Chapter 117 – Demon Castle (3)

◈ Episode 117. Demon Castle (3)

The Shadow Mercenaries.

With the exception of Malseok and Rockid.

They don’t enjoy battles with large numbers.

In fact, they never have to face such a situation.

The Shadow Mercenaries charge astronomical fees to assassinate a single target.

But that doesn’t mean they not skilled at fighting in large numbers.

[Demon Castle of Rhyme]

Amdusias, the 67th ranked Demon King.

The moment they entered the Rift, his domain.

The demons charged.

“In later years, quests are ferocious. Isn’t that right, old man?”

Seat 2, Wolfe Saccharin, spoke to Alkari.


Of course, his hands don’t rest as the demon charges.

He has a crossbow in each hand.

Alkari dug around in his bag.

“Well, what can I say, it’s the leader’s will.”

“I wonder what our leader saw. I wonder why she’s stuck like this.”




The crossbow fired and reloaded.

A single bolt pierced through a dozen of the demons.

The average level of the Demon Army was a whopping 500.

Considering their defense, it was an unbelievable sight to behold.

However, Alkari didn’t even bat an eye.

“That’s right. Since you’re just taking a nap on a fantasy day, you don’t even realize what’s going on, do you? I’ll make it short: even the Rockid has lowered his tail.”

Let’s see, this will do.

The demon charges again.

Alkari throws the potion vial out of his hand.


The poison immediately spreads.


“Sah, spare me. My lord!!”

“It hurts so much!!!”

The horrific screams rang out for a moment.

The demon army had melted away without a trace.

The power of the attack was astonishing.

The Shadow Mercenaries knew each other’s skills.

So Wolfe was just surprised elsewhere.


“……What? Rockid of the World, admitted to it?”

The Rockid, of course.

It’s a ridiculous title, but there was a reason for it.

If they had stayed on the continent of Arcana, instead of falling into the World of Adventurers.

I’m sure Rockid would have won a seat at the table above him.

……Of course, that head could have been mine.

“Wow. That’s a bit of a shock, and a bit of a shame, because I haven’t been recognized by Rockid yet either. How did you find out, my sister?”

Seat 6, Isabella.


She didn’t reply.

If only he could see the change in her expression.

Her bangs completely covered her eyes, making it hard to see.

Alkari snorted.

“Did you expect her to answer?”

“Uh, no. I just haven’t seen her in a while.”

“Well, if you want to talk, why don’t we have a drink of this poison first?”

“No, old man. What kind of a joke do you have that’s so unfunny and gruesome?”


She was as soft-spoken as she looked.

Or, more accurately, she did not speak to the living.

“Rise, it is time to serve your new master.”

She was a Necromancer.


The corpses that Wolfe and Alkari had defeated came to life and began to move.

The resurrected wraiths were no ordinary skeletons.

Starting with the Bone Warrior.

Knights of Death, Deathknights.

I counted the number of summoned Deathknights on one hand.

Death is fair to all.



As if to prove their point, the resurrected spirits trampled the demons at a furious pace, calling forth their forces at a rapid pace, creating gaps in the demon army.

Not to mention the efforts of Wolfe and Alkari.

“The way is open! All armies charge! The Goddess is with us!”

Talim Eber.

There was room for the paladins of the Goddess Church he led.

Talim swallowed his admiration again.


They didn’t know each other’s specific circumstances.

Talim did not know that they were Shadow Mercenaries.

‘They are quite skilled.’

But he could recognize their skill at a glance.

An army of demons that he and his paladins could barely defeat in concert, the three of them, alone.

‘Indeed, there are such men beneath him.’

Of course, as with anything, you can only see what you know.

Talim did not recognize them.

The Shadow Mercenaries.

That they were just as impressed as he was.

“Still, I can understand it, even if I haven’t seen it myself. Old man.”

Wolfe said, looking at the three men.

They were the senior mages of the tower.

“Senior means you’re stronger than them.”

They felt Wolfe’s gaze on them.

It was Bensch William, senior fire mage.

Bensch glanced over, watching Isabella’s performance.

“I see you have a Necromancer of that caliber among your allies.”

The comment was as simple as that.

It was only natural.

They were the senior mages of the tower.

“Well, we’re not there yet.”

There were no senior mages of necromancy in the Tower.

What that meant was simple.

Necromancy, at any level, is not the same as magic.

Not even close to the level of magic he was seeking.

Moreover, there was a demon in front of him, a demon king.

The one who had deceived the tower and taken the life of the elder mage Senios.

The senior mages had also been told the purpose of the tower: to slay the demon.

“Chief Lee wants a sure victory.”

Senior Black Mage Matisse looked at the Demon King.

He could sense something strange in that gaze.

From the looks of it, there were other Demon Corps Commanders.

But it didn’t matter.

Matisse continued.

“Trample the worms, gentlemen.”

The Shadow Mercenaries, the paladins of the Goddess Church.

There was no hindrance to the manifestation of magic.

So there is no restraint.

Now that the power is not enough, even the use of magic item is permitted.

In Bensch’s hands, a small mechanical device emerged.

[Small Magic Sun].

Naslow, the senior illusionist, also used a tool.

[Golden Statue of Illusion].

An otherworldly energy surged through Matisse’s body.

It burned through demons, demon corps commanders, and even the demon king Amdusias.

Demons stabbed and mutilated each other in horrific hallucinations.

But they were not even aware of it.

Until Matisse’s black magic cut off their breathing.

It took away all their senses.

It was.

[The Demon Castle of Rhyme] collapsed with it.

Alkari laughed hollowly.

“Kluckle. I knew it, but…….”

As it turned out, the mages of the Magic Tower were not human.

They were beyond human, superhuman.

Wolfe felt no differently.

He sheathed his crossbow and spoke up.

“I can see why they’ve been quiet since the beginning of the continent.”

To use a metaphor, a Magic Tower is a giant beast.

Compared to them, the rest of us were just worker ants, or, to put it mildly, barracks ants.

Do they really see the ants fighting back and forth, or do they even realize that the ants are different?

No wonder they see things differently.

“Now I see, they were very wise.”

Would a bird of prey be able to mediate between the ants? One wrong step, and hundreds of ants could be crushed with that one step.


Suddenly, Wolfe stopped shaking his head.

‘That’s the kind of thing this guy, Lee Ho-yeol, can do.’

He shrugged.

“I don’t know how far those eyes can see.”

Did he move the tower?

Then he cleared his throat.

“I think an ant that’s curious about this should stay on its back.”

Now I understood a little bit more about Kichi’s judgment.

The rift closed in.

Light pouring in.

It was the same rift clearance they’d experienced in the [Broken Dimensional Rift].

The senior mages, including Matisse, remained unmoved.

However, Bensch, who had been watching, spoke up.

“……How are we going to get to the next rift?”

Even to himself, he felt like he had trampled on the Demon King prematurely.

Besides, Bensch was in a slightly elevated state.

It must be because he hadn’t manifested magic freely in a very long time.

Besides, he wanted to enjoy the power of the greatest magical item in his hands a little longer.

Of course.

“Do not be disrespectful. Bensch William Senior.”

“Ah, yes.”

Bensch’s mouth dropped open at Matisse’s words.

Matisse continued in a stern voice.

“You have served your purpose. It is unacceptable to break the procedure.”

“No, of course not, I didn’t mean that……!”

How can I be so unlucky!

Bensch excused himself, but cursed his luck.

There were twenty senior mages, not one or two.

Why did he have to be stuck with Senior Matisse so many times?

“I’m just worried, in case you don’t need help…….”

But he doesn’t seem to care.

Matisse interrupted Bensch.

“Such thoughts are also disrespectful to others.”

“You’re right ……. It’s my fault.”

“Let’s just shut up …….

Bensch remained silent.

Matisse thought.

‘At the same time, I’ll be suspicious of Chief Lee.’

It was Chief Lee who had planned this.

Matisse trusted him.

That’s why he was able to return to the tower without worry or regret.

Of course, that trust was not violated in the slightest.




[Demon Castle of Indulgence].

[Recommended Level : Lv.800]

[Rift Collapse : 20.1%]

[Boss Monster: Demon King, Kimaris].

▶ Lv.820

[Named Monsters: Demon Corps Commander, Salut and 19 others].

▶ Lv.670

[Monster: Demon Corps Commander and 50,000 Demon Corps Soldiers].

▶ Lv.530

[Entry List]

[Magic Tower: Senior Healer, Senior Bellier Yusia / Pure Magic, Senior Vanguard Tom / Earth Magic, Senior Maia Deian / Spirit Magic, Senior Feiyan Lot]

[Shadow Mercenaries: 3 seats, Henderson / 4 seats, Pimby / 5 seats, Herciora / 8 seats, Nadivo / 9 seats, DeSheve / 10 seats, Rockid]

[Knights of Lionheart: Knight Commander, 100 men under Harkon]


A merciless bombardment of magic rained down on the Demon Castle.

Rockid stuck out his tongue.


He crushed the heads of the Demon Army in both hands.

It was a kind of anger release.

“It’s not fair, it’s very unfair.”

It had been a while since he’d used his body.

He had vowed to make his greatest achievement on the battlefield.

Wasn’t it unfair to shoot magic like that?

Of course, Rockid was not discouraged.

“Alright, your magic power will eventually run out!”

My body, on the other hand, does not tire.

I might be able to keep up with the gap.

Again, the madness in Rockid’s eyes.

He charged at the demon castle on his short legs.

“That fool can’t even be bothered.”

Nine seats, DeSheve didn’t even draw his weapon.

He didn’t see the need for himself.

From the looks of it.

The others seemed to be thinking the same thing.

“Fire drakes. Indeed, its power is comparable to a dragon.”

“That’s why it’s different. It’s different.”

“Envy. Envy. Envy.”

“Hmph, demoralizing!”

The Shadow Mercenaries’ information gatherer.

DeSheve turned his head and surveyed the battlefield.

‘Only four mages.’

Magic Tower.

He was familiar with the stories about them.

But this was more than a rumor.

These were not people to be measured by ordinary standards.

‘Each one of them is a monster.’

The power of each mage was indescribable.

But it was the green-haired mage, Bellier, who caught my eye.

‘Her magic is protecting the others.’

Rockid and the Lionheart Knights entered the Demon Castle.

Bellier’s healing magic protected them.

Allies wouldn’t be caught in the magic that was destroying the castle.

DeSheve looked at Rockid disdainfully as he set up.

“That asshole thinks he’s doing it because he’s so good…….”

Contrary to what DeSheve thought, Rockid was not pleased.

The reason was that he was facing Harkon.

It was because he, like Rockid, Harkon went to the battlefield after a long time.


The suppressed sword energy was released.

The demon army fell like leaves in a gust of wind.

The power was devastating.

It was enough to make Rockid’s mouth water.

“……That was interesting!”

Of course, competition with the Rockid was not on Harkon’s mind.

He was well aware of the weight of this battle. He recalled his conversation with Ho-Yeol.

-“I’ll crush the Demon King…….”

It was only natural to defeat the demons rampaging on the Arcana continent.

But it must be crushed. Because it was the first time Ho-yeol had said such a thing.

Harkon couldn’t help but wonder why.

-“Is there a reason you must, my lord?”

-“Because it is necessary.”

-“……necessary? What do you mean?”

It was a reason he hadn’t even considered in his rush to defeat the Demon.

He could still hear Ho-Yeol’s voice as he spoke those words so casually.

-“A warning, a declaration of war.”

It was.

Crushing the Demon King.

What better warning and declaration of war could there be?

It would strike fear into the very thing that is feared.

It was meant to install fear.

‘That’s the kind of thinking that comes from a man of his caliber.’

Harkon looked around the battlefield.

The battle was over.

Harkon gave a small laugh.

“And as you can see, you have more than enough power to make it happen.”

The Shadow Mercenaries weren’t enough, not even to move the Magic Tower.

But Harkon knew.

He knew the implications of this.

It would make Hoyeol’s presence known beyond the world.

Even to the demons.

‘His presence is peace, peace itself.’

In other words.

If Ho-Yeol were to falter.

it meant that the peace it maintained would be shaken.

Harkon knew the weight of that.

He had stood by someone who carried that weight.

‘Your Majesty…….’

It was the Emperor of the Empire.

The Emperor had suffered under its weight.

Harkon could only beg for forgiveness.

“I apologize. Your Majesty.”

He couldn’t think of anything else to say.

He couldn’t imagine Ho-Yeol suffering under its weight.

Hadn’t he seen it all before?

The way he was treated here, in the world of adventurers.

“My lord has a heavy enough burden to carry already.”

In the Empire, one cannot easily speak ill of the Emperor.

It would be treason against the Emperor.

But not so in the world of adventurers.

Proof of that was the constant talk of Ho Yeol everywhere.

Harkon shrugged.

“No matter how you look at it, it’s only the Lord.”

Who could bear such a weight.

In that sense, he had no worries.

Even now.

With just the two of them.

Even if they entered the Demon Castle Rift.




[Demon Castle of Hunting]

[Recommended Level : Lv.850]

[Rift Collapse : 22.1%]

[Boss Monster: Demon King, Flauros].

▶ Lv.850

[Named Monster: Demon Corps Commander, Etio].

▶ Lv.800

[Monster: About 10,000 under the command of the demon commander].

▶ Lv.650


You’re talking about that rank.

A quick glance at his stats showed that he was the most difficult of the three.

The Demon Corps Commander’s level was a whopping 800, the same as the demon Amdusias, and the average level difference between the demon armies was nearly 150 levels.

‘Quality over quantity, I suppose.’

I could guess.

The demon king that blocked the dwarves’ airship was Flaurus.

So I found a rift in the [Demon Castle of Hunting] where he was.

Sure enough.

An eye for an eye.

Tooth for tooth.

If you’re going to go all out, we’re going to have to go all out.

There were two people by my side.

“We’d better make this quick.”

Marcelo, the chief of the Magic Tower.

“Seriously, this is my man.”

The leader of the Shadow Mercenaries, Kichi.

Well, one of them went out on his own, the other was dragged in……..

Regardless, knowing their power, I couldn’t be more confident.

Of course, the people watching must feel differently.

They might think I’m crazy.

Three Demon Castle Rifts.

Just three of us entering the most dangerous rift of all.

But I told you.

The goal is to crush, not hunt.

The three of us must resolve this level of rift to be able to call it crushing.

As I told Harkon.

It would be a warning to the demons, a declaration of war.

To the demons of the continent of Arcana, of course.

Indeed, the demons possessing humans are no exception.

In other words, I can’t do it in moderation.

That’s why I’ve borrowed so many magic equipment and items.

[Mark of the Gale]

[Luxury – Thunderstruck Tree Branch Wand].

[Luxury – White Outer Wing]

I didn’t hesitate.

“Let’s begin.”


A white wing shining with a hundred colors.

I fluttered my cloak and entered the rift.




Sure enough, what I expected.

A giant flying machine.

The dwarven airship came into view.


At the same time, a message flashed.

A quest.

A quest, to be precise.