Chapter 162 – Elves (2)

◈ Episode 162. Elves (2)

A group of Shadow Mercenaries.

Their strength has only become widely known since the Cataclysm.

If in the past one could only guess the reputation of the Shadow Mercenaries from rumors, now one could actually see their abilities.

Among them, Rockid was a celebrity.

“Why, you knocked out one of them yesterday.”

Kingdom of Yusra.

At the Golden Crown Tavern, Rockid’s drunkenness was a specialty.

Occasionally, players who were arrogant or couldn’t stand injustice would pick a fight with Rockid and pay a heavy price for it.

“They said he burst an eardrum or something.”

He could knock out a player well over level 300 with just a yell!

The rumors surrounding Rockid didn’t stop there.

Isn’t Rockid the center of attention?

Videos of Rockid’s battles were not hard to find online.

-I thought he was just an ignorant foolㄷㄷ.

-He’s not a member of the Shadow Mercenaries for nothing;;

-I can’t believe he can move that fast with that body.

It was no wonder that the media was so interested in Rockid.

After all, he was a starved for attention.

In front of the reporters, Rockid proudly recited his past.

-He was the Colosseum outlaw?

-The 100-fight unbeaten gladiator?

-No, wait, a man with muscles all the way to his brain is also a Rockid?!

-What the hell, an ogre in human form was a Rockid?!!

It’s been a while since I’ve heard these names, but they sound like nothing.

Rockid didn’t feel bad about it.

It felt like his strength was finally being recognized by the world.

But then.


“Holy shit!”

An unbelievable scene unfolded.


Flying embers.

Rockid raised his two-handed axe, barely parrying the attack.

The impact delivered nevertheless.


As if that wasn’t enough, the ground he was stepping on was crushed.

His body was knocked back several feet.

The corner of Rockid’s mouth twisted.

“Elves, I don’t know what it is, but you’re fucking cheap, aren’t you?”

I never thought they’d point a knife at me.

By the way, if I’d been drunk over one drink…….

That could have been life-threatening.


Rockid raised his axe and locked eyes with him.

It’s an odd gaze, even when you look at it again.

On the battlefield, in a life-and-death duel.

I’ve looked into the eyes of many people.

I’ve never seen a gaze like that.

For example, I’d compare it to…….

Let’s take as an example the leader Kichi, who was blatantly murderous towards herself.

‘… … Can that be considered a way to live?’

Unlike her, I didn’t see any life in him.

Like a bug doesn’t even need to emit to live.

The disdain was clear in his eyes.

“I don’t like you for a lot of reasons, from your floppy ears to the way you look.”

No fighting.

I felt bad for the trusting leader, but it seemed like he couldn’t keep his word. Avoiding an inevitable fight? It was not in the Rockid’s dictionary.


Rockid’s muscles instantly contracted.


He kicked the ground and bounced off.

He realized with the first sum.

There was no need to hide my strength in front of this elf.

Rockid’s axe loomed over the elf’s head.

Their gazes met once more.

His eyes still arrogant.

‘Let’s see how far your arrogance will take you!’

Rockid roared.

“My name is Rockid, and I will take your head!”

Said the Shadow Mercenaries.

But Rockid is not the weakest member of the Shadow Mercenaries.

His strength comes from the destructive power of his strikes.

That single blow was enough to make him the best among the mercenaries, and now that it was upon him. He was unfazed.

“Poor thing.”

That was all he said.


I don’t know what the hell he was talking about earlier.

If you’re trying to shake my spirit with bullshit.

‘I’ll tell you that it’s a no-brainer!’


Rockid gritted his teeth and brought his axe down.

The next moment, his sword moved slowly.

He’s going to block a blow that no amount of magic can block with a simple sword?

‘Cocky bastard.’


The moment the huge axe and sword met.

Boom, boom, boom.

It was actually Rockid’s body that collapsed.


My blow?

A mere sword?

I couldn’t believe it, even as I watched with my own two eyes.

Rockid muttered to himself.

“……How with a sword that isn’t even sheathed?”

The arrogant gaze turned to Rockid once more.

“This is the difference of birth.”

“……Difference of birth?”

“The difference between the blessed and the un-blessed.”

The ‘blessed’ bullshit popped up again.

It’s a damn shame the attack was blocked.

The guy in front of me wasn’t even taking the battle seriously.

Rockid’s pride would not allow it.

It was time for Rockid to pull himself together.

“Well, that’s a thing of the past now.”


“Which means I have no time to waste on trivial matters.”


You didn’t let your guard down for a second.

I’d lost him out of sight.

Fast, beyond fast.

Is that even the movement of a living thing?


The words flashed through Rockid’s mind.

-“This is the difference of birth.”

Is that what he meant?

That because he was an elf, not a human, he could unleash such power from such a weak body, and that he could reach speeds beyond humanity? Rockid gritted his teeth.

“The world is so fucking unfair after all……!”



The sword digs into his chest.

It was the result of countless battles.

My body reacted first.

Thanks to it, the sword strike narrowly missed his heart.


“……You crazy bastard. You meant that bullshit.”

Blood rushed to my throat.

This made it clear.

Elves, that guy’s attack had no pleasure, agony, or even awareness of taking life. He was simply aiming for his heart as if he were stomping on a small insect.

I could feel it in my gut.


Elves, they are the true monsters.

Rockid forced himself to his feet.

He played out dozens of battles in his head.

Damn it, not a single one was a victory.

They were all defeats, damn it.

“I’m sorry about that, Leader.”

Rockid stumbled over a number in his head.

Let’s see, just considering the credit posted at the bar, it would be more than my share of the commission fee… … . If the leader wants to fill my share, I’ll have to go through a lot of trouble in the holy war.

Just as he finished his thought.

Rockid’s gaze changed.

It’s sudden, but dying in battle against the strongest.

Isn’t that the death you always wanted?

And if possible…….

“To leave that son of a bitch with a scar that will last a lifetime.”

I don’t know if it’s the Leader or Wolf.

I never thought I’d say that to a big-eared bastard.

If I had an axe to grind.

I’d at least leave him with a decent scar.


I drew up my strength with a grunt.

From the mouth, from the chest wound.

Blood gushed out, but Rockid didn’t care.

“Here we go. I’ll leave an indelible scar on your sorry ass.”

If it’s a dying life, let it burn short and bold!




The players looked at the battlefield.

“Yes, this is what a battlefield smells like!”

It’s a battlefield with quests and loot.

And there was a legendary elf on the battlefield.

It was only natural that players would flock to the battlefield.

However, things didn’t go as expected from the start.


‘Agony Mountain Beast Boss’ : Lv.900

‘Agony Mountain Beast Adult’: Lv.700

‘Agony Mountain Beast Hatchling’: Lv.500


Minimum level 500 and maximum level 900.

Encountering them on the battlefield.

Players were stunned.

Beyond ‘big’.


Overwhelmingly huge.

“Oh, no. What monster is that big!”

Tens of meters at most.

Even the one that looked like a cub was three stories tall.

They also had too many heads.

It was a shame that the battlefield area was created in a deserted area.

To think that it had appeared in the middle of the city center……….

“Terrible. Really.”

The sheer scale of the demons was overwhelming for a moment.

The players quickly scanned their surroundings.

In order to match the number of people, the number of elves would have to be just as large.

Somehow, there was only one elf in sight.

“No way, that’s it?”

A single elf against a massive demon army.

Even those who thought they could rush into battle faster than anyone else could not help but notice.

“This, what should I do?”

The [Unfinished Holy War] quest was in progress.

No matter how good the loot was, no player would ever choose to side with the demons. In the end, there was only one option. Join the elves.

“……No, what difference does it make if we join them?”

Jumping into the fray?

The hesitation was understandable.

But it was only a fluke.


“Eh, eh?”

A long strand of golden hair.



Nothing but a golden afterimage remained.

The elf leapt into the midst of the demons.



And with that, the battle was over.

As if they hadn’t seen nothing.

A message popped up before the players’ eyes.

[Battlefield: Agony Mountain Beasts vs Elves] has ended.

Not only did I see it, but it was recorded on video.

I couldn’t believe it.

How could he single-handedly run into the midst of so many demons and win? While everyone was stunned, a few players exchanged glances.

“… … If you do this well, isn’t it something that can build relationships?”

“Because I’ve just been summoned to reality.”

“You’ll have to be kind enough to guide me to……!”

Elves, stronger than I could have ever imagined.

They could slaughter a level 900 Demon Race monster with just a few swings of their swords. Perhaps it would help to make some kind of acquaintance.

The players were about to head towards the elf.


They were met with an uncharacteristic stare.

The elf’s cold gaze was upon them.

A gaze not unlike that of a demon.

The pressure made them all freeze.

Except for one, Rockid.

“Do you know where our blessing is?”

“……Blessings? What kind of bullshit is that?”

“Foolish, you don’t even know what a blessing is.”

I can’t believe he can spit out his usual words under such pressure.

Truly, the Shadow Mercenaries have a way with words.

But my admiration was short-lived.


The elf slammed into Rockid.

“It wasn’t an illusion after all!”

“Isn’t that some kind of lunatic?”

“Ooh, he actually tried to kill us?!”

Everyone in the crowd swallowed hard.

I never thought I’d see the day when I’d be standing up for the Rockid.

But the cheering was futile.

After only two strikes, the elf’s sword pierced through Rockid’s chest.


Blood splattered on the floor.

“……Yash, are we supposed to watch this?”

“No, aren’t we supposed to stop it?”

“No matter how you look at it, I think you’re misunderstanding something.”


An unknown being.

Unknown strength.

My body refused to listen to me, terrorized by the unknown.


With a loud crash, Rockid’s movements gradually slowed.

The blood, which was only a few drops, suddenly flooded the surrounding area.

Everyone could feel it.

“He’s going to die!”

Once Rockid fell, what then?

There was no way the elf’s sword would not be turned on them.

After all, the elf had no reason to do so.

The only conversation the elf had with Rockid was…….

“Wasn’t it a blessing or something?”

It was neither Rockid’s nor theirs to know about the blessing.

Should they run away?

Or should they join the Rockid now?

It’s a moment of hesitation for the panicked players.

“…… is so fucking strong.”


Rockid, covered in blood, collapsed.

He was no longer interested in breathing.

The elf’s gaze shifted.

From Rockid to the players.

Someone summoned the courage to speak up.

“It’s too late to run, and if we do, we’re going to get……!”

The sword pointed at the reporters and the civilians.

In fact, if it was the old days.

I wouldn’t have given it a second thought.

But the damn quest kept catching my eye.

Prove your worth to the region. (Success)

I don’t know if it was his pride or what.

At the very least, my body refused to let go of that psycho elf.

Of course, not all players felt the same way.

“I, I don’t know, how am I supposed to stop a monster like that!”

” …… I’ll join you, though I don’t know if it’ll help.”

“Wow, that’s a lot of backing! Shit, brothers, I’m going first!”

In the commotion.

The elf stepped forward.

Sword in hand.

Still with an arrogant gaze.

Approaching the players.


I was about to …….


Magic flickered in the air.

High level magic, portals.

A sound came from beyond the surging magic.


Unknown being.

Even in the face of unknown fear.

As always, the proud voice continued.


I merely uttered the words.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.



As if in obedience.

The elf froze in place.


Agitation began to spread across the elf’s unchanged face.




[Elf, ‘Hierarchy of Blessings’ occurs to Elcidor].