Chapter 271 – Rich Friend (2)

Episode 271 Rich Friend (2)

The next morning.

Vikir received unexpected news from the professor he met in the hallway.

“Student Vikir, this is a request for a visit.”

At the words, Vikir dropped his backpack.

Unannounced meeting. This means that a request for an unscheduled visit comes unexpectedly.

Tudor, Sancho, Piggy, Bianca, and Sinclair, who were all on their way to their first period classes, narrowed their eyes.

Up until this point, Vikir had never talked about his family, where he belonged, his childhood, or anything else.

“Vikir. Did you have anyone come to visit you?”

“Of course Vikir has a family. Isn’t that a bit much, Tudor?”

“Wow- you can skip first period, I’m jealous!”

“Oh, that’s not unusual. For a kid who always sticks to a plan, he gets all these unannounced visits.”

“Brother, who is it?”

While everyone was saying a word, Sinclair, who had a keen sense, narrowed his eyes and asked.

“Could it be…… that woman?”

Tudor, Sancho, Piggy, and Bianca’s heads turned at Sinclair’s words.

Vikir turned his head as if he didn’t know what she was talking about, and Sinclair said suspiciously.

“You know, the other day when I was drinking beer on the roof with my brother, there was someone who sent an owl to my brother back then, isn’t that your girlfriend?”

Then the friends shouted loudly.

“What, what! Do you have a girlfriend, Vikir?”

“Maybe. With a face like Vikir’s, it would be weird if he didn’t have one.”

“Oh my God, you betrayed me, Vikir! I can’t believe you have a girlfriend outside of school! Is it another school?”

“Hey~ you’re good. Maybe during this University League?”


“If you’re going to make a scene, don’t stand in the center of the hallway. You’re blocking the way.”

An extremely cold voice came from behind them.

Professor Morg Banshee stared down at Vikir, Tudor, Sancho, Piggy, Bianca, and Sinclair with an expression of almost disgust.

“Vikir-kun, you must have your visitation slip signed by the professor with the start and end times of the visit. Otherwise, you will be marked absent, is that clear?”


“I’m telling you this just in case, because you’ll get a lot of demerits for your behavior. Let me remind you.”

With that, Professor Banshee stepped between Vikir and the others, pushing past them.

” ……Insiders.”

With an expression of outright disgust.

* * *

Vikir pushed open the door to the visitation room and stepped inside.

He saw a woman with black hair and red eyes sitting cross-legged, smoking a cigar.

“Long time no see~ my little brother~”

She waved at Vikir and smiled brightly.

Vikir squinted his eyes and asked in a small voice.

“Since when did I have a sister?”

Vikir’s gaze is cold and dry, but the woman doesn’t seem to mind.

Messinadnaro Cindiwendy.

She had changed the color of her eyes and the color of her hair to come here to the Academy herself.

“This message has many important things to say, so I decided to become an owl myself. What do you think, little brother? Black hair and red eyes go well together, don’t you think? Oooooh~ my little brother~ I’ve missed you!”

Cindiwendy, who hadn’t seen Vikir in a long time, was being overly friendly.

She even pinched and pulled Vikir’s cheeks!

“……Is it because you’re conscious of the professor outside the room?’

Vikir furrowed his brow and joined in with Cindiwendy’s play.

“It’s good to see you, big sister. Thank you for coming to visit.”

“Thanks~ It’s only natural that I’m coming to see my little brother~ Yoyo~ Look at how soft your cheeks have become while we haven’t seen each other~ Ugh~ It’s cute~”

” ……don’t overdo it.”


Cindiwendy stopped cupping Vikir’s cheeks and raised her hand to the top of the shaggy head.

Vikir rubbed his reddened cheeks and asked.

“How’s the trade deal going? Is everything going well?”

As it is a business job, there is no conversation other than work..

Cindiwendy nodded and answered.

“The trade with the natives of Jungle is fine. It’s progressing well, and I’ve already completed three large deals.”

“Good, then…….”

As if she knew what Vikir was going to ask, Cindiwendy closed her eyes and shook her head.

“I haven’t found any trace of them yet.”

“……It is.”

Balak. The tribe that had somehow disappeared.

Vikir was puzzled that they had all suddenly lost contact.

But there was no way he could leave the Academy and travel to the distant jungle right away.

Vikir pulled out his next agenda item.

” …… What else have I asked you to do?”

“You mean sponsoring people from all over society? No problem, that’s all done or in progress.”

Vikir had asked Cindiwendy for something once before.

It was to sponsor a group of statues of various people: artists, soldiers, mercenaries, high school students, small shopkeepers, and low-ranking soldiers.

Cindiwendy scratched her head.

“If they had children, we would provide them with free education, and if they needed jobs or skills, we would provide them with customized welfare. Some people’s livelihoods were in danger, and some people needed hospital expenses because they or their family members were ill. All of them got the support they needed.”

“Well done.”

“But what’s your connection to them? I did a little research on my own, and they don’t have any connection to you, not even a passing acquaintance.”

Cindiwendy’s questions were understandable.

They had been allies and benefactors before Vikir’s regression.

“……These are people I hope to never see again in the future.”

Vikir smiled bitterly.

Cindiwendy could only watch in silence.

And then.


Cindiwendy pushed a bag in front of Vikir’s eyes.

After opening it, Vikir nodded.

The bag contained several cubed gold bars and a jewelry box.

“These are the military funds you requested. I only put in enough weight to carry it, just like you said.”

“Thank you.”

“Cash it in at the designated black market. But the best thing is to spend it in little by little.”

Vikir nodded and pushed the bag aside.

Then Cindiwendy brought out the real reason for today’s visit.

“The Head of the Bourgeois Family is a demon.”

Vikir had vaguely expected this.

But hearing it from someone who had actually investigated it gave it a different weight.

“I see, that’s enough.”

Cindiwendy frowned at Vikir’s words.

“Against the great Bourgeois, that money is not enough, don’t you need more?”

In the past, Cindiwendy had sworn an oath of loyalty to Vikir.

‘No matter what you do in life, I will never let you run out of money.’

So she wanted to fulfill that promise now.

“Isn’t this what you raised me for?”

Money is money. Cindiwendy was ready to help Vikir fight the Bourgeois Family.


“This is enough for seed money.”

Vikir cut in.

Cindiwendy’s eyes narrowed.

“Because of the funding source?”

Vikir nodded.

Members of Bourgeois families often put a price on invitations to lunch or dinner.

But that didn’t mean anyone with money could buy it.

They wouldn’t accept money from unknown sources.

It’s not just how much money you make, but how you make it.

The Bourgeois families had their own strict criteria for who they could dine with.

If someone offered them money they didn’t know where it came from, they wouldn’t accept it.

“The route through which you earn money must be clear. And it has to be interesting enough to grab their attention.”

That’s why Vikir was refusing funding from Cindiwendy.

“This is not the place to use you. Wait a little longer.”

At Vikir’s words, Cindiwendy shrugged her shoulders.

“What an unknown man.”


“With all these rich sponsors, you never ask for money. It’s so refreshing, not like the other flirtatious guys.”

In response to her question, Vikir gave a short answer.

“Money is just a means. Because it cannot be a goal.”

“…… My father used to say that a lot when he was alive.”

“He was a good trader.”

Vikir nodded, though only briefly.

The Bourgeois Family was a big mountain now, but there were still bigger ones behind it.

It was not yet time to sheath the sword called Cindiwendy.

Meanwhile. Cindiwendy was still puzzled.

“So. How are you going to deal with the Bourgeois without my help?”

“It’s not that I won’t get any help. But…….”


“You have to learn to catch fish rather than receive them.”

When Cindiwendy shook her head, Vikir lowered his stance and opened his mouth.

“I have a plan. But there are a lot of gaps, and I’d appreciate it if you could fill in the gaps with resources and information.”

“…… So, you’re looking for financial advice?”

Vikir nodded.

And then.


A flyer was dropped in front of Cindiwendy’s eyes.

<Mock Investment Competition>

The flow of the economy was created by humans and cannot be predicted by human power.

However, the intuition of a very small number of geniuses is also in touch with huge trends.

If you think you’re one of those few, this poster is for you.

This competition is being heldin a place called “Spine of the Economy”.

and will be the staircase that will lead you to the big stage of the financial world.

Eligibility: All students of the Academy

Submission period: until one week after the poster is distributed (※Posters will naturally expire after one week)

Organized by: Bourgeois 家

It’s a mock investment flyer hosted by the Bourgeois family.

“With this money you gave me…… I plan to do it.”

Vikir talked about the investment strategy of the conversion that would attract the attention of the Bourgeois family.


Cindiwendy’s expression quickly turned to disbelief.

“……Crazy! That’s a scam!”