Chapter 194 – Attack Land (5)

Episode 194 Attack Land (5)

The unleashed hound took to the field.

Vikir had a special meeting with Professor Banshee before he was put to the test.


Professor Banshee’s gaze and voice were cold, and as usual, he didn’t like Vikir.


“As a professor, I have a duty to see that my students are not put in harm’s way. That’s why I don’t want you to take Professor Sady’s exam.”

“I’d like to take the test as scheduled, on principle, if possible, but I also think I might get something out of it.”

“……What? Something to gain?”

Professor Banshee tilted his head as if he couldn’t figure out what Vikir was thinking.

Then he spoke firmly.

“There is nothing to be gained from a person like Sady. Except for the experiential realization that there are many absurdities in the world.”

Professor Banshee was still cold.

He took a few steps in front of Vikir, then moved his hand and held a piece of paper in front of him.

<Memorandum of Surrender of Body>

“If you want to test Professor Sady, sign this memorandum, and only then will I allow you to do so.”


A normal student would have given in right there.

No, there wasn’t a single big lunatic here at Colosseo Academy who had the nerve to go against Professor Sady and Professor Banshee in the first place.

……None. Except for Vikir.


Vikir signed the memorandum and handed it back to Professor Banshee.

Everyone around him was stunned by his nonchalance.

Professor Banshee also showed a change in expression that was worthy of being called a wax doll due to Vikir’s unexpected behavior.

“You’re really going to take on Sady? You’re still so arrogant.”


“Hahahaha, those greenhouse plants that have been fed nothing but sweet fertilizer need to taste the bitterness of the world, so they can learn to recognize what’s good for them and what’s not.”

Professor Banshee’s face crumpled into a grimace and he snorted.

And then.

It was Vikir’s turn.

[That’s it, you scumbag pigs].

The shadow of Sady’s golem looming eerily in front of Vikir as he steps up to the test.

Professor Sady looks at Vikir curiously.

[I’m not interested in weak pigs…… but you’re kinda interesting, how dare you pick me, a scum from a talentless commoner].


[Are you friends with the short pig that came up earlier, hohoho- his left eye is probably going to be blind, how about I match you with the right eye, asshole and douchebag duo. What do you think?]

Vikir didn’t bother to answer.



I just fed the arrows to the archery show.


The arrow flies at high speed.

But Professor Sady’s golem reacted surprisingly quickly.

[Hmph- An archer closing the distance like this? That’s a good strategy for the early game. You sure can think on your feet, can’t you?]

Archers typically fight from a distance.

However, when you need to score points in such a short amount of time, it can be a good idea to move forward while shooting arrows.

It would dramatically reduce the time it takes for the arrow to fly to the target.

However, Prof. Sady’s physicality was a monster.

With incredible flexibility, she swung her waist like a bow and dodged all the flying arrows.

Even the mighty Vikir had to hold his tongue at the instantaneous reaction.

The phrase ‘crooked genius’ seemed like it was created just for her.

Even the professors who criticized her character and behavior were speechless at her skill.

‘It’s a shame, because if she hadn’t lost her personality, she would have been a great warrior and a great contributor to the Allied Forces of Humanity.’

But Professor Sady doesn’t seem like the type to fight for anyone.

The kind of person no one would follow, no one would respect, and no one would love. That’s Professor Sady.

‘If that’s the case. There is no need to look after it.’

And Vikir was now flashing a cold glare at Professor Sady.


Arrows fly with a crash.

Vikir had a bunch of arrows attached to the string and was firing them at an incredible speed.

Admiration began to erupt from those around them.

“My God, who is he, following Professor Sady’s movements!?”

“That short distance isn’t getting any shorter, how is he dodging those?”

“Plus, look at the speed of the firing, it’s insane!”

The students and professors alike marveled at Vikir’s movements.

Of course, Professor Sady’s synchronization with the golem had limited his mana and slowed his movements, but it was still encouraging to see a first-year student keeping up.


[Hohohoho- You’re only a archer after all].

Professor Sady was right.

Vikir’s arrows hadn’t scored a single hit on Professor Sady since the beginning.


The arrows were shattered by fists, feet, and whips before they even reached the golem’s body, or bounced off into the distance.

Some of the arrows were shot in the wrong direction, as if I had miscalculated the wind.

Every once in a while, like beans in a drought, the golem would get a hit, but it would mostly hit the lower part of a limb and bounce off, so it wouldn’t count as a hit.

Even Bianca, watching it from outside the testing area, shook her head.

“Archers have no chance in a real attack test, and while I did well with my gentle professor, you’ll be hard pressed to get a single point against Professor …… Sady.”

She was right.

Tudor, Sancho, Sinclair, and even Piggy, who had a bandage on his face, looked worried.

Dodging the golem’s punches and kicks, Vikir picked up the arrows that had fallen to the ground and fired them again.

But still, most of the arrows bounced off the backs of the golem’s hands or fists, or were broken beyond use, and the number of usable arrows continued to decrease.

[Hohoho- are you going to continue? It was a rat, not a pig].

Professor Sady seemed to be in high spirits.

After all, she hadn’t managed to land a single whip on Bikir either.

She looks restless, as if she wants to abandon the golem and go out on her own.

[Come here, you wimpy child, you need corporal punishment].

Professor Sady wants to corner Vikir, but the circular shape of the examination hall makes that impossible.

Vikir cleverly realizes this and continues to run in circles, stalling for time.

There are points for evasion.

But Professor Sady had no intention of going along with Vikir’s plan.

[Hohoho- Trying to collect points through effective evasion? It’s a rat-like idea. But that cannot be allowed!]

And with that, her whip began to strike even more fiercely.

Bam! Crack!

Professor Sady did not attack Vikir. She wasn’t going to give him a dodge point.

Instead, she struck the floor of the examination room.

The round, circular surface of the test is gradually cracked by the whip.

In the end, one corner of the test field changed into a sharp shape, and angled corners naturally appeared.

What Professor Sady did next was to drive Vikir into this corner.

The whip is cracked and the floor bursts open everywhere but the corner.

Vikir, who had been stalling for time by running clockwise and counterclockwise around the circular testing area, was forced into the corner.

[Die, scumbag].

Prof. Sady shouted at Vikir with a verbal assault unlike anything you’d expect from a test examiner.

The whip flew and the arrows were falling apart.

Vikir rolled and crawled across the mud and stone-covered floor, dodging Professor Sady’s attacks and picking up and firing the few arrows that were still intact.

When he does manage to escape a corner, a whip comes flying at him, leaving a faint cut.

Vikir was like a cornered mouse.

Everyone watching could only sigh.

Tudor, Sancho, Piggy, Bianca, Sinclair, Dolores, and even Professor Banshee, who has always disliked Vikir, are getting nervous.

And Professor Sady, who has finally gotten a hold of Vikir’s leash, declares cheerfully.

[The pain, disability, and death you are about to suffer will be worth nothing].

At the same time, her hand holding the whip is raised high.

If you are hit by this whip that is imbued with aura, you may suffer at least serious injury or even death.

Professor Banshee growled.

“Have the medics stand by.”

At that, the professors scramble to their feet.

Tudor, Sancho, Piggy, Bianca, Sinclair, and Dolores had all moved closer to the examination area.

So that if Vikir goes out and fails, they’ll be there to pick him up.

…… but.


Professor Sady tilted her head.

A subtle foreign sensation on her arm for a moment.

It made her whip-wielding arm pause for a moment.


Near the joint where the arrow had been hitting earlier. I hadn’t paid much attention to it because it wasn’t considered a valid hit.

The spot felt strangely stiff.