Chapter 233 – Tuition (9)

Episode 233 Tuition (9)

Colosseo Academy’s Thrifty Bazaar boasts a huge scale that belies its cute name.

Students auction off their used items at bargain prices, and occasionally some students bring in items they’ve crafted or foraged, or unidentified antiques from their respective families.

The size of the bazaar is such that it is considered one of the top ten auctions in the empire, and the fact that people from outside the academy are allowed to bid at the bazaar attracts a lot of attention and foot traffic.

It is also one of the largest bazaars in the empire, and attracts many people from outside the academy.

The “aristocracy” and the “nobility”.

The Aristocracy was formed by students from prominent aristocratic families. The elite, including the Seven Families, their relatives, and their families, held real power.

On the other hand, the nobility faction, which was formed by elites from noble families, was just as powerful as the aristocracy faction.

While the Aristocracy was a small elite, exclusive league of its own, the Nobility was made up of members of the Toho family, who were renowned for their agriculture and commerce, the heirs of famous mercenary guilds, or the heirs of large mines and shipyards.

They were the real power in the academy and continued to grow in size and power by recruiting talented juniors under their wing.

This power structure would continue after graduation, becoming a network of connections and systems that would eventually encompass the political and financial circles of the empire.

And it was Vikir who was the first first-year to be predicted by the aristocracy and the nobility, the two groups that secretly dominate the Academy.

Although it wasn’t when he entered Academy, he was a talented person who stood out in the midterm exam over time. Since he is a single person with no backbone behind him, he is perfect for flirting.

The aristocracy and the nobility had been plotting to take this talented first year under their wing for a very long time.

But Vikir has never lived up to their expectations.

At best, their letters were chewed up rather than read, and no matter how many times they tried to visit and talk to him, they never saw his face.

Even when the second and third years tried to make a show of force by dispatching a group of beautiful girls and a group of fierce fighters, it didn’t work, so both the aristocrats and the nobility were left with their heads in the sand.

‘Whoa, Vikir, I think we need to give this cocky junior a good punch in the nose.’

‘Let’s give him a good slap in the face before he gets under our skin.’

Ironically, the aristocrats and the nobility joined hands to suppress each other.

In the short term, Vikir became a public enemy.

Just as the aristocrats and the nobles were plotting to take him down, Vikir showed up at a bazaar.

‘I hear he’s trying to raise money for tuition.’

‘Gnoll skins. I’ve been needing it for a while now, so I thought I’d give him a good price.’

‘I’m sure he got a good deal from the hunting guild, but I’m not sure he knows the market price.’

‘Yeah, I heard they don’t take clients from just any hunting guild.’

The aristocratic and noble students were eager to use the auction to flatten Vikir’s nose.

And when the auction began, no one really wanted to buy Vikir’s gnoll skin.

The aristocrats and nobles had outbid the other students.

The aristocrats and nobles giggled in the back of the silent auction room, imagining Vikir’s soon-to-be dead face.

…… but.

‘I thought there would be a lot of people who covet gnoll skin because it is a useful item. It’s not as popular as I thought.’

Vikir shrugged and turned his head to look back at the pile of gnoll hides on the auction house stage.

‘Aha. Is it because there are so many?’

At the same time, Vikir did something that made both the aristocrats and the nobles jump out of their skin.


As if he was going to light a torch on the spot, he ignited the gnoll skin on the stage.

Everyone jumped to their feet in horror, but Vikir continued to burn every gnoll skin in sight.

Crackle! Crackle! Hiss!

More than half of the gnoll skins on the stage had burned to nothing.


A strange silence descended upon the auction hall.

In this frozen atmosphere, Vikir spoke briefly.

‘Is it still too much?’

At the same time, Vikir pulled on the fire once more.

He did not extinguish the flame until the remaining gnoll skins were once again halved.

At this point, the students began to get agitated.

The students were upset because they needed the gnoll skins for their research.

But Vikir was relentless.

When no one came forward to buy it, Vikir raised the torch once more.

There was no hesitation in his gesture, as if he intended to burn them all to the ground.

Instead, the onlookers rushed to stop him.

‘That’s for the next class! I, I want to keep it! I’m not prepared yet!’

‘I needed some extra armor for my cold-weather performance evaluation, too! There’s not much left for sale…….’

‘Buy! I’ll take it! Outbid!’

‘I’ll buy it! I’ll buy it! Stop burning it!’

In such a situation, Vikir said firmly.

‘The minimum bid is four times the first auction price.’

Vikir was determined to get his money’s worth.

In the end, the students had no choice but to cry and eat mustard to Vikir, blaming the aristocrats and the nobles.

Of course, the students of the aristocratic faction and the noble faction were dumbfounded.

* * *

“……So. That’s how the auction ended?”

Professor Banshee asked in disbelief.

Vikir nodded nonchalantly.

“Yep. I was able to get all of my tuition paid for.”

I’m afraid those words will end.

…Thud, thud, thud!

The tough leather bag placed on the desk tore with a loud noise.

The bills and gold coins inside began to fall to the floor with a loud clatter.

Clink, clink, clink, clink.

Professor Banshee’s desk was quickly covered in money.

He looked down at the large, sturdy leather sack bursting at the seams and muttered quietly.

” …… You’ll need some change.”

Professor Banshee pulled a pair of reading glasses from his pocket and placed them on the tip of his nose, and with a delicate snap of his fingers, he extracted a handful of large gold coins.

“That covers your tuition, ah, all four years at once, all in one lump sum.”

Professor Banshee just shrugged his shoulders, as if he didn’t know what to do with the rest of the money.

But Vikir didn’t seem to be in the mood to collect the change.

“The rest is for tuition, too.”

“……There’s too much money left over to be called tuition. Are you planning to buy a lecture hall, if you’re going to be a professor and not a student?”

“Please use the rest for the students who can’t afford tuition.”

Professor Banshee was stunned by Vikir’s words. And even Dolores, who was standing next to him.

“Surely I’m not mishearing you?”


“Are you saying that you’re going to donate all of this money to the Foundation, in the name of scholarships?”

“Yes. But with a condition.”

At Vikir’s words, Professor Banshee’s mouth twisted into a ‘then so be it’ expression.

It happens often. People with deep pockets donate large sums of money to scholarship foundations and then take advantage of them.

Usually it’s about tax deductions (donations are far more tax-deductible than any other expense), expanding their influence within the academy by creating a positive image, or even creating a political group or building power.

…… But Vikir’s conditions were again outside of Professor Banshee’s expectations.

“The condition is that in order to receive this money, you must fulfill a certain number of volunteer hours at the orphanage.”


Professor Banshee furrowed his brow as if he didn’t understand.

If you can get a scholarship by volunteering at a orphanage, that’s a great deal.

This is a very grateful offer for Academy students who have to focus on part-time jobs and scholarships.

In other words, it was no different from saying that they would just pay the tuition for free. For the next ten years or so!

‘What the hell is he up to?’

Professor Banshee scanned Vikir’s entire body with a questioning look.

But no matter how hard he stared, Vikir didn’t respond, so Professor Banshee raised his hands.

“Okay. I see. We’ll create an award on Academy and award scholarships in its name. Do you have anything in mind for the name of the award?”

Vikir was silent for a moment at Professor Banshee’s question.

Then Professor Banshee waved his hand as if he didn’t want to hear more.

“I see you don’t, so we’ll just call it the Vikir Award. I’m sure the students who receive it will be very grateful to you, since they’re lucky enough to have a wealthy sponsor and get their tuition paid for free. You must be a celebrity.”


Vikir held up a hand to stop Professor Banshee.

“The donor’s name shall remain anonymous, and the prize shall be named something else.”


Professor Banshee adjusts his glasses and looks up.

“You mean to tell me you’re going to donate a large sum of money and be anonymous, so you get no tax deduction and no fame?

Professor Banshee’s belief that all humans are driven by self-interest was being denied in front of him.

But whether Professor Banshee was confused or not, Vikir spoke up, still with the same expressionless face, but in a slightly lowered voice.

“The name of the award shall be ‘Nymphet’.”

Hearing that, Professor Banshee furrowed his brow in confusion.



Dolores, who had been listening to this entire conversation from the side, could only twitch her eyelids.