Chapter 427 – The Night Walkers (3)

Episode 427 The Night Walkers (3)

Usher Poe Bianca.

A Divine Court Lady who was the next head of Usher family…….

She is the only daughter of Usher Poe Roderick, the current patriarch of the Usher family.

As such, she should be the next in line for the title.

But reality is harsh.

Usher Poe Roderick, a powerful man so powerful that he was labeled a Bow Demon, has fallen from a mysterious illness, and his eldest daughter Bianca is still young.

While she was at Colosseo Academy, the family was turned upside down.

Usher Poe Madeline. Usher Poe Roderick’s only sister.

She had been ill from a young age and had not been involved in the family’s affairs, but at some point, she had taken the reins and started to dominate.

Madeline began to take control of all the family’s affairs.

It was as if she had been waiting all this time for Usher Poe Roderick to fall ill.

When Bianca returned to the family home after hearing her father’s excuses, she was treated with unspeakable slaps and pushes.

She, who had never even seen her father’s face, tried to keep Madeline’s position in check by gathering her maternal and collateral families as supporters.

But it was in vain.

Madeline had already recruited all of her maternal relatives and collateral families since Bianca had just entered Colosseo Academy, and Bianca ended up getting stabbed in the foot by the ax she trusted.

She realized that her family could no longer be her support.

In fact, she realized that it had become her greatest enemy.

From then on, Bianca turned her back on her family and went out into the world.

She traveled to the Don Quixote Family, hoping to gain the favor of her only childhood friend and spiritual rival, Tudors, but they were in a similar situation.

The Spear King Cervantes, suddenly fell ill with an unidentified serious illness, like Roderick, and his younger brother, Passamonte, took over real power.

Moreover, unlike Bianca, Tudor were willing to openly fight the entire family.

So Bianca fled, taking Tudor with her.

They were pursued by two of the most powerful armies on earth, Don Quixote’s invincible cavalry and Usher’s assassin snipers.

Their escape was long and difficult, but they managed to survive.

Tudor, the boy she had always thought of as a child, had grown into a man she could trust to have her back.

Or, sometimes, lean on.

And at some point, Bianca found herself watching him a little longer.

Someone she could share her childhood with. Someone who had been there for her in her wild and unprepared times. And someone who was now going through a difficult and painful time.

……Is that why? Bianca was uncharacteristically angry right now.

“Kukuku- That bitch is so cruel.”

Don Quixote La Mancha Pedro. The adjutant of Pasamonte. The man who escorted Vikir to Nouvelle Vague years ago.

He should have been imprisoned in the dungeons with his limbs cut off, but somehow he was still in one piece, leading the cavalry.

Bianca gritted her teeth.

No wonder the people who had brought Tudor to this point were now in front of her.

“I see you’re demons after all.”

“What new?”

Pedro shrugged. Then he said with a smirk.

“Isolde Poe Usher’s been itching to get his hands on you, which is good, because you’ll be worth a fortune to sell to him. Tudor, I went out to catch that cowardly rat, and I got an unexpected harvest.”

For a moment, Bianca’s brow rose.

“Cowardly rat? Isn’t that a word more fitting for you, who crawled under the demon’s crotch, and your father, who brought you to the world?”

Honor and reputation are in the blood of Don Quixote.

Pedro’s eyes rolled back in his head as soon as he heard Bianca’s words.

“How dare you insult me!”

Pedro instinctively reaches for his gloves, and Bianca takes advantage of the opportunity to draw an arrow from her bow.


Bianca had spent a relatively long time in the Hell Tree compared to others.

Based on her experience at that time, she trained diligently at the Academy.

A liquid aura unique to the Graduator was embedded in the arrow and shot out.

It looked like a long stream of sticky liquid falling horizontally to the ground.

And its power was immense.


The arrow pierced the back of Pedro’s hand and went straight to his heart.


“Hahahahaha! You’re making it so that there’s no gap? The Usher family’s archery skills are truly amazing.”

Pedro’s eyes glazed over with a murky energy.

He shatters the arrow, and new flesh immediately takes its place.

Bianca looks at it, and once again, Pedro and his master, Passamonte, are sure to be demons.

But there was something strange about it.

“Why aren’t the other knights reacting?

Bianca cautiously turned and looked behind her.

Don Quixote’s ‘Invincible Cavalry’.

Along with the ‘Invincible Armada’, they are the real power behind Don Quixote’s military might.

How is it that they have become the minions of the demon, when they have a reputation for being so loyal?


The sharp-eyed Bianca soon found the answer.

The faces of the members of the Invincible Cavalry were hidden from the public by their helmets, their faces obscured by their iron masks.

Every single one of them wore a stunned, dazed expression.

Their eyes were uncharacteristically cloudy, and some of them were even drooling.

‘They’re being controlled by the demon!’

That doesn’t explain it.

Perhaps the Usher family knights are in a similar state.

She had a vague idea of how Madeline might have manipulated Bianca’s supporters.

“Then so be it.”

Bianca gritted her teeth.

‘I don’t want to kill the innocent knights of the Don Quixote family, but if we continue this way, we’re going to die.’

They had to fight with all their might.


Bianca stomped the ground and let the arrow fly.

Fortunately, there is a steep rocky slope just a short distance ahead.

The cavalry would not be able to advance there.

……But that was the mistake of underestimating Don Quixote’s Invincible Cavalry.


Surprisingly, Don Quixote’s horse galloped up the steep, almost cliff-like slope.

“Cih. Why are those monstrous creatures being controlled by the demon?”

Bianca continued to fire arrows.

She wasn’t aiming for every single one of those horsemen.

kwakwang! kuleuleuleuleung-

Bianca’s arrows hit only the weak spots in the rocky cliffs.

As the traps of ropes and vines were destroyed by the arrows, massive amounts of earth and rubble began to pour down.

However, Don Quixote’s Invincible Cavalry, which should have been annihilated by now, continued to push forward.


The lances of the knights pierced through the rocks and dirt, each one bearing the aura of the Graduator.

A truly terrifying sight.

Bianca gulped down a gust of wind.

To think that such things, capable of tearing landslides to shreds, roamed the battlefield.

How can any siege be impenetrable to them!

Bianca’s eyes squeeze shut as she realizes that she can’t run away and that she must take the brunt of those ignorant charges with her own body.


A thunderous shout came from above her.


A slash fired diagonally sent one of the knights in front flying backwards.

Tudor. He appeared wearing a black robe and was blocking Bianca’s path.

“Get up!”

Tudor said, spear outstretched and swinging.

Bianca was a little puzzled that Tudor didn’t offer her his arm, but then she quickly stood up.

Tudor is currently missing his left arm.

He lost it during his escape from Don Quixote.

“Tudor, they’re coming for you……!”

“I know! Let’s just focus on getting back!”

Tudor swung his spear, rolling all the nearby rocks under him.

“Tudor! Bianca!”

They hear Dolores, Sancho, and Piggy’s voices behind them.

However, Don Quixote’s knights, including Pedro, responded much faster.


At Pedro’s order, the knights swarmed around and blocked the reinforcements, including Dolores.

At the same time, the remaining troops lifted their spears and started throwing them at Tudor.


One of the spears pierced Tudor’s thigh and lodged in the ground.


Tudor gritted his teeth, but he couldn’t block the shower of spears that followed.


“Get down.”

He put Bianca on his back and blocked every spear that came his way.

peog! peog! peog! peog!

Spears pierced his forearms, thighs, shoulders, and legs.


Bianca let out a tearing scream, but Tudor remained frozen in place, protecting her.

“Tearful chivalry, a fitting end.”

Pedro raised his spear with a mock tear in his eye.

And then.


Pedro’s spear falls, emitting a dark aura.


The spear that had been protecting Tudor all this time broke in half.

Covered in blood, Tudor falls to the ground.

Bianca, who was behind him, quickly picked him up.


He had a gaping wound in his chest. If he didn’t get to the priest immediately, he would surely die.

But Dolores and the others hadn’t gotten past the wall built by Don Quixote’s knights.

Pedro frowned.

“What are you going to do? If you surrender gracefully, we can take Tudor back to the family home and cure him. With you, of course.”

For some reason, Pedro didn’t want to kill Tudor right away.


Bianca bit her lip.

There was nothing she could do without thinking twice.

“Help me. I want to save Tudor.”

“Good! Excellent choice. Maybe we can put a little embarrassment on Isolde.”

Pedro chuckled and turned away.

Up above, he turned to withdraw his cavalry from Dolores and the other Night Walkers.

“Hey! That’s enough! Now withdraw……!?”

But. Pedro didn’t finish his sentence.


A heavy fist flew out and crushed him in the face.


Soon, golden fists protruding from the ground began to strike down the cavalry of the Don Quixote family.

peopeong! kudeudeudeug! kwang!

Rings made of earth rise above the ground, tripping the hooves of galloping cavalry horses.

“Ugh! What the…….”

Someone fell in front of Pedro, who was spitting out a smashed nose, a busted lip, and a chunk of broken tooth in a stream of blood from his mouth.

A black robe and hat, and short-cut white hair visible through them.

A woman who had grown taller but still had a childlike face was standing quietly in front of Tudor and Bianca.

“Sorry. I’m a little late.”

Tick-tock – the sound of a busy pocket watch.

Sinclair was extending her hand towards Bianca.