Chapter 160 – Familiar Faces (3)

Episode 160 Familiar Faces (3)

Pedo and Hebe make their appearance.

Pedo with his two heavy Jamadhars, and Hebe with a pair of huge garden scissors.

Both were wielding weapons that were not only unique, but deformed.

Bubbling, bubbling, bubbling……

A sticky liquid aura bubbled with mana and began to boil.

The two of them, shrouded in a thick vapor, looked like two Advanced Graduators.

Since there are two higher ranks, even the highest rank Vikir cannot let down his guard.

… Pow!

Vikir shot forward.

A red slash streaked horizontally from Beelzebub.


The hallway wall broke and a loud noise erupted, but even that sound was trapped in the hallway’s labyrinth.

Pedo leaped upward and Hebe ducked downward to avoid Vikir’s blow.

At the same time.


Two Jamadhars and a pair of giant scissors flew toward Vikir.

The stone pillars crumbled like zucchini slices.


Vikir summoned his numerous teeth and tore through the rubble of the crumbling stone pillar, leaving the bodies of Hebe and Pedo beyond.

At the same time.


Vikir lifted his mask slightly and spat.

The spit mixed with blood flew out and landed on the back of Pedo’s hand.


The sound of flesh burning and tendons melting inside.

But Pedo doesn’t feel the pain, and he pushes in and swings his sword.

Vikir stepped back, feeling a piece of his cloak being cut away.

“Poison doesn’t work on …….”

He mixed Madame Eight-Legged’s venom into his saliva and spat it out, but the effect was minimal.

Hahaha, the undead are already moving in dead bodies, so it’s no wonder they’re less vulnerable to poison.

“Then how about this?”

Vikir stepped back, dissolving into a puff of stony smoke.



Pedo and Hebe look around for Vikir, who has vanished in an instant.


Vikir, who had disappeared like a ghost, reappeared near the ceiling, above Pedo and Hebe’s heads.

Puff! Puff-puff-puff!

The gnashing teeth sliced into Pedo and Hebe’s bodies once more.

Having absorbed the traits of Mushuhushu’s biology, Vikir can make no sound when they move.

‘Silent heels’.

It was definitely a useful skill in this dirt.

Puck! Plop! Plop-plop!

The magic sword wielded by Vikir began to nibble away at the bodies of Pedo and Hebe little by little.

‘If it was a living opponent, I would have quickly punctured their throats or hearts, rendering them incapacitated……’

Vikir felt a little frustrated: as undead, their stabbing attacks were ineffective.

To make them incapacitated, he would have to use a wide slashing attack, which requires a lot of preparation and drains his stamina, making it difficult to deal with two of them at the same time.


Vikir stretches out his aura.


Suddenly, Pedo leaped forward.


He ignored Vikir’s sword that pierced his stomach and continued to advance.


Vikir tried to retrieve his sword, but the sword was already firmly wedged between the joints of Pedo’s vertebral column (凹凸) and he was slow to pull it out.

Using his vertebrae, Pedo began to clamp down on Vikir’s sword with a firm grip.


Vikir had no idea what Pedo wanted to achieve even by destroying most of his body.

And then.


It wasn’t until Hebe slammed a giant pair of scissors into Pedo’s back that Vikir realized their plan.


Hebe raised the giant scissors and sliced through Pedo’s body.

At the same time, he cut off Vikir’s body in front of him!


Vikir gritted his teeth against the two scissor blades pressing against his body.

Pedo’s body in front of him was almost cut in half.

It hadn’t split in two because of his strong spine, but the scissors had cut through all the flesh on his sides and clamped down on the bones inside.

Thanks to this, Vikir had barely escaped being sliced in two as well.


Both of Vikir’s shoulders and forearms are tattered.

The flesh was torn, the bones were popping, and blood was flowing.

In that state.


Vikir raised his leg and kicked Pedo in the stomach.

Crunch! Crunch!

The sound of friction between the spine and scissor blade was heard, and Fedor’s body was pushed back a bit.

At the same time, the pressure of the scissors digging into Vikir’s arms loosened slightly.


Vikir kicked Pedo’s body with his foot again.

As Pedo’s body is pushed a little further into the space between the scissor blades, the scissor blades spread further apart and the force that restrains Vikir also becomes looser.

…puck! …puck! …puck! …puck! …puck! …puck! …puck! …puck! …puck!

Vikir continued to pound the puck into Pedo’s torso.

Pedo struggled, but he couldn’t help but be pushed further and further back.



The scissor blades snapped the worn spine, cutting Pedo’s torso in two.

At the same time, the scissors crossed at a terrifying speed.


They clashed together in one place.

Of course, Vikir had leaped upward and dodged the blades just before Pedo’s vertebrae were severed.

“Fuck you.”

Vikir swung his hand, sending out a sharp, skewered blow.


It tore a gaping hole in Hebe’s neck in the blink of an eye, sending him flying several meters backwards.


Vikir and Hebe fell out at the same time, both of their bodies covered in blood and tattered.

……at that very moment.

“That’s it, Night Hound!”

Saint Dolores shouted.

It takes a long time, but the effect is certain. The holy words of the Demon Sealing spell have been manifested in the flesh after a long prayer.

“Light of my life, flame of my life, my sins, my soul. Let the little things make me feel the weight of their karma suddenly……!”

The prayer that Dolores has been reciting over a long period of time gains power in itself and exerts coercive physical force on beings such as the undead at the border between matter and antimatter.


The divine light of the runes burst forth and crushed Pedo and Hebe.

Pedo, who was still trying to reattach his torn body, and Hebe, who was still clutching at the gaping hole in his neck with his hands, were instantly crushed to the ground.

They could only wriggle slightly in the face of Dolores’s immense divine power.

Only then did Vikir rise from the floor.

White flesh and red wounds peeked through the torn cloak.

Dolores saw it and ran to him in horror.

“Nigh, Night Hound! Are you okay!”

it was a serious injury, a fatal injury that would be difficult to survive for more than a few minutes.

Dolores knelt down beside Vikir, her face covered in tears and snot.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry! I took too long to cast the spell…….”

But it was too late. All the skin and flesh had been torn away, and you could see bone and guts inside, and now he was about to…….

“Quick, quick Heal, let’s get him out of here and get him to a medical center…… huh?”

Dolores, who had been flailing about with tears in her eyes, was soon forced to open them wide.


Vikir’s wounds were healing rapidly.

‘It’s a good thing I have the skill of the Bog Salamander.’

It didn’t take long for Vikir’s wounds to heal.

Only his torn cloak revealed his white skin and toned muscles.

As Vikir mended his clothes, he gave a brief word of advice to Dolores, who stood beside him with a blank expression on her face.

“Save your holy power. You haven’t even met a real demon yet.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah…….”

Dolores stared at Vikir’s body in awe.

He had never seen anyone heal so quickly from a wound.

‘Is it because he has divine power?’

Dolores, who had seen Vikir use some sort of divine power before, couldn’t help but think so.

And then.

‘The Night Hound was a man.’

Dolores had a sudden thought.

He had assumed it was a man, based on his build and voice.

However, he had been wrapped up in a mask or cloak, so she hadn’t really thought of him as a man until now.

But this time, when she saw his white, toned body peeking through the torn hem of his clothes, she knew for sure.

His gender was male and his age was considerably younger.

Suddenly, Dolores’s face flushed, even if only slightly.

It was the first time she’d ever seen a man’s naked body at such close range.

‘Oh, don’t be fooled.’

She’d seen it countless times with her patients, but she’d never considered their gender in the first place, so it shouldn’t count.

Dolores turned her head slightly again.

The Night Hound was adjusting his mask and cloak.

After seeing the body under the cloak, Dolores was naturally curious about the face under the mask.

‘……I wonder what the face is like under that mask?’

Would it be a terrifying face? Or a surprisingly normal face? What does he look like?

While Dolores was wondering all these things.

“Are you curious?”

Vikir asked.

Dolores turned her head in surprise.

“Yes, yes!?”

“I asked if you were curious.”

“What, about what?”

Vikir replied, as if asking the obvious.

“The face behind the mask.”


Dolores’s body stiffened.

“What am I supposed to say? How am I supposed to answer…….?

After a long pause, Dolores closes her eyes tightly and nods.

“Yes, I want to know!”

Vikir nodded in agreement.

“Yeah. I was curious too.”


Dolores opened her mouth in confusion.

Vikir turned and walked a few steps away, completely ignoring Dolores’ attitude.

He walked right up to where Pedo and Hebe were struggling.


Vikir slit the two undead’s throats in an instant, ripping off the black leather sacks they were wearing.

‘……Ah, I thought you were talking about your masks.’

Dolores walked away, looking slightly disappointed.

But only for a moment, as the revealed identities of Pedo and Hebe hardened her expression.

“One of them is from Don Quixote.”

Hebe’s body was covered in tattoos symbolizing Don Quixote, the spearman.

Vikir also recognized the tattoo because he had Tudor, from Don Quixote, as a friend.

“I’ll have to see if there’s a young man from the Don Quixote family who’s gone missing recently. Hmm, I don’t know where the other one came from.”

Then. Vikir answered Dolores’s question.


Dolores had to gasp when she heard that.

“Iron Blood Swordsman Baskerville? How do you know that?”


Vikir didn’t answer.

He simply looked at the face that was revealed when the black sack was removed.

It was a face that melted quickly upon exposure to air, but Vikir remembered it clearly.

‘…… Were you Staffordshire Baskerville of the Knights of Pitbull?’

Unlike a member of the Baskerville family, he was quite sly and affable, and was a hound that served well as a guide dog for training young hound.

When Set Baskerville’s purges had taken out so many people, Vikir had heard that he’d been dismissed and sent somewhere, but he hadn’t expected to find himself here as an undead.

‘…… I don’t have a good feeling about this.’

It’s ominous to see so many familiar faces as undead.

And then.

There was a presence that amplified Vikir’s anxiety even further.


A pulsating wave of mana drew Vikir and Dolores’ attention.

Up ahead, Building One.

A woman stood at the front door of the main lobby, looking this way.

A mage-type undead with a breathtaking display of magic.


The most troublesome of Guilty’s four minions.