Chapter 154 – The Drinking Game (3)

Episode 154 The Drinking Game (3)


The female supervisor in charge of the girls’ dormitory opens the door and peers into the room.

“Isn’t it strange, I thought I heard something?”

It’s a quiet room, with only the window faintly illuminating the darkness, and a dark cloud slowly gathering outside.


If you listen closely, you can hear small gasps of breath.

The supervisor looks around the room, careful not to wake the students.


Everyone is sleeping quietly on their beds. With the covers pulled over their heads.

Not seeing anything out of the ordinary, she scratched her head.

“Did I hear something wrong?”

But she wouldn’t know. That she always heard.

In fact, there was something quite bizarre going on inside the lump of blankets that now lay on the bed.

‘Hey, get off me-it’s too close.’

“How am I supposed to get out of here, am I going to get expelled?’

Bianca is lying in bed, covered head to toe in blankets.

Beneath her is Tudor, now sprawled out in a stiff position.

The two of them are always at loggerheads, and even in this situation, they were fighting.

‘Oh shit, why did you have to get into my bed!’

“I had no choice, I was in an emergency!

“It’s dirty, don’t whisper in my ear, you’re breathing on me!’

‘Shhh! We’re going to get caught!’

Tudor and Bianca pressed their pounding hearts against each other’s chests.

When both of them slightly raise their heads, the supervisor’s shadow, bathed in moonlight, can be seen faintly penetrating across the white blanket.


Both Tudor and Bianca were startled by the shadow of the supervisor who had come so close that they clung to each other even closer.

Forgetting their usual grudges, they hugged each other tightly.

It did lower the height of the oddly shaped lump of futon a bit.

And it was a common occurrence in all the other beds.



Dolores, lying on the bed, covered with a blanket, was recalling the events of a few moments ago.

……Let’s see, how did this happen?

Seconds before the door opened, she blew out the candles and quickly jumped into bed.

It all happened in a split second.

The girls, the original occupants of the room, jumped into their beds, and the boys who were closest to them followed suit.

A blanket was pulled over them and the lights went out.

Dolores was a genius with extraordinary powers of observation and memory, and she was able to recall exactly which boys went into which girls’ beds just before the lights went out.

“I’m pretty sure Tudor went to Bianca’s bed, Piggy went to Sinclair’s bed, and Sancho went to…….

The faces of the boys and girls alternated in my mind.

Luckily, the sex ratio was just right, with one girl hiding one boy.

And that means…… Dolores also has to hide one boy in her bed.

‘And in my bed?’

Dolores remembered the face of the boy closest to her.


Dolores’s face instantly brightened at the memory of his nonchalant expression.

Soon he will come into her own blanket.

Her heart thumped wildly at the thought.

‘Ugh, what should I do! oh my god!’

I’ve never seen anything like this before, and I don’t know what to do.

Dolores closed her eyes tightly as she felt her hands gripping the corners of the blanket becoming damp.


…… but?

Time passed, but Vikir didn’t crawl under the blankets.

At this point, it was Dolores who was burning up.

What in the world was he doing in this desperate situation, when the supervisor could be coming in any moment?


Dolores pushed the blankets down slightly and looked out of bed.

By this time, Vikir was standing still, staring silently at the corner of the ceiling.

‘It’s about time.’

The boys were moderately drunk and moderately entertained.

They should all be in bed now, sleeping or heading back to their dorms.

Vikir had planned to take advantage of this to escape through a hole in the ceiling and assassinate Guilty.

He had enough alibis by now.

‘If I disappeared like this anyway, you would think I would have been scared and gone back to the men’s dormitory.’

So Vikir chose this moment to disappear out of sight.

Just as he was about to launch himself toward the ceiling.

‘What do you think you’re doing!’

A hand grabbed the hem of Vikir’s robe.

It was St. Dolores, pulling Vikir to her feet with her whirling eyes.


Dolores was so flustered that even Vikir was flustered with her.

With a face covered in cold sweat and rolling eyes, she grabbed Vikir by the hem of his clothes and pulled him into her blanket.

“Wait, wait…….”

There was no time for Bikir to make excuses.

The blanket was pulled over him, and he found himself on top of Dolores.

And at that point.


The door opened and the supervisor walked in.

* * *

“Did I hear wrong?”

The voice came from outside the futon, from the bedside.

Dolores felt her eyes roll back in her head and shouted.

‘No! You heard me right! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!’

Vikir is lying flat on top of her.

They were now so close that the tips of their noses touched and crumpled slightly.


Vikir sighed lowly.

If he missed this opportunity, he might never get another chance to slay a demon, and he shouldn’t be wasting his time here.

But Vikir’s sigh seemed to mean something else to Dolores.

‘Hot, hot!’

Her ears burned as if they were on fire from another’s breath.

The saint flinched involuntarily as she felt her entire body tickle.

At the same time, a great trial came upon Dolores.

Yao Yi.

I’ve been drinking too much soda, or rather, too much alcohol, since I lost the game of Go earlier, and I’m starting to belch and my stomach is bloated.

Vikir’s body was pressing heavily on my lower abdomen, making me feel even more sick.

Dolores cried out desperately inwardly, not to God, but to the supervisor, who stood outside the futon.

‘Please, please go back!’

But whether or not she realized the wishes of everyone in the room, she continued to look around the room.

“Hmm, a little dry. I don’t want the Academy’s volunteers to get sore throats. Shall I sprinkle some water on the floor?”

“The windows are rattling in the breeze, in case you’re a light sleeper.”

“Is the room at the right temperature? I hope it’s not too cold, seeing as how you’re all sleeping with your blankets over your heads?”

Ironically, the supervisor’s compassion was making everyone suffer even more.

Especially Dolores, who was holding her urine inside the blanket.

‘A restroom! I’d do anything for a restroom!’

Dolores gritted her teeth and pushed with all her might.

And Vikir had to be embarrassed by Dolores’ inappropriate grip(?).


Dolores was squeezing Vikir’s waist with both thighs.

It was a necessary action, but one that Vikir didn’t know enough about to understand.

Vikir was just about to pull himself away from Dolores.


Dolores raised her hands and grabbed Vikir’s back.


She pleaded desperately.

‘Please don’t fall off!’

She said with her eyes, something like that.

If Vikir, who was now pressing down on her lower abdomen, were to move, the slightest shift in weight would cause drastic changes in her body.

But Vikir doesn’t understand Dolores’ desperate gaze.


Vikir removes himself from Dolores’ belly.

‘…It leaked.’

Dolores felt her body relax slightly.

She wondered if Vikir, on top of her, had noticed. And what if he did?

‘Oh, no, I don’t think he noticed.’

At most, the lower half of my body is very slightly, minimally wet.

I’ve got clothes, I’ve got a blanket, I’m sweating, and the situation is so urgent, I don’t think he’d notice.

Just as Dolores is slipping into a trance with her spinning eyes and blurred vision.


Above Dolores’ head, a palm slammed into the bed near the bedpost.

Oops. She was standing right in front of Dolores’ bed.

Everyone in the room froze at the unexpectedly loud sound.

Especially Dolores, who heard it right in front of her.

The moonlight shadow of the supervisor loomed very close over the white sheets.

Did we get caught? Did we finally get caught?

A second stretched into a year of silence in the room.


Finally, the supervisor muttered to herself.

“……Wow, it’s hot and there are mosquitoes in this weather.”

She held up her palm and winced.

“Oh, no. Look at me. Oops, that was loud. I’m sorry about the volunteers-”

She bowed to the already sleeping girls a few times before stepping back and then hurried out of the room.

Chirp- Thud!

The door slams shut and his footsteps echo down the hall.

After a few moments of silence, the blankets on the bed began to be pulled back one by one.

“Whoa- I thought I was going to get caught.”

“I was so freaked out, I cried a little.”

“That was a thrill, man. Haha!”

The boys and girls said as they pushed themselves up onto the bed one by one.



Some, like Tudor and Bianca, were blushing as they glared at each other like they were going to kill each other, but most seemed to think it was just a pleasant affair.

…… but.

Only one person here. There was one person who was not pleased about this.

“……! ……! ……! ……! ……! ……!”

St. Dolores. The academy’s student council president.

Even though the supervisor returned, she was still unable to take off the blanket and come out.

‘What should I do, what should I do, what should I do, what should I do, what should I do, what should I do, what should I do, what should I do, what should I do……’

Cold sweat pours out like rain, my eyes are spinning and my vision is blurry.

……I did it. I did it.

A warm and wet feeling was already rising from the lower part of my body.

I’ve lost a Go game and had too much to drink. the amount was no joke. This is an overwhelming wetness that cannot even be called sweat or moisture.

I don’t even know if the liquor had many vitamins and even the color… …

It wouldn’t be a problem if I just threw away my bed, blanket, and clothes, but I can’t even hide the fact that Vikir’s pants, which were close to me, were completely soaked, there was no way I could hide it.

And what about the smell?

What would happen if the world found out?

The image of the noble and compassionate student council president that I’ve been building up will be destroyed.

With about two years to go until graduation, it was obvious what kind of nickname would follow.


Not bad. Dolores would probably suffer from this nickname for years.

It would tarnish the reputation of the Quovadis family, and it would provide a good excuse for enemies within the family.

Dolores cringed at the prospect of such a negative future.

Is that why? She was still sobbing in her blanket, even though all the students had thrown off their covers and gotten out of bed.

She didn’t even know how to look at Vikir’s face, which was now on top of her.

…… Just then.


The blanket was pulled back relentlessly.

Vikir had pushed Dolores out of the way.

There was no hesitation, no mercy.


Dolores was dumbfounded, realizing that this was it.

Now Vikir would express his displeasure at having something dirty on him, and the mood in the room would quickly turn awkward.

The mood will be completely ruined, the drinks will be spilled, and there will be plenty of gossip to go around.

My head was spinning.

A cold sweat had already drenched my entire body.

My body is hot and my tongue refuses to listen.

‘…… Should I just jump out?’

Dolores is staring out the window, thinking the most extreme thoughts.

One word brought her back to her senses.

“No more drinking.”

Vikir’s raspy bass voice drew everyone’s attention.

Tudor looked puzzled as he pulled the remaining bottle from under the bed.

“What do you mean, the night is just beginning, the drinking game is just beginning!”

“No. It ends here.”


Neither Tudor nor Sancho nor Piggy shake their heads, as it’s the first time they’ve ever heard Vikir be so assertive.


Vikir threw off the blanket completely and stepped into everyone’s view.

His pants were soaked, yellow and wet.

Everyone’s eyes widened at the sight of them.

Naturally, the gaze that lingered on Vikir’s lower half turned to Dolores’ lower half on the bed.

The bed and the blankets, equally wet and yellowed.

The expressions on the faces of every man and woman in the room were one of horror.

Dolores covers her face with her hands as the stares fall like arrows.

Frustration, despair, shame, self-destruction, anguish, wailing, screaming, feeling her own self plummeting into the abyss of it all.


…… But at that very moment.

There was a saving grace that pulled Dolores back from her downward spiral.

“I’ve been drinking and pissing myself.”

It was Vikir’s touch.