ego weapon was made?

I might have started lamenting.

If only I hadn’t been reminded of the rating.


It’s known.

The highest item rank in Arcana is [Epic].

As the highest ranked item, [Epic] items were by no means common.

Only a demon’s loot would be classified as [Epic].

‘What the hell?!’

But [Legendary]?

As if I wasn’t seeing things.

A message popped up in front of me.

[Achievement: One who writes ‘Legend’]

[Effect: Increases affinity for all ‘Legendary’ ranked items slightly].

[Duration: Permanent].

Just holding the item in my hand.

An achievement.

It finally feels real.

‘Gwicheol, you really…… !’

You flirted with being a legend, and now you’re a legend.

Now that I think about it.

I almost nodded in agreement.

Isn’t that the material from which the ego becomes weapon?

And it was smelted by the best blacksmith in the Dwarves, Wallswale.

The focus on luxurious hardening was the magic item coveted by the Sword Saint, the [Milky Way Whetstone].

Indeed, it must be valuable.

But wait.

This isn’t a message to be taken lightly, is it?

‘…… Affinity?’

The effect of the achievement was unusual.

I looked at the nuances and realized that…….

Is it true that [Legendary] level items identify users?

To the point where you can’t even use it if your affinity is low?

But there was nothing to worry about.

Maybe for other legendary items.

That would not apply to Gwicheol.

[Affinity has already reached its maximum].

That’s right.

I didn’t choose it.

It chose me.

As if to prove my confidence.

I heard Gwicheol’s voice.

-I have been waiting for this moment. My master.

Indeed, it feels different in my hand.

‘Gwicheol’s voice travels to my head.’

The sound, heartbeat, and resonance transmitted from the right hand holding the sword…….

It really feels alive.

I understand why Shegwin was talking to the sword.

I feel like I understand.

‘…… The sword I used before was not lacking.’

[Nameless Blacksmith’s Legacy – Longsword].

It was capped at level 280, but it was still a [Unique] grade weapon.

It even had a [Bleed] effect, so when I unleashed my sword energy, it was more than enough to defeat a level 500 monster.

‘This is a different level.’

If I can handle it properly.

I’m confident that I can actually cut through anything.

I wonder if he recognizes swords because he’s a swordsman.


Shegwin’s eyes lit up with excitement.

Your Atlas is a great sword, I’m sure, from what I’ve seen of it through the eyes of Grandfell’s aesthetes, both in terms of performance and aesthetics.

How high does our Gwicheol look like now?


I heard a ragged laugh.

“I was right. You were no ordinary mage. You were a monster with magic and swordsmanship skills worthy of a sword of that caliber.”

Shegwin smirked.

“That’s why you’ve accomplished such ridiculous feats, and why you’ve been unanimously accepted into space and time. Damn you, you were a frog in the well, Shegwin. Who is the only Grand Sword Master, and what is the Sword Saint?”

……No, I am sorry for lamenting your miserable situation.

Who’s the one calling who a monster now?

Shegwin, you are firmly misunderstood.

I appreciate the unanimous decision to enter spacetime.

But I didn’t accomplish that feat alone!

The slaying of the High Ranking Demon King, Gamigin.

I mean that literally.

It was a matter of luck.

The Battle for the Demon King opened the Gates of Hell, and I was able to summon the Akshans out of that hell and get their help.


‘At least pretend to be embarrassed.’

Grandfell’s throat stiffened with every word.

At least he kept his mouth shut. …….

Why, let’s take a look at the crowd.

‘So many eyes.’

Spitting in front of a crowd?

I can only imagine the horror of that…….

But I overlooked it.

Hiel, my other alter ego after Diend.

-What are you talking about, brat?

……What’s with the sudden radicalization?!

‘What the hell.’

Did you just call Shegwin a brat, Gwicheol?

How old does he look?

Even Grandfell doesn’t spit out a word like that.

It would have been better if Shegwin hadn’t understood.

Just as a sword user recognizes a sword.

Shegwin could hear Atlas’s voice.

He seemed to be able to understand Gwicheol’s words.

“……Call me a brat?”

A moment, a surge of life.

But Gwicheol was not intimidated in the slightest.

-brat, are you saying I can’t hear the scream of your sword?


-All those years of holding and wielding a sword, and you can’t even hear that horrible scream, and you feel sorry for yourself. You’ve taken the wrong path, brat.

Sword to sword.

With my pride.

I will crush Shegwin’s pride.

I will break your resolve.

You’ve already said everything I have to say.

You’re a good talker, just like someone I know.

Of course, I’m always the one who has to take the fall.

“Shut up.”


Shegwin rushes in with a grinding sound.

As I’ve emphasized many times.

[Natural Enemy] cannot be easily overcome.

Even for Great Evil the Seven Deadly Sins, Greed.

If you don’t have experience, you can’t overcome them.


But at this moment, there was no fear in Shegwin’s movements.

He’d made a pact with the demon, given up his humanity, and followed his own sword path. His anger at having been insulted by Gwicheol had overtaken his fear of his natural enemy.

But remember, Shegwin.

I followed the scent.

I raised my sword in the direction of the scent.

“Everything was your choice.”

They were people who would have died anyway?

No, Shegwin, you could have saved them.

You merely chose to weigh the scales.

The worst way.

As I thought, Gwicheol spoke.

-“I have a favor to ask, my master.


Gwicheol and Atlas clashed.

Gwicheol’s voice became more subdued.

-Will you entrust this duel to me?

I can think of nothing more sincere than that.

Why, even now.

I had completely missed Shegwin’s movements.

I hear a shout.


“He’s a swordsman in his prime. I can’t imagine how strong he is!”

“And yet, Hoyeol blocked that strike perfectly!!!”

Indeed, the spectators were right.

In terms of explosive power alone, Shegwin’s body would have been stronger than it was in his prime.

And to block such a swift move with only a scent?

It’s impossible for me.

‘You’ve saved my life, Gwicheol.’

It is.

It was all thanks to the Ego Sword, Gwicheol.

I did not raise the sword, but it led my arm.

So that’s nice to hear.


“What is the purpose?”

I don’t know.

There is no way our Grandfell would have granted permission to play around.

But thanks to his procedures, I can fathom Gwicheol’s thoughts.

-I want to save the kid’s sword.

Indeed, a goal worthy of Grandfell’s alter ego.

Just as Grandfell saves humanity and the continent of Arcana.

You want to save the same sword, Gwicheol.

Of course, if that’s what you want, then Grandfell can’t object.

“I grant you permission.”

Gwicheol’s voice rang out.

-I will be grateful for your generosity, master.

I looked around the Colosseum.

“Not a bad place to make my debut.”

Then I unleashed my sword force.

A silvery aura flowed through the iron blade.

Soon, Gwicheol, it was leading me with the sword.

“Feel free to run wild.”

I accelerated.

‘……But, wait a minute.’

I said it was okay for me to run wild.

‘Isn’t it too fast?!’

I look at how I’m swinging the sword.

I don’t even recognize it, this!

As expected, I knew it would be like this.

Gwicheol, you are one step better than Vivace…….




Quicksword (快劍).

Shegwin’s swordsmanship centered on speed.

The foundation of such swordsmanship is the body.

It was the swordsman’s body that wielded and reaped the rewards.

That is why Shegwin longed for youth.

-“This is a contract. A contract for youth.”

The demon said.

With those words, Shegwin looked at his own aging body.

With his own sword.

He still had a long way to go to reach that end.

He did not have long to live.

-“Shut up before I cut out your sneaky tongue.”

Draw Sword.

And the speed with which the atlas is drawn from its sheath.

It was so slow that it could no longer be called a quick sword.

That’s why I couldn’t help but falter.

-“You do realize, don’t you? There is no food in this castle to hand out to the poor humans. They will either starve to death or have their human dignity violated by demons, and Lord Shegwin is merely being merciful!”

Shegwin clenched his fists.

The silver-haired man was right, after all.

He had used his worst judgment as a mere mortal.

But he had made his choice, and he would not regret it.

He would do anything to reach the end of the sword path.

He had sworn to himself.

‘And yet, here you are, abandoning me, Atlas.’

Shegwin looked at the man’s sword.

The sword’s energy was thick and deep.

Silver sword force.

The man’s sword was too brilliant.

Shegwin could guess why.

Even after all this, he was a sword saint.

At the crossroads of life and death, sword energy has its own color.

The moment he saw it, he knew.

How many near-death experiences have he had.

How a man with such monstrous abilities.

How many life-and-death situations have he been in.

Yes, he had stepped into the abyss.

The proof was that the sword force was beyond brilliant and ‘sublime’.

Shegwin thought to himself.

‘I admit it. You had every right to talk down to me.’

But your words do not turn me back.

I’ve come too far.

A road I can never turn back from.

Shegwin stomped the ground and charged.

‘So I leave everything to you.’

My disposition.

The title of Sword Saint.

And you, Atlas.

But I will not hand them over so easily.

“If you can take it, take it.”

This was the ugly swordsman’s modest pride.

Shegwin clenched his muscles until his nerves screamed.

He couldn’t unleash his sword force now.

All he could utilize was his superior physical prowess.

But the man reacted with speed.




As if that weren’t enough, he matched the speed.

The more I looked at him, the more ridiculous he seemed.

His outfit was no different from the ones you’d see in a spacetime social hall.

How could he move like that in such uncomfortable, almost formal clothes?

But the most surprising thing was the man’s sword.



Atlas was outmatched in hand-to-hand combat.

‘What is this sword made of?’

Shegwin echoed the question.

A voice burrowed into his head.

-Don’t you dare try to weigh me down.


I couldn’t help but gasp.

How can you, sword, penetrate my mind?

Shegwin closed the distance.

Then the voice continued.

-Do you mean to tell me you still can’t hear me?

What on earth are you talking about…….

-Your sword is howling.


-I’m not reading your mind.

“……If so.”

-I was just talking to your sword.


Dazed, Shegwin looked at Atlas.

He still couldn’t hear Atlas’s voice.

But the man’s sword spoke for it.

-You can’t even hear your sword crying out in anger and resentment. You’re not even worthy of the Sword Unity. Brat.

……Atlas is howling with anger and resentment?


Shegwin suddenly realized.

Yes, it was a sword path.

The path of the sword.

It was a path that must be walked with a sword.

But I was arrogant.

It was a path I could not walk without you.

I saw you, Atlas, as nothing more than a weapon to be wielded.


Shegwin looked up, finally.

The wrong path.

A path he knew he could not turn back from, even with regret.

Finally, he remembered the man’s words.

-“Vain pride, even to the point of giving up being human. I know how it feels to have the sword deny you, Shegwin. But I will deny you as well. With my sword.”

‘You didn’t need to lift a sword.’

I realized what he meant.

A man’s sword.

And why it had such a sublime glow.

Shegwin opened his mouth.

“Foolishly I understood your meaning.”


Everything is taken care of by the man.

Salvation for the Sword Saint, or rather, for a shabby old man.

“I will honor your wishes with all my might.”

Then the man’s sword said.

-Come. Today I will cut down the quick sword, and my master will cut down the sword saint!

And the game was decided.