Chapter 231 – Tuition (7)

Episode 231 Tuition (7)

“Vi, Mr. Vikir. That woman…… is probably ‘the one’.”

Minpin, a skilled Graduator, was trembling slightly. This indicates that his senses are just as sensitive and sharp.

Skilled people recognize skilled people. The higher the level of skill, the greater the understanding.


Vikir’s brow furrowed as he looked at the woman in front of him.

‘Ms. Uroboros.’

A villain who, despite the onslaught of the Imperial Guard, a group that includes some of the most powerful people in the world, has never been able to reveal her identity.

The number of major facilities she has destroyed within the Imperial Capital is nearly triple digits.

But despite this, no one knows who she is. Not even her powers, skills, or primary weapon.

That’s because all the witnesses are either dead or insane.

“……Well, at least one guess was right: it’s a woman.”

Vikir’s spirits lifted as he realized he had a formidable opponent.

Miss Ouroboros had a rather unique appearance.

A helmet with two large snake scales sprouting from it like horns, and a mask with eyes twisted and torn like a lightning bolt.

She was covered in glossy black tights and wrapped in a long cloak and scarf.

Her unusually high heels made her already tall figure appear even taller.

In her hand, she held a long whip, which might explain the snake-like marks on her skin.

[Hohohoho- rats crawled into my piggy bank?]

A modulated, high-pitched voice came through the wind holes in the mask’s mouth.

Landing on the ground, Miss Ouroboros lifted her masked face to look at Vikir.



Miss Urovoros flinched slightly at the sight of Vikir’s face.


Vikir squinted.

Because Miss Ouroboros had changed the momentum she was exuding from the moment their eyes met.


The frightening force began to crush the nearby dozen meters.

[Children who touch other people’s piggy banks should be punished, right?]

At the same time, a whip flew out.

jaag- peog!

The whip, which sprouted thorns like a rose vine, crushed the hard rock floor with ease.

It was like hitting soft tofu with a club.

‘The aura is dense. At least a Graduator, maybe more.’

Vikir marveled at Miss Ouroboros’ unexpected helplessness.

Her aura is like boiling asphalt, and if she were to join the Imperial Army, she’d be a high-ranking officer in no time.

If he had not reached Master level due to his match with Camus recently, Vikir might have also reached a tight tie.

‘I’ve never pushed my power to its limits since becoming a Swordmaster, so maybe this is a good opportunity.’

But now that he’s shown his face, he’s Vikir, a first-year academy student.

Even if he was in Night Hound mode, he couldn’t fight with his face exposed like this, let alone against one of the most dangerous people in the Empire.

Just then, I heard Minpin call out in a small voice.

“Boss. There’s a government office just down the road from here, and it’s Imperial Guard patrol time.”

It’s refreshing to see a man who doesn’t just run off on his own, but sticks by his client to the end.

Vikir nodded at Minpin’s advice and stepped back.

Right then.

[Where are you going to get out?]

Miss Ouroboros’s whip flashed again.


Vikir quickly twisted his head outward.


A sharp gust of wind hits Vikir’s left cheek. A vicious snake had once again sliced through the trees beside them.

Miss Ouroboros’s whip had an awl-like tip that could pierce like a spear or slash like a sword.

Even if you dodged the pointed end, the slashing sides curved long and hard, making it very annoying.

Even the thorns that sprouted from the whip seemed to be coated with a strong poison.

“Hmph. I guess it won’t be easy to run away.’

Vikir grimaced and continued to back away.

Miss Uroboros’s momentum grew more and more vicious as Vikir dodged her whip’s tightening points by flying up and down a few times.

[Ho, look at that, you had me believing, you’ve been hiding your skills, you devious thing].

Miss Ouroboros’ whip aura grew larger and larger.


Miss Ouroboros’s power was like a one-man army, shattering everything in its path.

The aura-loaded whip spun in an infinite trajectory, like a serpent, and soon formed a sphere around Miss Ouroboros’ body.


Everything that touches the aura sphere is torn apart and shattered.


Except for one.


Miss Ouroboros was puzzled to see her whip suddenly snap in midair and bounce away.

A whip is basically an unstable weapon, a terrifying device that can harm even its owner if it loses control.


Miss Ouroboros’s whip crashed into nothingness and spun in circles.

Miss Ouroboros was nearly struck by her own whip.

[What is this?]

She shook her head in confusion.

But Vikir quietly brushes his left cuff.

“You did well. But next time, don’t do it. It’s dangerous.”


On top of Vikir’s wrist, the cub was snorting with an angry expression.

The area around Miss Ouroboros was now dotted with transparent wires that the cub had put up.

At the same time, the cub began to emit a dark poisonous aura, blocking Miss Ouroboros’ vision.

[What the hell! Why is there such an unpleasant fog all of a sudden……]

Miss Ouroboros waved her hand in front of her eyes in annoyance.

“Boss, now!”

To his surprise, Minpin raised his sword.

He summoned all his strength, imbued the sword with aura, and slashed with all his might.

Even so, the blow was so powerful that Miss Ouroboros had no choice but to raise her whip to block it.

And then.

Into the gap, Vikir drew his bow.

Black Bow Anubis.

The five-piece tip bowstring and five quivers were drawn taut in unison.

It shot out in a black trajectory toward the enemy in front of him.


Miss Ouroboros quickly retrieved her whip, but was slowed by the web of the Madam cub that hung over every inch of the forest.


Four arrows were deflected by the whip, but only one flew off on a proper trajectory.


As Vikir put the next arrow to the quiver, he noticed something odd.

One of the arrows he had just fired had grazed Miss Ouroboros on the left side of her face.

A person as skilled as Miss Ouroboros could definitely see and dodge the attack, but for some reason, she was a little slow to react to attacks coming from the left.

The same thing happened when I alternately shot right and left again.

A subtle difference that would have gone unnoticed by anyone less skilled.

‘Is there a blind spot over there?’

Vikir raised his Anubis and fired a grain toward Miss Uroboros’s left side.

The arrows curved in a parabola, aiming relentlessly for Miss Uroboros’ left facial area.

[Oh no, not this guy again……, He even brought a strange bow!]

And with that, the unexplained rage in Miss Ouroboros’ eyes grew and grew.

Just then.


The night sky was suddenly bright.

Red firecrackers were being set off, creating a bright pillar of light.

Minpin. He ran to the wagon and fired the signal flare that hunters used to set off in times of danger.


Miss Ouroboros gritted her teeth and turned her head.

The black fog from earlier, the unidentifiable wires, and Vikir’s skill with the strange bow were beyond that of a first-year Academy student.

Miss Ouroboros was furious at Vikir’s skill, as he ducked and weaved like a hunter who had spent decades in the forest.

But then.

“What is this noise?”

“I thought a hunter was in trouble…… It doesn’t seem like something out of the ordinary.”

“The ground is shaking hundreds of meters away, call for backup now!”

“Halt the march, we’re in combat formation!”

The rumblings at the base of the mountain were clearly coming from the direction of the flares.

Coincidentally, a unit of Imperial Army troops happened to be marching in the vicinity.

[Ho-ho-ho- bad luck].

Miss Ouroboros retrieved her whip in an annoyed manner.

Then she sent a fierce glare at Vikir, who had now closed the distance between them.

[……Well, okay, I guess I’ll have ‘another’ connection to you].

She brushed a hand across the left side of her face, near her mask.

Then, in the blink of an eye, she stomped off the ground and flew up, crashing through the branches and disappearing.

Her departure was as swift as her arrival.

“Sir, sir, are you all right?”

Minpin, who had whistled to alert the Imperial troops to their location, came running toward Vikir, breathless.

Vikir only nodded, still in a nonchalant mood.

“The signal flare. Good timing.”

“You’re welcome. It’s a good thing I had one in the wagon as a backup.”

After Minpin’s embarrassed laugh, Vikir turned his attention back to the forest.

The forest at night, silent as if it had never been noisy. The sound of branches and leaves swaying in the wind.

Miss Ouroboros had melted into the thick darkness and was no longer visible.

The only thing left at the scene were the marks on the ground, as if a large snake had slithered across them.