Chapter 332 – Draw (2)

Episode 332 Draw (2)

[ Wh at I me an, can’t you ju st dr aw all the ne xt flo ors bef ore us ? ]

The fairy’s suggestion was outrageous.

Vikir is currently on the 4th floor, on an island in the Black Sea.

The next level he would encounter would be the 5th, and then the 6th.

But the fairy wants to make all of these levels a draw.

[ See wh at I me an ? ]

The point is this.

As Vikir goes down the floor, he will clear all the hidden stages, and there is a high possibility that he will monopolize all the monsters placed so that he cannot be caught and the hidden pieces that are placed not to be obtained.

After receiving the continuous special rewards, it is clear that he will become a power beyond the standard.

So the fairies were willing to let him skip a good portion of the floors under their jurisdiction in exchange for an average stage-clearing reward.

“So as long as I play nice, you’ll let me get to a certain section quickly, without wasting any time?”

[ Is that right? Is that what it is? ]

“What are you going to give me?”

At those words, the fairy folded two of its twelve fingers and extended the other ten.

Vikir understood immediately.

“Ten golden candies.”

[ yes ? ]

The fairy nodded nervously. Then it added one more comment.

[ Ple ase ju st ta ke a lo ok ? If th is conti nues , wi ll I re ally go bank rupt ? ]

Then Highbro, Midbro, and Lowbro shouted out.

“You bastard, where are you coming from, our lord does not compromise with such an easy path!”

“He does not compromise!”

“He does not compromise!”

But the triplets’ determined cries fell on deaf ears.

“Use more.”

Vikir was intrigued by the fairy’s deal.

“How many floors do you think you’re sending me to, and you’re only giving me ten golden candies?”

[ That that that that … … can it be a lit tle bit mo re ?]

Vikir added to the stuttering fairy.

“I’ve had enough of the candy. I have an item I want, can you get me one?”

Up until now, Vikir had always said candy was the best, but he had never needed an item.

Items that he couldn’t take out of the tower had always been low on his reward priority list.

It was a bit unusual that Vikir was now asking for items,

[ Wh at it em do you ne ed ? ]

The fairy asked in a questioning tone, and Vikir answered firmly.

“A scale of forced equality.”

Vikir says the exact name of the item he wants.

Hearing that, the fairy looked puzzled.

[ Is that a hid den pie ce that can on ly be fou nd on the 3rd flo or of the under ground ? Oops ? ]

For a moment, the fairy closed its mouth, not wanting to speak.

But Vikir had already gotten the information from the fairy’s stutter.

“I see, the item can be found on the 3rd floor of the underground, in the area with the Daylily of Blood.”

[ Haha, but that’s already the 3rd floor, right ? ]

The fairy was relieved that Vikir had already passed the 3rd underground level.

The ‘Scales of Forced Equality’ is a Hidden Piece that drops only on the 3rd underground level, guarded by the Daylily of Blood, so if you don’t get it early on, you’re done for.


“In case you forgot, this is given to all who challenge the tower.”

Vikir pulled out a piece of paper.

-<Return Scroll> / Scroll / Rank: ?

A scroll that allows you to return to the Tutorial Zone for one time only.

The answer to the question ‘Lord, where are you going?’ is written.

※Using it will reset your level

It was a scroll to return to the Tutorial Zone.

A one-time use item that allows you to start over from the first floor of the underground.

Vikir’s level is 1 anyway, so it’s not a big deal. The scroll doesn’t reset his stats.

Vikir spoke in a menacing tone.

“Thanks for the information. I’ll use this scroll to return to the tutorial floor, and once again, I’ll devour all the tricks and hidden pieces I came this far to find. Of course, I’ll have to stop by the third floor as well, because I need to find the Scales of Forced Equality.”

[ Hic ? ]

The fairy realized that it had been tricked and sulked.

Finally, with a sullen expression, the fairy dug into its bosom and pulled out a thick booklet.

<Item Catalog-Hidden Piece Edition

1. Demon Calling Flute (Stock: 8) – 500 Red Candies

2. Retribution Iron Armor (Stock: 3) – 250 green candies

3. Super Regeneration Potion (Stock: 15) – 400 blue candies

4. Sneaky Pickpocket’s Gloves (Stock: 5) – 50 green candies, 50 blue candies

5. Sword of Ten Thousand Swings Two-Handed (Stock: 2) – 1,000 red candies, 800 blue candies

6. Hourglass of Lust (Stock: 1) – 1 golden candy.



A paperback booklet containing a number of rare items.

In between was a description of the item Vikir had mentioned.

<Item Catalog-Hidden Piece Edition>

203. Scales of Forced Equality (Stock: 0) – 20 Golden Candies

An item with an incredibly high price tag. The number of golden candies required is 20.

[ More over , th ere are 0 ite ms in sto ck ? ]

The fairy looked very disappointed.

But Vikir was adamant.

“I’m sure there’s more than enough.”

[ Wh at ? No way ? ].

“I’m not asking for it, I’m paying for it.”

Vikir held out all 20 of the golden candies he’d gotten earlier.

Plus a few extra candies from the commoner students.

[ Hmmm ? ]

The fairy began to look troubled.

Vikir added a threat in a low voice.

“I’ll use a return scroll and devour all the Hidden Pieces on every floor, and then I’ll complain to the higher-ups later. I think the person in charge of the fourth floor embezzled the hidden pieces, so please conduct an inventory investigation.”

[ Ah, do I under stand ? Do you wa nt me to se ll it ? I ju st ne ed to se ll it , rig ht ? ]

The fairy cried and took the candies from Vikir.

And soon, the pages of the catalog slowly turn.

What he thought was a single page was actually two pages, cleverly stuck together.

With a murderous look on it face, the fairy tore off one of the catalog pages and handed it to Vikir.

<Item Catalog-Hidden Piece Edition

203. Scale of Forced Equality (Stock: 0) – 20 Golden Candies

※ Vendor Comment: A Hidden Piece that can only be obtained on the 3rd floor of the tower.

It has a pretty good ability, but is rarely used due to its poor price-performance ratio.

It’s pretty much useless in the early game and only comes into its own in the late game, but it’s safe to say that no one will survive the latter half of the game with this item in their possession.



With a loud sound, the page in Vikir’s hand is transformed into an item.

-<Scale of Forced Equality> / Scales / S

Your stats change according to the value of your highest stat.

The values ​​of all stats gradually and slowly increase according to the value of the highest stat, and this change continues until the values ​​of all stats become the same.

The scale looks quite ominous at first glance, with its skull-shaped weights and embossed scale plates.

However, the description reveals that it’s actually a pretty good stats item.

For example, if your strength stat is 10 and all other stats are 1, if you possess this scale, all of your stats will gradually increase over time along with the strength stat’s 10.

After a very long time, when all stats reach 10, the scale will be destroyed.

However, the time it took for the stats to increase was so long that the item was ultimately useless unless you were willing to spend years in the tower.

Knowing this, the fairy hesitated before accepting Vikir’s offer.


“Hmm? This?”

As Vikir placed the item in his hand, he noticed a small note enclosed.

It was about the ‘proper’ way to obtain this item.

<Item Catalog – Hidden Piece Edition>

203. Scales of Forced Equality (Stock: 0) – 20 Golden Candies

Item requirements: Challengers who have encountered the Daylily of Blood must vote to sacrifice one person per day.

However, the order in which sacrifices are selected is not from weak to weak, but from strong to strong.

Unintentionally, I even learned how to obtain the items.

‘So this is how it drops.’

Before his regression, Vikir had learned of the item’s existence from the memoirs of the tower’s former heroes.

There was a villain who had been disrupting order in the tower, a villain who had been unnoticed in the early days of the tower, but who had risen to prominence later in the tower.

The heroes of the time investigated how the villain had gained such power and soon discovered the existence of this item.

But no matter how much they researched, they couldn’t figure out how to get it, and now Vikir understood why.

‘The method of acquisition must be so gruesome that no one could have gotten it.’

It was amazing that before the regression, there had been just one person who had gotten this item.

And now.

The fairy grumbled and said.

[ Are you afraid you’re going to be taken to the 5th floor of the underground? Different fairies from the next floor? So, more vicious upper managers have emerged? It’s scary, isn’t it? Do you know that you have been fortunate enough to have met me until now ? ]

The fairy opened its mouth and a gate to the 5th floor appeared before everyone’s eyes.

Only one person could enter at a time, and it was clear that they would all end up in different places.

[ Go in one by one ? ]

The fairy looked at all the challengers, but only focused on Vikir.

Then it spoke, almost inaudibly.

[It was dirty because we were together? Let’s not see each other again ? ]