Chapter 196 – Attack Land (7)

Episode 196 Attack Land (7)

‘Blinded by anger, where are you looking?’

Professor Sady’s eyes widened to tears as she read the shape of Vikir’s lips.

At the same time.


The vision in her left eye went black.


Prof. Sady’s horrifying scream echoed throughout the training grounds.

The entire left side of her face is on fire!

But the golem’s face is intact. Not a single arrow mark.

“……? ……? ……? ……?”

Professor Sady reaches out and touches the left side of her face.

She can feel it.

Hot liquid running down her face, and a thick, hard arrowhead lodged where her eyeball should have been.

An arrow, deeply embedded in Professor Sady’s left eyeball.

The crowd is shocked and speechless.

“What, what? What happened all of a sudden?”

“I thought the wind was changing direction, but suddenly an arrow came flying at her!”

“Isn’t that Vikir’s arrow from earlier in the match?”

“Aww, that’s ridiculous. Why is it flying now?”

“It was blown to a strange place by the wind at the beginning of the match, and now that the wind has changed, it’s back!”

“Oh my God, is that even possible?”

“How can she be so unlucky……”

There was an unprecedented loss of life that no one could have predicted.

The professors were also stunned by this horrific and outrageous event.

“No, I’ve seen a lot of students get hurt, but I’ve never seen a professor get hurt.”

“And it’s that Professor Sady. Hehe, really… … Is it okay to call this retribution?”

“Uh-huh. A colleague is injured. What nonsense! No matter what, that’s not true!”

“So, should I discipline that student, Vikir?”

“Why would you say that? He didn’t do it on purpose, it was just a natural disaster.”

Earlier in the match, Vikir had made a number of misfires, and one of his arrows had soared high in the wind, only to spin around and fall.

In other words, it was just a coincidence.

Moreover, Professor Sady was so focused on the golem mimicking her movements that she didn’t notice the arrow falling toward her body.

Her vision had been so narrowed by her anger and obsession that she could only focus on what was in front of her.


By that time, the scoreboard appeared with a beeping sound signaling the end of the test.

<Cadet ‘Vikir’>, Class B-256, Cold Warrior Division>

<Professor: Sady>

-Effective hit: 2 (1 point each)

-Effective dodges: 28 times (1 point each)

-Effective parries: 0 (1 point each)

-Critical hits: 1 (10 points each)

=Total points: 40

Two points for two effective hits and 28 points for 28 effective dodges.

This was the result of Vikir’s constant running away from the whip.

Finally, the attack on Professor Sady’s main body counted as one critical hit and was worth 10 points.

In a way, it was a critical hit since the golem was in a state where it was unable to fight.

It was a bit tricky to count it as a point since it was a human casualty, but that’s what the magic system had decided.

Everyone was puzzled, as in the long history of the Colosseo Academy, a professor had never been injured in the middle of a test before.


And so Vikir’s total score was 40 points. A new record for the grade.

This was despite the fact that the professor in charge was Sady.

The professors looked at the timely scoreboard and chattered amongst themselves in disbelief.

“Hehe…… was so focused on harassing the student in front of her, she didn’t realize the danger she was in.”

“She’s just unlucky, who would think an arrow would come flying at her?”

“A terrible tragedy of overtesting. Too bad the wind changed direction just then.”

“She brought it on herself. She brought it on herself.”

“But how am I supposed to grade that student, Vikir?”

“Give her what? The magic system says it’s 40 points.”

“But if that were the case, wouldn’t there be some students who deliberately target the professor?”

“That makes sense. How could they jump that long distance to harm you? What happened today was just an accident of bad luck.”

“This has never happened before, so I’m not sure what to do.”

The professors are also divided.

Some say it was an accident and Vikir’s critical hit should count as a valid point.

Others say it was an accident, but that Vikir’s critical hit should be excluded.

But either way, the consensus is that it was an accident.


Tudor, Sancho, Piggy, and Bianca were reacting furiously.

“What the hell happened?”

“That means Vikir won!”

“Is there any winning or losing in this game, it’s just a time limit?”

“Who cares, it’s just Professor Sady who ended up looking bad!”

At the reaction of the juniors, even the nice Dolores breathes a sigh of relief.

It was unfortunate that Professor Sady had an arrow in her eye, but somehow it didn’t seem excessive.

After all, she’d almost deliberately blinded Piggy’s left eye, and she’d scarred so many talented students over the years, it was a small price to pay.


“Enough! All exams stop here!”

Professor Banshee’s gruff shout echoed throughout the stadium.

He stepped onto the pitch himself, accompanied by the professors who specialized in Heal Magic.

“Vikir, the exam is over. You may now return downstairs.”

Vikir didn’t say anything in response, just bowed his head.

Under Professor Banshee’s direction, all of the tests that had been taking place on the vast training grounds came to a halt.

Soon, white-coated medics began to rush over in response to Professor Banshee’s call.

The medics were only in the area where the students were taking their exams, so it took them a while to get to the area where the professors were staying.

Professor Banshee then walked over to the cowering Sady and said.

“Professor Sady. Get yourself some medical treatment. And I hope you will refrain from any further arrogant behavior after this incident……?”


Professor Sady didn’t even bother to listen to Professor Banshee.

“Hoho…… hohohoho-”

Sady suddenly began to laugh.

She laughs in spite of the blood dripping from the fingers wrapped around her face.

Then. Professor Sady pulls her hand away from her face.


Professor Banshee frowned.

The sight of the arrow still lodged in her eye, the mangled flesh around it, and the gushing blood was too much to bear.

“Professor Sady. Hurry up and get treatment…… heog!?”

For a moment, Professor Banshee’s face was colored with horror.

So did the students, professors, and spectators who were watching.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa-what is that doing?”

“Eek! She’s crazy!”

“Oh my god…… what am I looking at?”

All similar reactions.

And so it goes.


Professor Sady had just pulled the arrow out of her left eyeball with all the force she could muster.

A straight arrow shaft and a sharp tip at the end.

The eyeball that had just been removed from its socket.

Everyone is overwhelmed by Sady’s madness as she rips out her own eye.

And then.


Professor Sady’s mouth drops open, shocking everyone even more.

Then, sharp teeth begin to chew on the eyeball pierced by the arrowhead.


Professor Sady. Before anyone could stop her, she took the arrow into her mouth and began chewing on her own left eyeball.

The sound of the eyeball popping and chewing in her mouth was loud and eerie enough to be heard by all the spectators.

After swallowing her left eyeball whole, Sady laughed hysterically.

“It’s from my grandfather, If I throw it away, it will be wasted.”

Her maniacal smile sent the medical team scurrying back, unable to get any closer.

Even Professor Banshee, the Great Banshee, was at a loss for words, his mouth half open.

Sady glared at the medics.

“I don’t need your help.”

As she spoke, she rolled her one remaining eyeball.

There was a sideways glance at Vikir, who was just walking down the field.

Vikir doesn’t seem to be paying any attention to this side of the arena, as if he hadn’t been there since the last time.

His gaze has already left this place and is headed somewhere else entirely. It’s as if everything that’s happened so far hasn’t mattered at all.

Professor Sady’s face turned red.

“Hohohoho- it’s fun. This is so fun. That guy…… You said you were in class B Cold devision, right?”

Professor Sady turned her head to look at Professor Banshee.

“If you’re going to feed me for this, feed me. Discipline.”


“Instead. The day my discipline is lifted, I’m going to take over Cold Warrior’s class right away.”

There was an unusual heat in Professor Sady’s voice, as if he were possessed by something, and it struck fear into the hearts of every professor and student in the Cold Warrior Class.

And toward such a crowd.


Sady’s eyeballs are sticking out and she just frowns at the empty cavity.

“I just winked at you, didn’t you notice?”

She was indeed an unknown woman.

* * *

The long midterms are over.

Defense, Attack, and a written test.

Everyone was surprised when the overall results of these tests, which were worth 50%, 40%, and 10% each, were announced.

1st place. Vikir

2nd place. Sinclair

3rd place. Don Quixote La Mancha Tudor

4th place. Highbro Les Baskervilles

5th place. Grenouille Des Leviathans

6th place. Usher Pou Bianca

7th place. Midbro Les Baskervilles

8th place. Sancho Barataria

9th place. Lowbro Les Baskerville



199th. Piggy



On the attack test, students who had lost a lot of points after meeting with Professor Sady recovered their scores.

This was due to a mysterious addition of extra points to their written scores.

Although it was a small part of the score, it was a game-changer, and students who had been unfairly penalized by Sady were able to make up for it.

…… but.

Of all the students who took the test with Sady, there was one who did not receive any extra point.

It was Vikir.

The only perfect score.

There was no room for extra point for Vikir, who came up with research results so shocking that they turned the academic world upside down in his free research report on the written exam.

He performed well above average on the defense test and scored enough points against Professor Sady to win the attack test.

And as a result of his outstanding achievements, such as resolving an accident caused by a magic stone error, hard-carrying the defense test by himself, and delivering a fatal blow to Professor Sady, Vikir was ranked top of the class this year.

…… Of course, this was not the outcome Vikir wanted.

In the first place, Vikir tried to get good grades only on written exams. Because he didn’t want to attract attention.

However, there were a lot of variables, such as Madame’s cub accident in the defense test and Professor Sady almost blinding Piggy in the attack test.

Vikir used this as an opportunity to reflect on his lack of thoroughness.

But the students, who had no way of knowing that Vikir was thinking about it, simply crowded around him and chattered.

“Vikir, I really saw you again this time.”

“I honestly thought you were only good at study, but your physical skills were no joke.”

“Hey, buddy, would you like to have a date with the kids from Themiscyra Women’s College? I think it would be very reassuring if you came out as a member.”

“Well, mana for mana, senses for senses, and monster strategy knowledge. A man who has everything.”

“A good head makes for a good body, and a good body makes for a good head, but you’re good at both, so you’ll be good at everything!”

“Hey, don’t you think you’re being too blatantly flattering? You’re not really friends with Vikir! Go back to your seat!”

“But you, you don’t belong here either!”

“I’m sitting next to Vikir.”

“I’m sorry, but I’m not selling, even for a laugh.”

“Hey, Vikir. Are you interested in studying? Do you want to join our study group? We only have kids from good families or who are good at studying~”

“Drink this. You were so cool yesterday~”

“Hey. Who are you having lunch with today? If you don’t have anyone to eat with, why don’t you eat with me?”

“All the professors are talking about you. When I went to the faculty office, they were all looking at your papers and admiring them.”

“Vi, Vikir, the seniors from the noble faction are looking for you!”

“Awesome! I saw this morning that the noble seniors are looking for you too!”

Vikir could only frown slightly at the many voices around him.


“Hey. What are you looking at, you want to get your ass kicked?”

A gruff-looking schoolboy pushes his way through the crowd.

Highbro Les Baskervilles. He snarled, baring his teeth.

“I’m the head of the Cold B class, so don’t you dare come crawling up to me and flatter some commoner like this. I’ll kill you.”

Although Highbro was an outspoken bully, there were few students who could protest in front of the 4th-ranked overall student.

The cowed students scurried back to their seats.

Highbro turned to Vikir and gave him a thumbs-up, unnoticed.

‘All taken care of.’

‘……Well done.’

The words spoke for themselves.

Highbro took Vikir’s praise and returned to his seat, smirking secretly.

The Mid and Low Brothers are quick to criticize Highbro.

“You’re cheating, brother!”

“Keep the praise for yourself!”

“If you’re unjust, you’ll have to watch your master’s back. Like me, always.”

The Baskerville triplets are now a loyal trio, waiting for Vikir’s orders.

But there were some beings who would not be deterred.

“Vikir, how are you feeling?”

Tudor, Sancho, Bianca, Piggy, and Sinclair.

Tudor laughed, clapping Vikir on the shoulder as he entered the classroom.

“You bastard, if you had that kind of power, you should’ve come clean and reported it to me first, you got me worried for nothing!”

Fortunately, his friends’ attitudes didn’t change much upon seeing Vikir’s power.

Though Tudor and Sinclair were a little disappointed.

“By the way, Vikir, I didn’t talk to you back in the room because I was in a hurry. I want to show you something!”

Piggy stepped forward and held something out to Vikir.

It was an article from yesterday’s paper.

[Breaking News] A major accident during a defense test! A first-year student of the Cold Class take care of it!? / Views: 50,899

The -1st year mid-term defense exam is a traditional exam that everyone goes through once in a while…… But a recent accident occurred in this exam…… This major accident was caused by safety insensitivity…… At that time, the professors’ responsibility was getting worse and worse…… A male student came out of nowhere and saved everyone…… Meanwhile, the main cause of the commotion was Professor S who left the duty station with a magic wall key without permission…… Finally, we attach a video of the 1st year hero Vikir-kun breaking through the poisonous fog to the surface……

<Comments: 33,021>

ㅇㅇ(Cold Class 1st year): Wow;;; Look at him tearing through the poisonous fog;;; awesome…powerful…乃乃乃

↳ㅇㅇ(Hot Class 2nd year): Is this the guy…that…why…you know…that….my husbandㅎ

↳ㅇㅇ(Hot Class 1st year): Was his name Vikir? It was a pretty common name anyway?

ㅇㅇ(Hot Class 4th year): Wow, but it’s a legend that you went through the poison fog for your friends?

↳ㅇㅇ(Hot Class 2nd year): I heard that there’s already a fight between the 2nd year noble and 2nd year great house in the academy to recruit him.

↳ㅇㅇ(Cold Class 2nd year): Don’t you think that’s just inside the academy? Guilds and families outside the academy are also lining up to take him as soon as he graduates.

↳ㅇㅇ(Cold Class 3rd year): He’s only a freshman?

↳ㅇㅇ(Hot Class 3rd year): The prominence that has already been revealed is no longer a freshman class haha. That’s something even a graduating class can’t do like that~



Piggy’s newspaper plays a video shot on the mana screen.

The video of Vikir tearing through the poisonous fog that filled the magic wall and shooting arrows was getting tons of views.

‘When was the last time I shot something like this ……?’

Vikir ran a hand over his forehead.

After the midterm exams ended yesterday, I had to take some time off to go on an assassination mission, so I’m extremely tired.

Now that it was in the newspaper, it was only going to get worse for a while.


“Why are you all gathered in front of the first grade classroom, do you want to be disciplined?”

A stern voice comes from the front door of the classroom, down the hallway.

Professor Banshee was chasing away a group of students.

They were probably upperclassmen, second and third years.

Noble and Great House.

A group of children of noble families and a group of children of great families.

Along with the Student Council, these groups are the three major powers of Colosseo Academy.

While not recognized as an official group like the Student Council, they somehow wield more power over the entire student population than any other group of students, whether from the central noble families or the powerful houses.

They’ve come this far to embrace the rising dark horse, Vikir.

Of course, as powerful as they may be, none of them are confident enough to face the icy gaze of the students and Professor Morg Banshee, so they disappeared in a hurry.


Professor Banshee.

The first thing he did upon entering was find Vikir sitting by the window.

Vikir, who had dozed off a bit, was woken up by Professor Banshee’s cold voice, like a splash of cold water.



“Have you been closing your eyes again and thinking about what kind of magic trick you’re going to discover today and surprise the academia with?”

“No. I dozed off.”

” ……That’s honest. One demerit point.”

Professor Banshee still hated Vikir.

He emphasized that class started immediately after the class bell rang and emphasized the justification for demerit points, saying that Vikir was dozing off during class time.

“Ugh, Professor Banshee, here we go again.”

“It seems like you’re always giving demerits to Vikir.”

“Oh no, Vikir, you’ve racked up so many demerits that you’re going to have to do community service again!”

“But this time, aren’t we not going to do community service because of the festival?”

“Yeah, but it’s festival season soon, and it would be unfair to do community service when everyone else is partying.”

Tudor, Sancho, Piggy, Bianca, Sinclair, and others each had their own words to say.


Of course, Vikir wasn’t listening to Professor Banshee’s point at all.

His mind was already racing with the details of the letter he’d received from Sindiwendy last night.

‘…… Information has arrived about the next ten corpse.’

The boring assassination was over.

Now it was time for another blood and guts battle.

Vikir closed his eyes again, silently letting Professor Banshee’s nagging voice drift out of his ear.

The Night Hound was on the hunt for his next prey.

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