Chapter 138 – Believe in Me (2)

◈ Episode 138. Believe in Me (2)

There wasn’t much on the agenda.

But the aftermath of the roundtable was in no way less than the first.

After the chief and senior mages left the Crystal Hall one after another.

Those left behind began to talk in earnest.

“Where does this confidence come from?”

Jibril, an adept mage.

As evidenced by her colorful hair, Jibril was always confident.

However, there was something about Chief Lee that went beyond confidence.

“You’re entering the Arcana Continent alone?”

I don’t need to explain the dangers at all.

Why, just looking at the rift was enough.

It wasn’t enough to take over the Arcana Continent.

There were demons out to devour the adventurers’ world as well.


“I honestly don’t know what you’re thinking.”

Linne, an adept mage with an arrogant personality, lifted her shoulders.

“Chief, you’re amazing, everyone in the Magic Tower knows that, but don’t you think you’ve crossed the line? I mean, the Arcana Continent, that’s not even close to the Rift, is it?”

“Even Linne’s good at being an asshole. But I can’t argue with that.”

“That’s right! I’m right……. What? What do you mean, an asshole?!”

Tempers flared.

In between arguments, Jibril smoothed her chin.

‘It’s not like he doesn’t realize the danger.’

It was Chief Lee, who probably knew more about the situation on the Arcana Continent than they did.

And unlike them, with their mediocre skills, he must know their abilities and limitations.


So it was?

Jibril’s eyes sparkled.

“What if there’s a reason to take such a big risk?”

This is why country bumpkin nobles shouldn’t be like this.

Whatever happened to culture?

Linne, who was in the middle of a childish argument, turned her head.

Even so, she couldn’t miss Jibril’s words.

“What did you just say, Miss Jibril?”

“Never mind, keep fighting. Linne.”

“Yes? Miss Jibril, I think you’re misunderstanding something. This isn’t a fight, it’s a duel to defend the honor of the family……!”

Linne’s excuses.

It did not reach the ears of Jibril, who had caught her interest.

Jibril found herself at the entrance to the Crystal Hall.

She spotted Klee in the crowd.


“What a surprise, Jibril?”

Jibril asked softly, throwing her arms around Klee.

“Miss Klee. How did you get any income from the conversation?”

Senior Mage Bellier and Matisse arrived in the Crystal Hall late to hear Senior Lee’s declaration.

Naturally, they had come because they had a suspicion about something.

But unlike Jibril, Klee didn’t go that far.

“Income? Seriously, I don’t know anything!”

What was Jibril talking about?

She poked herself in the side.

Klee sobbed in frustration.

“Aaah, it tickles, really, really, what are you talking about!”




‘I don’t know, why all of a sudden?’

Bellier hurried his steps.

She wondered what was so urgent.

Chief Lee had left as soon as the roundtable was over.

It was to catch up with him.

Formality and etiquette.

I knew that you never meet without regular appointments, but… … .

Bellier had no time for formalities now.

‘There must be a reason.’

I wonder if the reason is what I think it is?

……If it is.

Bellier bit his lower lip.

‘At least I can’t stand by and watch.’

This was far too dangerous, far beyond his capabilities.

Bellier knew it.

Even Karimzeva, the demi-gods, the elder mages, knew of the existence of the High-ranking Demon Kings.

Its resurrection would require overwhelming sacrifices, but wasn’t the continent of Arcana already a living hell? Sacrifices would fill the garage.

A High Ranking Demon King.

There was a good chance that one, or the equivalent, had appeared on the Arcana Continent. No, they would have, and the continent would have fallen into the hands of demons.

‘…… I don’t think I can help.’

Against such a formidable foe, Bellier, joining him would make no difference, but this was a matter of the heart. Her head knew, but her heart couldn’t stay still.


Bellier knocked on the door to the Chief’s office.

“This is Bellier Yusia.”

Somber eyes.

Soon, it caused quite a stir at the round table conference.

A calm voice was heard, as if he was playing a game.

“You may enter. Senior Mage Bellier.”


Bellier opened the door and stepped inside, what caught her eye was a scenery no different from usual. An understated office. It was Hoyeol sitting at his desk with an excessively upright posture.

As expected, it was not easy to come face-to-face with him.

But Bellier was determined.

This was about Marcelo, and nothing else.

“I apologize for coming to you without an appointment.”

“I’ll accept that apology.”

“I’ll also apologize in advance for coming to see you to break the etiquette. Chief Lee Ho-yeol, I have a question I’d like to ask you.”

Ho-Yeol raised his head.

Bellier turned to face Ho-Yeol.

Lee Hoyeol.

A face that didn’t show a single emotion.

Faced with that face, her doubts grew stronger.

‘Are you sure about my application to leave the tower…….’

Is he entering the Arcana Continent?

If he didn’t know anything, he would have thought it was impossible.

But Bellier had seen it with his own two eyes.

-“Senios the Elder Mage…….”

Ho-Yeol mourned Senios with more sincerity than anyone else.

He’d seen a glimpse of the man inside.

Bellier finished her sentence.

“I would like to know why the Chief wishes to enter the continent of Arcana.”

It was Ho Yeol, who had put her application on hold.

You probably know the intent of the question better than anyone else.

Bellier’s guess was correct.



I thought you came right after me.

For a split second, I wondered when I’d grabbed the teacup.

Ho-yeol put the teacup down and answered.

The answer could not have been clearer.

“Because the Simuard family is there.”


One climbs a mountain just because it’s there.

As someone once said.




Bellier needs a reason, if no one else does.

If it weren’t for Bellier’s application, the fact that Marcelo is suffering from the Curse of Terminal Illness.

Without it, he wouldn’t be able to fulfill his quest.

“Because the Simuard family is there.”

……But it’s always the pouty mouth, really.

Even when I’m fine, my pouty mouth has finally gotten the better of me.

I remind myself.

Even if you are a picky eater in this world, there is no book to read.

‘… … Let’s never look into the collection of famous sayings.’

Anyway, I’m glad you came, it saved me a lot of trouble.

I have many questions for Bellier.

I needed information about Marcelo’s current status, as well as the [Simuard Family Request] quest. But for some reason, Bellier’s reaction was strange.


I let out a small laugh.

Did she notice my shallow quote?

For a moment, my feet go numb.

“……I’m afraid I owe you another apology.”


“I got ahead of myself.”

I didn’t even have time to protest.

Bellier spoke up, his voice tight.

“Chief Lee Ho-yeol. I will enter the Arcana Continent with you.”

Marcelo and Bellier.

I don’t know about their relationship, nor do I want to, but I can tell that Bellier is genuinely concerned about Marcelo.

I can tell by the fact that he signed up to go.

‘Sure. There’s nothing wrong with going together.’

It would be great for me, and it would be great for Bellier.

But like I said, it wasn’t going to happen.

I can’t explain the item’s effects and title to Bellier.

“I’m afraid I must decline your request.”

“Chief Lee, I am……!”

“I can imagine how you feel, Senior Bellier.”

So I’m just being me again.

“Nevertheless, please believe in me.”

Of course, I need Bellier’s help, even if it’s not necessarily accompanying me.

“And I have a question for you, too.”

“I will answer …….”

“I need information on the Simuard Family. Exactly where it is, and the approximate members of the family. More specifically, I’d like to hear about Countess Simuard.”


Bellier looked up from her dejectedly lowered head as I asked, and then proceeded to regale me with the information she knew about the Simuard family and the Curse of the Terminal Illness.

Only after the story was over did Bellier seem to realize it.

“We’ve been close since we were children,” she said, “but I may be mistaken or misunderstand something, so I think it would be most accurate to ask the person involved.”

Pride reacted before I did.

Marcelo Simuard.

Information about his family.

Is it right to get it through a third party?

Under normal circumstances, it would never have been acceptable to Pride.

But not when demons are involved.

Even this could be a trick of the demons.

Demons were like that.

‘If it’s true that the curse of the terminal illness is related to the demons.’

What would happen when Marcelo found out? Marcelo’s quiet anger at the demon might turn into an uncontrollable rage.

‘I wouldn’t be able to stop him.’

After all, who can stop Marcelo if he’s going to pick up a magic item and annihilate the demon? Besides, those negative emotions end up fueling the demon.

After explaining such a complex reason, I said with a single word.



“It’s not good for him to have violent emotional changes.”

For a moment, Bellier’s pupils dilated.

So did Matisse’s.

The senior mage had a way with words.

Oh, except for Bensch William.

Because his application to appear is more annoying than a spam message.

Flowing silence–

Bellier spoke up after a short silence.

“I understand why you thought that, and I understand what you meant, but…….”

Her concern was directed at me this time.

“No matter what, you shouldn’t be carrying such a burden alone……!”

“There’s nothing to worry about.”

No, I don’t have anything to worry about, do I?

I have the title of “last adventurer” on me.

But once again, I can’t help but be myself.

“To live is to swim in solitude.”

……Please don’t cover up your black history, Grandfell.

Don’t you pity me for swimming in that black history?




I want to speak with the Evil Dragon Hunter, Lee Ho-Yeol.

Skarl’s bombshell reappearance was a surprise.

Naturally, it was enough to grab the attention of the world.

Unofficially ranked #1, Lee Ho-yeol.

Officially ranked #1, will the meet happen?

The rankers were on edge.

“Don’t you think there’s something involved?”

“Evil Dragon Hunter. How does he know it’s an evil dragon in the first place? Didn’t he even know if it was a lizard or a dragon because he was buried in a labyrinth?”

“Considering Skarl’s class, I’d say it was most likely related to the Dragon Knight [class quest].”

The Shining.

Rox, Camilla, and Dmitri had a constructive conversation for once.

Lee Ho-Yeol and Skarl meet. He knew the weight it carried.

Dmitri shuddered softly.

“Skarl’s class quest,” he said, “it gives me the creeps.”

A hidden class, a dragon knight.

And thanks to Skarl’s obsession with mysticism, the class’s abilities were shrouded in mystery, but everyone could see them. The potential of the Dragon Knight is endless.

“Let’s see. It reminds me of the old days~”

When Arcana was just a game.

Camilla had once pointed a bow at Skarl.

It wasn’t that she held a grudge.

She’d been entangled in a quest and had no choice.

What Skaarl was riding at that time was not a dragon, but an ordinary courser.

“But you didn’t get hit even once? I’m so angry that I feel like I’m going to die.”

Skarl dodged countless arrows, magic, and commanded the battlefield.

Watching the spectacle, Shining had come to a conclusion.

Skarl, if he were to become a true Dragon Knight, there would be no player in Arcana who could compete with him. No, there would be no guild.

Dmitri spoke up in a bitter voice.

“Yes, because you’re a rare Hidden Class! Great potential? I can understand that. Besides, you’re a Dragon Knight. How could you possibly ride a dragon on top of the Zero Mountains. I honestly laughed at you behind your back, but……!”

Lee Ho-Yeol.

The moment the name came out of Skarl’s mouth.

Dmitri froze.

“You don’t know Lee Ho-Yeol! It’s impossible for Skarl or us to hunt dragons, but look at what he did in the Teffern Labyrinth! What did they say? A ray of light in an infinite darkness?!”

Normally, Camilla would have given Dmitri a criticism for his words.

But for once, she nodded seriously.

This was no laughing matter.

“What if… what if Mr. Ho-Yeol works with the Skarl?”

“Dude, that’s a terrible thing to say……!”

“And what if Skar escapes from being a half-dragon knight?”

“Wow. I’m tired just thinking about it.”

“Enough about you, Dmitri. Rox, what do you think?”

Rox, who had been silent, spoke up.

“Dragon Knight. The potential is comparable to that of the [Archmage].”


“Rox, what’s that?”


That was Jesse’s class.

Jesse Heinness, now that he had left the Shining nest.

“It’s not the end, it’s the cold hard facts.”

If Jesse had stayed, I wouldn’t have worried.

But now his position had changed.

Rox finished the sentence.

“All we can do is keep an eye on the situation.”

More than just watching.




But not everyone was on the same page as Ranker.

Nam Tae-min.



The three guild masters of the Great Alliance.

The three of them thought as soon as they heard Skarl’s declaration.

First, Leonie was stunned.

“Do you see that maniac?!”

What does Lee Ho-Yeol hate most?


But to mention his name in front of the media?

Skarl, you must have lost your senses after living in seclusion. Evil Dragon Hunter? He wants to meet with Ho-yeol? I don’t know what he wants.

“That bastard. He’s not going to make it in this life.”

I mean.

I’m working my ass off for a cup of tea.

Is that really the attitude of someone asking me to cooperate?

“Tsk tsk.”

Leonie clicks her tongue.

Beside her, Hisagi nodded vigorously.

“Leonie-san is right, you were wrong, Skarl.”

Hisagi and the rest of Inazuma’s guild.

They had experience.

They had been nearly beaten to death by Ho-Yeol in the Kingdom of Yusra.

So they had something to say as the seniors in etiquette training.

“It’s customary to bow politely before speaking to someone in their sleep.”

“…… You’re a good talker.”

I never thought I’d see the day in my life when I’d agree with Hisagi.

Nam Tae-min’s thoughts were no different from the two.

I don’t know what he was looking for, though.

“I think you’ve made a big mistake.”




It was.

The three of them were correct.

Soon, Ho Yeol appeared in the portal of the Magic Tower.

Countless people rushed toward him.


The reporters were eager to get their cameras and microphones on him, but it wasn’t anyone else, it was Hoyeol.

They swallowed hard, stood their ground, and cautiously asked their questions.

“What do you think of the player Mr. Skarl’s declaration?”

“Mr. Skarl has declared you to be a Evil Dragon Hunter…….”

“That the being that should not be awakened is a dragon…….”

Ho Yeol listened to the questions in silence.

But there was no further kindness.

After so many questions.

Ho-Yeol opened his mouth.

“From now on, I will consider this a disruption.”





I mean, I have enough to worry about without that.

So, what?

Evil dragon hunter? Did you spread that rumor around the neighborhood?!

I think our relationship is doomed before it begins, Skarl.

I continued, my voice as cold as ever.

“Get out of my way, will you, because I have no time to waste.”