Chaapter 391 – The Worst Torture (2)

Episode 391 The Worst Torture (2)


The rocks shattered, sending aftershocks through the area.

At the center of the encirclement of guards, a large man roared.

Sakkuth De Leviathan. He was the one who started the riot on level 8 this day.

The guards shouted.

“Hey! Come on, asshole, for how long have you been out of solitary confinement?”

“Shit, this is the second time, you want to go to solitary confinement again!”

“If you don’t behave yourself, I can really make your life suck!”

But even in the face of a siege of swords, axes, and maces, Sakkuth’s insane roar did not subside at all.

“The Queen has abandoned me! I failed to fulfill her orders to come out after ‘Him’, and that’s why she’s abandoned me! The fact that she hasn’t given me a single word about my escape in all this time means she’s abandoned me! It’s as plain as day! Aaaaah! Let me out of here, or kill me!”

He was insane, even at first glance.

Sticky saliva dripped from the corners of his mouth.

The blood vessels in his extremely bloodshot eyes wriggled like intestinal worms, threatening to burst through the surface of his eyeballs.

Sakkuth struggled, flailing at the BDISSEM chains on his wrists, and each time he did, droplets of black blood splattered from the wounds across his body.

hududug- hududug- hududug- hududug-

The guards were extremely vigilant to keep the spit and blood from touching them.

“Ughh, it’s the blood of the plague leper!”

“Careful, if you touch that, you’ll get the plague right away. ‘Red Death’ or something…….”

“I heard it was the worst plague that almost wiped out the natives of Jungle Red & Black Mountain?”

“An unidentified plague that hasn’t been sanitized by the sulfur shower at entrance. Avoid it at all costs.”

“Well, then why do we keep confronting me like this?”

“Then why don’t you come over and get him? I hear he’s from an extremely poisonnous family.”

“I’ll tell you what. The Leviathan family threw him out of the family because they couldn’t control him.”

As if that wasn’t enough, Sakkuth bit his tongue and spat out a fountain of blood from his mouth.


The fog of blood spewed from his mouth rose in a frenzy, causing the guards to scramble like sliced squid.

A pandemic. An infectious disease of the highest order. In a limited and closed space like Nouvelle Vague, it is a phenomenon to be most wary of. (Proofreader: the return of Covid 19!!)

This wasn’t just a matter of losing strength or mana.

Lieutenant Colonel Bastille, standing at the head of the siege, wrinkled his brow in frustration.

“Damn. He’s nothing in terms of strength, but his plague poison is the problem.”

The adjutant next to him spoke up.

“Shall we bring in the five wardens?”

“How am I supposed to get them if they’re not here? Colonels D’Ordume and Souaré are on ground duty with the convoy.”

“I’ll try sending someone to Brigadier General Flubber one more time.”

“Arthur. We’ve already sent men twice, and the fact that they’re still not back must mean they’ve been ‘eaten’. Don’t waste any more lives against a creature that doesn’t even have intelligence.”

“So even Brigadier General BDISSEM……?”

“She’s the heart of Nouvelle Vague security, and she shouldn’t be allowed to come to a scene like this. If Warden Orca knew, he’d be furious.”

Four of the 5 wardens were a definite no-go.

That left only one man left.

The adjutant spoke the last name with the most cautious demeanor he had ever displayed.

“……What about Colonel Black Tongue?”

Bastille’s face stiffened at the question.

He answered without the slightest hesitation.

“Not that asshole.”

“Ha, but aside from Brigadier Flubber, isn’t he the only one who can subdue that monster right now?”

“Bringing in a psychotic lunatic like Colonel Black Tongue to capture a mere Level 8 prisoner is ridiculous, it would make his navel bigger than his stomach.”

Lt. Colonel Bastille was a well-balanced man in all areas of his career, with moderate strength, moderate personality, and moderate work ethic.

It’s been a long time since he’s looked this frustrated.

“Damn it. We have a record number of residents this time. This is the first time Colonel D’Ordume and Colonel Souare have been on the ground at the same time. What the hell has been happening on the ground lately…….”

Colonel D’Ordume and Colonel Souare, as well as Warden Orca.

The simultaneous absence of these three, the core power of the Nouvelle Vague, had been causing a lot of commotion lately.

Just then.


Sakkuth quickly broke through the siege and rushed forward.

Spraying blood everywhere, he quickly grabbed a lowly guard by the scruff of the neck who hadn’t managed to dodge.


The unfortunate junior guard was Kirko Grimm.

“Don’t interfere with me, or I’ll snap this bitch’s head right off.”

Shakkuth growled, one hand clutching at Kirko’s throat.

Kirko shuddered twice, once from the unimaginable strength of Sakkuth’s grip, and again from the sickening stench of blood that emanated from his body.

If she made a mistake, she would die with her neck snapped, or she would die covered in blood mixed with a terrible plague poison.

“A hostage situation?”

“What are you going to do?”

“What do you want, you madman!”

The guards laughed harshly.

“What do I want? Nothing, I just want to enjoy my ruined life and watch you guys mess around. Oh, and you’re going to have to stop working on Level 10 for a few months, because I’m going to spill a lot of blood.”

After he finished speaking, Sakkuth spat on the floor of the labor camp.


The dirt near where Sakkuth’s spit had fallen was dissolving with an unpleasant sound and smell.

Lt. Colonel Bastille narrowed his eyes on Sakkuth hostage, Kirko.

“A hostage situation, and now you’re doing all kinds of things.”

“Kurururu! In an atmosphere like this, there should be at least one hostage.”

“If you inflict even the slightest harm on that friend, you will not die well.”

“Go ahead. Kurururu! I was abandoned anyway.”

When the confrontation between Lieutenant Colonel Bastille and Shakkuth continues.

“Lt. Colonel, I’m fine!”

Kirko struggled to speak.

“There can be no negotiations with a prisoner, I don’t care about me, so please proceed with the suppression…… kuck!”

Kirko couldn’t finish her sentence.

Because Sakkuth slammed her to the ground and then lifted her back up.

“Ugh! You bastard!?”

Kirko spat out blood from her nose and mouth and looked up.

Sakkuth then stomped on Kirko’s face with his foot, crushing it.

“Kurururu…… I guess you’re mistaken, but the reason they can’t attack me is because they’re afraid of my plague. Not because they’re protecting some low-level guards.


Kirko tried to reach for the longsword at her waist, but there was no way he would just leave it behind.

Sakkuth used the chains on his wrists to wrap around Kirko’s sword and brought it down against her throat.


Kirko raised her mana, but even so, she couldn’t completely shake off Sakkuth’s strength.


“Oooh, keep quiet or I’ll spit blood all over your bitch’s face.”


It was impossible to resist Sakkuth, who was threatening with a plague as a weapon.

As Kirko bit her lip in frustration, Sakkuth chuckled.

“For a scumbag born from a guard who was raped by a prisoner, you’re quick on the subject. Kurururu!”


Kirko gritted her teeth, even as her stomach turned.

There’s not much she can do about it, however, due to Sakkuth’s strength and the plague factor he possesses.

Lieutenant Colonel Bastille muttered bitterly when he saw that his subordinate, though a junior, was being thoroughly manipulated.

“……In the end, there is nothing we can do”

The sacrifice of the little ones for the greater cause is inevitable. It is necessary for the survival of the group.

The situation had to be contained as quickly as possible before the damage was done.

The sacrifice of a lowly guard is a cheap one.

Lt. Colonel Bastille took advantage of the moment when Sakkuth’s attention was focused on Kirko to send a hand signal.

He ordered all the senior guards to raise their weapons.

“Prepare to attack, everyone! We need to behead him as quickly as possible…… huh?

But Lt. Colonel Bastille’s order to charge was cut off in mid-sentence.


A single footstep stepped out from among the guards and headed towards Sakkuth’s direction.

A look of utter calm. A look of nonchalance. As if he were taking a stroll.

It was Garm, or rather, Vikir.

Vikir spoke in his usual bland voice.

“Construction must not be stopped because of your contaminated blood.”


Vikir’s words caused a collective gasp and a shake of the heads of the assembled guards.

‘Oh, wait, that’s not it.’

Vikir realized he’d been a little too honest at the moment, so he softened his tone.

“Release my precious motivation. Let’s resolve it through dialogue.”

Name Garm Nord. Age 21. Rank Second Lieutenant.

It was the appearance of a low-ranking guard whose liver was so swollen that it was sticking out of his stomach.


Tl/n: Liver comes out from the stomach : Someone is brave and maybe even reckless.