◈ Episode 190. The Ending Is the Important Thing

The Zero Mountains are enormous.

It’s so big that you can’t see it at a glance even if you look down from such a high place.

That’s why it’s a magic tower.

‘Calm, it’s calm.’

The amount of magic power consumed depends on how much complexity is added to the interference process.

For example, …….

‘It’s not like I made a fuss about [aesthetics] for no reason.’

What if I didn’t trigger [Aesthetic], but added an interference to achieve a similar effect?

The manifestation would cost several times as much, perhaps dozens of times as much.

Calming the sea didn’t require a complicated interference process.

The magic power of the mages of the Magic Tower, who were born geniuses, could not be more efficiently utilized.

‘Well, I guess I didn’t even have to come.’

But there is a procedure for everything.

Since I’ve shown my face, I should at least say hello.

I walked through the sky and approached Yugweed and Marcelo.

I walked through thin air, of course.


There was no sound.

Only when I opened my mouth did they notice me.


……Why did you come out of there?

Marcelo, your face says it all.

First, let’s say something warm.

“You guys are in trouble.”

It took me a moment to respond with a warm greeting.

Marcelo opened his mouth urgently.

“I’m sorry to interrupt, sir, but you’re on a leave of absence, aren’t you? You’ve been pushing yourself too hard, and I was hoping to make it so you wouldn’t have to this time…….”

There’s no need to apologize, Marcelo.

What should I do if my arms look like this?

And deep down, I miss the weight of the Chief a little.

The old saying is true.

They say you’re a brat when you leave home.

‘It’s better to be a Magic Tower than an Akshan.’

At this point, I was really pushing myself to the limit.

Because I almost sank with pride.

I’m not kidding when I say it reminds me of the time I was rejecting Bensch’s application to leave the tower.

So I said.

“You have nothing to worry about, Marcelo.”

Even if the Zero Mountains hadn’t shown up.

“I, too, will return to my duties as Chief as of this time.”

Which meant I would be returning to the tower.

Yugweed, the elder mage, had a serious look on her face.

From the sounds of it, it was a serious situation.

“‘Is this a magic circle from the Dragon Magic War era?”

The War of the Dragons and the Magic Tower.

How they came to fight is something I don’t know.

It was clear that the Magic Tower had learned from its defeat.

‘They even left their magic circle behind.’

A magic circle just to keep the dragon from waking up.

I’m afraid the Magic Tower’s prestige must have been pretty low back then.

But even with that humiliation.

They decided the dragon was not to be messed with.

‘But who the hell touched it?!’


In fact, inside I was already breaking into a cold sweat.

Once the Zero Mountains were updated to reality.

Dragons were no longer a myth.

Just try to wake up like Teffern’s [The One Who Must Not Be Awakened].

‘I don’t even want to imagine it, it’s real.’

In that case, there was no time to lose.

The earthquakes and tsunamis of the Zero Mountains had been sufficiently suppressed by the mages of the Tower.

What I need to do is prevent an even greater catastrophe, the awakening of the dragons.

I must restore that ancient magic circle.

“I’ll start with the restoration of the circle.”

Even if it is an ancient circle.

Grandfell’s natural talent.

And a trick called Reversal Magic.

I had reached the level of the Circle that would amplify its power.

There was no reason for me to hesitate.

“So it’s not a manifestation.”


“It’s just a matter of reversing it.”


“As if to bring back pride.”

……Please don’t glamorize the reversal magic, Grandfell.

I hope Yugweed and Marcelo didn’t flinch because they were cringing.

Just as I was hoping, the magic circle returned to its original form.


Then a thick fog began to rise once more from the top of the exposed Zero Mountains. As if to hide the nests of the dragons.


Meanwhile, the Zero Mountains were being updated at a rapid pace.

There was no such thing as looking up to something in the Grandfell dictionary.

I looked away the moment the mountain range rose above eye level.

Then Yugweed’s face came into view.

Somehow, she looked excited.

“A week. No, it’s been a few days, and in that short time, you’ve gotten so used to the circle that you can manipulate it freely, and the beat of magic in your heart is as clear as ever!”

Speaking of magic beats…….

Do you mean the sound of the heart beating?

Now, thanks to the elixir, both the circle and the heartbeat have returned to normal, but back then, I didn’t fulfill the conditions of a [Transcendent]. The effect of the circle was also sealed.

“I heard that even the Tower Master went through countless crises to fully master the circle. In that case, this Chief is truly extraordinary!”

I was only saved because the effect was sealed.

I, Grandfell, was silent.

Actually, she wasn’t wrong.

I mean, it was a close call.

While insisting on being that damn T.T

I almost froze to death, passed out, and anyway…

‘…… Since it happened in the past, I can at least say something.’

Even Grandfell missed his teacup and broke it.

The countless crises that Tower Master went through.

I’ve been through a lot in a short period of time, all at once.

I was about to nod when I felt a shudder.


Bensch William.

He looked at me and quickly covered his mouth.

Judging by the cool look on Vangrit’s face, he must have been talking about me. I wanted to say something about how much I missed even the lousy application form, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it.


Matisse looked at me and bowed lightly.

Bellier also waved lightly, and Feiyan mumbled something, chewed and swallowed quickly, and then lowered her head. I see, Senior Kiko’s dark under eye circles are still there.

The entire Magic Tower.

From the perspective of others.

It’s never as majestic as it is at this moment.

But to me, it was the same as always.

It’s me, Lee Hoyeol.

I feel like I’ve grown so much.

At the same time, I felt a sense of responsibility.

Now that the Zero Mountains have appeared in reality.

There was one quest I couldn’t turn away from.

[World Quest: Evil Dragon Hunter]

One who hunted the Evil Dragon Clan.

The legends of the mountains call to you.

Reach the top of the Zero Mountains. (Ongoing)

The Zero Mountains have fully emerged.

Its height obscures the sun in the sky.

The message it conveys is enough to make anyone dizzy.

[Zero Mountain]

[Appropriateness Level: Not recommended for anyone]

[Collapse rate: 100%]

From the days when Arcana was just a game.

The message on the appropriate level is the same.

That’s right.

I needed to get to the top of the Zero Mountains, which is not recommended for anyone.

By going on a world quest. I had to be good enough to reach the top, so I wouldn’t sink under the heavy weight of Grandfell’s pride.

I stared at the mountains and muttered to myself.

“Mountains and pride. We’ll see which is higher.”

……Please, I sincerely hope no one heard.


The world was in disbelief when Magic Tower stepped out.

-Is this even possible?

-Just shut up and watch.

-No;;; we can’t just turn it into a happy story.

-Why are you so negative?? Are you the demon??

-Why are you so negative?

As someone said.

If you have high expectations, you’re bound to be disappointed.

But even with that mindset.

Magic Tower calmed the cataclysm with ease.

No, it wasn’t even a suppression.

-No, I don’t see a single wave!

-Come on, is that physically possible???

-It’s magic. What are you doing here?

-Why don’t you come out, player, or mage!

Really, this is the strongest force on the Arcana Continent?

They look down at the calm sea as if it were a matter of course.

There was no sign of tension on their faces.

-All out in force, but no players in sight?

-There’s no player in there who can manifest magic yet.

-I’m sure they only understand the concept of magic.

-No, it looks like there’s only one!

The only player among them.

Hoyeol appeared.

Then, the expressions of several of the senior mages changed drastically.

Among them was Bensch William, who had a look of shock on his face.

-By the looks on your faces, I don’t think even Magic Tower was expecting this.

-Did he come to work on his vacation????

-No, you’re going to work while on vacation?

-That’s not a human thing to do!

-Please return your vacation for the sake of humanity…… just homen

But it was Hoyeol and Marcelo who stole the show.

And then there was the scene with the supposed elder mage.

The experts at the studio analyzed the scene as if it were being ripped apart.


“Okay, so what you’re saying is that Lee Hoyeol is manifesting magic here, towards the top of the Zero Mountains, and we don’t know what kind of magic he’s manifesting…….”

But he doesn’t understand magic either.

How can he recognize ancient magic circles and reversal magic?

Still, he could make a guess.

“I can tell by the expressions on their faces.”

“Facial expressions?”

“If you zoom in, you’ll see that they both look very surprised. The level of magic that player Lee Hoyeol manifested must be very high-level magic. I expect so.”

Magic that would surprise the chief of the great Magic Tower?

There was no way that the netizens could miss such a delicious rice cake.

[Lee Hoyeol, what is the nature of the magic that manifested in the Zero Mountains?!]

[After the magic manifested, the fog at the top of the mountain became thicker!!!]

[What, a dragon lives on top of the Zero Mountains?!]

Speculation continued one after another.

Putting all the information together, it was like this.

“……To summarize, it seems clear that Mr. Hoyeol has sealed a dragon at the top of the Zero Mountains that we don’t know what effect it would have if released into the real world!”

Lee Hoyeol.

He sealed the dragons at the top of the Zero Mountain.

The players were once again stunned.

The majesty of dragons had been known since the days when Arcana was just a game.

“It’s practically the final boss, if it’s a dragon?”

“You mean it’s strong enough to seal a dragon like that?”

“Well, I suppose so, given the look of surprise on the demigod’s face……. It seems like it’s not just a rumor, but a possibility?”

Yusra Kingdom.

Conversation at the Golden Crown Tavern.

Rockid was sober for some reason.

“I’ll be the first to admit it, Mr. Commander-in-Chief.”


Sealing a dragon.

Damn, you’ve done something I could never do.

Since ancient times, a horse without feet is faster than a real horse.

The flower garden of the Golden Palace.

“How dare you say that you can only grow this far with my attention and care? If you don’t want to be uprooted, grow bigger and more colorful.”


Even Elsidore’s large ears perked up as he shouted threats at the herb.

Hoyeol’s rumors were heard.

Lee Hoyeol, that arrogant human bastard sealed the dragon?

Elsidor snorted.

“Hmph, that’s not even funny.”

It was a different kind of snort.

“Not surprising, since you stole my mother’s blessing.”


The only beings equal to dragons and worthy of being called that.

From Elsidor’s point of view, he couldn’t understand the humans making such a fuss over this.

“He made this body submit in the first place.”

Sealing a dragon in the Zero Mountains shouldn’t be that hard. If he couldn’t seal it, then I wouldn’t have forgiven him.

“Because that would mean you’re no better than a lowly lizard.”

The response from the community was overwhelming.

Even Elsidore’s mutterings to himself outside the window.

Hoyeol has seen it all.

Sitting in his office in the Kingdom of Yusra, he watched.


Sipping his teacup leisurely as always.




When the hell am I going to be free of overestimation?

All I did was restore a magic circle from the Dragon Magic War with reversal magic, and I’m being treated like I’m the hero who sealed the legendary dragon……!

“Too much praise.”

Why are you putting pressure on your shoulders when you say that?

Anyway, you are indeed quite dynamic until the last day of your vacation.

Actually, Pride of the Grandfell.

You wanted to get back to the Magic Tower as soon as possible.

Marcelo insisted.

-“Please, just for today, allow us to repay the favor that our tower and the continent of Arcana have received from the Lord and the adventurers. Will you allow us to return the favor?”

That’s what they say.

Even Grandfell couldn’t be too stubborn.

Of course, resting was not resting.

How could I be at peace when the whole world was talking about me?

How could I ever relax!

Besides, I knew.

No matter what the hype was.

Grandfell will definitely make it a reality and stop it.

‘……The hard work begins tomorrow.’


Maybe that’s why.

He cherishes tea time.

I think I know a little bit about Grandfell’s mind.

“Indeed, the flavor and aroma are flawless.”

Of course, there are rave reviews about tea bag green tea.

I still can’t relate.

Still, let’s enjoy this last moment.





While I was thinking to myself, my smartphone vibrated.

It was a message.

I checked it and quickly changed my mind.

It seems like the hard work has just begun.


-Hey Hey.

-Hey Hey Hey!

-Lee Hoyeol

-You said you were on vacation.

-Mom, Dad, Sister


-Why don’t you show your face to them at least once????

……Please calm down, my wensu!