Chapter 404 – Jailbreaker (2)

Episode 404 Jailbreaker (2)

There was a gate.

It was massive and solid.

A perfect circle. The door was white at the top and black at the bottom, forming a Taegeuk pattern (as the big circle in the Korean flag, that is a Taegeuk pattern). 

It was magnificent, overwhelming to behold, and once closed, it seemed to be impenetrable to anything in this world.

Diameter 70 meters. Thickness 5 meters. Weighing 6,535 tons. Made of mithril and adamantium, with some copper applied to the surface to prevent corrosion.

It was shaped like a rounded circle, and the world called it the Gate of Good and Evil.

It is the main entrance to Nouvelle Vague, the symbol of Nouvelle Vague, and the final dividing line between good and evil, inside and out.

Standing beneath the massive gate, which forms the ceiling at the very top of Nouvelle Vague’s castle, Vikir marveled.

” …… Even if Nouvelle Vague were to fall to pieces, this gate would survive.”

[I agree. How did human technology build such a strong gate?]

When even Decarabia, whose nickname is “The Wailing Wall,” is impressed, it’s enough.

The Gate of Good and Evil, the symbol of the Nouvelle Vague, was much larger, stronger, and more magnificent than the vaults of the Bourgeois.

Even Vikir, who had seen it through to the end of the Annihilation War, couldn’t imagine it being destroyed.

[By the way, human, why are you staring at that door from earlier, are you really going to break it down, I don’t think human strength can break through it?]

At the frowning Decarabia’s words, Vikir spoke up in a low voice.

“Do you like to surf?”


Decarabia rolled its eyes in confusion.

[Say what you’re thinking, don’t just keep your mouth shut all the time, it’s frustrating to behold!]

“Was it frustrating to behold?”

[……You’re not asking because you don’t know, are you?]

Vikir smiled weakly and looked away.

“I apologize. I’ve been disciplined to keep my mouth shut my whole life. All my talkative colleagues and brothers have been questioned.”


Meanwhile, at the Gate of Good and Evil, a number of high-ranking guards, including Lt. Colonel Bastille, were waiting.

They were awaiting an entrance ceremony that would take place in a few hours.

“Finally, Warden Orca is coming back. He hasn’t been gone this long in a while. Over two years, I think?”

“And it’s good to see Colonels D’Ordume and Colonel Souare back as well. It’s been a while since we’ve had the Big Three of Nouvelle Vague together.”

“And there are so many prisoners to escort that the Warden and the two Colonels had to go above all at once?”

“They say this is the biggest one yet. Security on the ground has collapsed and the criminal population has exploded.”

“Ground? Why would ground security break down? Is there another revolt?”

“I’m afraid someone in the Nouvelle Vague hasn’t been keeping up with the news. There’s a civil war. Not a group vs. group war, but a nation vs. nation war. Rumor has it that the demons have invaded.”

“That’s bullshit. Destruction and apocalypse are the stuff of religious books.”

“Well, whatever. The world is as chaotic as it was during the Warring States Period, and the Nouvelle Vague, which used to be a hellhole, is now a paradise.”

“By the way, did you hear? There’s a new Level Ten transfer coming in, sentenced directly to Level Nine without a trial. And she’s a girl. She’s even pretty.” (Proofreader: I bet it’s Camus, that wanted to see her dear fiancé ^^)

“Are you out of your mind? You’d have to be a monster to be sent straight to Level Nine without a trial, and that’s not even a woman.”

The prisoners were nervous and talking amongst themselves, each in their own way preparing for what was to come.

And, of course, Vikir was not interested in their conversation at all.

‘……It’s an opportunity when everyone’s eyes are focused on the news.’

The new prisoners were brought in wearing BDISSEM handcuffs.

The guards will pay close attention to the induction ceremony, both to keep an eye on the new prisoners and to keep them in line.

In the meantime, the supervision and control of the original prisoners is slightly weakened.

It’s a rhythm he’s mastered over the years as a guard.

Picking just the right moment, Vikir plans to assassinate Brigadier General BDISSEM.

Vikir recalled his past battles with her.

‘Oh, no, no…… If I die…… Prisoners’ restraints and iron bars…… Everyone that loses their strength…… That’s it…… That’s it…… ‘

These were the desperate words of a shriveled, dried-up BDISSEM crawling across the floor.

Her voice was so desperate that there was not a hint of false light in it.

‘When Brigadier General BDISSEM dies, all BDISSEM restraints lose their power, right?’

She had kindly spilled all her secrets, but Vikir had already guessed this before, due to several circumstances.

‘……I will kill Brigadier General BDISSEM while the guards’ attention is focused on the announcement, and the restraints on every prisoner in Nouvelle Vague will be lifted.’

BDISSEM’s handcuffs, shackles, and the bars of the cell that bind mana and power will be released.

The same goes for every prisoner in Nouvelle Vague.

When this happens, the prisoners who were once inducted will immediately turn on each other.

The guards will have to deal with the new prisoners first, and then a massive secondary wave of damage from the underground.

Level 1 on the 1st floor. Level 2 on the 2nd floor, Level 3 on the 3rd floor…… As time goes on, stronger and stronger prisoners from the lower levels will rise up to the front gates of this place where word of mouth was spreading.

It was clear that there would be a riot of epic proportions, something that had never happened before in the history of Nouvelle Vague.

‘Crisis is opportunity, and every second of every day will be filled with life-changing opportunities.’

And Vikir planned to exploit the chaos, activate Poseidon, and break out of prison.

Only then would his escape be complete.

‘To do that, I’ll need to work on BDISSEM in advance.’

Vikir quietly stepped back.

With all the guards looking nervously at the Gate of Good and Evil, it was a good time to sneak around the back.

‘Wait, before I do that, I have to stop by…….’

Vikir gave himself a little time before putting his plan into action.

He had two people to meet before that.

However, the first one came to him before he could get there.


Vikir felt a hand on his back as he was being pulled backwards and spun around.

Kirko was glaring at him from behind.

Unable to guess what she was thinking, Vikir spoke in a casual tone.

“What are you doing here, Adjutant? I thought you were off-duty today.”

“……I can’t take the day off alone when my superior officer is on duty. I came out to help.”

She was fully dressed, right down to her uniform.

Vikir gave a small sigh.

“I was just heading to your room.”

For a moment, Kirko’s face flushed a faint red.

“Well, if you think my room is an easy place to go just because it happened once that night…….”

At Kirko’s reaction, which seemed to indicate another misunderstanding, Vikir shook his head.

“No, don’t go back to your room tonight.”


Kirko’s face turned even redder.

“Is that an order? If you’re so adamant about it, I’ll have no choice but to obey you. I’m your subordinate, after all…….”


Vikir furrowed his brow for a moment as the conversation continued in a circle.

Then, in a voice as cold and sharp as ever, Vikir spoke to Kirko.

“Go to the fifth floor, to the gulper eel kennel, right now.”


“Don’t ask me why. You are to wait there unconditionally until I tell you to go there. This is an order.”

Kirko shook her head, but the seriousness in Vikir’s tone made her nod.

“……I have a feeling something is about to happen, sir, I understand.”

Kirko was a smart person.

Her answer was trustworthy.

Vikir nodded and turned away.

The second hand moved relentlessly.

The predicted bloodshed.

Now it was really goodbye to the Nouvelle Vague.

* * *


Dripping corridors.

Vikir walked through empty corridors and over the arched bridge that connected spire to spire.

Several lower-ranking guards stand guard and salute when they see Vikir.

He recognized them from his room as a low ranking guard.

Vikir returned their salute with a raised hand.

Then he said something.

“You are no longer on guard duty. Proceed to the fifth floor and stand by. The kennels will not be accessible at this time, so the closer you are, the better.”

The only way to survive what was about to happen.

Vikir said this to most of the guards he met.

The lower-ranking guards, hearing Vikir’s words, look at each other and shake their heads.

jeobeog- jeobeog- jeobeog-

The black corridors and spiral staircases are endless.

An abyss 10,000 meters below the ocean floor. Vikir continues to fall into the dank, damp silence.

A deep-sea fish passes through a window made of flubber slime, emitting a dull glow.

Just two more turns around the corner in front of him and he would be in the room where BDISSEM was staying.

…… just then.

“Where do you think you’re going in such a hurry, Major ‘Rotten Dog’ Garm?”

An eerie voice came from the darkness up ahead.

“No, should I say Major ‘Night Hound’ Vikir, blah hathathat-“

A laugh he’d heard once before.

Vikir curled the corners of his mouth dryly.

“Okay. I was going to take a look at your face before I left.”

There was only one other being in Nouvelle Vague who sounded so unpleasant.

A man with sinisterly writhing black skin, eerie eyes, and teeth.

Lt. Colonel Black Tongue.

He was crouching in the darkness, waiting for Vikir.