Chapter 155 – The One That Bloomed (2)

◈ Episode 155. The One That Bloomed (2)


Although this exclamation was directed at a 300-won premium green tea bag……. Hmm, I can still relate to this remark. It’s all about the environment.

‘Maybe it’s because I drank it after getting soaked in the rain.’

This is the best green tea I’ve ever had.

It’s like drinking oden soup in the cold winter.

Of course, tea time didn’t last long.

I don’t know about you, but I had a much more important item in front of me than a 300-won green tea cup.

[Sixth Sight Brooch 2 of 6]

A total of six Sixth Sight Brooches.

I already owned one of them.

……Technically, it was borrowed from Magic Tower.

Am I not the Chief of Magic Tower? I’m Magic Tower, and Magic Tower is me. It’s not like I borrowed a tool for a long time.

‘But look at what I’ve done for them.’

At most, the level limit is level 100.

It’s one of the lowest level restrictions of all the magic items in Garnet Hall, so it’s natural to be impressed.

[Rank: Unique]

[Limit: Lv.500]

[Effect : Increases damage dealt by all physical attacks by 10%].

[Description: Part of a brooch where six come together to form one. Since it’s only a fraction of a brooch, its effectiveness has been lost quite a bit].

Suddenly, a level 500 cap?

An unimaginable number popped up.

Level 100 and level 500.

That’s not a big enough gap to be considered a set item.

A mere 500 levels.

Not so long ago, I might have bemoaned my lot.

But who am I?

A demon hunter who had hunted millions of demons on the Arcana Continent.

‘……This one was also captured by the Iron Castle.’

I was the one who took command of the Iron Castle, wasn’t I? That I was a dwarf, and that I was the Iron Castle, just like the Magic Tower, was evidenced by this level.

[Name: Grandfell Claudie Arpheus Romeo]

[Title: Last Adventurer, Sublime]

[Class: Demon Hunter]

[Level: 494]


Strength: 84 / Agility: 92 / Magic: 421 / Luck: 10 / Aesthetics: Low

[Points: 4]

Level 490, just before entering [Dungeon: City of Gloomy Rain].

I gained 4 levels by clearing the dungeon rift. Only six steps to level 500, which would have seemed unreachable in the past.

So the reason I was surprised wasn’t because of the level cap.

“That’s great craftsmanship. It is a brooch that is valuable even in its imperfections.”

……Of course, it’s not because the brooch is beautiful, either. The Grendfell.

It was.

The reason I was impressed was because of the effect of the second brooch.

I double-checked the effect of the first Sixth Sight Brooch.

[Effect: When you use magic, recover 10% of the magic you expended].

Again, it was a mage item effect. This one.

So I was kind of expecting it.

The level cap is five times as high, so maybe the effect is five times as good. I thought that even if I didn’t have [Natural Enemy], I wouldn’t have to suffer from magic.

[Effect: 10% more damage from all physical attacks].

But what is this sudden effect?

10% more physical attack damage.

I mean, that’s not exactly a mage buff, is it?

‘But if you look at it objectively, without prejudice…….’

I realized immediately.

This is not a normal effect.

From the days when Arcana was just a game to now. Items with damage-boosting effects were treated with a lot of prestige.

However, they were often a double-edged sword.

You don’t have to go far. You can tell just by looking at the Magic Tower’s magic tools, [Mark of the Gale] or [Luxury – Lightning-struck Branch Wand].

They only increase the power of a single magic, and they have a 24-hour cooldown.

It’s a tricky one, because it doesn’t just increase damage, it also increases mana cost.

‘But there’s no condition.’

As if that weren’t enough, it was also incredibly versatile.

All physical attack damage.

Swinging a sword or firing a crossbow bolt.

Sometimes you could even use magic to deal physical attack damage.

Stone walls and pillars.

Magic that’s manifested by assimilating for minerals, for example.

“I’ve got enough to wear.”

No, it’s not lacking, it just doesn’t have the right effect!

Class, Demon Hunter.

Purpose, one and only one.

To hunt demons by any means necessary.

[Strength] [Agility] [Magic].

Wasn’t I the one who used to mess with three stats when one wasn’t enough? I never realized that a set item’s unnecessary effects could actually be beneficial.

Indeed, since three is not enough, it is worth investing the points in [Luck].

‘And that’s not all.’

Two Sixth Sight Brooches.

When worn together, their set item effects are triggered.

You can even unlock additional effects.

So you’re good to go until level 500.

I’m six levels behind.

Not bad for a rain-soaked London Rift.

Since I learned the hidden effects of the title, [Sublime]. The second [Sixth Sight Brooch], which had a different effect than I expected but exceeded my expectations. And finally, the dangers of the Demon Race monsters.

“However, pride and arrogance are two very different things.”

Well said, Grandfell.

It’s not pride, it’s arrogance, to stand idly by while you know better.

Especially when it involves innocent others, like in London today.

Maybe it’s time to take a look around?


Indeed, we need to make sure that the British branch leader is not the only one possessed by the demon.

I didn’t have to worry about how I was going to meet the other branches around the world.

I knew my place.


I set down my teacup and opened my mouth.

“Let me examine your pride.”

The unfortunate thing is that it is not me.

So now, in the name of formality and procedure, let’s go to…….

Let’s get dressed.

Even the best [Warmth] buffs can’t protect you from getting soaked down to your underwear.


[Schreig, “Lee Ho-Yeol is the Savior of London.”]

[Eyewitness, “Lee Ho-Yeol’s Contract Spirit made the tree grow.”]

[Famous botanist, “A tree that has never been reported in the literature…….”]

The media was all over the news about London, the Dungeon Rift, and Lee Hoyeol. The reason was simple. They didn’t want to be caught in a huge backlash.

VBC News Agency.

Tap, tap, tap-!

Reporters tapping away at their keyboards as if their fingers were on fire.

“Ugh. Everyone’s working so hard.”

They say there’s nothing more fun than being a crippled man.

There was nothing wrong with the old saying.

PD Hyun Yong-seok sipped his Americano and salted it.

“Wow. No break. No break.”

He’d been a spokesman for the government until just before the London attacks.

And an anonymous AAU official.

The media was shaping public opinion about Lee Ho-yeol.

Hyun choked back the laughter that threatened to break out.

“Even if you have personal feelings about it, write it down.”

At the news agency, Lee Ho-yeol, the player, is famous for his notoriety, not his infamy.

He doesn’t even respond to most questions.

Even if you ask him a question with formality and manners, all you get is a short, formal answer.

-“It’s an internal matter.”

I was used to seeing players who were at least friendly, but then I met Lee Ho-yeol.

I can only imagine how burned up the reporters were.

I can understand their feelings, but this was definitely out of line.

Hyun Yong-seok clicked his tongue.

“You made up a story that didn’t exist.”

“…… Hey, Hyun Yong-seok, fan yourself. Fan.”

“Oh, were you there, Senior Jung?”

“You bastard, even if you had a team and escaped from the press office, do you really have to be so salty? What did I do to you that was so wrong? No, forget it. I don’t even want to talk about it. Get lost.”

Senior Jung rolls his eyes.

But who is Hyun Yong-seok?

Inside VBC, he’s known as, for better or worse, on-air crazy.

In a bad way, he was known as just plain crazy.

Hyun Yong-seok’s voice brightened at the sight of his senior’s tearful expression.

“It must be frustrating, even if I just wanted to spin a cool iced Americano. I forgot my wallet at home again today, so how can I get you a glass of cold water from the restroom?”

“That bastard, but……!!!”

Finally, an outraged Senior Jung opened his eyes.

Dang dang dang!

With a loud bang, an urgent voice was heard.

“Oh really, you’re here again, sseub, my toes.”

Clean foot.

The man with the sneakers was none other than Yoon Jong-jin, the general camera director of Today’s Arcana. Juseom Juseom. Jung swallowed his anger when he saw Yoon Jong-jin packing snacks.

“……They’re just a pair, damn it!”

Woomp woomp.

Yoon Jong-jin popped a snack into his mouth.

“Where did you put your cell phone and make me look for the real person?”

“Why, you’re fussing again. Is it because you want to go on a business trip to London?”

“Please don’t be horrible. Did you check the video?”


I’m talking about the video…….

Hyun Yong-seok was dumbfounded.

No wonder he was fussing like this.

“……Jong-jin, is that what I was talking about?”

“Yes, that’s it.”

“Let’s open it. There are too many prying eyes in here.”

“What?! If you’re going to talk, you’re going to spill something!”

Turning a blind eye to Jong’s pleas.

The two men walked down the corridor at a brisk pace.

Yoon Jong-jin whispered secretly.

“It must have been captured on the CCTV recording, the battle scene of Lee Ho Yeol!”

A strange space, a rift.

It was half reality and half the continent of Arcana.

Inside the rift, modern devices such as smartphones and cameras still work. The first thing that came to mind was CCTV cameras on the streets of London.

“Damn, I’m so jealous. The British Broadcasting Corporation!”

I’m sure they’re scouring the CCTV footage right now.

To get to the truth of what happened in the fog-shrouded rift.

And to report back to the world about Lee Ho-yeol’s exploits faster than anyone else.


“……What are you laughing about, Are you going to catch a plane?”

“You know I studied abroad in England, right?”

“You can’t even speak basic English and you’re a study abroad student.”

“No, even if I did, I wouldn’t be able to talk to people like that.”

Yoon Jong-jin snorted.

He wasn’t wrong, of course, but his discouragement was short-lived.

Besides, he had something to say today.

“I don’t know how to speak English, but international students. I’ve made some great friendships, and thanks to those connections, I got this video.”

“……what video?!”

“I have a local friend who runs a pub on the streets of London. It’s a CCTV recording of the pub. I haven’t checked it yet, but it shows Lee Ho-yeol on the CCTV outside the pub…….”



Hands faster than eyes.

Hyun Yong-seok snatched the smartphone and immediately played the video.

Soon, a panoramic view of rising London.


Soon, the two men’s faces were filled with panic.

Hyun Yong-seok’s hands were shaking.

No matter how crazy he was about scoops and exclusive stories.

This case was beyond his grasp.

He would be too.

“Is this even possible?”

A single CCTV recording was not enough to report on.

He couldn’t believe what was unfolding in front of him.

Hyun Yong-seok asked himself in disbelief.

“Who in the world would use an umbrella to beat a monster?!”




Someone had posed the question to the community.


Subject : But even Lee Ho-yeol is too much, isn’t he?

Description : The Arcana continent has been overrun by demons. Think about it. There were so many named NPCs in Arcana, plus the boss mobs that ruled over each area. How can we stop a demon that they couldn’t stop?


Lee Ho-yeol?

Of course, he’s awesome.

Estimated level at least level 900.

Chief of the Magic Tower.

As if that weren’t enough, he’s rebuilt the ancient kingdom of Yusra, rescued Frost, and allied with the Goddess Church. The Shadow Mercenaries and the Explorers’ Federation.

That’s a lot of power on his side.

“And us. Even players joined the quest.”

“Even so, the Holy War is a fight where we’re far outnumbered.”

“No, so you’re just going to suck your fingers?”

“No, I’m just saying I’m concerned.”

[Quest: The Unfinished Holy War].

The scale of the quest had grown out of control.

Arcanians, great guilds, and even supernovas.

With so many players gathered, it was only natural that there would be muddy waters.

“Can Lee Ho Yeol not be shaken?”

When the center of gravity is shaken, it is natural for the board to be shaken.

Lee Ho-yeol became a symbol of peace by defeating the demon king.

Now, he has completely cleared the London incident.

This is the image of Lee Ho-yeol shaking.

It’s not easy to imagine…….

“He has too much on his shoulders to be optimistic.”

Lee Ho-yeol’s shoulders were not only heavy, but extremely heavy.

The world’s expectations of him were high.

It was literally a superhuman standard.

A human being would feel overwhelmed.

“……I wonder if he’s a little bit sad sometimes.”

That’s what someone was muttering.


A loud bang echoed through the tavern.


An even worse scream followed.

Kingdom of Yusra.

It was the Rockid, a famous character of the Golden Crown Tavern.

He smashed the table with his fist.

Drunk as usual.

He’s been drinking too much today.

It was a moment the players tried to ignore.

“……Wait, what’s that video? Isn’t that Lee Ho-yeol?”

Breaking news on the screen.

CCTV footage of a London street playing.

A level 600 monster.

There was Lee Ho-Yeol, holding up an umbrella, facing the [Ghost of the Gloomy City].

His movements were stiff, but not stiff enough.

Ho Yeol swung his umbrella, and the ghosts scattered like water.

Rockid gritted his teeth.

‘That’s not sword energy.’

It is something that goes beyond the level of sword energy.

In that short time.

You’ve reached a level that even I can’t fathom.

Rockid’s anger boiled inside him.

“If you’re going to talk shit, why don’t you get out of here, everyone? Huh?!”

He shouted at the players who had been making jokes earlier.

“You say you feel sorry for that freak?! That’s ridiculous!”




I looked at myself on the screen, engaged in an umbrella fight.

…… Seriously, man, that’s one form.

And what a way to advertise black history to the world.

A black long umbrella, no less.

There is no other person in the world as pitiful as me.