Chapter 127 – The Infinite Darkness (3)

◈ Episode 127. The Infinite Darkness (3)

The Explorers’ Federation.

Its reputation and prestige stretched from the continent of Arcana.

After the Cataclysm, it remained so until the present day.

Their high reputation was largely thanks to the influence of the AAU.

“Knowing information about Arcana is not enough; you need to use it to predict variables, and in that case, the Explorers’ Federation are experts. Perhaps it is a blessing in disguise for humanity that they have come into existence.”

Indeed, the Explorers’ Federation has been of great assistance to humanity, including the AAU.

They passed on information about the Arcana continent that only they knew.

Of course, they weren’t blind.

Call them crazy for exploration.

They put their own interests above all else.

They took a lot in return.

This made them notorious among players, not infamous.

“Explorers? It’s good to have them, of course, but vague explorers are more of a hindrance than a help, and they need to be among the top explorers in the Federation to be worth having around……. Their prices are no joke, are they?”

It was enough to make even the money-grubbing Rankers tremble!

As a result, some top guilds would even look for players with the Explorer class and train them, even if it was a bit late in the game.

If anything, it was because they were offered on the cheap.

In that sense, it was bound to make a splash.

[Explorers’ Federation, “All we want is to explore Teffern…… and we don’t want to be paid.”]

The Explorers’ Federation had declared itself unpaid.

[Fabian Delon, President of the Explorers’ Federation, “We want to be helpful to the players of Lee Ho Yeol.”]

As if that weren’t enough, they did it in a very polite way.

It was the ranked players who had the most contact with the Explorer’s Federation who reacted most strangely.

These players had a confused look on their faces.

“This, should I call it sweet or bitter?”

It’s a different attitude, but not too different!

Fabian Delong, President of the Federation.

I can’t believe that high-nosed, curly-haired tycoon would say such a polite thing! But it also pricked my conscience to feel bitter.

Fabian’s opponent was Ho Yeol.

-To be honest, I kind of understand Fabian’s behavior.

-But the reputation he’s built up must be different.

-Just look at what Lee Ho-yeol did and you’ll get a reference.

-Lol, I’m sure it’s a great opportunity for the Explorers’ Federation now that Lee Ho-yeol has the Teffern quest, and that’s why he’s going out so low-key.

-……Are they just trying to get on the bus???

At that time, the Kingdom of Yusra.

Explorers’ Federation Headquarters.

The high-ranking Explorer of the Explorers’ Federation was seated.

Subtle nervousness flowed through their gazes.

‘I’m the one who’s participating in the Teffern Labyrinth expedition.

“I’m sure they’ll try to keep an eye on us.’

“Even if there’s nothing to gain, I need a track record.’

Fabian, the Federation leader, recognized the meaning in their eyes.

‘Everyone has an ulterior motive, and some of them want my position.’

The election for the next Federation President was just around the corner.

Although he wasn’t the type of person to dwell on feelings of gratitude.

Fabian had no intention of handing over his position easily.

Because he was confident.


Fabian turned his head slightly.

“By the way, I’ll be joining the Teffern Labyrinth expedition.”


The explorers of the Federation went wide-eyed at Fabian’s declaration.

No wonder.

It had been a while since Fabian had been out in the field.

Someone said sarcastically.

“I suppose you’re getting impatient with the election coming up?”

An obvious taunt.

But Fabian shrugged it off.

“No urgency. I’m still confident that I’m the best explorer I’ve ever been, even after a few years off, but those of you who hold the votes may think otherwise. I just thought this would be a good opportunity to prove my worth.”


The explorers swallow dryly.

‘This is not a bluff.’

Fabian was well past middle age, but his body, including his appearance, was still in its prime.

The muscles that flexed as he lightly stretched proved it.

“It is also safe to say that the honor of the Federation is at stake in the exploration of the Teffern Labyrinth. The Magic Tower, the Knights of Lionheart, and even Muon, as they have shown themselves to be. The Explorers’ Federation needs to step up.”

Flowing silence.

Everyone realized the implications of Fabian’s words.

Some players even bit their lips hard.

‘You mean you’re going to go all out?’

‘There’s no way we’re going to get back in order.’

‘…… Damn, I was hoping to get on the Lee Ho-Yeol bus.’

‘Fucking Levels.’

A meeting that ended with his own declaration of war.

Left alone at the round table, Fabian shrugged.

“Rookies these days have no guts. No guts.”

He muttered playfully.

“Since when is an explorer dependent on the Federation?”

Fabian had a point.

To him, an explorer had to be stubborn.

A stubbornness that would not be bent by anyone.

In that sense.

The people in the room today didn’t see it.

“So this is how you end up doing something you’re not meant to do.”

If this was the continent of Arcana.

Fabian would have resigned his position as Federation Leader without a second thought.

But this was the world of adventurers.

He couldn’t leave the future of the Explorers’ Federation in the hands of such an ugly person.

“By the way, you’re great.”

Adventurer, Lee Ho-yeol.

Did I mention that you discovered the existence of a labyrinth in Teffern through a dark spirit?

A labyrinth might not seem like a big deal to some people, but to Fabian, it was.

There were hundreds of labyrinths on the Arcana continent alone.

Fabian had enough experience to be called an expert in labyrinths.

Besides, this Lee Ho Yeol, who was he?

“At least you don’t have to worry about the old man’s life.”

The man who had defeated the King of Demons, the Demon King.

At the same time, he was the chief mage of the Magic Tower and the ruler of the Yusra Kingdom. As if that weren’t enough, he’s also the savior of the Holy Land, Muon, and the one who sprouted the seed of the World Tree…….

“……and finally, The Infinite Darkness.”

All of this from a single man?

Fabian stuck out his tongue.

“It’s like the 10th wonder of the world.”

On the one hand, I was excited.

What kind of man is Lee Ho-yeol?

But Fabian’s hopes were dashed.

“Mr. Fabian. A reply has arrived.”

“A reply?”

“A letter from Lord Lee Ho-Yeol.”

“Oh, thank you.”

The moment I took the letter back from Ho-Yeol, I fell apart.

Shiny, gilded paper.

It was the letter he had sent.


The letter I sent came back to me?

An ominous feeling of premonition.

Fabian opened the letter in disbelief.


Such a noble handwriting.

Beneath his own letter.

A reply from Ho-yeol.


To present a more detailed purpose as required by procedure.


“…… Procedure? Purpose?”

One line.

No, two lines if you count the P.S..


PS. Unnecessary luxuries are not good.



An honorific that’s all about formality.

I chose expensive gilded paper to match my taste.

I never expected to be criticized for my extravagance.

No, beyond that, what is the specific purpose?

Fabian muttered in disbelief.

“……This isn’t going to be easy, is it?”

I felt tense for the first time in a while.

Without realizing it.

A cold sweat broke out on Fabian’s forehead.


“Failed. The purpose is unclear.”

Actually, I can guess why.

With the Magic Tower and other Arcana powers in play.

The Explorers’ Federation must have felt the need to do something. Perhaps the [Teffern Labyrinth] would be a good fit, an appropriate opportunity.

But it’s all procedural.

You have to make sure you’re doing it right.

You can’t change your mind later.

Even the application form had to be clear about the purpose.

“Bensch William. I see you’re not bored.”


I looked at Bensch’s application and thought to myself.

Still, if I can get the purpose right…….

‘Well, I suppose I’d better give it a positive review.’

The Labyrinth.

Infamous content from the days when Arcana was just a game.

All sorts of vicious traps lurked.

The monsters that appeared were named mobs, and they were tricky.

In some cases, I’d say it was harder than a similarly moderately difficult [dungeon].”…….

‘It’s no wonder you need professional help.

Now that the Demons are less active.

The chances of [Natural Enemy] being triggered were low.

‘I’m not confident. No doubt.’

In that case, there is no better ally than the Explorers’ Federation.

Unless, of course, you’re dragging a mage with you.

I’m sure we can find a way around the Labyrinth.

“One man is enough.”

…… Sufficient is bullshit. That’s a mouthful.

Anyway, as you can see.

There’s no way that such a high-minded individual would allow the mages of the Tower to be manipulated for personal gain.

For now, I put aside my thoughts about Teffern and the Explorers’ Federation.

‘There’s no point in dwelling on it.’

I’ve already written to the Explorers’ Federation.

The [Teffern Labyrinth] rift hasn’t even come up yet.

So for now.

─Weight of the Chief (repeated)▼

Let’s stay true to the weight I carry.

I checked the quest objectives.

Among the many goals, a new one has emerged.

●Conduct a successful roundtable conference. (in progress)


The High Lord and the Elder Mage.

And not the roundtable of old, where only the Chief Mage attended.

We can’t hold it, even if we wanted to.

The Lord is absent due to unforeseen circumstances.

And there was only one Elder Mage left out of the five.

So it was.

It’s not the roundtable of old.

It’s a new roundtable.

A change that would ensure that Magic Tower would not repeat the mistakes of the past.

I rose to my feet and chanted.

“Time is like afternoon tea.”

In layman’s terms, time is gold…….

……In plain words, time is gold.

In my dictionary, anyway, there is no such thing as tardiness.

I straightened my clothes and started walking.

Toward the Crystal Hall, where the roundtable would be held.



The Crystal Hall was abuzz with activity.

This was a first for everyone at the event.

The apprentice mages, the little chicks of the tower.

Their heads were constantly flicking up and down, like chicks looking around.

Even though I was here to represent the Apprentice Mages, I could barely keep up the facade.

“…… Wow, that’s Senior Mage Bellier!”

“This is the first time I’ve ever seen all the senior mages in one place!”

“You guys are so cool!”

Twenty senior mages.

All seated in the Crystal Hall.

This was a sight that was rarely seen even at regular conferences.

“The others must be really envious, right?”

“That’s right!”

“What’s the point of being envious? You can just attend the next conference.”

“Oh, no, I know, it’s not an easy thing to do.”

The new roundtable had the following ranks: apprentice, adept, senior, chief, and elder.

All mages in the tower were welcome to attend, regardless of rank.

Unlike the apprentice mages.

Adepts who drank a little more from the waters of Magic Tower.

Narrowed eyes.

Jibril scanned the air of the Crystal Hall, then spoke.

“What does everyone think?”

Several Adepts spoke up in response.

“You are definitely beautiful today too. Miss Djibril……”

“No, enough with the flattery. About the roundtable.”

“Oops, sorry.”

A meeting of all the mages in the tower.

A symbol of closure.

Something unthinkable was happening in the old Magic Tower.

Jibril’s eyes sharpened.

” ……The tower, too. Things are definitely changing here.”

Of course, I was glad to hear it.

It wasn’t something I would dislike.

I was just curious as to what had prompted this change.

Jibril poked Klee in the forearm.


“What is it, Jibril?”

“After all, this must be his influence, right, Miss Klee?”

“Haha, wouldn’t you say so?”

“You’re certainly not ordinary.”

Why, there was nothing to go far back on.

Just what had happened in the tower just moments before.

It was enough to shake a magic tower.

“You have brought the dark spirits into submission.”

Seniors, including Feiyan.

The tower was filled with adept and apprentice mages of the Spirit School in groups.

Mages of all ranks.

It was inevitable that everyone in the Tower would know about the events that took place at the [Tetfern Fence] that day.

The noise.

So, amidst the commotion.

“An infinite darkness…….”

“If a spirit can call it that, it must be something great, right?”

“The infinite darkness……. He’s rather fitting, isn’t he?”

“I heard he’s even pretty good with a sword.”

An infinite darkness.

It was no wonder that Ho Yeol’s alias was mentioned over and over again.

The senior mages were no exception. Each of the senior mages looked at Feiyan and said something.

“Senior Feiyan, you’re not only the first among us to make the trip exit the tower, but you’ve also made a good show of it.”

“Not only did you accomplish your goal, but you also gained information about the Dark Spirits. I’m sure you’re less worried about the next regular conference. I envy you.”

In many ways, I owe a lot to this chief.

Feiyan curled her lip and smiled coolly.

“Well, you’re not wrong, haha.”

Bensch William, a senior in Flame Magic.

He even had a desperate look in his eyes.

“How on earth did you fill out the application form, Senior Feiyan? I’m actually feeling a bit unfair. There’s no other senior who’s more eager to go than me! Look, I’ve already filled out dozens of applications……!”

Of course, the chatter didn’t last long.

His nemesis, Matisse, spoke up.

“Bensch William, you need to learn to be silent.”


Bensch lamented his inability to stop talking when he felt triggered.

Feiyan gave Matisse an appreciative glance.

Matisse nodded slightly, thinking.

‘A dark spirit.’

The only intersection of Black Magic and Spirit Magic.

But just like Feiyan.

Even Matisse, the founder of black magic, didn’t have much knowledge of dark spirits.

However, he could guess why Ho Yeol was able to subdue him.

“……Darkness is engulfed by deeper darkness.”

A conversation about the nature of black magic.

Perhaps the Chief remembered that conversation.

It was only natural.

‘Chief Lee’s potential for black magic is immeasurable.’

‘The proper amount of magic power’ is beyond imagination.’

What kind of past do you have?

How did you come to possess such a proper amount of magic?

Matisse was once concerned about that.

As he said.

The nature of black magic is that darkness gives way to deeper darkness.

Matisse knew the nature of black magic better than anyone.


If the proper amount of magic were to run amok…….

the aftermath would be unthinkable.

But Matisse had no such concerns.

He had seen it, hadn’t he?

-“Senios the Elder Mage…….”

『The place where the ice cap lies』.

He saw Ho-Yeol mourning Senios there.

Yes, Chief Lee was holding the weight better than anyone else.

His unwavering posture was proof of that.

Just as Matisse was finishing his thought.

Another angle.

The sound of polished shoes echoed through the crystal hall.

Ho-Yeol and Marcelo.

Finally, the two chiefs were at the roundtable.

The commotion died down with their arrival.

All eyes were focused on them.

…… click-clack─

But why?

Ho Yeol’s eyes were much more subdued than usual.

It was beyond calm, to the point where it seemed cold.




……There’s no use in coming here and being quiet now.

I could hear it from outside.

The voice that used to yell at me about the “infinite darkness”!

I am seriously concerned.

Will I be so embarrassed that I won’t be able to live up to my name?

The only good thing is that it doesn’t show.

I turn to Marcelo and say nonchalantly.

“Let’s get started.”

To enjoy.

The title of infinite darkness is too much for me.

If I can’t avoid it, and I can’t enjoy it, let’s get it over with as soon as possible…….