Chapter 2 . Good Things Don’t Come Alone

Zhang Ha Eun shook her head excitedly.

The amount of love the Sun Woo Clan’s patriarch poured into the Namgung Family was hard to fathom.

However, despite being a member of the same murim family, her husband kept a certain distance from him.

One day, I asked him why, and he said, “It’s very strange. Is it because he thinks that if we gets to know him better, he might bring up the subject of marriage?”

When his wife pointed this out, Namgung Byeok said proudly.

“Just because he doesn’t like it doesn’t mean I can’t live up to his wishes, right?”

“Ah, yes. I understand, but I’m curious as to how you ended up becoming half-brothers in seven days.”


Hearing the lady’s words, Namgung Byeok only laughed.

Unable to resist, Nangong Cheon joined in.

“Father, I am also quite curious. In this world, my father has only one sworn brother, Uncle Yeon, so how did you become a sworn brother?”

“I don’t know. There’s nothing particularly mysterious or complicated about it, but more to the point, we saved each other’s lives once. Along the way, we learned to trust each other and come together.”

“Wow, Uncle Yeon saved my father’s life?”

Nangong Cheon looked at his father in surprise.

He couldn’t believe that his father, the so-called Sword Emperor, was helped by someone else.

Could Uncle Yeon’s martial arts skills really be that outstanding?

“Rumor has it that my father defeated the Demonic Cult together with Uncle Yeon……. I didn’t know there was such a story.”

“They say to only believe half the rumors.”

“Eh, was it really like that?”

Namgung Cheon was somewhat surprised.

Namgung Byeok looked at his son and said.

“The Demonic Cult was not an ordinary society as people know it. They…… possessed unimaginable power, and it was only through our good fortune that we were able to defeat them with Uncle Yeon at that time.”

Namgung Byeok shook his head as if the thought of it was horrifying.

“Is Uncle Yeon’s True Moon Sword Technique really that outstanding?”

“True Moon Sword Technique? Where does it even come from? Uncle Yeon’s sword art is not the True Moon Sword Technique.”

“Yes? Then what is it?”

In front of the curious family members, Namgung Byeok recalled the incident from six years ago.

The flurry of attacks from the five elders of the Demonic Cult had been at such a peak that even thinking about it again gave him chills.

He no longer had the heart to dismiss them as social misfits. He was faced with one desperate crisis after another, where if he didn’t use his full strength, he might die first.

Then, just as he was about to die from exhaustion, a miracle happened.

The haze dragon leaped like a tiger.

In his path, the martial masters of the demonic cult fell like a pile of crests.

It wasn’t until later that he realized that just as he had easily defeated the demonic cult, they had been completely unable to prepare for the unknown Yeon Muryong.

The result was the difference between life and death for both sides.

Yeon Muryong’s performance had disrupted their tightly organized attack.

As the elders of the Demonic Cult hesitated, Yeon Muyong used his momentum to behead one of them.

Even now, the scene was unforgettable.

Nine strands of sword Qi descended from the heavens.

Eight pointed to the eight directions, and the last one pierced into the body of the Elder of Denonic Cult. It was indeed a Heavenly Sword Qi that could not be dodged by anyone.

In the brief moment that the other four elders were stunned by his swordplay, he himself unleashed the emperor’s swordplay that he had saved for last.

The Demonic Cult was devastated, having lost five elders on the spot.

The Demonic Cult master Lunar Fairy escaped after being struck by the Yeon Muryong Sword Qi.

Although he lost her in the battle, the Demonic Cult disappeared from the world from the world after that day.

After the battle with Lunar Fairy, he was called the True Moon Swordsman.

It contains the wish of people who hope that the Lunar Fairy will not appear again.

On the day of the burning of the plaque in the demonic cult, I asked him what sword art he had seen the day before.

“It’s called the Nine Heavenly Sword. It’s a sword that’s been passed down in the Yeon family.”

I still get excited when I think about that day.

“The sword art that Brother Yeon has mastered is called the Nine Heavenly Swords. It can be said to be comparable to our Namgung Clan’s sword art.”

” Huh, is it really that good?”

Namgung Cheon’s mouth dropped open at his father’s words.

“The sword art I saw that day was.”

“Then why isn’t Uncle Yeon’s sword art known to the world?”

Namgung Cheon tilted his head as if he didn’t understand.

Suddenly, a faint smile appeared on his face.

It was the same question he had asked Yeon Muyong in front of the Holy Temple of the Demonic Cult.

“It’s because the Nine Heavenly Swords and the Jiutian Xuanwu have not been fully transmitted.”

“Ah! Is that Uncle Yeon’s martial art?”

“Yes. It is said that the two were passed down to the Yeon clan from the Shang dynasty……. Unfortunately, they were gradually lost over the years.”

“Alas! What a waste!”

A sigh escaped from Nangong Cheon’s mouth.

The Nine Heavenly Swords and the Jiutian Xuanwu.

Just hearing the names gave off a mysterious feeling.

Zhang Ha Eun, who had been listening to her husband’s story, muttered.

“Hearing the names of the cultivation methods sounds like they belong to the Taoist family.”

“It might be if you felt that way.”

Namgung Cheon nodded.

Zhang Ha Eun was the daughter of a Wudang Sect elder and had been raised in the Wudang Sect, studying the Tao from a young age. Coming from her, it was almost unmistakable.

“Hmph, I’ve heard so many stories about the Nine Heavenly Maidens, the Nine Heavenly Swords and the Nine Heavenly Sutras.”

“After hearing your story, I’m sure it’s similar.”

The young Namgung Yeon stared at Zhang Ha Eun’s face.

She was obviously curious about the Nine Heavenly Maidens.

Zhang Ha’eun stroked her daughter’s hair.

“Do you want to know who Nine Heavenly Maidens are?”


“The Nine Heavenly Maidens is a fairy from the Shang Dynasty. When the Emperor (‘Hun Wen’) was fighting against Qiu Wu, she gave him a recipe for medicine, and when she saved Song Kang, the hero of Yangshan, she gave him the three Heavenly Books.”

“Wow, a recipe and three heavenly books?”

Namgung Cheon’s eyes widened.

“Yes. That’s why the people of the Taoist Family believe that the Nine Heavenly Maidens help emperors and heroes, helping them to do great things.”

“Mother, if there is such a maiden, I would like to meet her.”

Namgung Cheon’s words brought a smile to Zhang Ha Eun’s face.

“Good things never come alone.”

Zhang Ha’eun’s words had a strange resonance.

Therefore, the servants of the Namgung family in the carriage did not speak anymore.


The four children stood in front of Baek Mi-joo.

Baek Mi-joo carefully examined each of them. She didn’t miss a single wrinkle in their skin or clothing.

Fourteen-year-old Yeon Mubaek was flawlessly prepared.

She looked at him with meaningful eyes.

“Understand? Today, you must be the best.”


Nervousness was evident on Yeon Mubaek’s face.

“Don’t be so stiff, and since you’re the biggest brother among your classmates, if you see Nam Gung Yeon, you must be kind and nice to him, do you understand?”


“No. Girls don’t like it when you’re too stiff like you are now. Always be kind and gentle with your words. Do you understand?”

“Mother, don’t worry too much.”

Yeon Mubaek smiled awkwardly.

He had heard it like nails in his ears since a few days ago.

Her mother said that he should look good for Namgung Yeon at all costs, so that when he went to Namgung Sega to study martial arts with his uncle, he would be good.

I don’t know how looking good to a young girl has anything to do with learning martial arts at Namgung Sega, but she said I should, so I’ll do my best.

Only when she saw the determination in Yan Mubai’s eyes did Bai Mizu turn her head.

The eleven-year-old Yan Seung-baek looked good, except for a few scratches on his face from the branches.

“You should also be nice to the old man’s daughter. Don’t play around and do whatever she asks you to do. Do you understand?”


Baek Mijoo paid attention to the second in case Namgung Yeon took a liking to anyone.

The next person she looked at was Seoljoo, who was now nine years old. Seoljoo was a natural tomboy, unable to stand still for even a moment.

Baek Mijoo called her attention to it again and again.

“Seoljoo, you mustn’t disarrange your clothes until Uncle family arrives.”


“What’s a ‘yes’, you’re a big girl now, you should say ‘yes’.”

“Oh, okay.”

“Ugh! There you go again. Say ‘okay’.”

“Yeah, I got it!”

“You can’t yell at me, and when the Namgung’s family comes over, you’ll behave yourself, okay?”

“Ah, yeah~.”

He was still dry, but Baek Mijoo didn’t point it out anymore for fear it would backfire.

Finally, Bai Miju glanced at Yeon Jeokha.

Just looking at his tiny face made her fists clench.

The child of the maid that had destroyed Yeon Muyong’s life, and even the future of the Waryong Manor, stood with his shoulders hunched in a manner that fit the theme.

Seeing that cowardice made her even more angry.

Suddenly feeling a bit ‘choked up’, Baek Mijoo pinched Yeon Jeokha’s arm as hard as she could and said.

“Why are you standing there like such an idiot? If a stranger sees you, they’ll think someone is bullying you. Can’t you stand up straight?”


A short scream escaped Yeon Jeokha’s mouth.

As if that wasn’t enough, Baek Mijoo grabbed both of Yeon Jeokha’s small shoulders and shook them fiercely.

“What is it that hurts? Tighten your back and stand up straight!”

The six-year-old’s head bobbed around like a madman under the force of an adult.

In the midst of the violent shaking, she bit her lip.

When Baek Mijoo realized that his lips were popped, she punched him in the head.


“Why are you biting your lip? Are you beating yourself up for the sake of the guests? Will a young guy already become a person like that? If your mother couldn’t play the role of a human being, shouldn’t you do well too!”

“You’re wrong…….”

A star flashed, and Yeon Jeokha’s head shrank like a zara.

“If a person is going to speak, they must speak clearly! Say it a few times! Did I tell you to speak straight so others can understand you? Did I not? Hmm? Answer me!”

Baek Mi-joo poked her index finger into Yeon Jeokha’s upper body repeatedly, each time causing her small body to sway like a tree in a storm.

“I did…….”

“What are you saying, you can’t speak straight, are you rebelling?”

Excited, Baek Mi-joo grabbed Yeon Jeokha by the hair below her ears and lifted her upward with all her might.

Yeon’s head, which had been tucked in like a plant, shot up into the sky this time.

She cried out in pain as the flesh was ripped from her body.

“Ouch! Ouch!”

“What’s wrong with you? Who’s hitting you? Answer me! Answer me!”

Yeon Jeokha’s face grew white.

“I did it, I did it, I did it wrong!”

Only with a choked scream did Baek Mijoo release her grip.

Then Yeon’s head buried itself between his shoulders like a plant.

Baek Mi-joo brushed a stray strand of hair from her fingers.

Then she smoothed out Yeon’s rumpled clothes and said calmly.

“If you’re a human child, don’t get into trouble. If you do something wrong, people will call your dad names. Do you understand?”