Chapter 414 – End game (6)

Episode 414 End game (6)

Flubber. Full name: Flubber J. Tarbond. Rank is Brigadier General.

Responsible for coating the outside of Nouvelle Vague’s castle with a thin layer of slime to keep water out, Flubber was one of the two great mountains that support Nouvelle Vague’s system, along with BDISSEM.

An unidentifiable substance and creature with a body made up of an enormous mass of mucus of unknown volume, a pair of eyeballs that were nothing more than hollow spheres, a mouth that was gaping open in a smiling arc, and other grotesque deformities.

This strange entity now surrounded Vikir and Aiyen with obvious hostility.

Vikir and Aiyen each said something.

“Amazing, a creature capable of thinking.”

“Indeed. It looks like Shadowless King of the Black Sea.”

This was quite a surprise, as he had assumed that it would not have intelligence or reason.

Even D’Ordume and Souare didn’t seem to be adjusting to the situation.

“Flubber, you monster…… still only moves like a sword when you think Nouvelle Vague is in danger.”

“You must be attached to this place, that’s why you’re always sweeping, cleaning, and repairing the outer walls of the castle.”

Flubber’s motives were a little different than Vikir had expected.

He hadn’t come here to help D’Ordume and Souare, but rather had sensed something was up with Poseidon and descended.

To prevent the destruction of Nouvelle Vague.

No one knows why Flubber wanted to protect Nouvelle Vague.

The only thing he could assume was that his attachment to this place and his desire to restore it were great.

“Hehehe…… Yes, even the most incomprehensible monsters have the same goal.”

“It’s creepy to work with this monster, but there’s nothing I can do about it.”

Next. D’Ordume and Souare moved under Flubber’s cover.


The combination of D’Ordume’s attack, Souare’s defense, and Flubber’s tentacles closing in on the entire field worked quite well.

ujijig! peopeopeopeopeog!

As they stepped back to avoid the slash of the ax blade swung by D’Ordume, Flubber’s slime soon covered the entire ground.

Vikir and Aiyen were forced to retreat, trudging over a limited area of ground.

peong- ppagag!

Aiyen fired an arrow, but Souare raised several layers of earth shields to block it.

And beyond it, D’Ordume’s attacks continued to fly.

“They’ve been very annoying.”

“It’s to be expected with three of the Five Warden in one place.”

Vikir nodded in agreement with Aiyen’s words.

This was not a phenomenon that could be explained by the formula 1+1=2.

The combination of D’Ordume in attack, Souare in defense, and Flubber filling in all the gaps was difficult for even Vikir to deal with.

“……Good thing I took care of Black Tongue and BDISSEM beforehand.”

Vikir muttered to himself.

Aiyen, who was deflecting D’Ordume’s attacks, asked in surprise.

“I thought it was my husby that worked on BDISSEM, but Black Tongue? Is that also the warden?”

“Yeah. I got rid of it because I thought it would get in the way of my escape, and I think it will help me now.”

Vikir slipped his hand into the leather pouch at his waist and grabbed a handful of what was inside.


Soon, black pearl-like things were scattered in the air.



D’Ordume and Souare paused for a moment.

They were wary of these black pearls falling down, thinking it might be explosives.

But it was something far more troublesome than explosives.

eujijig- eujijig- eujijig-

The surface of the black pearl cracked, and what was inside crawled out.

Those are the eggs of a new type of leech that stole and killed Black Tongue!

Vikir had deliberately cut his palm, causing blood to spurt out, and the eggs, soaked in it, had hatched as soon as they smelled the scent of blood.

The tiny leeches began to cling to D’Ordume and Souare’s bodies.

“Damn it! These are Black Tongue Leeches! They’re stolen!”

“Kyaaahhh! That perverted bastard must have betrayed us!”

D’Ordume and Souare didn’t realize that Black Tongue had betrayed them or that the leeches had been stolen, but they did not think that he had been attacked by Vikir.

They scrabbled and scratched until their bodies bled, pulling the leeches off.

Vikir bit his lip in disappointment.

“I guess we’ll have to use them on people who don’t know about leeches in the future, at least not in Nouvelle Vague.”

D’Ordume and Souare were aware of Black Tongue’s perverted tastes and powers, so their wariness of leeches was at an all-time high.

To add insult to injury, the leeches weren’t responding to Flubber at all, so the effect wasn’t as effective as hoped.

‘But it bought us time, and that’s enough.’

Vikir and Aiyen closed in on Poseidon, keeping their distance behind them.


D’Ordume spun the axe blade on his forearm again.

Death Roll.

The whirlwind of strikes that had torn countless prisoners to shreds once more revealed its terrifying presence.

Vikir and Aiyen did not meet D’Ordume’s attack head-on.

“Do as I explained.”


Aiyen jerked backward.

He turned and ducked behind the blue glowing Poseidon.

Vikir, too, moved to the other side of Aiyen, using Poseidon as a shield as he guided D’Ordume’s charge.


Poseidon was struck by D’Ordume’s attack.

The lava roots nearby exploded with a loud noise, and the resulting shock wave was also absorbed by Poseidon.


The blue light emitted by the sphere became even more intense.

The vibrations emanating from its roots also became much more intense.

D’Ordume’s brow furrowed.

“What is it? There is something fishy about this. They’re not fighting back, like they’re waiting for us to use our power. And that blue sphere looks even more…….”

“What are you talking about? We need to take care of this and get reinforcements upstairs, and if we don’t kill them, the Major General will kill us!”

Souare stepped forward in frustration.


Her sledgehammer struck the ground, sending spiky rocks flying with lava.


Hot volcanic bombs were scorching the area.

And as it does, Poseidon’s light grew brighter and brighter.

Vikir sensed Poseidon’s vibrations transmitting through the surface, gauging the accumulated power.

[Human! The wave of mana is unusual! I think about half of the power has been accumulated?]

Vikir was convinced when he heard Decarabia shout from his chest.

‘……50%, that’s quite a charge, well, the years I spent here were a long time.’

In fact, once the power was built up to 90%, it was all a matter of time.

The explosions and aftershocks that the lava roots were constantly generating would easily fill the rest.

What would happen when it reaches 100%!

As Vikir counted down the seconds.


The ominous sound got closer to his ears.


Vikir looks up to see Flubber smiling from ear to ear.

The creature had traveled unnoticed by rats and birds alike on a stalactite that had sprouted from the ceiling.


Aiyen fired an arrow, but Flubber just swallowed it whole.

As expected, it seemed to ignore any physical force.

juleuleug- ttug- ttug- kkulleong…

Flubber turned to the rear and slid down the stalactite.

It seemed to be enough to support D’Ordume as he bombarded from the front.

“……This is bad. Flubber doesn’t use physical power, so it won’t help Poseidon. If anything, it’ll hinder it.”

Vikir bit his lip.

He hadn’t expected Flubber, whom he’d written out of the plan because he didn’t think it would be a factor, to be this much of a hindrance.

If Flubber were to enter the fray, absorb the impact and swallow everything up, it would be impossible to activate Poseidon.

However, unlike Vikir, who was feeling tense inside, Aiyen’s expression remained relaxed.

“Don’t worry, Husby. There is a part of me that believes, just as there is a part of them that believes.”

“Hmm? What does that mean…….”

Suddenly, Vikir’s mind flashed back to something Aiyen had said to him before they came down here.

‘You wouldn’t have been able to do it alone. Didn’t Cindy Wendy stop you?’

‘She didn’t. I wasn’t alone.’

The story of the time when Aiyen attacked Don Quixote, Usher, and Leviathan.

At Vikir’s questioning look, Aiyen smirked.

“I didn’t come alone, either.”

At the same time.


The stalactites on the ceiling were swept away.

Flubber’s body, which was hanging from top to bottom, was cut into pieces and burned.


Flubber let out a grotesque scream and retracted its tentacles.

At the same time, a huge storm of strikes rained down on the backs of D’Ordume and Souare, who were still looking straight ahead.


With a loud shockwave, D’Ordume, Souare, and Flubber were sent flying at the same time.

The blue flames emitted by Poseidon became even stronger.

“Ugh! Who the……!?”

As D’Ordume and Souare looked up with bloodshot eyes, a shadowy figure was cast across the roaring flames.


A muffled laugh, clearly mocking D’Ordume and Souare as they lay on the ground.

“Blinded by rage, where are you looking?”

A whip crackled with flames.

The person holding it tightly was wearing black tights that covered his entire body and high heels that were over 30 centimeters high.


For the first time since entering the Nouvelle Vague, Vikir’s eyes widened.

And rightly so, for the figure that had just entered the battlefield had a face that Vikir recognized.

Ms. Uroboros.

Professor Sady, whom he hadn’t seen since he dropped out of Colosseo Academy, had entered the battlefield.