Episode 457 Infiltration of the Water Source (4)

Viscount Giuseppe Baldini, a demon of the House of Leviathan, was a man of some importance in the battle to destroy Tochka.

He was guarding the rear of the fortress, far back from the front line that surrounded Tochka.

The front siege network of Tochka Fortress was so tight that there was literally no room for even a needle to pass through, but the back area, where only Tochka’s walls were visible, was relatively loose.

But lax was only relative, as Viscount Baldini had a large number of minions standing guard, and he himself was constantly on guard in the command center barracks.

[…… Still, it’s a good thing, for there’s no chance of the enemy coming this far back.]

Even before he became a demon, Viscount Baldini was a man who sought stability and security.

His personality hasn’t changed much since becoming a demon, even though he’s gained great power.

[If the enemy appears elsewhere, I can quickly reinforce them there. In normal times, we can be a little more relaxed, but only in wartime do we need to be quick to respond.]

And so Viscount Baldini is now enjoying a cup of tea and a biscuit, enjoying his reverie.

Right now.


The sound of the guard post door opening was heard.

At the same time, the panicked exclamations of some of the lower-ranking minions could be heard.

[Ha, you must not enter without permission……]

[Ugh- No way……]

[Oh no……]

Viscount Baldini looked up, wondering what was going on.

He saw a woman standing there.

Her cascading red hair and intensely glowing red eyes were the color of blood, as if they had been marinated in it.

Above all, this overwhelming magic emanating from her, how on earth…….

He quickly checked his schedule for the day, but there were no appointments with the high-ranking demon.

No visits from above were scheduled either.

Viscount Baldini tensed up.

[……Who are you?]

In response to Viscount Baldini’s question, the red-haired woman revealed her identity and affiliation.

[I’m ‘Tzersi’, the left wing commander of the Tochka Exterminators, and I need to get past this post to the rear, so fill out a pass for me].

Viscount Baldini racked his brain, trying to think of a high-ranking demon named Tzersi in the main camp.

But there were no female minions of that name and rank in Leviathan that he knew of.

‘Well, I don’t know all the people in my family. She could also be a person from the House of Usher or the House of Don Quixote.’

House Leviathan had recently absorbed troops from House Usher and House Don Quixote, which had led to a sharp rise in their power.

Because of this, the chain of command was not yet fully organized.

So Viscount Baldini decided to continue the conversation in a gentle tone, rather than jump to conclusions.

[If you’ll excuse me, …… I’m afraid my memory is too poor to recall who you are, but what brings you here?]

[Do I have to tell you all that? It’s a top secret from the headquarters. Just give me your pass].

The red-haired woman, who gave her name as Tzersi, snorted and gave orders in an arrogant tone.

Viscount Baldini swallowed hard to keep from cringing.

‘Judging by your arrogance, you’re a Leviathan, and I don’t need to confirm it.’

However, Viscount Baldini was also not an easy person.

[Pardon me, this is wartime, we will follow military law. Could you please show me your ID?]

Tzersi’s brow furrowed at that.

The magic she’d been subtly exuding earlier had now become a full-blown blast.

[……Okay. You’re going to protest, right?]

[No, I’m just asking you to go through the procedure. Even though I’m an external figure, I’ve been to the main house a few times, and I don’t recognize you from those times. ……]

[Hmph, Isn’t it natural that I am an illegitimate child? You idiot.]

At the mention of illegitimate child, Viscount Baldini closed his mouth as if he was going to be sick.

An illegitimate child from a real family would certainly be rarely seen in the public eye.

After all, an illegitimate child is the family’s scion.

‘I shouldn’t have brought up the subject of the real family and illegitimacy, now that I’ve stirred up the illegitimate child complex of such a high ranking figure. I’m sure I’m in trouble.’

Just as Viscount Baldini realized that things were getting out of hand, Tzersi spoke up.

[Okay, okay, I don’t need a pass, I’ll go back to the main camp and come back with an ID, you’re right, it’s military law].

[……Yes? A, aaah. Thank you so much for your understanding].

Viscount Baldini’s eyes narrowed as he realized that things were going to be unexpectedly easy.

He was almost suspicious that the other party would back down so easily.

Viscount Baldini should have been appalled, however, at Tzersi’s next words.

[You seem to be very fond of military law, so I’ll give you military law. I will ‘dare’ to go back to the main camp and get my ID. A mission so urgent that I forgot my ID will be greatly delayed by your inflexible attitude, and you will pay for it.]


[Oh, and before I go, I’d like to take a look at the condition of the sword and shield hanging from your waist, and I want them in front of me right now, and why is the button on your uniform top unbuttoned, and why is the knot in your boot laces tied like that? I’m going to take a good look at how well you’re following the military code before I head back to base, and I’ll report back to my superiors as soon as I get back].

Tzersi’s eyes radiated heat like hellfire.

It was as if she would not tolerate even the smallest, most microscopic of pods.

She turned to Viscount Baldini, who was trembling in front of her, and shouted.

[Attention! Why do you keep sitting there while your superiors are talking! You arrogant bastard!]

[I, I’m sorry!]

Viscount Baldini quickly rose to his feet and saluted.

Tzersi gritted her teeth and circled around him.

By military law, everything in this room is illegal.

His sword was lightly stained and his shield was rusted, if only slightly.

The inside of the barracks was dusty, and the soldiers’ clothes were often unbuttoned or untied.

[I was going to be reasonable and let it slide, but given your attitude, I can’t].


[Poor clothing, poor maintenance, poor hygiene in the barracks, poor soldier discipline Hey…… And you’re drinking tea and biscuits in the middle of a battlefield? Apparently, they’re not rations, they’re chaplain’s snacks. Also, is this the time of day when you’re allowed to eat?]


[You’re not following any of the military laws you like, so what’s the point?]


[A man like you, so strict with others and so lenient with himself, is bound to get into trouble someday].

Tzersi reached out with a casual hand, grabbed Viscount Baldini by the hair, and yanked him back.


Then, in an eerie voice, she said.

[No, I’ll have to send you to the front lines right at dawn tomorrow, and as soon as I get back to the main camp, I’ll send your proposal to……]

At that, Viscount Baldini shouted in a voice that was almost crying.

[A, a pass, I will write you a pass, I am guilty of death!]

Then Tzersi shook her head.

[It’s not necessary, I’m going back to the main camp. Your class and unit will be assigned to the frontline suicide raiders at dawn tomorrow].

[Front, frontline!? Suicide squad there!?]

The assault squad was the unit that suffered the most casualties in today’s siege with Major General Orca and Marquis de Sade.

Viscount Baldini’s face was beginning to turn as pale as a corpse.

The normally stoic Viscount Valdini dropped to his knees and began to beg.

[My, my, I was short of thought, I’ll give you a pass, and I’ll contact the rear and arrange for you to go with as little inconvenience as possible, please, just the assault party……!]

The mood in the barracks had completely changed.

Tzersi nodded, annoyed, but not surprised.

[I’ve memorized your face, your name, and your unit number, in case something happens to send me back to the main camp……]

[Well, I’ll make sure that doesn’t happen!]

[……Hmm. I’ll count on it].

Finished speaking, Tzersi snorted and grabbed her pass.

She turned on her heel and left the barracks.

Viscount Baldini, left behind in the barracks, wiped the sweat from his brow and breathed a sigh of relief.

One of the lesser minions beside him asked with an uneasy expression.

[Viscount, do you think it’s okay to issue me a pass without identification?]

[Hey. Didn’t you see the magic that bitch just gave off?]

Viscount Baldini shook his head as if he’d just been dismissed from a crane.

[And by the looks of what she’s doing, she’s a absolute poisoner, a demon to the bone].

* * *

[Look at that. I told you this works, right?”

She brought her low voice back to its original state in an instant.

Morg Mu Camus. She’d sold her ancestor’s name long ago and pretended to be a demon.

“The name is full of magic energy. And I am also confident in my ability to emit magic energy. Of course, it just smells.”

When she finished, Camus turned her head.

On her shoulder was Seere, tears dripping down her cheeks from the smell.


“Well done.”

Vikir patted Camus on the shoulder.

The first gateway to the water source was easily breached thanks to Camus’s initiative.

With a pass from Viscount Baldini, the gates behind them were nearly free passes as well.

After that, they passed through a few more private guard posts.


A gust of wind from the front hit everyone’s noses.

The breeze carried a hot, foul odor.

Vikir looks up and sees red spirits swarming over the horizon.

“……The Plaguelands. Probably a place of poisonous people.”

“I’ll cover you from here.”

Dolores summoned the last of her holy power and gave each of them a drop of her Tear of the Saint.

With the exception of Vikir and Camus, who were immune to almost all poisons, everyone was protected by Dolores and able to survive the Red Death.

The group of eight then made their way over the gentle ridge to the next gateway.

Along the way, a red mist drifted across the ground, strewn with the corpses of the poisonous people.

Soon, through the red mist, they could see Leviathan’s second siege network.

Seeing the shadows of barracks and wooden fences, Vikir began to calculate the distance.

Where poisonous people are present, strategies such as disguised identity will no longer work.

“15 minutes to infiltrate.”

From now on, it was time to force a breakthrough.