Episode 484 The Marquis of Discord (2)

First Corpse Andras, also known as the Marquis of Discord.

His white-feathered wings are sacred at first glance. He has the head of a raven, the eyes of an owl, and the lower half of a wolf.

In his hand he held a single, flaming sword.

A destroyer, always full of dissatisfaction.

A being that hates all that is in harmony, loves disorder, and joins with chaos.


Vikir immediately took out Beelzebub.


[Huhuhu- Why are you so wary? There is no need for that.]

Andras was still smiling.

[I’m just showing my true self so we can have a real conversation. We can’t have a conversation if we’re hiding things from each other, right?]


[We both have our own goals, and they don’t conflict with each other, so put the sword down].

At this point, Vikir had to admit, he was feeling a bit dumbfounded.

This was the first time he’d ever seen a demon in its true form and not fight.

‘……A lesser demon hunter might have been fooled.’

But despite Andras’s kindness, Vikir is not fooled.

The reason is that he has memories from before the regression.

The Marquis of Discord.

A demon who rode the battlefield with terrifying force, decapitating countless Alliance heroes.

Even though it was wearing a kind smile in front of him now, it was basically a demon, and the most terrifying one at that.

While Vikir was pondering these things, Andras sighed and opened his mouth as if he was tired.

[This is the first time I’ve ever shown my true form and not fought, but I can’t help it since I want to talk, and I’m at a disadvantage].


[Now, can we continue what we were talking about earlier?]

Andras’s eyes glowed.

[As I said before…… the world has settled down a lot since your death, and I can return you to your original world, and maybe even bring back some of the people in your memories].


“There is no way to bring back the dead. Even a demon can’t defy Providence.”

Vikir’s attitude was equally steadfast.

“Demons kill, that’s the way it is.”

Hounds hunt. They don’t talk to their prey. That’s how he was taught.

So, the conversation ended here, and from then on, the only thing to talk about was the sword.


Vikir unleashed the full force of his sword from the very beginning.

Baskerville 8th Form. His teeth clashed together, creating a bright sun.


The solid jade throne was shattered like tofu.

The words were quite hollow for a place that had been the residence of a Supreme Being for the past few decades.

[So. If it comes to this, is there nothing we can do?]

Andras swung his flaming sword.

A blast of hot flame shot out, aimed at Vikir.


Where Vikir dodged, a deep crack appeared, and it began to melt away.

The Baskerville 8th Form and the flames of Andras clash fiercely.

The atmosphere was shredded, and glowing cracks of mana were forming everywhere.

[It’s a shame. It was half the truth.]

Andras smirked as he thrust the tip of his sword into Vikir.

Half-truths and half-lies were the demons’ standard tactic when it came to seduction, and Vikir knew it well.

“You guys are basically beings who came to this world to use humans as food. It’s absurd to make a deal with something like you.”

[Do you think so? I’m actually the opposite, right?]


Vikir frowned.

Then Andras spoke up, as if it were obvious.

[Demons can actually make humans prosper, for the greater good.]


[It is not. You misunderstand our purpose.]

Andras hadn’t given up trying to convince Vikir.

[Do you know the animal called ‘chicken’?]


Who doesn’t know chickens?

They are one of the most familiar domesticated animals to humans.

Andras asked again.

[You humans breed, slaughter, and eat chickens. What do the chickens think about this? Are they happy?]

“It can’t be.”

[No. they will be happy If you look at it from the perspective of the entire species, not just one individual.]

Andras continued.

[Chickens, for example, were much smaller and weaker animals before humans improved their breed, and probably would not have survived and become extinct if they had stayed that way. Being small and weak, most of them would have been hunted to death by other animals as soon as they emerged from their eggs].


[But since humans chose chickens as domesticated animals, their population has grown exponentially. They now outnumber any other bird in the world. From a species-wide perspective, isn’t that a pretty efficient choice?]

“What are you trying to say?”

Vikir’s sword sliced through the air again.

Andras dodged it and moved closer to Vikir’s ear.

[Aren’t humans also weak, hardworking animals, and how many things make their lives so painful?]


[War, wild beasts, famine, drought, floods, wildfires, starvation, disease. And then there are the quarrels, the rivalries, the fights, the battles, and the…… hardships of trying to find a place to live, of raising children, and of breaking your back to take care of your old parents].


[A bottomless, never-ending race where the one you want to breed with is always snatched away by a better-looking, better-financed competitor, and you have to fight tooth and nail to do well in all the tests and assessments society demands. But is there always happiness at the end of the race? No, there isn’t.]


[Were you born into this world because you wanted to be? No. You were ‘birthed’ by your parents into this harsh, lonely world. You are a pitiful animal, forced to be born and forced to die.]

Andras jumped back with a start.

He sat back down on the shattered throne and spread his arms wide.

[At least the lives I mentioned before are better. Most human beings die shortly after birth. Do you know the infant mortality rate of the empire? It’s over 80%. In this world where the average adult lifespan is in the mid-30s, most of the babies, even if they are born safely, end up going from orphanage to orphanage. And even then, war, disease, and starvation kill them before they reach the age of ten. Did you see the reality of the orphanage where Dantalian was located? It is said that volunteer work at the orphanage is a required course at noble schools.]

Darkness was gathering around Andras.

Vikir felt an unusual slant and slashed them with his sword.

But the black mist swayed in the wind, enveloping Andras’ body even more thickly.

[Humans are pitiful animals indeed. Sad beings who have the intellect but can only recognize deficiencies with it. Lust, appetite, greed, jealousy, anger, sloth, arrogance…… The wandering ego, unable to fully satisfy any one need, can only feel inferior, indebted, and defeated in an unequal and unjust society. Occasional happiness is nothing more than a temporary resolution of those dissatisfaction.]

An animal forced to be born and forced to die.

Life is hard when you’re young, hard when you’re old, hard when you die, always hard and burdensome.

[So I propose].

Andras chuckled.

[The overwhelming majority of humans die of poverty and starvation before the age of 30, or even before the age of 10. Wouldn’t you be happier if humans were reduced to demonic livestock instead?]


[You may think so, but do you think the children suffering in the orphanage, or the children who died in the back alleys before they were even allowed to enter the orphanage, think so?]

Andras continued, blocking Vikir’s blow.

[Becoming a demon’s livestock would guarantee humans a healthy life, averaging over a hundred years old. You can mate and reproduce to your heart’s content, live a full and warm life, and live in blissful self-actualization in a world without disease, war, or hunger. And when they reach the age of one hundred, they give their souls to demons and their bodies are slaughtered, just as chickens are divided into No. 7 and No. 8 chickens depending on how long they’ve been growing. Is this the ‘salvation’ you speak of, how is it different from God?]

In the thickening darkness, Vikir could feel Andras’s gaze studying him.

Its mouth tears red in the darkness.

[There was a being who first made this offer to humans a long time ago].


[That’s ‘God’.]

Andras chuckles.

[Of course, that god is far more evil than I am. Slaughter was done the same way as slaughter, but it did not give the promised happiness and peace at all. Even humans who aren’t fully grown are captured at will, right? Well, since human farming has been so prosperous up until now, it’s understandable that they’re behaving like that. but I just don’t understand you humans unilaterally upholding contracts even when they are all being broken.]

“What do you want me to do?”

[I want you to understand that I have a good offer for the humans, and that I need to find my brother to make it happen].

After Andras finished speaking, his face changed to that of the First Prince.

The Emperor’s eldest son. The rightful heir to the throne.

He is now desperately searching for his half-brother.

[If you help me, I may even make you the head of the system, the emperor, just as the Golding family did in the past……]

But once again, Vikir cut off Andras’s offer.

“Where have you learned to be so mean?”


“That logic of yours. Isn’t this a trend that was popular during the ancient Warring States Period? It is a logic that would have only worked in the now-vanished ‘Demonic Sovereign Country’.”

Vikir raised the tip of his sword.

The tip of his gaze was aimed at Andras.

“Human development desires and upward instincts cannot be confined in a livestock system. No matter how hard you try, they will eventually break through, like an awl in a pocket. That’s what humans are.”

The magic sword Beelzebub shoots out an aura with its awl-like tip.


The throne completely collapsed.

Andras emerged from the cloud of dust, wings spread wide.

“Demon Kill.”

[Gee, that’s hard to say].

Vikir’s sword and Andras’s crossed fiercely in the air.

Vikir brushed away the sparks and flames from Andras’s sword, thinking to himself.

‘……It’s fortunate that there is no Asmodeus/’

The magic sword was Andras’s signature weapon before the regression.

How surprised Vikir was when he first saw it in Nouvelle Vague.

Asmodeus is now in Kirko’s hands, which is a relief.

Vikir burned all the auras at Beelzebub’s tip.

Andras, too, was drawing darkness into his grasp, dark enough to swallow Vikir’s aura.

[Very well, if you won’t make a contract…… I’ll make you want to do it.]

Those words made Vikir tense up.

He may not have the sword, but the demon’s unique supernatural powers are enough to be threatening.

And now, once again, Andras was about to use his unique ability.

[Soon you will be begging for a contract yourself.]

It was a moment of unmistakable power from the pinnacle of the demons who had led the Age of Destruction.