Chapter 192 – The Gift (2)

◈ Episode 192. The Gift (2)

I had heard about the smelting of noble iron.

‘You were even making armor for me?’

Hiel told me what the dwarves had said about it.

“They were concerned about the owner of the mountain range.”

So it came down to this.

Dragons are strong, and the dwarves knew it.

They were offering to forge my gear so I wouldn’t have to face the dragon and scream to death.

‘Even if I don’t.’

An outfit that naturally draws stares.

There wasn’t a single piece of equipment that met Grandfell’s exacting aesthetics and performed as well as it did.

So I’ve been wearing a suit that has been modified with a few enchantments. …….

‘I’m so grateful!’

Dwarven armor.

That’s not something you can buy!

And I didn’t have to worry about aesthetics.

It’s Hiel who inspects the equipment.

Hiel’s exterior has been removed from Granfell to the extent that it can be called its alter ego.


‘……fashion sense.’

It’s almost like a spirit king.

In some ways, the outfit was even better than Grandfell.

It’s made by dwarves, so we don’t have to worry about performance.

Only one problem.

‘Level restrictions.’

I’m grateful for the arrival of the Zero Mountains.

[Appropriate level: not recommended for anyone].

Of course, the problem was that I didn’t know exactly what I was capable of.

Once again, I feel the harm of prior learning……!

I skipped all the intermediate steps.

Thanks to this, I didn’t know exactly what the limits of my Sword Force, Circle, and ability were.

Circles had a system to tell me the effectiveness.

Sword Force had no way of knowing the exact effect.

‘After all, Grandfell word is coming true again.’

The Pride and the Zero Mountains.

Let’s compete to see which is higher.

Maybe it’s time to really push myself to the limit, grasp the subject matter, and level up.

I’ll have to be prepared to spend all day hunting, just like Nam, Hisagi, and Leonie.

“Last but not least, we have news about Gwicheol.”

In that sense, Gwicheol.

I hope you don’t disappoint me.

But the next words out of Hiel’s mouth.

It was enough to make me cringe.


How can you all have such personalities.

Are you……?

The best blacksmith in the Dwarves.

I can’t believe you’re still arguing with Wallswale.

Isn’t that an ego weapon for nothing?

If Hiel had his way with the look and aesthetics of Grandfell.

Diend has a dark history.

Gwicheol seems to have taken the stubbornness of the Grandfell.

Suddenly, I cringed.

‘Three brothers, what is it?’

But I was the one who put the three together.

‘……Finally, you spit in my face.’

Let’s just leave it at that.

What did you just say, anyway, Hiel?

Hiel mimicked Gwicheol’s words.

“‘I must become sharper and sharper. I need to cut Evil Eyes, the star in the sky. Earthly whetstones are not enough. You must sharpen me with a whetstone from the heavens, the Milky Way Whetstone…….”

The Milky Way Whetstone?

I thought I’d heard of that before.

Isn’t that the magic item Shagwin was looking for?

In exchange for lending his power to the rebels, he agreed to take the Milky Way Whetstone from Antonium’s warehouse. Shegwin had told me all about it in his own words.

‘What, Gwicheol.’

……How do you know about such a high-grade item?

Well, that’s a question for another day.

It was obvious to anyone with an eye.

The Milky Way Whetstone.

It seems to be a remarkable item, one that Shegwin would not have targeted for nothing. The dwarves knew about the Milky Way Whetstone, too, according to Hiel.

Hiel’s face shaded.

“Wallswale seems confused by my request for a weapon that is only known by legend. If my lord gives me the go-ahead, I will try to persuade Gwicheol through the Diend. What do you think, my lord?”

Di, Diend is not going to convince anyone!

I don’t hope so.

No, I’m afraid that even Gwicheol will be tainted by him.

Please tell him to stay out of it, Hiel.

But I didn’t let my giddy feelings show.

I just blurted out.

“You have nothing to worry about, Hiel.”

” ……My lord?”

“The Milky Way Whetstone, I know its whereabouts.”

” ……My lord!”

As if I knew you would do that.

Don’t give me that look of excitement and disbelief, Hiel.

But I’m glad we were able to make a big deal out of it.

Why, my influence and connections are at a maximum in Antonium.

It shouldn’t be too difficult to borrow their item, like I did at the Magic Tower.

I said to Hiel

“Send word to Antonium.”

“I will do as you say,”

I formally requested the borrowing of the Milky Way Whetstone.

Hiel bowed politely and returned to the continent of Arcana.

Well, then I can’t just let go, right?

‘I have to put my best effort forward.’

To keep my new weapon from becoming the centerpiece of a painting, I need to create a level, a larger vessel. The perfect place to do so has appeared.

“The Zero Mountains.”

The Zero Mountains are about the size of Australia.

Its height is enough to easily break through the stratosphere. Since something like that suddenly arose, it reminds me of the saying that if the Magic Tower had not stepped in, 80% of the Earth would have been covered in water.

“That’s how high and vast the stage is.”

In that sense, it can get pretty tiring.

Entering the Zero Mountains.

To start hunting, bumping into monsters after monsters after monsters.

Why, I’m not like the other players.

I can’t ignore a gap of over a decade.

The last of the demon hunters.

Thanks to that, my knowledge of demons is up to date.

My knowledge of ordinary monsters was lacking.

“Proper corporal punishment may be necessary.”

……It was Grandfell, talking about monsters as if he were disciplining an animal. The monsters of the Zero Mountains are not easy.

Not even the great Explorers’ Federation has ever set foot on the slopes of the Zero Mountains.

I’ve said enough, I suppose.

But I’m not the player I used to be.

Not the Lee Hoyeol who searched the internet for information and frowned at the results. I’m the general manager of the AAU’s Yusra Branch, and I have information that I know because of the weight I carry.

“Hundred thousand caves.”

Literally, a hundred thousand caves.

The setting was the Zero Mountains, which could have been the stage for the last half of the Arcana Continent’s history. The amount of content planned for development alone was staggering.

‘Hundred thousand caves’.

[Dungeons], [Battlefields], [Labyrinths], [Colosseums], and so on.

Each cave would have its own special properties.

I think it’s safe to say that’s a lot of content.

Of course, the cataclysm happened before the development was finished.

There was only a tiny fraction of the information about the 100,000 caves in the AAU.

‘Only a few, but where are they?’

Besides, unlike in the past, didn’t I have allies united by pride?

Just as I led them in the face of demons.

And in the face of ordinary monsters, I could follow them.

That’s right, Grandfell.

The give-and-take you love so much.

It’s called a win-win situation.


“[Information from AAU]. and the realized 『Zero Mountains』.”

Grandfell’s meaning-giving was one step ahead of mine.

If I’m wrong, I’ll refute it.

It’s just that it’s too big.

Another problem was whether the words were correct.

“After all, it’s a Anomaly show.”

Yes, it’s anomaly again.

And this time, pride.

I immediately manifested the portal.

The coordinates were the Zero Mountains, which had appeared overnight.

I stepped through the portal and muttered.

“There is no one better than me when it comes to anomalies.”


“I will light the way, and you may follow as far as you wish.”


Gao Gao─

Nash William, the highest ranking mage in the Empire.

As Nash manifested his magic, the tightly closed warehouses of the Imperial Palace opened.

Imperial knights quickly entered the warehouse.



Nash bit his nails.

How the hell does he know that?

‘I didn’t know about the existence of the Milky Way Whetstone…….’

As you can see, the palace warehouses are full of treasures.

Treasures from every region and every time period.

Even the emperors who owned them didn’t know.

Nash looked at the sealing magic circle.

‘Or maybe he saw through that magic circle… … .’

Then he shook his head.

‘No, that’s not possible.’

This magic circle was the manifestation of the Archmage.

From the time the Empire was founded until now.

It was a magic circle that had never been breached, and was of such a high level of magic that even if the Empire were to fall, it would be impossible to open the warehouse.

‘The only reason I can interfere with the circle is because I have a pact with the Empire…….’

Nash’s eyes glowed with determination.

‘Brother Bensch, perhaps I am a mage who cannot hide his true nature.’

A burning desire to explore the unknown.

Nash made a decision.

‘I must ask.’

The infinite deep darkness, Lord Lee Hoyeol.

Wasn’t he even an adventurer?

He’s only been on the continent of Arcana for a short time.

He actually knows what a Milky Way Whetstone is.

It should have been a surprise that he even knew.


When the imperial knights came out with the Milky Way Whetstone, Nash sealed the warehouse once more, then turned to the emperor. Nash opened his mouth cautiously.

“Your Majesty, I have something to tell you.”

“Speak, Nash.”

“It is none other than…….”


Nash’s gaze shifted outside the palace.

To be precise, it was toward the skies above Antonium.

A huge ship floating in the sky.

I can see the Iron Castle of the Dwarves.

Nash spoke.

“I wish to ask your majesty for permission to leave.”

Hiel, a spirit whose rank appears so noble that its rank cannot be determined. Nash learned about Hoyeol through Hiel, but that wasn’t enough.

One might ask.

Isn’t there any clearer evidence than the dwarves coming to Antonium? Yes, there is no clearer evidence of heroism than that. Nash couldn’t help but admit it.

‘But I want to see for myself.’

Yes, it was a mage’s desire for curiosity.

Most of all, he wanted to know how Hoyeol knew of the existence of the Milky Way Whetstone.

Why he needed it.

He had a feeling the dwarves would know why.

Suddenly, the Emperor’s mouth dropped.


“Yes, Your Majesty.

“I’m afraid I’m not going to be able to grant your request.”

” ……, yes, Your Majesty?!”

But the seat of the Empire’s highest ranking mage is a heavy one.

It could not be emptied at will.

The Emperor spoke.

“Nash, your mere presence is a comfort to the people of Antonium, and for the time being, I think you should remain in your position.”

An indisputable answer, Your Majesty……!

In the end, Nash lamented to himself.

Brother, perhaps I’m not good enough.

‘…… If it were you, Bensch, you would have been able to leave the palace freely while putting your Majesty and the people at ease, right?’

Compared to you, this brother is still a long way off.




Magic Tower.

The floating garden.

Bensch sat side by side with Vangrit and they chatted.

The topic was, of course, the Zero Mountains.

The corner of Bensch’s mouth twitched.

“Are you very excited, Senior Vangrit?”

“Not really, haha.”

“Why don’t you wipe the smirk off your face and tell me?”

Bensch William clenched his jaw and snapped his fingers.

he thought to himself.

The world is so unfair.

How is it, Vangrit, that this worthless man is so lucky?

‘From the moment I met the chief.’

……If I had known it would turn out like this.

I should have been deceived by Karimzeva.

Bensch grumbled in confusion.

“What do you like about the trivial purpose of climbing a mountain?” … .”

A big, flashy, hot purpose!

If you’re going to be a great mage, you have to have a great purpose, right? So Bensch pushed his purpose harder and harder every time his application was rejected.

『To borrow a high-level magic tool and burn a demon.』

『To borrow a high-level magic tool and to burn a demon and its garrison.』

『To borrow a high-level magic tool and to burn all the rifts.』…….

Something was terribly wrong with that direction.

“Well, if that’s the case, why don’t I take a look?”

“What? I’ve had enough, Senior Vangrit.”

“Well, if you don’t want to, I don’t mind.”

There was no way Bensch’s pride would allow him to show anyone else his rejected application.

In the end, it was the same this time.

Bensch carefully filled out the application and submitted it.

『To borrow a high-level magic tool and to burn the Zero Mountain.』

The good news is that his expression is cheerful.

“You’ll have to stop showing off in front of me today, Senior Vangrit. Because this time, my application to leave the tower will be approved.”

The rise of the Zero Mountains.

That meant an increased role for the Magic Tower.

Why, at the top of the mountain range was his nemesis.

Weren’t the dragons sleeping?

Try to wake them up.

The only one who could handle their wrath would be Magic Tower.


Bensch, now with his arms crossed, spoke up.

“I can’t think of a more fitting stage for Bensch William.”

Fire for fire.

Especially as the role of the magic tower increased.

The number of people attending the tower also increased.

Bensch was genuinely confident.

Until he checked the parchment.

“……Uh, why!”


It is said that the role of the Magic Tower in the Zero Mountains is important. All seniors cannot leave their positions at the Magic Tower. Therefore, Bensch William, I must deny your application.


Bensch cried out.

“Why, am I the only senior left?! Chief Lee!!”


The Zero Mountains.

We will be the first to step on the mountain range.

The guild master of Heavenly Unification.

Liu Zunqun clenched his fist.

“My turn has finally come.”

The two biggest obstacles, the Shining and the Great Alliance.

When they ran into the ridiculously high wall of the battle for the Demon King, Heavenly Unification focused on strengthening the internal structure. Both from a player perspective and from a realistic perspective.

A common question floated around the internet.

What if a player with superhuman abilities dissatisfied.

What would happen if they confronted the government?

Liu Zhunqun had an answer to that question.


People salute Liu Zhunqun.

“We look forward to your safe return.”


In his closed homeland, Liu held all the real power.

Ruling by fear, or whatever, was probably a good thing.

Class, [Monarch] abilities, didn’t matter.

The Red Fleet across the Pacific Ocean.

Liu Zunqun looked at the rising Zero Mountains.

Then he smiled.

“Enjoy this moment of praise to the fullest, Lee Hoyeol.”

The huge stage of the Zero Mountain Range was now in full view.

You’ve taken the time to water your flower garden.

It’s only a matter of time before I catch up to you.

With that, Liu Zunqun entered the Zero Mountains.


He felt a sense of discomfort.

A sparkle.

A sphere shining in the air.

Someone had manifested magic.

The light was illuminating the darkness of the Zero Mountains.

What it meant was simple.

Someone had come to the Zero Mountains before them.

“……Who is it?”

Liu Zunqun’s face twisted.




It can only be me.

-“I’ll light the way, and you can chase after me as much as you want.”

To keep my word.

What a pain in the ass.

I’m glad at least the system understood my frustration.

I checked my messages.

After all, the first time is better for everything, right?