Chapter 378 The Hounds of Nouvelle Vague (2)

The dreamlike Christmas was over in the blink of an eye.

And then they were back to the same old hellish labor.

…ttang! …kkaang! …ttang!

Everywhere, prisoners were breaking stones and digging up soil. The sounds of sulfurous gas, steam, and lava were erupting. 

Since the discovery of the mysterious explosives in the labor camp on Level Nine, the work had changed a bit.

Where the guards had previously formed a panopticon-like formation to keep an eye on the prisoners, this time the guards have moved to the perimeter instead of the center.

This was due to Colonel D’Ordume’s orders to keep the guards as far away from the explosives as possible.

It was also a strategic move to take advantage of the temporary chaos to make it easier to subdue rioting prisoners with concentrated firepower.

However, it is inevitable that there would be errors, large and small, in the process of changing the original system.

The response of the guards, who would normally be able to intervene immediately in the event of laziness or disputes among the inmates, was slowed down even slightly as they adjusted to the change.


Vikir, who had noticed the change, had his eye on a figure since earlier.

“……Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.”

Sakkuth. He’d been acting a little out of sorts since they’d met at the diner on Christmas Day yesterday.

His gaze, which usually darts from top to bottom in a condescending manner, is now directed from bottom to top.

His bloodshot eyes, the corner of his tmouth twitching, the profanity he recited like a mantra and his obsession with “him” made him look like a definite maniac.

And before anyone knew it, it was lunchtime.

While all the prisoners were enjoying their ten-minute break, Sakkuth walked into a canyon between the red rock mountains and pulled at his hair.

“What happened? How did this happen…….?”

He was biting down his fingers beyond his nails.

“Queen, boss, master, what’s going on, you said you’d get me out, why haven’t I heard from you for two years, you told me to go into Nouvelle Vague and serve ‘Him’, you said you’d make sure I go out. Of course, I didn’t make it into Level Nine because I wasn’t good enough, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to leave me like this. Why aren’t you coming to rescue me? When am I going to get out of here, from this hellish servitude, please…….”

The mumbling didn’t stop, despite the fact that the first word was nearly torn from his fingers and covered in blood.

Vikir, meanwhile, was listening to the mutterings from a distance.

‘……It tastes good.’

He was always a bit of a weirdo, but not that weird.

Apparently, like Vikir, he had infiltrated this place with a purpose.

But there was a crucial difference between Vikir and Sakkuth.

Vikir doesn’t count on others to help him achieve his goals. He does everything by himself and in silence.

Sakkuth, on the other hand, is desperately waiting for someone else to help him achieve his goals.

This created a huge difference between the two.

‘This is what separates the predator from the prey.’

Vikir leaned against the wall and watched Sakkuth in silence.

Meanwhile, Sakkuth was becoming increasingly unstable.

“If it’s been a while and I haven’t heard from you, that means you’ve abandoned me. You’ve abandoned me. No news from the outside world, that’s it. It’s because I didn’t make it to Level Nine. That’s why the Boss, the Queen, abandoned me.”

Just then.


A horn blared, signaling the resumption of labor.

He could hear the guards shouting.

“Here we go!”

“Hurry up and get to work, scum!”

“Do you want to get fucked! Get moving!”

The shouts further stirred up the already unsteady state of Sakkuth.


With his lips pressed tightly together, his eyes were bloodshot.

One of the guards, a lieutenant, walked by and said.

“Hey, what are you doing there, get to work!”

And the words hit the nail on the head.


A sudden, screaming seizure.

He turned his head, rolling his bulging eyeballs, and bared his teeth at the terrified guard.

wadeug- puhwaag!

He bit down on the tip of his own tongue, and a huge fountain of blood began to spew from his mouth.

A stench that stung the nose. A reddish mist filled with plague aura scattered around.


The first guard to shout at Sakkuth, shocked and took a step back, not knowing what was going on.

Only then did Vikir take his back off the rock wall.

‘It has begun.’

It was time for the first step of the Nouvelle Vague prison break.

* * *

A riot by an inmate on the 8th floor of Level 8 was a big enough deal.

It would be hard enough to deal with the guards, let alone the lower ranking guards, the so-called lieutenants.

But the guards were not in a good position right now.

Colonel D’Ordume’s orders had reversed the guard ranks in the Panopticon structure, and the guards hadn’t yet fully adjusted to the new system.

As a result, most of the guards stationed around Sakkuth were junior officers.

At most, there was a captain, a dozen or so lieutenants, and all the rest were ensigns.

“It’s Level 8 Sakkuth! He’s started a riot!”

“We’re way out of our league!”

“Damn it, we should at least have  Lieutenant Colonel Bastille here!”

Sakkuth’s strength was one thing, but the fountain of plague blood he spewed was another.

Moreover, his beastly roar, glowing madly in the red mist, was perfect for creating an atmosphere of fear.

“Uh, what do we do?” naked shakily one of the guards, who had just earned the rank of captain.

But there was not a single guard here with a higher rank than him.

For the first time, he had to realize that a higher rank wasn’t always better.

Right then.

“We need to buy time.”

Someone bravely stepped forward.

Kirko. Lieutenant Kirko Grimm.

Promoted from Ensign to Lieutenant due to her dazzling performance, she glared at those who outranked her.

“While someone stays behind to deal with that prisoner, let’s all disperse and call for the higher ranking guards, that’s the only way.”

“Ha, but who’s going to stay here to deal with that monster, he looks like he’s going to go crazy right now.”

No matter how much he’s wearing BDISSEM handcuffs and shackles, the plague aura he emits is still intimidating.

No one would rush to fight him, not knowing what kind of plague he might catch.


“I’ll stay.”

Kirko said firmly.

She drew a long sword from her belt and slung it over her shoulder.

“I’ll buy as much time as I can, and you, seniors, bring in someone capable of resolving this situation as soon as possible.”

At Kirko’s words, the other guards began to look at each other.

“Uh, yeah. If it’s Kirko, then…….”

“She’s only a lieutenant, but she’s better than most of the captains.”

“That’s right, she’s as good as a senior officer.”

“Good, Kirko, I want you to stay behind. We’ll go get some reinforcements!”

“Your brave sacrifice will not be forgotten! It will be reflected in your performance review at the end of the month!”

With that, everyone runs off, not sure who’s first.

Kirko, alone, with no juniors or subordinates, stood watching his seniors and comrades leave.

And then.

huug- hug-

The sound of ragged, anxious breathing came from behind her.

Swallowing hard, Kirko slowly turned her head.

Behind her stood a plague monster, probably crazy.

And for Kirko, with her skills, it would be impossible to fully subdue him.

‘But it must be done.’

It’s better for one of us to venture out than for all of us to die.

She would rather perish violently here than engage in collusion among those who care about each other’s interests.

Having her mind made up, Kirko looked back with a fierce glare.

Then, through the red mist, she saw a blurry shadow approaching.

At the same time, Kirko’s eyes widened.



Shaky legs, anxious breathing.

It was Garm Nord, a.k.a. “Stupid Garm,” who remained behind Kirko.

“You, why didn’t you go?”

“How can I give up my courage and go on……?”

The words themselves weren’t bad, but his voice was as shaky as his legs, which didn’t make him sound very cool.

Kirko let out a heavy sigh.


A twisted, maniacal laugh came from somewhere.

Kirko and Garm turned in surprise, and there stood Sakkuth, tears streaming from his eyes.

His eyes were so wide that they were torn open. His mouth was torn open to the base of both ears and dirty drool was dripping from it.

“That’s it. Just kill them all and get out of here. Kurururu-“

He looked like he’d gone completely insane.