Chapter 182 – Thrill

◈ Episode 182. Thrill

Sisley, home of the elves.

Sisley’s nature is untouched by time.

Only elves live in Sisley. In the days of the Blessing of the World Tree, elves were perfect beings, needing nothing, so the flowers, trees, and fruits of Sisley were always richly fragrant.

‘So much so that the uncivilized continents can’t even see it.’

He wasn’t bragging about Sisley for nothing.

In other words, Elsidor did not take the situation lightly.

Only four days.

How could such insignificant flowers

How could they emit an aura similar to Sisley’s flower, which had lived for nearly an eternity?

Elsidor’s expression darkened rapidly.

“What have you done?

Lee Hoyeol.

It’s hard to say what an arrogant human would do.

All he did was water the flowers in an arrogant manner.

If I may add one more reason why…….

-“No painting can compare to your colors.”

He was talking to the flowers, wasn’t he?

At the time, I thought, what the hell?

Elsidor frowned.

‘……Does that mean even he had a reason?’

For whatever reason.

Elsidor’s face twisted into a grimace.

This was it, he could no longer flatter himself with the mention of Sisley.

His barely held together pride was about to crack again.

A voice came from behind me.



It was the voice of Hoyeol, the arrogant human.



Elsidor kept his mouth shut for now.

Nothing good could come of it, so it was better to shut up.

Yes or no.

The humiliation of being forced to answer was humiliating enough.

“How do you see it?”


When he didn’t answer, Hoyeol turned to the flowers.

“Thank you for growing so well.”

Then he turned back to look at Elsidor.

“Your care has brought them to fruition.”


……What did he just say?

That it was my care that made it grow like this?

Elsidor thought seriously.

‘As if your blessings weren’t enough.’

Did you take away my hearing, too, Mother?

But Elsidor hadn’t misheard.

Hoyeol had spoken correctly.

“I know of your hard work, Elsidor.”

I will stay in the flower garden tonight.

With those words, Elsidor returned to his room.

As always, he nervously closed the door behind him.


Lost in thought, Elsidor failed to do so.

Hard work, what have I done?

Puzzled, Elsidor thought back over the past four days.

“Laughing at me, calling me ridiculous, calling me insignificant…….”

You’ve been smugly telling me that Sisley is no match for you.

All I’ve ever done is babble…….

Elsidoe’s eyes widened in disbelief.

“No way.”

You mean the magic circle?

There’s a difference between magic and magic circle.

Even Elsidor, who was born with vast amounts of magic power as an elf. It was impossible to interpret magic, even magic circles created by humans, so Elsidor must be mistaken.

“Simply by brightening the flower garden?”

It was a high-level healing magic circle that consumed a great deal of magic.

To Elsidor, it was basic magic, like light.

He hadn’t even bothered to check the magic.

“I see.”

You mean I was a big part of this?

Well, I did get rid of those pesky bugs.

Soon, Elsidor’s face was back to normal.

The bridge of his nose rose once more.

“No mere mortal could do that.”

Who says guarding a flower garden all night is easy?

Unlike weak humans, elves didn’t even need sleep.

They were never distracted by drowsiness or fatigue.

Elsidor chuckled.

“At least you know how to be grateful.”


Next time, hand me that ‘pride’ thing.

Then I’ll be able to get my mother’s blessing back.


Elsidor flopped down on his bed with excitement.

“Remember, I am the only one who can protect the flower garden.”

I wonder if it’s just my sulky nature.

With some seriously broken resolutions…….


Early morning.

Kingdom of Yusra.

I was still awake.

The voice from before dawn rasped.

“Your sacrifice will not be forgotten.”

……Don’t spit out lines while pretending to be cool, Grandfell.

It’s not a line you can spit out over a few herbs!

I did.

I’ve been scouring the herb garden ever since I exiled Elsidor to the spare room. The purpose was to select ‘elixirs’ from the abundantly growing elixirs.


Judging by its legendary effects.

A rare item that could only be an [Epic] ranked item.

In fact, if you didn’t have eyes to see, it would be difficult to pick out the elixirs from the herbs.

In the first place, elixir herbs were considered weeds by players.

They weren’t given the recognition they deserved.

But that’s not the case for me, who has acquired knowledge of every plant on the continent of Arcana.

As you can see, I returned to my office with my hands full of elixirs……!

“What would have happened without the help of the real Hiel?

The water is blessed by the unique spirit Hiel.

It was worth it to stand up straight and scatter the watering can.

No, not just rewarding.

This is an unimaginable harvest.

‘I thought I’d be lucky to find one.’

Three everlasting snowflakes emitting a cold energy.

Two scorching sunflowers, on the other hand.

I feel like I’ve done something nice.

‘It seems like I’m being overly friendly.’

The result is good, so I’m going to be generous this time. I say.

‘Because there is no time to mess around.’

Time in Arcana is many times faster than in reality.

Even at this moment, Anteonium must be under attack.

I immediately grabbed the elixir.

There are many ways to consume elixirs.

But more important than that is the state of the body that can accept the effects.

‘Honestly, it’s overwhelming.’

Two elixirs with opposite effects.

I’ll take them at the same time to neutralize their effects.

A bold declaration.

Once the elixirs were in my hands, I was unable to completely erase my concerns.

‘Will I be able to withstand the effects of the elixirs?’

My heart raced.

And my poor vessel.

In that case, I’m as prepared as I can be.

[Name: Grandfell Claudi Arpheus Romeo]

[Title: Last Adventurer, Sublime, Transcendent]

[Class: Demon Hunter]

[Level: 595]


Strength: 112 / Agility: 124 / Magic: 467 / Luck: 12 / Aesthetics: Mid]

[Points : 45]

You have gained experience from the Quernberg Machine Tower.

Thanks to this, I gained 45 levels.

I’m guessing the machine tower was destroyed in the middle.

‘I have one more thing to pay Shegwin back.’

My precious experience points……!

Above all, the Circle was a form of mage transcendence.

To unleash its power, I must expand my mage vessel. Every little bit helps. This time, I invested all my leveling up points in Magic Power.

[Magic Power: 512]

That’s all the preparation I can do for now.

All that remains is to take the elixir.

Hopefully the side effects won’t be too severe.

As I said, there were many ways to consume the elixir.

It was not worth considering.

It was the same method that I and Grandfell would choose.


That’s right.

I plucked a petal and floated it into the teapot.

It’s tea time, as they say.



The sword of a brave lion sliced through the air.

Sweat drenched hair.

Even hardened flesh screamed.


The lion would not let the body rest for a moment.

The reason for this was simple.

Only then could it endure.


Harkon’s grip on the sword tightened.

‘I had an impure suspicion.’

Smoke billowed over the capital city of Antonium.

In the past, when he’d heard the news, he’d assumed the worst.

Perhaps, he thought, Antonium had already fallen.

But he was wrong.

“You’ve grown, my lord.”


Perhaps I had overestimated myself.

The Emperor would not survive without me.

Perhaps I have blasphemously underestimated my lord.

As if to rebuke himself, Antony did not fall.

He stood firm against countless demonic assaults.

Yes, the Battle for the Demon Kings has come to nothing.

This was the Empire’s chance to rise again and fight back.

Harkon’s eyes soon became heavy.

‘I hope you realize what you have done.’

Using a demonic attack as a reason to revolt.

They must have seen it as they marched on Antonium.

The people of the Empire groaning in pain.

And yet, turning their backs on their people, they crawled to Antonium.

Their eyes were on the crown, and they pulled on the reins.

It was Hoyeol who brought the shocking news.

“……I am ashamed to be the head of the Imperial Knights.”

The world of adventurers and Arcana are two different worlds.

It was as if his world had fallen into the wrong hands. This meant that Lord Hoyeol, who had risked his life, fought with pride, and faced the demon head-on, was watching their degradation.


“It means I can’t raise my head because I’m so ashamed!”

Hui, Hui, Hui!

The fierce sword winds seemed to speak volumes about Harkon’s feelings.


He gritted his teeth.

“……How can that be possible, my lord?”

Even I was getting tired of the humans’ bullshit.

I’ve seen them at their ugliest.

And yet you.

-“Will you trust me?”

Can you say that?

As head of the Imperial Knights, Harkon has seen many powerful men.

『Child of Lightning』, 『Witch of the Southern Sea』, 『Urs』, 『Warrior of Sunrise』… … .

And let’s not forget 『Sword Saint, Shegwin』, who laid siege to Antonium.


Their power was at a level that could not be guessed based on their own insight.

Therefore, I cannot directly compare their superiority to Hoyeol’s.


‘You are not like them.’

Is it because they have reached such a high level?

The continental powers looked down on all of them.

But Hoyeol was different.

The image of Hoyeol’s behavior in Frost was still burned into Harkon’s memory.

The noble way he carried the bodies of his people, even in the presence of the Demon King.

‘I suppose all lives are equally precious to him.’

Harkon questioned himself.

‘Can I compare the life of my lord with that of a third party?’

The answer, of course, was no.

But Hoyeol was uncompromising.

Hadn’t we seen it in the Battle for the Demon King?

-“There will not be a single sacrifice for us.”

Hoyeol fulfilled his word.

But Harkon knew better.

In the end, it was Hoyeol who had accomplished the impossible.

Entering the Rift alone, facing the High Ranking Demon King alone.

His reckless plan had worked.

Harkon spoke last.

“But in all of that, you always left me out, my lord.”

Harkon could not forget.

The sight of Hoyeol standing there that day.

He remembered the words of the adventurer Nam Taemin.

“I don’t know if you know this, but in our world, Mr. Hoyeol is a symbol of peace, for if he falters, the world falters.”

For the world.

He had no choice but to stand tall, even after losing consciousness.

However, on that day, everyone, including myself, found out.

The Lord just didn’t show it.

“Does he know?”

After he decided to take a break.

All of us, including me, have not rested for a single moment.

To share the heavy burden of your pride.

So Harkon steeled himself.

‘Since you have told me so, I will trust you as always.’

I believe that you will take me to my king’s side.

Then all I can do is to stop Shegwin, sword to sword. I don’t know how well this old man will fare against a sword saint, but…….


The hilt of Harkon’s sword glowed faintly.

“I will stop this life even if it means burning it.”

Doesn’t the Lord also know?

That at the point of life and death, the sword’s power grows stronger.

From this moment on, I will risk my heart every moment.

The heart of a lion that will not back down before anyone.


It was a pride that hid nothing.

He tells Harkon of Antonium’s situation.

-“Will you trust me?”

When he finally said those words.

I felt like my eyes were going dark.

No, it’s just a matter of form, really!

I had to.

I hadn’t even realized that I had no idea how to access the Arcana Continent now that I had lost the effect of the [Map of All Things].

At this point, I couldn’t help but feel a little humbled.

“Humility did not exist for Grandfell. Underestimation required proof, and overestimation required making it a reality.”

As the saying goes.

……His overestimation of himself had become a reality.

I slowly opened my eyes.

How long had I closed my eyes?

The only thing I saw was the shattered teacup on the floor.

It was a testament to the agony of the Grandfell.

But it wasn’t a joke.

In the midst of all the messages that flashed before my eyes.

I could hear it clearly.


My heartbeat.

[The effect of the title, ‘Transcendent’, is activated].