Episode 466 The Prelude to a Counterattack (2)


Powerful poisonous mutants burst through the ground.

Each one of them is a monster with a huge and hideous body.

One of the men at the forefront of the reinforcements drew a crimson sword and began slicing the poisonous mutants into pieces like rotten radishes.


Osiris, the young lord of the Iron Blood Swordman Family, stood tall over the corpses of the poisonous people, who were collapsing with a fountain of blood.

“Eat a lot, nephew.”

Osiris swept away even the evil spirits of the Red Death and turned his head to the side.

There stood a girl with black hair and red eyes.

“Yes uncle!”

“……Not uncle, Samchun.”


“I’m sad. Why don’t you call me Samchun…….”

But before Osiris could finish his sentence, the Pomeranian stretched his hands out in front of him.


The Wraith Tree grew.

Dark red ghosts rise above the corpses of dead poisonous people as if they were being pulled out.

Skull-shaped berries burst open on its gnarled branches.

A battlefield is the best place for a Wraith Tree to grow.



From behind Pomerian, one of the surviving poisonous people rushed forward, dragging his battered body.

It was a cunning creature that had been lying on the ground like a corpse the entire time.

It stretched out its long arms to grab Pomerian.


Three strands of strikes sliced through the poisonous people’s arm.


Three black wisps of blood stood in Pomerian’s way.

Highbro, Midbro, and Lowbro.

They looked up at the mountain peaks beyond the dead bodies of the poisonous people and murmured.

“Let’s go. Our lord is waiting.”

“Our is waiting.”

“He is waiting.”

The Trident of Baskerville, no, the Trident of Vikir.

They were escorting Pomerian and leading the Knights to the summit.

Of course, the road to the mountain peak was long and difficult.

With so many poisonous mutants rampaging like demons, even the strongest knights could not easily break through the walls of the siege.

……That was until the Seven Counts of House Baskerville stepped forward.

Six shadows stretched across the battlefield, which was entirely covered with dark red aurora.

The six counts, minus the long-vacant seat of CaneCorso, emerged from the mountain of corpses.

‘Bostonterrier’ Les Baskerville, leader of the Knights of the Pit Bull.

‘Greatdan’ Les Baskervilles, leader of the Knights of the Mastiff.

‘Isabella’ La Baskerville, leader of the Knights of the Doberman.

‘German’ Les Baskervilles, leader of the Knights of the Shepherds.

‘Metzgerhund’ Les Baskervilles, leader of the Knights of the Rottweiler.

‘Cu-Chulainn’ Les Baskervilles leader of the Knights of the Wolfhounds.

Having spent their entire lives on the battlefield, they quickly adapted to the war against the poisonous mutants.


Bostonterrier beheaded a staggering number of poisonous soldiers in a long series of strikes.

Waves of blood rushed from the ground and showers of blood fell from the sky.

“Hehehe – I probably caught the most on this battlefield.”



With a deafening bang, a gigantic, fleshy, poisonous mutant fell backwards.

Greatdan, who had punched a hole in the demon’s huge head, walked out, wiping the blood from his knife with the hem of his clothes.

“What’s the point of catching many? You have to catch the big one. I’ve probably caught the biggest one on this battlefield.”

“Bullshit! Catching a lot is the best!”

“Are anglers competing based on what they catch? Even if you catch just one, it’s best to catch the big one.”

Just then.


A black slash was drawn between the bickering Bostonterrier and Greatdan.

One of the poisonous mutants fell to the ground in half, and Isabella stepped forward.

Her path was streaked with blood.

At first glance, she had killed far more poisonous people than Bostonterrier.

Among the piles of bodies, there were often larger ones than Greatdan had killed.

“If you have time for bullshit, why don’t you cut down one more?”



Bostonterrier and Greatdan grunted and averted their gaze.

It was always a losing proposition with that young, smart woman, whether they fought with swords or words.

The other Counts were pushing the poisonous peolpe to near pulp.

German, fiercely charging through the ranks as if he could not lose to Isabella, Metzgerhund, flashing his six teeth as if to prove that he was the best of the 6th Form, and Cu-Chulainn, 4th Form Master who unusually insists only on the 4th Form.

Each of them is unique and violent, and they tear apart the poisonous peolpe’s siege with ferocity.

The Knights, following their leaders, charge through the center of the battlefield.

Soon, the senators of House Baskerville also appeared on the front lines.

Old men with bushy eyebrows and long beards, wear black iron armor, slicing and dicing the poisonous peolpe.

“Heoheoheo- Sade and Orca are out on the battlefield, shouldn’t we be in the back room?”

“I’m sure they’ve aged a lot too, Why don’t we see each other again after such a long time?.”

“Holholhol – it reminds me of the old days., these are the guys I ran into on a fictional day on the battlefield.”

“By the way, things must be pretty bad for them to drag us out, huh?”

“I was tired of being treated as a waste of the previous generation, so let’s loosen the reins and run wild.”

“Yeah. I guess the head of the house will take care of everything~”

The entirety of the Baskerville family is in motion.

The Morg, the Quovadis, and the Bourgeois were all racing across the battlefield with their armies.

Morg head Respane and her deputy, Adolf, were in attendance.

Pope Nabokov I of Quovadis, Cardinal Luther, and Archbishop Mozgus were also on the battlefield.

Bourgeois also poured all of the family’s wealth into this battlefield, and even Demian, the acting head of the family, was at the forefront of the war.

“Advance to the water source!”

“Let’s break through to Tochka!”

“Don’t stop! Keep marching!”

The reinforcements were on their way to Tochka, as had been decided at the previous meeting of the Alliance Houses.

It was the result of the persuasion of Kirko, who had once led the Nouvelle Vague’s elite into the meeting.


The red death spirits were all burned to death by the flame-type magic unleashed by Adolf the Mad Mage.

Beside him, the three sisters, Highsis, Midsis, and Lowsis, were searching for Camus.

“Camus! Where are you!”

“We are working really hard!”

“Can’t we talk about this after the war?”

Of course, there were other forces besides the four allied families.

The Verangian Boot Camp, the Magic Tower, the Themiscyra Women’s College, and the Colosseo Academy.

Faculty members, led by Principal Banshee, also appeared on the battlefield.

“Hahahaha, finally settling a score!”

“Hmph, you filthy poisonous bastards.”

“Vikir-nim, I’m coming-oh!”

Young talents such as Bakiraga, Hohenheim, and Lovegood were also leading the student army and advancing.


“Pushishishi! What’s this, we’re going to be late for this fun feast!”

Even Tochka’s counterattack force, led by Sade, had reached the peak.

A large army of Orca and Nouvelle Vague guards, prisoners, and refugee vigilantes were trampling the poisonous army relentlessly.

“Young master, we’re here!”

“Boss! Where are you!”

“……No, why me too!?”

Chihuahua, Minpin, and CindyWendy are also seen being included in the reinforcements.

“Did you come to see me?”

“Ew! What are you doing, everyone else is watching!”

Suddenly, Osiris swoops down like a bird of prey and embraces CindyWendy with a huge smile on his face.

……And there was a gaze looking down on it all from a mountain peak.



Vikir. And Flauros.

The Demon Hunter and the Demon King stood sharply opposite each other.

And behind Vikir stood Camus, Aiyen, Dolores, Sinclair, and Kirko.


The 8th Form of Baskerville, the black sun rose high in the sky.

Surrounding it were scorching flames, iron skewers, powerful rain of arrows, divine protection, golden giants, and blood-sucking creatures.

“It’s over.”

Vikir continued speaking with confidence.

“The demon kill.”

But faced with Vikir’s declaration, Flauros was still not relaxed.

[Well. Is that so?]


Vikir narrowed his eyes.

Flauros jumped back and soon stood on the ledge of the crater.

That was the place where Vikir launched a slash to clear the waterway before the battle began.

Peering into the deep furrow, Flauros smirked.

[You’ve come all this way and there’s no water, aren’t you disappointed, my friends?]

“It doesn’t matter. If I can kill you here.”

[Hmm- no, we should at least have water, considering the refugees in Tochka].

Still frowning, Flauros waved his hand into the dark void.

And he held out his tightly clenched fist in front of Vikir.

[What do you think is in here?]

Vikir didn’t enjoy talking to demons, and he didn’t want to know what was in that fist.

But before Vikir could answer, Flauros opened his fist wide.

It was a nymph.


Vikir’s eyes widened, and Flauros chewed and swallowed the shivering nymph in one bite.

He smirked and opened his mouth to speak.

[Actually, if it’s water, it is. A lot].

Flauros raised the spear he was holding high.

And he said one last thing.

[You should have dug a little deeper.]

A moment. An emotion flashed through Vikir’s mind.

It was a sense of loss.

‘Lying leopard’.

It was the nickname of the 2nd Corpse Flauros.

It is Flauros’ habit and ability to tell plausible lies about everything.

Vikir hesitated. He couldn’t predict what Flauros was after, or what his motives were.

And then, as Vikir had predicted, Flauros revealed something he had been hiding.


The demon’s spear struck the bottom of the cratered pit.

And then something incredible happened.


A tremendous amount of water gushed out from the point of Flauros’s spear.

Minpin’s information was not wrong. There was indeed a water source in the crater.

But when Camus, Aiyen, Dolores, Sinclair, and Kirko saw the water gushing out, they couldn’t help but wonder.

“What’s going on? Why are you suddenly finding water sources?”

“……It’s suspicious.”

“What are he planning on doing, handing over drinking water?”

“He’s voluntarily giving us water in this situation?”

“I have a bad feeling about this.”

They couldn’t fathom why the demon was so willing to give them water.

And in this situation.


Vikir was the only one whose expression changed drastically.