Episode 183 Midterm Random Defense (5)

Student Council President Dolores.

She watches with delight as the juniors in her club set a new school record.

But as the minutes ticked by, Dolores’ expression hardened.

” ……Why aren’t the exams over?”

She wasn’t the only one with this reaction.

All the spectators, students, and even professors watching the test were stunned.

“Hey, this is weird.”

“They all have 0 HP, why isn’t the test over?”

“They’re freshmen, who put them on phase two!”

The phases take the form of crystals that emit a blue light as a means of transmitting magic power.

The people in charge of it stared at the instrument panel with sullen expressions.

“There seems to be an error, as there are still strong life reactions outside of the registered students in the examination hall!”

“What? What do you mean, there are only four kids on the field!”

The professors are dumbfounded.

The stadium originally had about four human lives left, which were converted into points by the HP suits.

Now that it’s down to zero, there should be no more life responses on the field.

But sure enough, the dashboard indicated that there was one “life-filled being” left that could fight.

The professors scanned the arena through the magic wall, but there was no sign of life other than the students.

“Anyway, it looks like the magic for the life reaction check and the phase management magic collided, causing the error.”

“Oh no. Why would there be such an error? There are obviously only four first-year students in the arena…… ah, that’s not the point now, hurry up and stop the collision!”

“We’re technically the Phase Magic Management Department…… and the Life Reaction Check Magic Department is not under our jurisdiction…….”

“What the hell is your jurisdiction! No way, it’s faster to stop the golems than to write and solve a magic circle code, right?”

“That’s because…… from this year, the creation and movement of the golems is automated, so the magic circle code related to it is also linked to the magic stones, and in order to dismantle it, we need to dismantle the magic for life reaction checks and phase management magic first.”

“What, are you kidding me, I can’t believe the magic circle code needed for the test was designed so poorly! So what then! tell me how!”

“Ba, of course there is a way! The code for the magic wall blocking the stadium is separate, we just need to break it to let the students out.”

“Then unlock the magic wall!”

“But the magic wall isn’t under our jurisdiction, and if we mess with it, it could complicate our liability later…….”

“Jurisdiction” and “liability” are such magical words that they can cause even the most normal, common-sense person’s brain to harden.

This is especially true in times of crisis.

Somehow, the smallest of problems were being compounded by the operations of the other side.

But there was still a way out.

We just need to unlock the invisible magic wall that surrounds the stadium and let the students out.

The professor in charge gave the order with an impatient look on his face.

“Then quickly dismantle the magic wall. Let the students inside come out.”

“That’s also out of my jurisdiction, so I’ll try to find a practitioner who has the key to the magic wall at …….”

The professors at the head of the department scramble.

Soon, a professor with a key to the magic wall appears.

He was Professor Morg Banshee, a potential candidate for the next vice principal.

Professor Banshee was supervising an exam that was taking place in another training center, and hurriedly rushed over when he heard the news of a series of incidents that occurred in Tudor’s group.

“The key to the magic wall? I have it, but…….”

Professor Banshee pulled out the key with a puzzled look on her face, which contained the spell to dismantle the magic wall.

The key had a large letter A written on it.

“Dismantling the magic wall cannot be done with just one key. Key A is useless without Key B.”

The key had been split into two for security purposes.

At Professor Banshee’s words, all the professors started looking for the B key.

And then another incident happened.

“Professor Sady, the holder of the B-key, has left the workplace without permission!”

“What! What the hell is that asshole doing again! It’s been days since she was disciplined for neglect of duty…… where the hell has she been!?”

“Uh, she said she had to go to the restroom and we lost contact.”

“Damn, what a fucking jerk this woman is……!?”

While professors are wasting time like this.

1. Don Quixote La Mancha Tudor

HP: 0/100

2. Sancho Panza Barataria

HP: 0/100

3. Usher Poe Bianca

HP: 0/100

4. Piggy

HP: 0/100

Tudor, Sancho, Piggy, and Bianca were exhausted and fighting the ants.

“Damn, now our HP suits are broken!”

“We might as well take them off, these uncomfortable tights.”

“The physical damage I’m about to take is going to be a real shock, everyone, watch out!”

“What the hell, why can’t I unlock the illusion dungeon, spawn golems, and dismantle the magic barrier!”

Their HP had already been reduced to zero long ago, so they had to fight the monsters with their own bodies.

The ants were still swarming in droves.

Due to the structure of the defense game, the monsters are unlimited.

What’s more, Phase 2 was for second year students only, so there weren’t just regular ants.


A gigantic ant rose up from the rubble.

It had a wide, hard head like a shield, with many spikes, and its body was many times larger than the other ants.

” ……It’s a soldier ant!”

Piggy exclaimed in horror.

There was no way they could be mixed in with the regular ants.

“Damn it! We have to stop them!”

“We’ll try!”

Tudor and Sancho fought back with all their might, but their already depleted mana couldn’t keep their auras pumping.

The soldier ants rushed forward, pushing the ground with their shield-like heads, and blew Tudor and Sancho away.

… Quack, quack, quack!

Tudor’s spear and Sancho’s axe are smashed and scattered.

And soon after, the soldier ants started poking their heads in.

Quack, quack, quack!

Feeling overwhelmed by so many shield soldiers, Sancho, Tudor, Piggy, and Bianca were crushed by the swarming ants.

“Crunch, crunch, crunch!”

“Crunch! They keep coming!”

“……God, I’m going to die!”

“Ugh, what are the professors doing!”

Everyone was letting out pained moans.

The situation was quite serious, but it had happened so quickly that the professors hadn’t yet found a way to deal with it.

“Since it’s come to this, we’ll have to smash the magic stone!”

“Who’s going to break it, this magic stone has at least 4 departments’ responsibilities mixed up in it!”

“Everyone knows that the magic stone is an extremely rare and expensive ancient opal, right? Yes, some department head will take responsibility! Let’s make that clear first!”

“Is this the golem creation department? Is this the bioreaction detection department? Is this the phase management department? Is this the magic wall maintenance department? Whose jurisdiction is this? Let’s make it clear where responsibility lies first!”

Adults’ situations are complicated.

“The Golem Department made a mistake in adding the Automation Magic Circle to the original Golem Creation Magic Circle, so let’s destroy the Magic Stones and take responsibility!”

“Why our side? The Bioreaction Detection Department made the mistake in the first place, they should be the ones to destroy the magic stones!”

“What are you talking about! If we hadn’t gone through the phase, none of this would have happened! Who’s more at fault and who’s less at fault!”

“Has Professor Sady contacted you yet, what are you going to do about this magic wall!”

“Didn’t everyone hear the rumors!? There is a rumor that among the first year freshmen, there is a member of the royal family who came in hiding their identity! If this incident becomes known to the imperial family, we’ll all be dead!”

While the children are dying, the adults do nothing but think about their own safety and gain.

Dolores, worried about her juniors, was disillusioned by the professors’ behavior.

‘Guys, hang in there…… just a little longer!’

Dolores raised the sword herself.


She grabbed the sword from the waistband of the professor next to her and ran towards the magic stone.

The professors shouted in horror.

“Student council president! What are you doing!”

“Are you crazy! Stop right now!”

“If you break it, you won’t end up being expelled! Request compensation directly from Quovadis… … !”

But none of the threats or words could stop Dolores.


She swung her sword at the magic stone.

In this moment, the lives of her juniors were on the line.

It didn’t matter that it was the Academy’s Imperial Treasure No. 1, or that it was a national treasure of incalculable value, or even that she would be expelled for destroying it.

Driven solely by the need to save his juniors, Dolores plunged the sword in.

……No, she tried to stab it.


If it weren’t for the barrage of noise coming from beyond the magic wall, from within the arena.


Dolores looked up in alarm.

The other professors, who had rushed to stop her, also looked at the stadium in surprise.

The magic wall that keeps outsiders in and insiders out is still intact.

However, there is one face within it that I hadn’t seen before.

A man stands in front of an exhausted Tudor, Sancho, Piggy, and Bianca, swatting at ants.

“……stay away.”

It was Vikir.