◈ Episode 19. You’re Not Good Enough (3)

-Invite the devil to the ceremony. There are two meanings.

The demon hunter of Akshan said so.

-The first is literally a ritual. An action that proceeds to destroy a demon according to set laws. It’s the second that needs explaining. So where exactly were the demons invited to the ritual?


He touched his own temple.

-Yes. To be invited to a demon hunter’s ‘ritual’.




I deliberately provoked Count Ascura.

“Why does an ugly vampire still call himself a noble?”

Count Ascura came alive at my question.

I wondered if I should have added the last word to that look, but…….

The water had already been spilled.

Besides, that’s what I was hoping for.

“No good can come of stalling.

Count Ascura’s level was 430.

As if that weren’t bad enough, he’d recovered all the power he’d given away.

His true strength was in levels, and perhaps more.

A monster like that against me, a mere level 100?

Even if it has [Natural Enmity] and [Magic].

I couldn’t guarantee that I could do any meaningful damage.

However, it’s a different story with [Demon Ritual].

“I invite demons into the ritual.

In other words, I invite demons into my head.

Back in the day, when Arcana was just a game.

I’ve performed exorcisms time and time again.

Looking back on it, I realise that I was truly fearless back then.

During the ritual, I was subjected to the obligatory horror game scare. I had watched it without blinking an eye.

Because I had that experience.

I was able to stand up for myself.

“The control of the ritual is in the mind.

It’s a mental battle.

I don’t know about anything else, but that’s one thing I’m sure of.

“No demonic temptation, deception, or trial can make a scratch on the lofty pride of Grandfell.”

So it wasn’t an unfounded confidence.

It was an act of faith.

[Vampire, inviting Count Ascura to a ‘ceremony’].

Count Ascura of Grandfell, invited to my ritual.

I stared at him.

How am I reflected in those red eyes at this moment?





Ascura doubted her own eyes.

What had just happened.

Surely, it was me standing on the stairs, but……?

“What. Why?

Had our positions been reversed?

He was looking down at me from the top of the stairs.


I wondered how high up he was.

No matter how far I tilted my head back,

I can’t even see him!

Ascura shouted.

“You’ve played a dastardly trick, human!”

Then she heard a more relaxed voice.

“Despicable. What is despicable, Ascura?”

An arrogant attitude without the slightest hint of tension.

Ascura felt uncomfortable.

“This can’t be happening……!

Clearly, she radiated life.

A lesser mortal would be terrified.

Somehow, he was unharmed.

Ascura opened her mouth.

“……Yes. It’s a trick. It can’t be otherwise. You and I are reversed. I can’t look at you, no matter how high I lift my head. It’s all just a petty trick!”

And again.

The echoing sound of hooves.

A haughty voice followed.

“I suppose that’s how it looks to you.”


……What, what?

What does that mean?

Askura shouted to herself.

“No, it doesn’t. It can’t be. It’s a trick!’

My eyes couldn’t be wrong.

It had simply changed places.

He took advantage of my distraction to…….


……No, I wasn’t distracted.

I didn’t let my guard down.

Sure, I moved with the intention of tearing him apart for spouting nonsense.

But how in the world did I manage to be deceitful enough to change positions?

In my own castle, too.

“Then look. Ascura.”


“What does this look like to you?”

At the same time as the question.

Something blocked the view.

It was a rock, immeasurably huge in size.

“……Don’t you dare try to deceive me!!!”


A sarcophagus, to be precise.

A sarcophagus of gigantic rocks loomed over him.

Ascura drew on her magic.


The fact that it was shaped like a coffin wouldn’t matter.

It was the size that mattered.

Even if it was just an ordinary boulder.

At that size, it was dangerous.



Magic power shot towards the sarcophagus.

But somehow.

The sarcophagus wasn’t even scratched.

Ascura was puzzled.

“What the hell……?

She’d used more than half her magic.

How come I can’t even make a scratch?

A moment of panic.

She heard his voice.

“You must be in serious trouble. Ascura.”


In an instant, Ascura’s form vanished into thin air.

Or, more accurately, scattered into hundreds of bats.


From bats to vampires.

Ascura exhaled sharply as she reappeared.

There was no avoiding the sarcophagus.

She’d used a one-time escape that she should have saved for last.

“I don’t detect much dignity in your harsh breathing either.”

“……Shut up!”

“But this makes it clear.”


The sound of footsteps again.

He was coming down the stairs.

Ascura smiled inwardly.

“Foolish, human.

It was a chance that rolled in on itself.

Some trick he’d pulled.

It was frustrating that I couldn’t even look at him.

“If you can get down those stairs, it won’t be a problem.

Ascura cleared her throat.

To seize the opportunity.

Her fangs sharpened.

Another snap.

The constant sound of footsteps stopped.

Ascura lifted her head.

And was stunned.

“……Uh, how?”

He must have come down the stairs.

She was standing on the same ground.

But how come…….

I’m still looking up at him?

“How’s that for a new perspective, Ascura. No, you ugly vampire.”

This can’t be happening.

This is my castle.

You cannot play tricks on me.

You read my mind.

The man said.

“Do you really think this is still your castle?”

“What the……?!”

“Look at it right, vampire.”


At the man’s words, Ascura looked around.

“Ma, this is ridiculous. Why would a portrait……?”

Was that his face?

All of the portraits of herself hanging everywhere had been replaced with the man’s.

Something was wrong.

Ascura began to break out in a cold sweat.

The voice, still lazy in her ears, said.

“All of this is your fear.”



A gust of wind.

Jesse Hynes tugged at the brim of his hat.

“What am I looking at……!”


So tight that his grip on his wand was nothing.

Nothing happened to Jesse.

Level 397.

Fourth in the player rankings.

Ranked 2nd in combat power, surpassing Rox.

Ranked #1, and said to be comparable to Skarl.

Because he was Jesse Hynes, the great mage?


Never, ever.

The opponent was a level 430 Named Monster.

It was also a demon.

A formidable foe whose mere presence made even Jesse nervous.

Yes, nothing happened to Jessie.

It was all thanks to the ‘very mysterious Mr Magic’!

“What’s with the overreaction?”

Mr Wonderful Magic.

Yes, Ho-Yeol had merely erected a stone pillar.

Just like he did against Count Ascura’s knights.

But Count Ascura’s response was too much.

“At his size, he shouldn’t have needed to do that!

Focusing too much horsepower.

Trying to knock out a stone pillar was also a strange move…….

Even that was deflected.


The castle collapsed, revealing the sky.

As if that wasn’t enough, to avoid the crumbling stone pillars, he suddenly turned into a bat and flew around.

“And where have you been looking all this time!”

His gaze was also unsteady.

Count Ascura had been staring at the ceiling the whole time.

He was breathing heavily and shouting into the air.

Later, when he saw the portrait of his face, he was horrified.

“…… I think I recognise it somewhere.”


Jessie was not unfamiliar with the Count.

As she pondered, it finally dawned on her.

“That’s right, that’s an abnormality, a horror to say the least!”




I checked the message that came to mind.

[Vampire, Count Ascura has a ‘terror’].

……It was close.

I could feel the gap in levels.

Most of all, I felt Count Ascura’s magic.

‘Even a touch is death. This.

Demon Hunter, if only I had trusted that one class.

I would have crossed the Nether by now.

That didn’t mean I was capable of melee combat.

Count Ascura simply waved his hand in the air.

Everything around him shattered in the aftermath.

In that sense, the long coat and suit didn’t matter.

It would have been one shot, even through my armour, if it had hit something like that.

But that was my situation.

My reasons that the Count of Ascura would never know.

The evidence came in a series of messages.

Hunt the vampire. (in progress)

Announce that the hunt has begun. (Success)

Make them feel the fear of being hunted. (Success)

Hunt the vampire. (Ongoing)

All that remains is to hunt down Count Ascura in terror.

“……You’re my fear? That can’t be right.”

A vampire who has lost his will.

He may seem like an easy prey, but not to me.

For one thing, I wasn’t confident I could end Count Ascura with a single blow.

I didn’t have the magic or physical prowess to do it.

‘I won’t be able to do it.

Sure, I’d been in contact with players, watching their skills and trying to emulate them.

But stats and equipment were a problem.

Even if I had a silver weapon that was resistant to demons.

Its absolute damage output was terrible.

‘I resent my weakness.

This was an opportunity to gain experience points……!

But I had to make a cold judgement.

I pulled out my silver dagger.

Then I interfered with its form, changing its shape.

The silver dagger split into four.

Its form resembled a stake.

I didn’t delay.


Count Ascura has lost his will.

I sent the silver stake flying at him.


A short silver dagger sliced through the air.

The stake could only be smaller than that.

“Ah, no, no, no!”

However, the horrified Count Ascura felt differently.

It was a giant stake, indeed.

Count Ascura began to seize.

“But fear is not enough to defeat an enemy.

There’s no telling how long he’ll stay like this.

So I said.

“I’ll leave you to clean up the mess.”

It was the best I could do.

The tin foil hat twitched at my request.

“What? You’re going to clean up after me, after you’ve done all the work?”

I replied, “No.



It’s impossible to answer.

In the noble character of Grandfell.

If he is killed by the Count of Ascura, he is dead.

It would be impossible for him to confess his lack of ability.

But fortunately.

“Oops, I’m sorry, I should have been more polite, please forget what I just said!”

After saying that, the tin foil hat immediately performed the skill.

I watched as it happened.


Magic power condensing at the tip of the staff.

Blond hair fluttering about.

A bluish glow in his pupils.

The air around him shifting.

The skyline turbulent in an instant.

“Heavenly punishment.”

The moment.

Digging in-!

A powerful thunderbolt struck down from the sky.

The entire area shook from the power.

Crackle, crackle, crackle-!

Thunder rumbled in the distance.

The sound was so loud that it made my eardrums tingle.

‘Is this what top players are capable of?

This is a level of destructive power that I can’t even begin to match.

Not even Count Ascura, but a player.

Why is it that I often feel the gap today?

But I’m not discouraged.

No matter how powerful a skill I used to choke Count Ascura. I was sure that my contribution to his demise was greater.

As if to back him up, a message popped up.

[You are credited with the kill of Count Ascura].

[You have been levelled up]

[You have increased your level]

[You have levelled up]…….

[Loot is automatically claimed for your high kill contribution].

Because it’s all so obvious.

There was no reason to be surprised in the slightest.

I checked my inventory and frowned.

……Wait a minute, I’m supposed to be surprised here, right?