◈ Episode 175. Who Do You Think We Are (3)

A gloriously shattered landscape of rifts.

The chief mage of the Magic Tower.

It’s a sight Marcelo has longed for.

The Rift is a space of anomalies.

It was his object of study and his only clue to returning to the continent of Arcana.


But there was no research in Marcelo’s mind.

All he could think about was Hoyeol’s plan.

Marcelo muttered softly.

“Are you saying it’s truly possible?”

The manifestation of a high ranking demon king.

Marcelo didn’t know exactly how strong they were.

However, he could gauge it through comparison.

Karimzeva, the demigod, an elder mage and demon worshipper.

What kind of people are mages?

I know this because I’m a mage myself.

Mages are generally arrogant by nature.

I don’t need to explain too much.

You’ve seen what they’ve done.

The truth is, they have always despised anything unexpected.

In that regard, Karimzeva was infamous.

Before entering the tower, he was known as the Fire Dragon, and he was involved in all sorts of crimes.

It was even rumored that he had joined the Magic Tower so that he could live in its shadow and escape the eyes of the Empire and the world.

Karimzeva was so arrogant that he pushed for the summoning of the High Ranking Demon King, even as he suppressed his true nature.

‘But we had a wonder.’

The plan of Karimzeva and the two demon worshippers was fraught with problems from the start, thanks to Hoyeol. Nevertheless, Karimzeva pressed ahead with the resurrection of the High Ranking Demon King.

‘He must have known better than anyone.’

As long as you turn the Magic Tower into an enemy.

He knew that even he wouldn’t survive.

Nevertheless, Karimzeva did it.

Karimzeva risked his own life to summon a high-ranking demon king.

‘A mage risked his life…….’

Is it because I am a mage like him?

Marcelo could tell.

Or, at least, a mage of the Magic Tower.

I’m sure you can all guess.

That’s right.

Karimzeva must have believed that the High Ranking Demon King could bring about the truth he sought.

Marcelo continued.


“You are wrong.”

Magic Tower and Marcelo realized.

There is no meaning in the truth that is reached by looking down on those around you.

And so.

Wouldn’t he join the holy war to atone for what he had done?

But that was not his concern.

‘What did you see in them?’

Marcelo had seen demons, demons and more demons in his time with Hoyeol.

Haven’t we been fighting against the demons who have come to take over the new Demon King’s throne?

However, I didn’t even feel the value of talking to them, let alone the truth.

A fire dragon his personality would have been more than mine, not less.
He must have witnessed it.

From a high-ranking demon king.

Something special, unlike any other demon.

So Marcelo was relieved.

“……You literally planned this.”

If I had entered the rift with Hoyeol.

So, if I witnessed the high-ranking demon king.

I probably couldn’t do my job because I was struggling with my head.

‘I tried not to show my flaws.’

Perhaps, Lord Hoyeol saw through my shortcomings?

Marcelo forced a smile.

I continued speaking while my vision was changing.

“I will wait for you in reality.”

May you be safe.




The 4th Throne of Demon King, Gamigin.

The moment I witnessed it, I was honestly filled with sadness.

I thought I’d had enough of black history, enough of the world, and now even the Rift was being too harsh on me.

‘Nothing is easy, really.’

It was the power of a high ranking Demon King that drove the Elder Mage, Karimzeva, to betray the Magic Tower, and of all those high ranking Demon Kings, he had Gamigin, number four in the hierarchy, in front of him.

‘The time is brief.’

The cleared rifts split into reality and the Arcana continent.

I was in reality regardless of Gamigin’s appearance.

I have no choice but to bounce to the reality outside the rift.

That’s why I’ve been waiting for the right time.

[The Demon King Gamigin is invited to the ‘Ritual’].

The timing of the Exorcism Ritual… … !

Exorcism Ritual isn’t a great skill, and it can’t slow or stop time.

But it can trick your sense of time.

In a ritual, your mind controls everything.


I raised my sword.

It’s not formal if you’re in a hurry.

The angle of the arm that is bent with moderation.

A wrist that moves smoothly.

Still, the whole scene is fleeting, just as it should be.

What would you do if you had a really strong ally?

Exorcism Ritual.

Only the demon hunter and the invited demons could be present at the ritual.

If anyone else was present, they’d think it was all over in the blink of an eye.

Of course, you’d feel like there was no room for cooperation.

But then.


Now, I wasn’t alone.

As I said, only demons or demon hunters can exist in consciousness. By my side were my seniors, the demon hunters of Akshan.

I looked at Gamigin.

He’s not a high ranking demon king for nothing.

He showed no agitation at being invited to the ritual.

No, I couldn’t detect a change in his mood.

It’s huge, beyond huge.

Each of its four legs is the size of a Quernberg machine tower, and the horse’s head is barely visible through the collapsing rift.

But most of all.


For some reason, words didn’t make sense.

The sound was so loud that it deafened my ears.

I couldn’t understand a word of it.


Players can communicate with each other and with the Arcana without difficulty.

They could even read magic texts written in the Arcana language.


I didn’t think I could understand him.

Of course, I couldn’t figure out why.

Of course, it wouldn’t matter.


It’s best not to have unnecessary conversations with the demon.

So, you’re a senior after all.

Question and answer dance.

The demon hunters unleashed a barrage of crossbow bolts at Gamigin. It was a seemingly insignificant attack, but it killed a level 900 Named Monster in one hit.


A huge target.

It didn’t miss, it was a solid hit.

But there was no change in Gamigin.

Damn, it’s a sight that’s hard to follow with my arcana knowledge.

I wonder what the equivalent level is.

Are you saying that you can be fine even if dozens of level 900 named monsters are attacked at once?

I have no idea.


Suddenly, I remembered his words.

-“If you let me go, I’ll tell you everything. As a demon hunter, I’m sure you can understand my meaning. I swear by the name of Karimzeva, the Fire Dragon!”

Karimzeva wanted to resurrect the High Ranking Demon King in order to reach the real truth…….

Well, it’s starting to make sense.

In a nutshell, it’s different.

The “real truth” that Karimzeva, a demigod, was seeking. The only means of reaching that truth is through the High Ranking Demon King.

To put it another way…….

‘The High Ranking Demon King is a godlike being.’

Once again, a huge sound echoed in my eardrums.

“□□□ □, □□□ □□□□.”

That’s what I thought.

It’s no wonder I can’t understand it.

It’s so different, it’s beyond words.

Damn, I’m really starting to get discouraged.

I thought I had crossed the mountain of the Great Evil, but the Great Evil was only a newborn child demon.

I thought I had overcome the mountain called the Demon King, but in reality, they were the weakest Demon King.

Nevertheless, I struggled to overcome them.

Now I must go beyond the mountain and reach the Gods.

I sincerely doubt it.

Really, I’m just a player.

Is it possible for me to reach that level of godhood?


The rift vibrates whenever the horse’s hoof moves.

Is this what it means to make the heavens tremble and the earth shake?

I realize with my body.

This is really me, Lee Hoyeol’s head.

It is a sight that cannot be endured with mental strength.


『No amount of demonic temptation, deception, or trials could even scratch Grandfell’s noble pride.』

Grandfell did not give up.


As usual.

This means that no matter how hard I struggle, I am in control of my consciousness.

At that moment, a sound.


Of course, I hadn’t forgotten.

I have hidden my past, just as Grandfell has hidden his.

I don’t know their story, either.

The demon hunters of Akshan have something in common.

“A pride that even death could not destroy.”


I straightened up on the shaky ground.

“A mere demon.”

I raised my sword.

“It’s not something you can hold and shake.”

My declaration served as a signal.

The demon hunters, engulfed in hellfire, rushed toward Gamigin.


Fast enough to transcend human limits.

To catch up.

So that I have no choice but to mimic the elf’s movements.

It’s a new feeling, but it’s simple.

It’s not a trick, it’s an honesty.

But it wasn’t funny.

Sometimes, there are things that are upright and strong to the point of being simple and unbreakable.

Yes, the demon hunter of Akshan was unbreakable.

More than unbreakable, they were unyielding.

they would even use the hellfire that enveloped their bodies as a means of attack. One of the Demon Hunters clung to Gamigin.



Even if you’re a High Ranking Demon King close to Godhood, demons are demons, right?

They can’t endure hellfire.

Just as much as me.

No, I’m talking about the Demon Hunters of Akshan, who know demons better than I do.

I didn’t have to tell them, but they seemed to get the hint.


Instead of crossbows, they held blades in both hands.

Some held daggers in both hands.

Some held crossbow bolts instead of swords.

‘Truly, they’ll do anything.’

Similarly, they were trying to transfer the hellfire to Gamigin.

‘Then I can’t stand by and watch.’

Don’t even think about cutting off your legs and running away, Gamigin.


A rock rises out of thin air.

I assimitated, interfered, and manifested in the crumbling earth to create a staircase.

A staircase that reaches to the sky.

Perhaps even tens of thousands would not be enough.

A normal mage might have complained of magic depletion, but not me.

‘This is my specialty.’

I know enough about minerals to skip the assimilate.

And as if that weren’t enough, herbal doping.

I had [Natural Enemy] and [Blessing of the First World Tree] active.


Manifesting tens of thousands of stairs and not even a drop of magic power.


Demon hunters united to hunt demons.

There was no need for conversation, not even an exchange of glances.


Soon, the Demon Hunters of Hell rushed up the stairs.

At that moment, an enormous energy surged through Gamigin’s body.

The earth’s crust began to shake.

“□□□ □□ □□□.”

The cracked earth began to stick together.

I could feel it in my gut.

Gamigin had accomplished his goal.

It was an attempt to close the [gates of hell] that had been opened again.

‘……When the gates of hell are closed.’

The Hellfire will be extinguished.


Akshan’s Upkeep: Summon Akshan the Demon Hunter from the Hellfire.


Even the Demon Hunters are forced to return to Hell.

I wanted to manifest my magic in [Hell’s Gate] if I could. I have never even witnessed the reality of [Gates of Hell], Even assimilation was impossible.

“You are indeed a demon.”

He has achieved his goal of resurrection.

There’s no need to face your natural enemy.

You’re cowardly, trying to get out of Arcana.

I lifted my head and looked at Gamigin.

“You foolish demon who claims to be a king.”

I found myself sympathizing with Grandfell.

“Is life a waste?”

After trampling so many lives on the Arcana Continent.

I know you don’t think life is worth it.

And yet here was Akshan, hunting demons with pride, even after losing his life, even after becoming a hated demon, even after falling to Hell.

“Are you running from us?”

Do not turn a blind eye to their desperate pride.

“If you claim to be a king, you must face us.”

I chant.


Gamigin’s horse’s hooves snapped back.

He’s really trying to get out.

He’s afraid of Akshan.

Are you avoiding it because you are persistent enough to be dirty?

I don’t know.

But one thing is certain.

“I will not tolerate that.”

If we lose Gamigin.

He will rampage across the Arcana continent.

The Arcana continent has already been devastated.

Besides, I didn’t say it out loud, did I?

Their job is to convey pride to us.

So I’m going to keep my word.

I can’t lose you.

What brings it up is magic power.

Of course, no amount of magic I can manifest will be enough to even touch him, but that doesn’t matter. I’m not the one setting you on fire.


It’s just that at this moment, the gates of hell are about to close.

I was going to send Gamigin to ‘hell’.

‘You made a mistake.’

You should have endured the hellfire, no matter how hot it was.

You should have been desperate enough to pretend it wasn’t a weakness.

A natural enemy is a natural enemy.

It’s because the enemy doesn’t let go of the weakness.


I crushed Gamigin’s massive body.

A huge amount of magic power that escapes in an instant.

But I didn’t stop the assimilation.

If 『Magic』 is not enough.

I’ll add [gravity] to the interference process.

That’s what I call an 『Anomaly』.


Instantly, Gamigin’s body jerked as if it had been struck by something.



Gamigin’s legs began to collapse.

One, two, three.

And then.

“The prone position is the one that suits you.”



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