Episode 301 The Age of the Warmonger (3)


The aura’s trajectory spun like a wheel, slicing through countless criminals like fish meat.

A man stood silently in the rain of blood and flesh.

Everyone swallowed hard when they saw the bloodshot eyes shining through his long black hair.

“So this is the Iron Blood Swordsman…….”

“Swordbird Osiris. Young patriarch of the Baskerville family!”

“How can he be such a swordsman at his age?”

It was Osiris Les Baskervilles who froze the steps of countless criminals in their tracks.

That Iron Blood Swordsman was the next patriarch of the Baskerville family.


A neat circle with a radius of fifteen meters was formed with Osiris at the center.

The outside of the circle was covered in torn bodies and blood, but the inside was pristine.


With the hem of his broad blood flowing like black wings, he was like a grim reaper descending to punish criminals.

“……What kind of confidence did you show? You bastards.”

Osiris’s question to the raiders was valid.

Something similar was currently happening all around the Auditorium.

“You guys! Did you come here knowing who I am? I don’t think you came here without knowing? Because if you did, you wouldn’t be here in such small numbers.”

“……For once, I agree with you.”

The big man smirked and beat the criminal to death with a single strike.

Don Quixote’s patriarch, Cervantes, smirks in disbelief.

Next to him is Roderick of the Usher family, looking grim and gloomy as he shoots criminals with a large bow.

Parents from other prominent families also took up weapons to defend their children.

“No one touches my daughter!”

“Whoever touches my son, I will cut his head off.”

“How dare you filthy criminals run amok in the sacred halls of education.”

“Oh no, I bought a house next to the Academy for my children’s education, and now I’m going to lose all my property value. I won’t let it happen!”

Parents are the ones who will stop at nothing for the safety and education of their children.

Professors were also on high alert, trying to keep the criminals at bay.

Osiris, standing at the front of the line, turned to the triplets behind him, Highbro, Midbro, and Lowbro.

“You three are to take Pomerian to the Knights, and stay in the safe zone.”

“Yes, brother.”

Osiris, seeing his younger brothers nod, flew away like a bird and jumped into the battle line again.

His six fangs were once again tearing at everything around him with ferocity.

This inspired the parents and professors to join the onslaught.

“Hahaha- the young man from the Baskerville family is very energetic, I’ll help him!”

“I can’t be outdone by a younger fellow, my daughter’s safety is at stake.”

Don Quixote Cervantes and Usher Roderick were also pushing to the front lines.

The criminals were seemingly being pushed aside.

…… but.

“Hohoho, guys, you’re gonna have to blow up too!”

Sady’s order came out so fast that the raiders’ eyes began to glaze over.


Their bodies inflated like balloons.

Everyone on the Academy’s side gasped in disbelief.

“Mana surge! Self-destruct!”

Ominous predictions are always accurate.

Boom, boom, boom!

An explosion of unprecedented power swept through the area as the Named Villains self-destructed.

It was enough to destroy the huge auditorium in half.

* * *

…Rumble! Boom! Boom! Kung-!

Aftershocks linger and shake the ground.

The criminals who turned into minions became bio-bombs and exploded in unison, creating countless collapses that scattered the crowd.

Students, professors, and parents are trapped in the debris, unable to tell where they are or where they are going.

However, unsurprisingly, there was no agitation on the part of the criminals, as if this was all part of the plan.

“Whoohoohoo…… bomb squad. Aesthetic.”

“Alas, I’d like to be impaled by one of the Queen’s heels and explode.”

“Me too! I want to be a sow and explode!”

“Kehehe- Kehehehe-”

The bloodshot-eyed criminals emerged from the dirt and rubble.

And in front of them were first-year students who were still inexperienced in combat.


The criminals rushed toward the direction of a female student’s scream.

And then there were those who stood in their way.


The head of one of the criminals snapped back.

Tudor. The young hero, who was the first to hear his classmate’s screams, stood at attention and blocked the criminals.

Behind him were Sancho, Bianca, and Piggy.

“Hehehehehe- Academy students, let’s see how soft you are!”

One of the criminals, who looked like he had tasted human flesh, lunged at them with his mouth agape.


Tudor and Sancho raised their spears and axes, and smashed at him.

But they failed to control their strength, and the criminal’s head and stomach exploded, killing him instantly.

“Ewww, ugh. Did I commit murder…….”

Tudor’s pupils shake. No wonder he missed the criminal lunging at him from behind.

But Bianca wasn’t going to stand still.


The arrow she fired pierced the criminal who was trying to attack Tudor, killing him.

He crumpled to the ground in a failed attempt to hug Tudor and create a mana surge.

“Kill him or you die! Come to your senses!”


Tudor gritted his teeth in momentary embarrassment, realizing that Bianca had saved him.

Next. Tudor, Sancho, Piggy, and Bianca find themselves in a circle of criminals.

“There are too many of them…….”

“Every single one of them is from the wanted list. They’re strong.”

“Ugh- what do I do, what do I do?”

“Don’t show your back! Stay close!”

There’s venom on their faces.

Just then.

“Ooh, we don’t want to fight either!”

One criminal stepped forward.

He had tears streaming down his innocent face.

“We’re all being used by that crazy bitch Sady, and there are innocent civilians in the middle of this!”

“……What, is that real?”

Bianca asked in disbelief, and he pulled up his shirt to show her the magic stone bomb planted on the body.

“That monstrous bitch kidnapped not only criminals but normal people and planted these bombs, threatening to kill our families if we didn’t listen to her!”


“Even this guy who was dragged here said he was a priest, what’s his name, Humber, or something…… but he’s an innocent priest!”

Then I see a middle-aged man standing naked among the criminals.

He’s got his hands and tongue cut out, and he’s crying, and of course he’s got a magic stone bomb planted in his stomach.

Tudor, Sancho, Piggy, and Bianca all look at each other, their faces blank.

“I don’t know what to do. There are a lot of innocent civilians involved.”

“But sympathizing with them will get you killed.”

“By the way, guys, don’t you think you recognize that priest with the severed hand…… over there?”

“Does it matter now, It looks like we’re all going to die.”

The kids argued back and forth.

The criminal who was the first to shed tears took advantage of that opportunity and smiled.

“……I see the Academy’s kids are simple-minded.”

As soon as they finish speaking, criminals rush towards them, causing a surge of mana from their entire bodies.

They didn’t miss the gap the students had left.

” Argh!?”

Tudor, Sancho, Piggy, and Bianca express their frustration.


A red cloak fluttered long.

And then.


Black metal skewers protruded from all over the ruins, piercing the bodies of the charging criminals.


Tudor, Sancho, Piggy, and Bianca looked up, dumbfounded.

Then they saw a black stocking leg wiggling out from under the crumbling rock.

“……, I came to tour the school I’ll be attending and this is what I see.”

A low, husky voice, full of annoyance, but sounding quite charming.

An unrecognizable first-year female student landed on the ground, wrapped in a cloak, the symbol of Colosseo Academy.

Upon seeing her, a criminal once again burst into tears and exclaimed.

“Wu, we’re innocent civilians, forced to do this because of that Sady bitch’s threats……!”

“Innocent civilians carrying ghosts around behind them like that?”


The mysterious female student who suddenly appeared pointed to the backs of the innocent criminals.

A cold sneer escapes her lips.

“Rapists, arsonists, murderers, kidnappers, pedophiles……, they’re all over the place.”

There’s a look of horror in the criminals’ eyes as they’re quickly identified.

But before they could react, the girl made the first move.


A series of sharp black metal skewers shot up from the ground, piercing the criminals from the groin to the crown of their heads and sending them flying upwards.

As they lay there, flames roared out of the ground, creating an inferno all around them.




In an instant, the criminals were dead.

Soon, something like black smoke emanates from their bodies and is sucked into the girl’s grasp.

The female student closed her eyes, pursed her mouth slightly, and then her expression slightly wrinkled.

“They’re not very nutritious, I guess because they’re low class.”

And then.


Above the girl’s head, white gases converged to form a strange shape.

It was a thin, dead tree, and unpleasant-looking fruits were beginning to grow in clusters at the ends of its branches.



[It hurts- It hurts- It hurts-]

[Help me…… get me out of here……]

The berries were carved with the faces and expressions of the criminals they had just killed.

These ominous fruits were dripping with juices that were like tears of blood, and they were howling.

“Mmmm. The flesh, the juice, and the taste are all so-so. It’s not that good either.”

The female student stretched out her long white fingers, grabbed the fruits that were growing at the end of the branches, and crushed them.

…Squish, splatter!

Hearing the horrific screams of the criminals, the female student smirked and turned around.

Tudor, Sancho, Piggy, and Bianca stared at the girl’s face with blank expressions.

Their minds flashed back to something the professor had said at the end of class the other day.

‘Do you all know, we’re about to have a new friend in our school! She’s a girl. Her age is 19, which is one year younger than the average first-year student. Her institution is the Hot Class Department. She’s transferring from the famous Mage Family Morg, so I think you guys can learn a lot from her. Her name is…….’

At the same time, the transfer student greeted them with a bright smile.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Morg Mu Camus.”