◈ Episode 53 Teaching True Education (5)

Yanlang had never doubted her talent.

She had already proven her talent by defeating her parents and the head of the Seol family, Seol Yeonhwa.

Yanlang possessed an overwhelming talent that could so easily swallow up all the time, effort, and other things that had been sacrificed and invested in the name of strength.

Therefore, she never doubted her talent.

No, rather, she was overconfident in her talent.

She was confident that when her growth was complete, there would be no one to stop her.

She was a genius.

A genius whose talents were so outrageous that every member of the Seol Family looked upon her with fear and called her a monster behind her back.

And then.

‘What the hell are…… you……?’

Yanlang looked at Kim Joohyuk with an incomprehensible expression.

He was still dodging Yanlang’s fist with a calm expression.

Quadruple quadruple!

A rushing surge of magic power.

A fist that was bizarrely powerful for someone who hadn’t even signed a contract with the Constellation yet, but Kim Joohyuk casually dodged it.

He doesn’t even look like he’s struggling.

It’s so natural.

Yanlang had seen that somewhere.

No, she didn’t say, “I’ve seen it somewhere,” but she knew that look very well.

Because the way Kim Joohyuk was acting now was the way Yanlang had always acted when dealing with others.


There was time to dodge her attacks, which were now genuine.

It was relaxed in the way she smiled when she realized her weaknesses.

Therefore, Yanlang thought.

‘How high are you……?’

She had seen people higher than her a few times.

When she was thirteen years old, the Seol Family Head was definitely above her.

But no matter how high she was. From Yanlang’s perspective, she could see where she was.

And given enough time, he could determine that she was within reach.

But what about Kim Joohyuk?

‘I can’t see …… at all?’

He was invisible.

It’s as if her talents don’t kick in in front of him, and the more she plays against him, the more she feels a strange sense of hopelessness.

How long does it take to beat Kim Joohyuk?

How much effort would it take to beat him.

I couldn’t see anything.

Nothing but blackness.

And then, suddenly.



Yanlang’s posture, which had been distorting the space around her as she swung her fists and feet incessantly at Kim Joohyuk, became disoriented.

Because she was distracted?

No, no.

She may have been thinking in her head, but her attacks were still aimed at Kim Joohyuk.

Then why?

Yanlang felt strange.



It wasn’t until she saw his posture slip and Kim Joohyuk’s relaxed expression fade that she realized she had been hit.

A blow so fast that Yanlang didn’t even see it.

A blow so powerful that it would cause her to lose consciousness in a single blow.


Yanlang’s posture disoriented, and the vision she had been holding onto blurred into blackness.

Ironically, however, in that moment of blurred vision, Yanlang was able to see how high Kim Joohyuk was.


She couldn’t see him.

She could barely, barely see his toes.

It was only when she looked up that high that she saw Kim’s toes.

His toes, already walking up the other side.

And so.

“Monster…… thing…… bastard……!”

She spontaneously uttered the words she’d been hearing all this time, and then collapsed on the spot, laughing in disbelief.

With a whimper.

A fight that ended all too soon, unlike the one that had been fought, sucking up all the space around it.

Yanlang collapsed on the spot, no longer moving, and Kim Joohyuk stared at him.

“What an idiot with a big ego.”

He picked her up, laughing in disbelief as he watched her collapse, muttering to himself until the moment she collapsed.


Seolyeon waited patiently.

This wasn’t something she was in a hurry to do anyway.

So she planned to take it easy for at least three hours, waiting and sipping her coffee in peace.

Yes, it was literally planned.


If only it weren’t for Kim Joohyuk, who was sitting in front of her with a messed-up Yanlang.


Seolyeon’s secretary looked at Yanlang on the floor and looked at Kim Joohyuk in disbelief.


It’s the same for Seolyeon.

They both stare at Kim Joohyuk and Yanlang with dumbfounded expressions for a few seconds, and then they open their mouths.

“This…… how?”

The secretary shook his head as if he didn’t understand the situation. He came over to support Yanlang, whose clothes were torn here and there.

Looking at him, Kim Joohyuk spoke lightly.

“Well, her clothes are a bit messed up, but that’s because she used her magic power at will, and I took care of it in one hit, so don’t worry.”

“Ha…… to one hit?”

The secretary asked, and Kim Joohyuk nodded before looking at Seolyeon.

“I did that because I wanted to reduce her pride as much as possible. I tend to accommodate my clients’ requests as much as possible.”

The reason why Kim Joohyuk was simply dodging her attacks even as Yanlang attacked him with excitement.

It was because of Seolyeon’s “request to stroke her pride”.

……In fact, besides that demand, he was also trying to pick on Yanlang a little bit because she had been insulting him from the beginning.

In any case, it was clear that Yanlang’s pride was crushed, so Kim Joohyuk said.

“For now, I’ll take Yanlang with me.”

“Please do so.”

As the secretary picked up Yanlang and carried her out of the room, Seolyeon asked.

“In one hit, did you say you knocked her out?”

“Because it’s cleaner that way.”

Kim Joohyuk said lightly.

At that, Seolyeon recalled the image of Yanlang on the ground.

Although Yanlang was obviously injured here and there, she didn’t seem to have any particular wounds.

In other words, it didn’t look like she had been in a fight.

‘Besides…… if there was a fight, he should have been wounded too…….’

Seolyeon looked at Kim Joohyuk.

His clothes were slightly disheveled, but aside from that, he didn’t seem to have suffered any damage.

She looked at him with an uncomprehending gaze, but it didn’t take long before she dropped it.

Yanlang would have to get up first, but Kim eventually dragged her outside.

Yanlang had spent the last few years in the White Lotus Palace.

The genius of the Seol Family.

Of course, I don’t know how she would act after this, but for now, Seolyeon bowed her head and thanked Kim Joohyuk.

“Thank you, sir. You got her out of there.”

“You’re welcome, I was just trying to get paid.”

Kim Joohyuk shrugged his shoulders lightly.

After taking one look at him, Seolyeon seemed to be thinking about something, and then asked.

“May I ask you a question?”

“A question?”


“Well, go ahead.”

Kim Joohyuk replied in the affirmative.

Seolyeon then asked.

“……I know it wasn’t easy to take him down, but how did you do it?”

Actually, I tried not to ask.

Yanlang had a foul mouth thanks to what had happened in her family, and she didn’t talk to others very well, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t communicate with them.

She didn’t have a particularly negative relationship with Seolyeon, so she was sure that if she asked him about what had happened with Kim Joohyuk, she would probably get some sort of answer.

But even so, she went against her virtue of laid-backness and asked.

Why: Pure curiosity.

There was nothing else.

It was just curiosity.

Curiosity about how Kim Joohyuk had managed to defeat Yanlang, who was supposed to be stronger than him, with a single blow.

She couldn’t stand it, so she asked Kim Joohyuk.

When Kim heard her question, he thought for a moment.

‘Well, it wasn’t too bad.’

Certainly, it had been a long time since he’d seen someone who was decent in more ways than one since he’d been reincarnated.

‘She has a good balance of magic and body, and her control is the best I’ve ever seen.’

But it was her movements that caught his eye.

‘Though I don’t think she’s learned it systematically.’

Her movements were definitely sharp.

Kim was a little surprised when he first saw it.

‘Maybe it would be better if she learned proper martial arts. Or maybe she didn’t learn anything at all.’

In his opinion, she was taught too poorly.

She definitely has some martial arts basics, but nothing more.

Of course, in this day and age, she wouldn’t be getting beaten up by others if she could do that, but she was taught martial arts too poorly to progress beyond that.

‘If I hadn’t learned it completely, it might have been irregular and more difficult to deal with.’

Kim Joohyuk thought about it, and then answered.

“Well, it wasn’t too bad, but there were a lot of gaps.”

“A lot of gaps?”

“Yes, using magic power wasn’t bad, but I feel like she learned martial arts too poorly, like she only learned the basics from someone and picked up the rest on her own?”


“Anyway, that’s why it’s so easy to deal with her, because she has a lot of loopholes.”

Kim Joohyuk looked at Seolyeon with an expression that said, “Is that enough?

Seolyeon looked dumbfounded for a moment before letting out a small laugh and nodding her head.

“I see, there were a lot of gaps…….”

“Is that answer not good enough?”

“No, it’s good enough, and now that you’ve fulfilled my request, and I’m in a position to pay you, when are you going to enter the Ahala Palace that you asked me to?”

“I would like to go in right now, if possible.”

At Kim’s answer, Seolyeon nodded.

“In that case, I should probably show you in right now.”

“Huh? Can I go in right now?”

“Yes. If you want.”

“That would be great.”

Honestly, he had been thinking that he would have to wait for some time, so he nodded, inwardly singing a happy tune.

“Well, I need to talk to the management office first, so could you step outside and wait for me?”


At Seolyeon’s words, Kim Joohyuk soon moved his body and walked out of the office.


The door to the office closed.

Staring at the door, Seolyeon remembered Kim Joohyuk’s words from earlier and muttered.

“There were a lot of gaps…………….”

A moment of silence.

But it wasn’t long before she picked up the phone on one side of the office and began making a call somewhere.

Soon enough, there was a dial tone.

‘I want it, I really want it.’

She thought.

Thirty minutes passed as she made the call.

“This is the Ahala Grand Palace.”

“…… It’s huge.”

With Seolyeon’s guidance, Kim arrived at the Ahala Grand Palace.