Chapter 194 – Can You Follow Me (2)

◈ Episode 194. Can You Follow Me (2)

Because demons were infesting the Arcana Continent.

It’s no wonder there are demons in the Zero Mountains.

But you guys have livers sticking out of your stomachs beyond Grandfell?

Isn’t that scary?

Aside from the sleeping dragons.

You’re not afraid of the monsters of the Zero Mountains?

Why, they’re just low-level mobs in the lowlands.


They fled as soon as they sensed my presence.

It’s common knowledge that the higher you go, the stronger the monsters. If nothing else, the fact that they’re not intimidated by dragons is a testament to their strength.

By the way.

“How wise even the beasts are.”

Don’t get cocky in the low-level section, Grandfell.

Do you want to maintain your form even in front of common rabbits?

But I had the nerve to say.

“You don’t know the subject, demon.”

[Natural Enemy].

The smell of the demon wafted on the wind.

Maybe it’s because I’ve leveled up.

Or maybe it’s because I’ve been trained by the Akshan demon hunters of Hell.

Even in the vastness of the Zero Mountains, my senses were not dulled.

‘This should be enough for the demon-infested continent of Arcana…….’

Isn’t [Natural Enemy] activated almost all the time?

Should I like it.

Or should I feel sorry for them.

I have mixed feelings.


“Don’t think about running away.”

For now, it’s best to focus on the demon in front of you.

Now that [Natural Enemy] has been triggered.

Even if it was the Zero Mountains, there was no need to cower.

No matter how much you’ve skipped the intermediate steps, there are degrees. I have realized the Transcendent Realm, the Circle, and the Sword Force, though not to the same extent.

‘Even if it’s a lower level, it’s still an increase of many times.’

Of course, this doesn’t mean that I’m ignoring the intermediate steps.

‘If you become fully enlightened, it may be tens of times greater.’

Well, maybe a little bit out of order.

In the end, it’s a matter of mastery, isn’t it?

In that case, I don’t know what kind of creature you are, but you’re quick.

It has noticed my presence.

It’s quickly creating distance between us.

But unfortunately.

“Hide and seek.”

A cold voice boomed out.

“I am not idle enough to play.”

No mercy for the demon, this was Grandfell.

I immediately drew up my magic.

Run as long as you want.

The more you run, the better.

I’m the only one who can manifest a portal.



I’d like to avoid climbing on my feet at all costs…….


Shegwin climbed the mountain with empty eyes.

His throat burned.

He had quenched his thirst at the spring only minutes ago.

The thirst had only gotten worse.

He was aware again.

That he was no longer human.



As Shegwin sheathed his sword, the mountain range was covered in blood.

A named monster from the highlands of the mountain range, the Seven-Tailed Fox, died

Shegwin remembered his own body, old and worn.

‘Incomparable strength.’

Back then.

Shegwin had climbed the Zero Mountains and encountered a five-tailed fox.

A Sword Saint, as the title implied. Shegwin had overpowered five-tailed fox even then, but had been unable to settle the score.

‘My body has definitely grown stronger.’

But now he had killed a seven-tailed fox that was stronger than him.

His body, stronger than it had been in its prime, had slaughtered it before Seven-Tailed Fox could cast her spell.

‘But why?’

Shegwin looked at his sword, the Atlas.

No sword force radiated from it.

There was no resonance with the sword.


Shegwin gritted his teeth nervously.

“……Do you not even recognize me?”


“If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have come to this shitty mountain range.”

Shegwin’s reason for coming to the Zero Mountains was simple.

Sword Force thickens at the crossroads of life and death.

It was to reawaken it.

‘I have become too strong.’

A corrupted, rejuvenated body.

In most battles, I wouldn’t even be able to stand in a life-and-death situation.

“But there is no need to worry.”

Lord of the Zero Mountains.

A dragon could put me in a life-or-death situation.

If that is what you wish, Atlas, I will do it.

Shegwin smirked.

“You won’t stand by and watch your master die, either.”

He continued to climb the mountain range.

I could see the peak where the magic circle had been carved.

The magic tower was a nuisance, then and now.

No one could get close to the dragon.

I can’t believe they had to manifest a magic circle.

‘It must have been difficult in the past.’

Also to protect the magic circle.

Even the countless trap magics that were revealed.

Shegwin had tampered with the sealing circle, and had suffered a few scars from the magic traps.

If it weren’t for the fact that his body was closer to a demon than a human, he would never walk again.


But it was all worth it.

Shegwin had seen it.

Surely, the peak with the magic circle he would have destroyed.

As if nothing had happened.

Towering above him.

Am I dreaming?

Or am I still out cold, wandering through unconsciousness?

My head throbbed like I’d been hit in the back of the head.

“……I guess my skull was really shaken.”

He could have been mistaken.

I couldn’t see Evil Eyes in the night sky anymore.

That wasn’t the only change.

The view from the Zero Mountains had also changed.

“……Damn it.”

That’s definitely the ocean.

Where is the Arcana continent?

Everywhere I looked, there was nothing but blue water.

The Zero Mountains had fallen into the ocean overnight?

Not likely.

It’s more likely that his senses are broken.


Shegwin hit the tree nervously, causing the pillar to bend and fall down. Shegwin scolded himself. Let’s think about it, where did things go wrong?


Where things started to go wrong.

A spacetime social hall.

That’s where he ran into the silver-haired man.

Yes, he was the cause of it all.

‘If it weren’t for him, By now I am.’

I would have sacked Antonium and gotten my hands on the Milky Way Whetstone.

I would have killed the emperors with my own hands.

I would not have become aware of my demonic powers.

It would not have happened.

That was when I was grinding my teeth.


A pounding.

My heart.

Pounding, pounding, pounding.

It began to beat wildly.


Even in front of the Great Beast of the Zero Mountains, Seven Tailed Fox.

Even in front of the Dragon’s Nest.

His heart, which had been beating normally, began to beat like it was going to burst.

Without experience, he would have been mistaken.

I can’t see Evil Eye where I should.

Like the sensation of seeing the ocean when you shouldn’t.

Something was wrong with his heart.

But Shegwin knew the cause of his heartbeat.

‘…… It’s him!’

It was the silver-haired man again.

A flash of recognition.

A voice echoing in his head.

-“You would do well to appreciate the procedures of a social gathering hall”

-“Because I’m being desperately patient right now.”

-“A Sword Saint. No, a swordsman uglier than the demon.”


His throat burned even more.

Shegwin swallowed dryly and began to run.

‘I must run away.’

Sword Saint.

I, the only Grand Sword Master on the continent, running away.

I couldn’t even convince myself, but I had no choice.

He had unanimously claimed the title of Transcendent by sending a High Ranking Demon King to Hell. Even if he could unleash the Sword Force, he couldn’t be sure of victory.

Now that Atlas is unresponsive…….

‘The odds are not in my favor.’

The only good news was that his physical abilities were still intact.

I had crossed the mountains without stopping.

The distance between me and the creature had increased.

His heartbeat gradually steadied.

That was when Shegwin stopped walking.

Go, go, go.

In front of him.

A streak of magical light in the air.

A portal.

A shadow appeared in the backlight of the magic.

The shadow gradually drew closer.

……Thump, thump, thump!

My heart was failing me once again.




Seriously, what the hell are you doing out there.


The reason I had to be strong, the goal, was right in front of me.

It’s not your fault, but why did you do that… … ?

I couldn’t even imagine it because he was so desperate to run away.

‘Like a rabbit running away.’

I thought you were an imp or a lesser demon at best!

Why, demons get more clever the stronger they get.

Do they run away when they sense danger?

No, I mean they don’t put themselves in danger.

‘Just look at the Arcana Continent right now.’

Now that the high ranking demon king, Gamigin, has fallen to Hell.

The Arcana Continent couldn’t be more peaceful.

Only the occasional lesser demons who couldn’t grasp the situation could be seen.

Demon Kings and Demon of True Origin of the same caliber were hiding themselves in such a way that even if you looked through the [Telescope of Evil Eye], you wouldn’t be able to see their noses.

‘So why are you coming out here?’

It’s not that I’m worried about you.

I know how dangerous the Zero Mountains are.

There’s a dragon at the top, a dragon!

You wanted to react to the unexpected encounter.


Suddenly, a puzzle formed in my head.

I opened my mouth.

“So that’s it. The one that destroyed the Magic Circle.”

I wondered what in the world had destroyed the magic circle of the Magic Tower.

If it was Shegwin, I could understand.

Maybe he’s on to something.

A step–

Shegwin takes a step back and opens his mouth.

“So it was you. The one who restored the magic circle.”

Naturally, I don’t respond.

As far as Grandfell was concerned, Shegwin was a demon, or worse, and it took a great deal of patience to even speak to him.



Shegwin laughed, a guttural laugh.

Why are you doing that again?

Suddenly creepy.

As I stood there stunned, Shegwin continued.

“What a fucking mess.”

……Hey, that’s not what anyone would say.

I wanted to fight back, but I didn’t think Shegwin had time to listen to me. Shegwin immediately raises his sword, but something feels off.

I can’t see the sword’s force……?

“Behold. Atlas, your master is about to die.”

Atlas, is that the name of the sword?

What do you mean, close to death?

That’s what I’m trying to say, isn’t it?

‘I’m honestly pissed.’

With [Natural Enemy] triggered.

As if that weren’t enough.

The stronger the demon, the more powerful it is.

Judging by the rising pride of Grandfell…….

Shegwin was certainly a formidable opponent.

Even if he couldn’t unleash his sword power.

It’s not like that sword force was going anywhere.

“Atlas, if you really mean to kill me.”


“It would be better to calmly overcome your stubbornness.”


After all, ominous premonitions are never wrong.

What’s so fast?

More agile than any monster I’ve ever seen.

‘And combat sense.’

It was Shegwin, who had fallen to the demons.

Although he had the appearance of a young man, when he was human, he was a swordsman well past his prime. He must have that much experience. Indeed, it looks like you have a lot of experience fighting mages.

Shegwin hid himself in the terrain.

‘This is the power of a transcendent.’

His speed is beyond what my eyes can capture.

If only Shegwin wasn’t a demon.

I would have been crushed.

But not as a demon.


There was no escaping the radius of the [Natural Enemy].

It reeks of the demon, Shegwin.

I reminded myself.

‘I’m not looking with my eyes.’

…… It’s by scent.

The most important thing is not to show it.


The moment he realizes I’ve missed his move.

He’ll lunge at me with his sword to cut off my breath.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the strength to block the blow.

But I have an iron skin.

“You can hide, but you can’t hide from the law.”

Yeah, always.

I assure you.

You won’t see a flinch or a flaw in me.

Pounding, pounding, pounding.

A moment of silence.

It allowed Shagwin’s wild heartbeat to reach me.

It was the heartbeat of a frightened demon.

‘I don’t know why he was so nervous earlier.’


I needed to use that illusion to my advantage.

It would keep me from sinking under the weight of my pride.

‘Illusion, overestimation, making it real?’

It’s just as confident as not showing emotion.

Just like I’ve always done.

I’m confident enough to do it shamelessly.

So I raise my arms in the air with reverence.

“I see your heart is a musical instrument.”

What I pull from my arms is the trophy of the Demon King, Amdusias.

“If so.”

[Baton of the Tainted by Evil].

No, now it’s [Baton of Rhyme].

I held up the Demon King’s spoils and spoke.

“A screaming duet wouldn’t be a bad idea.”

……A duet with screams?

No, never mind, the situation is what it is.

I can’t afford to tackle you right now, Grandfell, no matter what you say.

But one thing is certain.

I have my baton out for a reason.

It’s a bit cheeky to be so fast all by yourself, isn’t it, Shegwin?


Let’s raise the baton.


Countless spheres of light rise from all over the Zero Mountains.

Yes, those are the lights I manifested.



The baton moves.

Balls of pure magic follow.

And then.


It accelerates to a speed that even Shegwin can’t avoid.

“Vivace.” – flashy and fast

As I command.