Chapter 226 – Tuition (2)

Episode 226 Tuition (2)

It’s tuition season at Colosseo Academy.

“Hey. Did you pay your tuition?”

“Tuition? Is there such a thing at our school?”

“I think I paid it yesterday when the butler came by.”

“I seem to remember paying for four years at once when I got in.”

“How am I supposed to study when I have to worry about that?”

Most of the time, this season passes without even knowing if it’s coming or going, but…….

“What can I do. My father couldn’t find money for tuition this semester.”

” ……should I take a break from school?”

“Haa, this isn’t a part-time job.”

“Am I going to have to worry about this for all four years?”

For some students, anxiety was written all over their faces.

The academy’s tuition is so significant that it can be a burden not only for commoners but also for nobles if their families are small.

Even at Colosseo Academy, where admission is as difficult as picking a star in the sky, it’s a bitter reality that there are always a few students who take a break or drop out at this time of year.

That’s why Vikir is now thinking.

‘I guess I didn’t get a full scholarship after all.’

His attitude score was so bad that he didn’t get a full scholarship.

However, about 80% of the scholarships were merit-based, so the amount of money wasn’t too much to ask for.

This was made possible by an unexpected and unasked-for letter of recommendation from Professor Banshee.

‘…… Hung. I don’t know.’

When Vikir went to thank him, Professor Banshee didn’t even look up from his book, just snorted.


‘But even so, since I decided not to get help from the Baskervilles or Sindiwendy, I’m still going to have to find the money for tuition.’

The reason Vikir hadn’t insisted on bringing in outside money was simple.

The demons would track it back. It is to prevent that.

In order to raise military funds, you must decide on a method of money transaction, the most popular being a borrowed-name account or cash hiding.

Vikir has seen too many hunting dogs lose their lives due to being traced back by the enemy or betrayed by intermediary contacts in the process of raising military funds.

“Unless it’s absolutely necessary, it’s best to keep your contacts to a minimum, especially those funding streams that can be stepped on first.’

The best way to hide something is to make sure it doesn’t exist in the first place.

So Vikir had no financial contact with either Baskerville or Sindiwendy.

In case one day he really needed the “big bucks”.

“Professor Banshee wrote me a letter of recommendation for a scholarship, so I’ll just have to make up the rest.”

Vikir muttered as he fiddled with his tuition bill.

Essentially, the most optimal way to raise military funds is to raise military funds directly in the field.

“I need to look for a high-paying, short-term part-time job.”

Vikir stepped into the central lobby of the lecture hall.

On the walls of the plaza on the first floor, there were numerous posters, some of which were obviously looking for part-time jobs.

High school students were already gathered in front of the bulletin board looking for part-time jobs.


Vikir spotted a familiar face.

Sinclair, a white-haired girl.

She was staring at the advertisements on the board.

“Hmm. There’s a month and a half until tuition is due… … Should I increase my part-time job? What I’m doing right now is tutoring, part-time work at a cafe, and librarianship… … Should I take another tutoring class when I have some free time on the weekend? No, that doesn’t mean I can reduce my volunteer work hours.”

Sinclair is one of the highest-performing first-year students in the Hot Class. She works a part-time job to make time for her studies.

……and she’s also taking a few classes!

She’s even volunteering, which makes other students think she’s a freak.

But Vikir was also going above and beyond, even if it wasn’t visible.

Every night, he goes out and assassinates people who will be enemies of the Human Coalition in the future.

But assassinations cost money, and it doesn’t make money.

Furthermore, Vikir has a nasty habit of collecting all of his targets’ ill-gotten gains and secretly dropping them off at orphanages and other institutions.

He had been doing this ever since he met and separated from Nymphet before Dantalian.

As such, there was very little wealth in Vikir’s possession at the moment. At best, enough to buy supplies for next week’s class?

He would have to find a part-time job anyway.


Vikir stood a little distance away so as not to disturb Sinclair.

He read through the numerous flyers that covered the bulletin board, one by one.

“What a bunch of crap.”

Ignoring most of the advertisements, Vikir continued to scan the board until he found a short-term job that seemed perfect for him.

<Monster hunting part-time job- Earn easy money by catching low-ranked monsters!!! With the Hunting Guild’s attendants, you’re a hunter too!>

It was a part-time job that involved killing monsters with bounties on them and selling their byproducts.

This type of part-time work is usually done through hunting guilds or mercenary guilds, and you can go to the guilds and give or receive requests, or even ask them to dispatch workers if you want.

Depending on the nature, type, and power of the guild, you could hire warriors, mages, and other mercenaries, as well as hunters, alchemists, cooks, blacksmiths, and other supportive professions, and even guides and porters.

A structure in which you can become a client, carry out someone else’s request, hire a separate mercenary, or become a mercenary yourself.

In other words, a guild is basically a large form of labor.

Of course, it is a bit unusual that the price is clearly defined in the form of ‘money’.

The students of the Colosseo Academy are generally skilled enough to be employed by various mercenaries. The hunting guilds welcomed them, but the academy students didn’t have to work with them.

Unless, like Vikir, they needed a quick paycheck.

* * *

When Vikir returned to his dormitory after all his errands, he found Tudor and Sancho in his room.

They were tutoring Piggy in a subject he was lacking in.

“So, here’s a reminder of the administrative definition of settlement: a fiscal year’s income and expenditures are summarized in definitive coefficients…… and the imperial family must submit an Imperial Settlement Report to the Senate, which is inspected by the Auditor General…… and the head of each of the Seven Great Houses prepares a settlement report of their funds for each fiscal year, which is consolidated into the Central Office Settlement Report…….”

“Hmmm. I’ll never get used to administration.”

“I think information science is more difficult. I guess I’m not cut out for a desk job.”

Tudor and Sancho were impressed with Piggy’s administrative, clerical, and information analysis and synthesis skills.

What’s more, Piggy is a good teacher, able to explain the professor’s words in a way that would have been incomprehensible to a cancer patient.

So Tudor, Sancho, and Piggy put their heads together and focused on their studies.

It was a win-win situation, with each of them helping the other in practical and written work.

Vikir walked into the room.

“Sorry to interrupt your study, guys. I’ll just grab my coat and head out.”

Tudor, Sancho, and Piggy turned their heads in delight.

“Oh, Vikir, you’re just in time! You’re a good student too, aren’t you? Help us out! This time, please, we need to beat Bianca and that little bastard……!”

“Come on Vikir, I need to avoid failing next week’s written exam right now! I want to break the stereotype that I’m just a big guy and not smart……!”

“I have a lot of issues I’d like to discuss with you, Vikir! Just last week’s note test alone, we had a multiple choice controversy on the last multiple choice question……!”

But Vikir shook his head firmly.

Right now, he was more concerned about paying his tuition than next week’s quiz.

“I have to go out to earn money.”

Vikir briefly explained his situation, and his friends looked stunned.

Tudor stroked his chin.

“I thought you were so good at school and so skilled that you must be the scion of a noble family with a hidden identity, or that your parents were commoners but with great wealth. If you’re so desperate for tuition, I’ll pay it for you, my friend! What’s wrong with being a friend? We have plenty of money!”

Of course, Vikir declined. It was a matter of money.

The last thing he needed was to get his tail stepped on by the demon, only to have Tudor spark a firestorm.

Vikir shook his head, and Tudor gave him a disapproving look.

“What? Why? If you can’t afford it, you can pay it back slowly! Maybe they’ll ask you to join our family after graduation? If that’s the case, you don’t have to worry about it. You know I’m not a formal person like that! Well, my sister’s been begging me to bring you home for a visit during vacation so she can introduce you, but it’s not about that!”

Sancho and Piggy explained Vikir’s situation to Tudor.

“We’ve been taught that it’s not good for money to go directly between friends, no matter how close, because it’s a matter of pride.”

“That’s true, Tudor. I’m sure Vikir would really appreciate your thoughtfulness.”

The normally reticent Vikir nodded once in Tudor’s direction, and suddenly Tudor’s expression brightened again.

“So. How are you going to come up with the money? We can mock it up together, is that okay?”

“Uhm. I have an idea.”

Tudor’s ears perked up at Vikir’s answer, as did Sancho and Piggy.

To his grateful friends, Vikir asked briefly.

“Do you know of a hunting guild that is good for short runs?”