Chapter 1.

Chapter 1.

“Huff huff!”

It’s hard.

His stomach hadn’t turned in a long time, and his lungs felt like they were going to rip out. The limbs that had suffered the most were shriveled up like shrunken grass.

Even his long sword, which had once sounded as light as a spindle, now weighed hundreds of tons of iron.

As he waited for his ragged breathing to calm down, he felt something pounding in his chest.


‘Damn it, did I eat seonji soup for breakfast.’
tl/n: soup made of the blood of an animal

His vision blurred.
For a moment, he lost so much blood that he couldn’t think straight.

‘Move, move!’

He bit his tongue. A searing pain snapped him back to reality.


The landscape quickly changed on either side of him as he began to run forward once more.

‘Just a little further…….’

Just beyond this forest is his secret safe house.

He had stored all sorts of rare elixirs and medicinal ingredients there, and if he could reach it safely, he would be able to revitalize his body, which had reached the end of its lifespan.

It was then.


Someone jumped, blocking out the bright moonlight.

‘Shit. That’s some pretty damn good stealth technique.’

A dark sword appeared out of nowhere, swinging wildly, aiming for his shoulder like lightning.

Chun Hajin’s eyes widened.

‘Death King!’

The strongest assassin in the southern part of Central Plains, waiting for the right time to strike.

Chun Hajin instinctively twisted his body.


As the masked man collapsed, a deep sword wound had already been carved into his chest.

He had killed an assassin ranked among the top three in the world with a single blow. Ordinarily, he would have given him a glance, but now was not the time.

The situation was too bad for sentimentalizing.


How far did he run?


Chun Hajin stopped and looked around.

The forest at night. Hardly any clear view. His eyes could see through the darkness as well as anyone, but the trees were dense.


His ragged breathing slowed to a halt. His body had calmed down after being pushed to the brink.

Chun Hajin let out a long breath and closed his eyes.

A moment later.

“Come out.”

As soon as he spoke the words, an admiring voice came from far ahead.

“That’s amazing.”


A woman approaches, fully exposing herself like she has no reason to hide.


It was such a great incantation that it seemed as if the thick trees on the left and right of her path were tilting.

Chun Hajin’s face distorted like a crumpled piece of paper.

There are many unpleasant people in the world, but one of the most unpleasant has just appeared.

“Secret Demon Queen.”

The woman smiled brightly.

“I’m honored that you remember me. How many years ago did we meet?”

The woman was a sophisticated-looking woman, barely over thirty, with an air of sophistication about her, but Chun Hajin was not fooled by her appearance.

On the surface, she looked like she couldn’t kill a bug, but in reality, she was a crazed killer who suffered from insomnia if she didn’t commit a murder even for a day.


Secret Demon Queen smirked at the sight of Chun Hajin pointing a sword at her.

“Are you going to fight?”

“We’re not in the habit of sticking our necks out again.”

“Why don’t you just take it easy? I don’t think you’ll last more than a few moves.”

“Don’t you know the difference between long and short when you see it?”

“Do you really need to see it to know it?”

“Good, because I know a lot. Will I become as knowledgeable as you when I reach the age of sixty?”

Secret Demon Queen’s face turned cold.

Although she looked to be in her thirties, her actual age was over sixty. She had been able to maintain her youthful beauty by practicing the Rejuvenation Technique.

Naturally, she was sensitive about her age.

Secret Demon Queen snorted.

“I can’t do anything to die.”

“If you beg for it, you’re going to live?”

“At the very least, I’ll be gracious enough not to rip your ribs off before you die.”

Such a cruel bitch.

Chun Hajin’s eyes filled with blood.

“That’s enough, come on in, bitch.”

“Oh? Do you really think you have a trick or something?”

“I’m not afraid of a sixty-year-old woman who can only talk out of her ass.”

Secret Demon Queen stared at Chun Hajin, who was spewing out harsh words as if he had a plan.

‘……Not good.’

A cold sweat ran down Chun Hajin’s back.

Secret Demon Queen was one of the top ten Great Masters in the world, and if her skill ranked among the top ten on the endless Central Plains, she should be considered a monster.

Of course, he was no different.

He was also called the King of Assassins and was considered one of the Ten Great Masters.

The problem was that his martial arts specialized in assassination rather than hand-to-hand combat. Moreover, he was in poor physical condition after a chase that lasted for days.

The outcome of the fight was obvious.

Unless, of course, he pulled off the one trick that had gotten him this far.


Seeing the blue qi of Chun Hajin’s longsword, a strange look appeared in the Secret Demon Queen’s eyes.

The energy emanating from the sword was extraordinary.

To be able to draw that much qi from a body that wouldn’t be strange if it were to collapse, he truly deserved to be called one of the top ten masters.

But it wasn’t Chun Hajin’s strength that surprised her.

“It’s true.”


“That you were the Best Assassin that the Righteous Heavenly Alliance had planned and raised.”


Chun Hajin’s face hardened.

Secret Demon Queen smiled.

“After all, there was a reason the Iron Blood Fortress requested this from me.”

Whereas the Righteous Heavenly Alliance was strictly about righteous paths, the Iron Blood Fortress pursued the path of corruption at the border of political affairs.

That is why Iron Blood Fortress directly requested Secret Demon Queen.

“Your inner qi contains disgustingly pure and good qi. It must be from the Nine Great Sects.”

This was because the Secret Demon Queen had inherited the cultivation of a former hero of the Evil Path.

Except for the martial arts of the Heavenly Demon Cult, which has been banned from public activity for over thirty years.

It was her martial arts that could most sensitively and accurately detect the Right Path martial arts.

“What difference does knowing that make?”

“It makes a difference.”

Secret Demon Queen’s eyes gleamed with a hint of amusement.

“It can change many things.”

Chun Hajin didn’t ask what it was.

Clearing his throat slightly, he said.

“I see, it was the Iron Blood Fortress that brought in the Death King and the Killing Pavilion.”

Secret Demon Queen smirked.

“That’s right, and the elite of the Iron King’s Eight Clans that you slaughtered in three days were all members of the Iron Blood Fortress.”


“That’s truly remarkable. I was wondering how you were able to kill so many of them, even if it was only to capture you alive.”

It was not unreasonable for the Secret Demon Queen to be surprised.

The Eight Iron Kings were the eight powers that supported the Iron Blood Fortress.

Though small in number, each was an organization of peak masters. He had killed more than two hundred of them in a single day and fled.

He had even slaughtered the Twin Monsters of Heaven and Earth, whose cultivation was nearing the Ten Greatest Masters, in half a day.

It was a truly terrifying feat, considering that he had suffered internal and external injuries, not to mention problems with his physical strength and inner qi.

There is nothing wrong with being called the Death God, not the King of Death.

There is one reason why this is possible.

“You’ve definitely learned the Nine Great Sects’ martial arts, the secret techniques.”

Chun Hajin didn’t answer. If he denied it, she wouldn’t believe him, and that was the truth.

Still glaring at Secret Demon Queen, Chun Hajin suddenly smirked.

“No wonder you’re so talkative, especially since you’d rather spill blood than converse.”

“What? Guess.”

“It’s an extension of why Iron Blood Fortress wanted to capture me alive. They wanted confidential information about the Nine Great Sects’ martial arts and the information about the Righteous Heavenly Alliance from me.”

Secret Demon Queen smiled.


Only a very stupid person would realize that after a little thought.

But Chun Hajin had been slashing his sword for three days without sleep.

The ability to observe the situation so calmly, with a body that wouldn’t mind dying right now, was something not everyone could do.

But Chun’s insight didn’t end there.

“Of course, you don’t intend to stop there, do you?”


“You don’t intend to turn a blind eye to the Nine Great Sect’s martial arts, confidential information, and Iron Blood Fortress’ request, and just take it all?”

Secret Demon Queen’s face hardened.

Chun Hajin looked up at the sky and sighed.

“Anyway, why are there so many disloyal people in Jianghu?”

Behind the mask of Right Path, Righteous Heavenly Alliance had cultivated assassins like himself behind the scenes.

He didn’t just train them, he threw them into a hell where they couldn’t survive unless they killed each other. Chun Hajin was only 13 years old at that time.

There was only one reason why the Righteous Heavenly Alliance was so determined to cultivate the assassins.

It was to kill the remaining two of the Jianghu Three Faction Leaders, the leaders of the Iron Blood Fortress and the Heavenly Demon Cult. To create a world that would be completely ruled by the Righteous Heavenly Alliance.

And Chun Hajin grew very powerful, in accordance with the wishes of the Righteous Heavenly Alliance.

Secret Demon Queen smiled.

“You’re very quick to recognize things.”

“Thank you for the compliment.”

He seemed to be pleased for some reason.

Secret Demon Queen soothed him with nice words.

“I don’t need anything else, though I’d love to see the secret information of the Righteous Heavenly Alliance, but ……..”

Her eyes sparkled.

“The Martial Art of Nine Great Sects. Give me that, and I’ll let you live.”

“I’m already dying. It’s not a very attractive deal.”

“Is it because of Blood Parasite?”

Chun Hajin’s eyes widened.

“You know about Blood Parasite?”

Secret Demon Queen snorted.

“I’m a master of the Evil Deities, and I’m well-versed in all kinds of poisons, as well as the science of evil arts.”

“……I see.”

“And I can also rid you of the Blood Parasite in your body with my demonic arts.”

Blood Parasite.

It was the worst tool the Righteous Heavenly Alliance used to control the overly powerful Chun Hajin. As long as Blood Parasite lurked in his body, he could never betray the Righteous Heavenly Alliance.

That’s right. As long as he has Blood Parasite.

Chun Hajin laughed bloodily.

Secret Demon Queen flinched.

“Why are you laughing?”

“Hey, Granma.”


“Did you really think I’m being hunted down by the Iron Blood Fortress?”


Chun Hajin playfully flicked his longsword.

“You’ve been saying that for three days, three days, yes, so I figured it must be something. That’s right, for three days, I was ‘only’ being chased by the Iron Blood Fortress.”


“Today is seven days and seven nights. I was being chased by the Righteous Heavenly Alliance.”

Secret Demon Queen felt a chill run down her spine at Chun Hajin’s words as she gritted her teeth.

So does this mean that he killed all of the experts by shaking off the Righteous Heavenly Alliance’s forces?

“Why the Righteous Heavenly Alliance……? Have you deciphered the Blood Parasite?”

Chun Hajin was silent.

She was right, he had deciphered the Blood Parasite seven days ago.

The Righteous Heavenly Alliance had recognized it immediately.

Like other parasites, the Blood Parasite was divided into a male and a female, and if one died, the other would also die.


His teeth grinded.

In order to escape from the hell called the Righteous Heavenly Alliance, he sacrificed himself for 30 years.

He’d learned how to decipher the Blood Parasite five years ago. But back then, he hadn’t been confident that he could escape if he were trapped in their grasp.

That was why he had trained so hard for five years.

Anyway, Chun Hajin broke through the Righteous Heavenly Alliance’s network in four days.

Never in his wildest dreams did he think he’d get involved in this mess.

‘Damn life, damn this world.’

At first, he lamented.

As time passed, he even thought about giving up on life.

And now?


Secret Demon Queen took an involuntary step backward.

A terrifying killing intent flowed out from Chun Hajin, who closed his eyes while clutching his longsword tightly. It was the killing intent of the King of Assassins, the secret weapon of the Great Nine Sects.

Chun Hajin opened his eyes.


An explosion of rage formed in his burning eyes.

“Martial arts from the Great Nine Sects? You’re going to spare my life? Damn you. You don’t think I don’t know about your selfishness?”

Secret Demon Queen involuntarily swallowed hard.

If they fought, she would definitely win. However, in the face of this tremendous strength, she could only stiffen for a moment.

“For thirty years, I’ve been a pawn in the hands of others. Now I’m sorry for my life.”


The blazing light from the longsword grew stronger, and then the blade was no longer visible.

“I’ll say it one last time. Get out of the way, and leave this place gracefully.”


“Then at least you’ll be able to save your filthy life.”

Secret Demon Queen’s face instantly twisted into a demonic expression.

“You’re dying, you’re bluffing!”

Chun Hajin growled.

“You stupid bitch, I’m not the problem! Even the Righteous Heavenly Alliance troops, who had been shaken off by the Iron Blood Fortress bastards, followed up again!”

“What, what?!”

“And if you have a brain, do some thinking! Even though Iron Blood Fortress doesn’t know your greed! It’s obvious that you’re going to be tossed!”

Secret Demon Queen’s eyes flickered.

Her arrogance and martial prowess made it impossible for her to think that she would be crushed, no matter how great her opponent’s forces

“Move aside! Let’s go find our own way!”


“Get out of the way or we’ll all die…….”

“Don’t worry.”

Secret Demon Queen grinned.

She slowly lifted her hand, her manicured nails elongating and turning red.

“I am not a fool like you. And I’ve never let anyone who insulted me live.”


A dense evil qi was released from the Secret Demon Queen’s body.

The qi was far more unique than killing intent itself. Experts who sensed the evil qi began to flock in from far away places.

“You’re not going to tell me, are you? I can see it in your eyes.”


Beyond the suffocating evil qi, a frenzied killing intent flowed out.

“Then die, you worthless bastard.”

Chun Haijin grinned.

It was a laugh mixed with all kinds of emotions, including anger, sadness, desperation, and despair.

“I prove my worth, bitch.”


Chun Hajin rushed at her.

Secret Demon Queen also ran toward him.

Their swords and nails clashed head-on.