Episode 452 Declaration of War (3)

“They will come to Tochka. Because my son is there.”

Hugo replied to the skepticism everyone was expressing toward Tochka.

His assurance, so full of conviction that it seemed almost self-righteous, drew chatter from those around him.

“Tochka is a well-defended fortress, but it has no strategic value because there is no place to get drinking water, right?”

“There was a lanky warlord who encamped there during the Warring States Period and was defeated because there was no water.”

“That’s why it’s called ‘Crying Castle.’.”

“The Leviathan Family are so sneaky and cunning, they would never target such a place.”

The evaluations of those around him were generally negative.

…… But Baskerville patriarch Hugo isn’t one to let the stares and comments get to him.

“So what are you saying?”

That’s his way. No one can open their mouths to Hugo’s rebuttal.

The iron-blooded swordsman’s name, Baskerville, was heavy and sharp.

Hugo spoke, his tone unwavering.

“My son is there. He’s there, and he’s not fooling around. Our enemies must have realized that by now.”

And surprisingly, Hugo’s hardline demeanor was met with a few sneaky nods of agreement.

“Hmmm. Come to think of it, one of my daughters is there. She’s a little girl, she’s so obsessed with men…….”

Matriarch Respane of Morg said in a low voice.

“Our saintess is there, too.”

“Hmmm…… I hate to say it, but our own Gaju seems to have been there recently as well.”

Martin Luther of the Quovadis and Demian of the Bourgeois nodded in agreement.

Morg Mu Camus, Dolores Lun Quovadis, and Sinclair J Bourgeois are also known to be in Tochka at the moment.

They hadn’t exactly reported their whereabouts, but it was information the trio had gleaned in secret.

‘The Night Walkers’.

The heads of the Houses knew that Dolores and Camus, along with many others, had gathered there and were hosting refugees.

Some held their tongues.

“So the Night Hound was a scion of House Baskerville, was he?”

“I thought he was imprisoned in Nouvelle Vague, but how did he get to Tochka?”

“No, I’m pretty sure he was reported dead in Nouvelle Vague…….”

To those questions, Hugo surprisingly readily opened his mouth and answered them.

“I heard he escaped not long ago.”

At that, everyone’s mouths dropped open.

What is Nouvelle Vague like? Isn’t it the worst prison in the world, where once you’re locked up, not even your soul can escape? And he’s escaped from such a ridiculous place?

Hugo, feeling everyone’s eyes on him, shrugged.

“That guy is a genius.”

This isn’t the kind of bragging that goes along with, ‘Look what school my son got into this time~’ or ‘I heard he got first in his class there~’.

It’s only natural that Hugo would be met with a look of disbelief when he calls someone who escaped from Nouvelle Vague, the worst prison in the world, a genius.

“Whatever. My son’s judgment always had a reason. I will go to Tochka to honor it.”

Hugo’s argument was clear and forceful.

Adolf, a Mage who knew a bit about Vikir, nodded in agreement.

“Certainly, the fellow is trustworthy, and while he must have had something in mind when he made that place his hideout…… I think support is necessary as people may suffer without drinking water for a while. So you mean the Baskervilles are sending an army to Fort Tochka?”

“No. I’m going alone.”


Adolf shook his head, and Hugo answered as if it were obvious.

“This is not as a Baskervilles patriarch, but as a father. There’s a difference between state and private.”

” …… I didn’t know you loved your children so much, did you?”

“Do you want to be my son? Why should you know how much I love my children?”


Hugo replied grimly, touching his chin as if his shaved beard was missing.

It’s the patriarch’s move in the first place, so it’s only natural that the entire House would be behind it, but since the whole point is that the father is going to see his son in private, there’s no room for other powers to interfere.

Well, whatever.

The first time they saw Hugo making such a strong assertion, they all had a lot to say.

Under the circumstances.

“I’ll go with you, Father. I also have a lover there.”

“I’ll join you too!”

“I’ll join you!”

“I’ll join!”

Osiris Le Baskerville, the young patriarch of the Baskerville, said the same thing behind Hugo’s back.

So did the three brothers next to him, Highbro, Midbro, and Lowbro.

The idea of moving to Fort Tochka seemed to be viewed positively by the Morg.

“She’s my daughter, but I’m worried about her because she’s a bit too naive.”

“Why don’t you come with us and see for yourself?”

“Please take us with you too.”

“After the war is over, they’re going to harass you and tell you that you’re hiding somewhere and not even bothering to prick your nose.”

“Ugh…… I’m so scared just thinking about being ripped to shreds. I’d rather die fighting in front of him.”

Respane and Adolf. And the three sisters, Highsis, Midsis, and Lowsis, agree.

“Our saintess is there, too. We’ve always wanted to visit her, so we might as well.”

“I’ll go too. We must protect our lord.”

Martin Luther of the Quovadis and Demian of the Bourgeois nodded in agreement.

With so many people talking seriously about reinforcements to Fort Tochka, or even moving their camps, public opinion began to tilt toward skepticism.

Just then.

“You can’t go that way! There’s an important meeting right now……!”

A panicked shout from a guard comes from outside the conference room door.

An urgent tone, like he’s trying to stop someone.


Soon, the door suddenly burst open.

jeobeog- jeobeog- jeobeog- jeobeog-

Five figures stormed into the conference room.


The atmosphere in the room changed drastically.

Everyone’s posture and facial expressions show their shock at seeing these unexpected faces.

Some characters have sullen expressions, as if they don’t even know who they are.

A few, however, seemed to already know about the unauthorized intruders in the room.

“……What brings the all-stars of Nouvelle Vague here?”

Figures so formidable that even Morg Banshee, the Principal of Colosseo Academy, had to adjust his posture.

Colonel D’Ordume. Colonel Souare. Brigadier General BDISSEM. Brigadier General Flubber.

……And Black Tongue.

They are the five great wardens of Nouvelle Vague.

Even behind them were a large number of Nouvelle Vague guards, known for their ferocity and skill.

D’Ordume was the first to step forward.

“The Nouvelle Vague is gone. A volcanic eruption wiped it out without a trace, and the guards who were lucky enough to survive were all unemployed. Just like us.”

Souare was the next to speak.

Her gaze had been fixed on Hugo since earlier.

“It’s thanks to your son’s splendid behavior.”

“……my son?”

Hugo rolled his eyes slightly, and Souare quickly averted her gaze, trying to distract him.

BDISSEM. followed Souare’s lead and said stiffly.

“For now, we…… Because I am a civil servant belonging to the imperial family…… I need to find a place to stay…… I guess I was following the current captain’s orders…… I came here……”

After finishing her sentence, BDISSEM glanced at the man he called ‘the current captain’.

Flubber, who was cowering on the floor, was also looking at him.



Surprisingly, D’Ordume and Souare don’t say anything.

Their faces showed that they agreed with BDISSEM.

This should have surprised everyone in the room.

A leader recognized even by D’Ordume and Souare, who were fiercely fighting over the position of head of Nouvelle Vague.

Had there ever been anyone like this before, except for the Major General Orca Montreuil-sur-Mer Javert?

All eyes in the room turned toward the figure at the back of the room.

Then the last of the wardens stepped forward.

Black Tongue.

The current leader of Nouvelle Vague’s five wardens.

He opened his mouth with bright red eyes.

“We’re going to Tochka, and everyone here should go there, too. As many people as possible, all together!”

Many expressed their displeasure at Black Tongue’s harsh, almost imperative tone.

“What does that mean, coming out of nowhere?”

“Do you even know what you’re talking about?”

“How dare you order me around, guards. Do you know how many high-ranking nobles are here?”

“More than that. Colonel Black Tongue, did you…… originally look like that?”

“I think my appearance has changed a lot.”

However, Nouvelle Vague’s five wardens were completely unmoved despite such criticism.

Black Tongue continued to speak in a chilling voice.

“……So much for nice words.”

To several rather shocked-looking figures, Black Tongue drew his own sword.


‘Asmodeus’, a magic sword that splits the table in the center of the conference hall in half.

It is truly bizarre to see the small pieces joined together to resemble a whip.

Everyone’s faces stiffened.

The atmosphere in the room is frozen, and the tension between the people is palpable.

Only then did Black Tongue drive in another wedge.

“If you don’t want to get fucked, you should all go to Tochka.”