Episode 330 The Shadowless King of the Black Sea (5)

The Trident of Baskerville.

The triplets, Highbro, Midbro, and Lowbro, who had sworn allegiance to their half-brother Vikir, now stood dazed on the beach.

While holding the baby madam who was whimpering while looking for Vikir.

“Master’s level…… 1, right?”

“That’s right. He’s a hundred times weaker.”

“And he can fight like that?”

Vikir is a god of battle, his feet moving over the bodies of ghost ships and jellyfish, sometimes even breaking the surface of the water.

It was like watching a fighting dog born solely for battle.

An aura that was at least a Graduator Intermediate or higher, and a sword skill that was clearly Baskerville, but whose level of mastery was unknown.

Those who don’t know Vikir would be puzzled if they saw him.

Why is Vikir not weaker than he was outside the tower, but stronger?

But the three Baskerville brothers knew.

Vikir had already reached that level four years ago.

‘I’ll buy you some time. You go.’

The Hound was left alone to face the Nightmare of the Depth, Madame of the Eight Legs.

How could they forget the sun-like aura that rose from the tip of the hero’s sword at that time?

That light changed everything. The triplets’ way of thinking, their behavior, and their fate.

From that night on, the triplets became tridents. Moving solely at Vikir’s command.

Highbro spoke with conviction.

“Indeed. My lord, he was a master.”

“He was a Master.”

“He was a Master.”

What is a Sword Master? According to official records, there are fewer than ten of them in the entire Empire.

In Iron Blooded Swordsman Baskerville, it is assumed that Hugo Le Baskerville, CaneCorso, one of the Seven Counts who disappeared a long time ago, and Osiris, the young patriarch of the Family, will soon become Masters, but it is not yet certain.

In such a situation, the fact that Vikir was promoted to Sword Master was a fact that would have shocked the entire empire.

Not to mention he’s not even twenty yet.

The triplets’ gaze shifted to the side.

There, they saw a group of Commoner students gathered together, shivering.

Their stats were pretty low from all the stats they’d been feeding Dogma, and none of them dared to look the triplets in the eye, especially since they’d just been feeding Vikir candy.

Highbro spoke up.

“……I’ll see you guys later.”


The commoner students began to tremble.

They had a history of treating triplets like dogs and mistreating them.

But that didn’t mean they couldn’t do something about it.

For the commoner students, even if Vikir wins the fight against that giant jellyfish, it is despair, and even if he loses, it is despair.

‘No matter what, I’d rather Vikir win…….’

The commoner students remembered what Vikir had said when he first appeared.

‘Raise your hand. I am the third generation reader. I have a single mother and a single father to support. You have an old lover or are about to get married. Or are you already newlyweds? There is a ‘humanly’ reason why people should not be killed in this place. Outside to one side.’

The fact that he said this means that he at least has warmth.

‘Now that things are like this, I have no choice but to beg for my life from Vikir.’

‘There’s no way the Highbro, Midbro, and Lowbro will forgive us.’

‘They’ll kill us, and even if they make a thousand concessions and let us live, they’ll cripple us.’

‘…… Let’s go to Vikir and beg as much as we can.’

While the commoner students were thinking about this and that.


A pillar of fire of immense height and thickness rose from the sea surface.

It signaled the end of the battle and the victory.

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The Black Sea Shadowless King was still as large and powerful as ever when it rose to the surface.


Its tentacles flailed, churning the water.

It looked like it wanted to go back down to the heart of the sea again.

Kuguk- Kugigik……

It was impossible, as a powerful buoyancy enveloped its body, the opposite of anything it had ever experienced since its birth in the Black Water.


It stretched out its tentacles and tried to cut the air sacs and stems, but even the Daylily of Blood Tree is not as easily broken as a Dangerous S-ranked monster.

The roots, which had already burrowed deep into the jellyfish’s shapeless body, were impossible to pull out without tearing off flesh.

“It may be a freshly germinated seed, but its durability cannot be ignored.”

Vikir sliced off a few of the lunging tentacles and dried them, then stepped onto the King’s lampshade.

The body was so soft that it sunk into your thighs when you stepped on it, but Vikir managed to maintain his balance even on top of it.


Vikir pulled at the Daylily’s stem with a strong grip.

The blossoms all over Shadowless King body were pulled down like balloons on a string.

Snap, snap, snap!

Vikir tied the Daylily’s tough stems together.

In an instant, a knot the size of a human head appeared.

The knotting techniques he’d learned in the field could be used to bind even the strongest ropes tightly in an instant.

Vikir stepped on the knot, jumped to the other side of the trunk, and used his weight to pull it across the slick ground.

He then gathers up the thicker stems on the other side, ties them together, and knots them.

Soon, the stems were tightly tied together, and it looked as if Shadowless King of the Black Sea had been bound with rope.

“That’s it. At this point, if one explodes, the others won’t be blown away.”

Vikir zigzagged to avoid the flying tentacles.

The many stalks tangled and knotted together like a honeycomb, so the tentacles could not reach him if he slid under them.

Thwack! Whirrrrrr!

A flying tentacle is caught in a web of # shaped Daylily stems.

Due to its mushy nature, the tentacle is unable to untangle itself.

From then on, Vikir didn’t cut off the flying tentacles.

Instead, they were caught in the netting made from the Daylily’s stems, causing them to tangle even more.

Eventually, Vikir arrived at the end of the cap and jumped onto the surface of the water, holding a small air sac in his hand.


At the same time, Vikir kicked as hard as he could against the jellyfish’s body wall.

Splash- splash- splash-

He must get as far away from the Black Sea Shadowless King as possible.

“Let’s pull! Ugh!”



The Highbro, Midbro, and Lowbro catch Vikir’s call just in time to tug on the threads extending from the madame cub’s tail.

It had been attached to Vikir’s waist all along.


Vikir cuts through the water, putting distance between him and the Black Sea King.

Soon, the embers that Vikir had placed in the center of the Black Sea Shadowless King’s body have finally caught fire in the far end of the air sac.


The flames that had been sizzling on the surface of the air sac soon engulfed the entire air sac.

…Pow! …Pow! …Pow! …Pow!

Eventually, the air sacs swallowed by the fire shrunk and began to react.


The Daylily’s air sacs were filled with toxic gas, a dangerous gas that exploded uncontrollably when ignited.

When the first air sac explodes, the other air sacs all flutter around in the strong wind in the aftermath.

However, because the stems were already tightly knotted, the air sacs did not fly away.

The air sacs that moved for a moment are soon dragged by the knotted stem and cling to Shadowless King of the Black Sea.

Once again, they became the fuel for the gas and firestorms in the atmosphere.

…Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom!

A chain of explosions and flames, it followed the knotted air sacs and began to burn the Shadowless King of the Black Sea in earnest.

A red-hot flower burning on the black sea surface.

The Shadowless King of the Black Sea wants to go down to the bottom of the sea, but it is impossible to do so because of the air sacs that still remain.

As a result, it’s a fate that leaves itself open to the poisonous gases and flames that float to the surface, where it will slowly cook to death.

And Vikir watches from a little distance away, on the surface of the water, in a small airbag.

‘The scale is different from the Daylily I met on the previous stage.’

The Daylily we met on the 3th floor had been starved to death and hadn’t been able to grow its air sacs properly.

So instead of looking like a balloon, its stamens were spread out like leaves, and no one realized that it contained a deadly poisonous gas.

But of course, Vikir had already realized this.

‘There was a person who organized the Daylily of Blood Tree like this before my regression.’

Vikir once worked as a special task force member of the Demon Subjugation Task Force.

There had been a time when a group of soldiers in danger had been forced to flee in secret from a demon army, and these Daylily happened to be blocking their escape route.

Leading the group was Bianca, the eldest daughter of the Usher family.

Using her archery skills, she unleashed a powerful bolt of flame that exploded all of the monstrous plants.

This cleared the way, saving Vikir’s life and the lives of many others.

“……I owe you, Bianca.”

Vikir nodded, watching the tidal wave of flames swirl around it.

And then.


A loud notification sounded in his ears.

[‘Level 1 Warrior’ Vikir has successfully hunted an ‘A+ Ranked Majin’ for the first time!]

[‘Awesome’ achievement reward will be distributed!]

[‘Level 1 Warrior’ Vikir has successfully hunted the first ‘S-ranked Monster, Black Sea Shadowless King’]!

[The reward for the ‘Impossible’ achievement will be distributed!]

“……I’m done.”

Vikir breathed a sigh of relief.

At the same time.


A chunk of rotting flesh appeared in front of Vikir’s eyes.

The fairy who was always characterized by splitting with a bizarre smile.

…… but for some reason, this time was different.

It looked at Vikir, almost sobbing.

[ Wh at are you, why are you do ing th is to me? ]