Chapter 1 – Master!

1 . Master!

“As expected, from the beginning……. Kuluk!”

Every time I open my mouth, a thick layer of blood comes out.

I know it’s dangerous to open my mouth when my internal injuries are so severe, but I can’t help but vomit out this rage that’s boiling inside of me.

“You were planning to kill all of us.”

Ouch. I grit my teeth and glare at the old man in front of me, whom I could rip to shreds.

“Kluckle. The day will come when you, the so-called Iron-Blooded Instructor, will make such a face.”

The Blood Demon Sect’s elder, Demon Brain, smirked as he bared his yellowed teeth.

His fingers were thick with blood from his extreme mastery of the black arts.

My blood.

I gritted my teeth as my palm closed around the guts that threatened to spill out of my stomach.

“You have deceived me, and I will…… surely take you to hell.”

“Did you say I deceived you?”

Maneu laughed in a disheartening manner, then his brow twisted into a grimace.

“Let’s be honest.”

“Be honest about what?”

“You never trusted me, and now you have a bunch of wastes standing behind you who should have been dead by now.”


The momentum to process rises in my back.

It was the momentum of the four absolute masters who had just heard the word ‘waste’.

Behind me now, there were four absolute masters, each of them capable of competing with the best of the world.

Green Forest King Meng Hoak.

The Mad Demon, Hun Wenhu.

Ice Moon Goddess Eunye Rin.

Swordsman Mo Yonghon.

These masters are said to have disappeared for decades.

But the truth is, they were unfortunate martial artists who were kidnapped by the Blood Demon Cult and imprisoned in a dark underground dungeon for decades, living as good as dead.

And I was the martial arts instructor who had studied and analyzed their martial arts and taught them to the later members of the Blood Demon Cult.


A man who resembled a giant tiger stepped forward.

“Gall, I will kill all of you today and destroy the Blood Demon Sect!”

Green Forest King Meng Hoak.

He hadn’t eaten or exercised in the Thunderjade for a long time, and his bones were worn down, but he still had a natural physique and a rumbling voice that echoed through the mountains.


A sharp-looking man with sporadic hair stood next to King Nokrimtu and drew his dao.

“……Today, the Blood Sect will disappear from the Martial Kingdom.”

Guangma Hun Wenhu.

He was once the top late-stage exponent of the sect, but he became so obsessed with martial arts that he abandoned his family and embarked on a hundred unarmed battles.

He eventually won all of his battles, but in the process, he fell into the hands of an overly cruel fighter who became a Martial Hero and disappeared while being hunted by the Martial Blind.


A chill like a northern wind blew around the woman’s body.

“Finally…… the day has come to repay this disgrace.”

Ice Moon Goddess Eun Yerin.

She was a smallbow master of the Beihai Ice Palace who had disappeared decades ago, and her disappearance had caused the Martial Kingdom to prepare for an all-out war with the Beihai Ice Palace.

“……I will ask. Is my son…… really dead?”

The old man spoke for the last time.

The previous three desert islanders were proud individuals who would never concede to each other, but when the old man spoke up, they naturally took a step back.

Swordsman Mo Yonghon.

The martial artist, who had surpassed the Heavenly First Sword and was at the peak of the High Gold First Sword, looked at Mo Yonghorn with a mixture of anger, sadness, and madness in his eyes.

“If you can prove to me that my son is still alive,” he said, “and bring him to me, I will leave quietly, without accusing you of anything. But if the child is truly dead…….”


The intangible sword energy that Swordzone emitted turned the complexions of the hundreds of experts from the Demonic and Blood Demon Sects that surrounded us pale.

‘Indeed, Swordzone…….

Although the bodies of the four absolute masters were not normal due to their long suffering in the Thunder Jade, their strength was still above their peak.

However, a cold sneer curled the corners of the Demon King’s mouth as he looked at them.

“Klinkle. What a bunch of wastes.”

Maneu’s gaze swept over each of the four Absolute Masters in turn before finally settling on me.

“I knew you would betray the Sect one day.”

The reason for the release of the Absolute Masters who had been imprisoned in the Underground Thunder Palace for the past few decades.

It was because I freed them from the Underground Thunder Palace.

Because I wasn’t going to let them die at the hands of that old man.

“Betrayal? Bullshit. You’re the one who tried to puke on me first.”

I was an orphan, kidnapped by the Blood Demon Cult at a young age I don’t remember and forcibly raised as a martial artist.

Fortunately, I was quite talented at martial arts, and I rose through the ranks fairly quickly.

‘If it weren’t for Danzhen’s injury, I’d probably be at the top by now.

But after a freak accident injured Dan Zhen, I was unable to use my inner qigong.

As a martial artist who couldn’t use inner qigong, I had to do something to survive in the Blood Demon Sect.

In the end, I chose to study martial arts and become a martial arts instructor.

I began studying various martial arts, starting with the basic martial arts of the Blood Demon God, and became a martial arts instructor, teaching children who had been kidnapped from the school, just like me.

‘I started this to survive somehow…… never realized it would kill me.

About 10 years ago, Maneu, who had been watching the martial arts instructors closely, secretly called me.

He entrusted me with the study of the martial arts of four absolute masters imprisoned in the underground thunder jade.

And he entrusted me with teaching it to a select group of late-stage masters.

Only to me.

“I’ve been guessing ever since. That you would kill us all to silence us when our usefulness was over.”

“Is that why you’ve managed to restore the martial arts of those wastrels?”

Not exactly restored.

The four absolute masters’ power lines had been destroyed, and their blood supply was blocked. The veins in their limbs were also severed.

They were only able to recover for a short time thanks to a book I stumbled upon in the Martial Arts Library.

“But even this is only temporary.

Even if you’re lucky enough to survive today, your absolute master won’t live long.

……That was true of me, too.

I laughed, a wry smile on my face.

“I wasn’t about to die just because my master wanted me to, so I figured I’d give him at least one good bite to loosen his grip.”

“……I thought you were a stout man like a bear, but you turned out to be a sly fox.”

Maneu laughed weakly and nodded.

We had nothing to hide from each other anymore.

“You’re right. Even if you can’t cultivate, it’s dangerous to keep alive a man who knows four martial artists who can compete with the heavens and earth. After all, you’ve left all the martial arts you’ve studied behind.”

You damn old man.

I sneakily rewrite the most important parts of the martial art in my mind.

“Anyone who tries to learn it in the future will be killed by a coin-eating horse.

Cackle. I said with a wry smile.

“Do you regret not taking care of this beforehand?”

“I regret it. I’ve paid a heavy price for misjudging people.”

Maneu looked around with a bitter expression.

Shishan Blood Sea.

Bodies were piled up to form hills, and so much blood was spilled that the ground was red.

Blood spilled by the Blood Demon Cult to stop us from escaping the Thunderjade.

I smiled grimly and said.

“Today will be recorded as the worst bloodshed in the history of the Blood Demon Sect.”

“……It will not be recorded. You will all die here, and the school will not record a defeat. So, have you had enough time to recover from your injuries?”

“I would have needed time.”

I smirked as I turned to face the brain.

Damn it.

I hate to admit it, but the old man and I are alike.

Maneu must have thought the same thing, because he smirked back.

“Well, it’s about time. I’ve been needing a stage to try out your creations.”

One side of the circle surrounding us parted, and a group of familiar faces stepped forward.


At the sight of the four men and women who stepped forward, my face and the faces of the masters behind me contorted.

“No way…….”

“……Huh. You taught me right.”

“No way.”


The four expressionless men and women at the front of the room had a strikingly similar aura to the four absolute masters behind me.

……It had to be.

They are my finest ‘creations’, having studied, analyzed, refined, and taught the martial arts of the four men.

They are also combat weapons with their humanity completely obliterated, so they would have no qualms about killing their master.

“But it’s not like I didn’t expect them to show up.

Those four are the secret weapons of the Blood Demon Sect.

Now that they’ve been perfected, the Demon God has decided to eliminate us.

Once we’re dead, the Blood Demon Sect will launch a full-scale war of conquest.

The Demon God sneered.

“For a martial artist, what could be a happier death than to be killed by a disciple who surpasses him?”

“Crazy old man.”


As if by fate, the four absolute masters faced each other to fight an opponent who had mastered the same martial art.


Their momentum alone was enough to take my breath away.

But when I looked at their backs, my expression was dark.

“If we fight like this, we’ll lose.”

The four people on the other side knew their martial arts perfectly, and had mastered even more improved techniques than before.

On the other hand, the absolute masters on this side were not in their best shape, and they were exhausted from escaping the Thunder Jade.

If they clashed, the outcome was certain.

‘I was hoping I wouldn’t have to write this…….

But I still had a trick up my sleeve.

I took my hand away from his abdomen, which had barely stopped bleeding. It was still bleeding, but I couldn’t help it.

“Hey, brain. Did I mention that the four martial arts I’ve cultivated are the best in the world?”

She tilted her head as if she didn’t understand the intent of my question, but then she answered obediently.

“Of course. Although there may be differences depending on the quality of the cultivator, all four martial arts are capable of commanding the heavens…….”

“What about the fifth?”

“……What are you talking about?”

“I’ve learned another one without your knowledge.”

Chuckling, I quickly raised my inner gong from the ruined dantian.


My aura overwhelmed the aura of the Eight Absolute Masters who controlled the area, if only for a moment.



The Blood Demon Sect adepts who had surrounded us in a wide circle shuddered as if they had been struck by the wind.

Some of them were bleeding from their mouths and noses, while others were on their knees with severe internal injuries.

“This, this aura is……!”

Ma Nei also looked at me with wide eyes.

It wasn’t just because my martial arts were stronger.

It was because my martial arts were the pinnacle of all their martial arts.

“Uh, how can I use the Reverse Heavenly Divine Technique……!”

Reverse Heavenly Divine Gong.

The strongest martial art that only a Blood Demon Sect master can master.

I have mastered it.

A martial art left behind by an ancient master that not even the Blood Demons of today knew about.

But it wasn’t complete.

‘If only I had a little more time…….’

I felt a pang of regret, but I shook it off.

It wasn’t a martial art that could be perfected with a little more time.

If there is such a thing as the next life, I might be able to master it, but…….

‘Now is not the time for useless thoughts, he’s coming soon.

“Uh, uh, how can you……!”

I said to the four Absolutes as I walked towards the poodle-poodle floating brain.

“We don’t have much time, we have to break the siege and escape before the blood horse gets here.”

The Blood Horse.

The pinnacle of the Blood Demon Sect, a name that made even the Absolute Adepts here cringe.

I can feel it sensing my Reverse Heavenly Divine Qi and flying towards us after breaking through the Ruined Pavilion.

If he gets here, it’s all over.

“…… Let’s get out of here alive. We all have a Han to resolve before we die, right?”

I shouted, raising my Reverse Heavenly Divine Gong to full power and charging at Maneu. The other four Absolute Masters nodded and charged toward their respective opponents.

We fought with all our might.

In the end, we all died.

It was a story that was not recorded in the history of Murimasa.

* * *



“Master! Master! Are you beating me up here again?”


I slowly turned my head. A small hand was holding mine and shaking it.

He was about ten years old.

A boy with bobtail hair was looking up at me with innocent eyes.

“Master! Master Nim!”

“……What’s going on?”

“The kids are waiting to see when you’re coming, they’re all in the training hall!”

“Self-study today. There’s a ball over there, take it and kick it around.”

“I studied yesterday! I studied that day too! When will I learn martial arts if I play all the time?”

“Even if you learn it, it’s useless…….”

At my reply, the little guy who picked me up puffed up his cheeks grumpily.

“If you keep this up, I’ll tell the big man!”

This little bumptious bastard…….

I was about to punch him, but I held back.

“You can’t do what you did in the Blood Demon Sect.

Times and places have changed since then.

“Okay, okay. Let’s go.”

“Come on!”

Tugging on my hand and urging me on, I followed him to the small training grounds where the children were waiting.

There they were, all dressed in their training uniforms, waiting for me with wide eyes.

“”Master, please teach me martial arts!””


I scratched my head as I looked at them.

I looked up and saw the sign of the martial arts center where I was standing.

[Hundred Martial Arts Center]

I heard they named it Bai Mu Kwan because they teach a hundred different martial arts……. I don’t know. Seems like a bit of a bluff.

”It’s already been a month since I awakened in this body.”

About a month ago.

I, a martial arts instructor of the Blood Demon God Sect, woke up in the body of a small, unrelated martial arts master in the countryside.


The Blood Demon Sect was said to have been destroyed decades ago.